“Women have all the dating power” and other broken records


Neither sex holds all the power. Both sexes have the power to offer what the other sex wants. No one has an obligation to find someone attractive. No one is entitled to sex, and no one is entitled to commitment.

If you’re not getting what you want from the opposite sex, effective strategies include:

1. Lowering your standards.

2. Increasing your attractiveness.

3. Changing your environment to a place where the sex ratio is more favorable, improving your odds.

Ineffective strategies include:

1. Whining and complaining about the nature of men or women.

2. Feeling entitled to pity sex or just plain pity because you’re not having sex or getting asked out.

3. Submerging yourself in a full tank of confirmation bias.

Social exchange. If you aren’t offering what they want, no trade.
This is the key reason modern woman is so confused that men would give away their commitment (vow never to XYZ) as if that is a sign of value, as if that will draw us in? Fine, give away your bargaining chip with the opposite sex, see what happens.

Men and women are not the same.

Men and women are not the same.

Men and women are not the same.

They don’t want the same things.
Usurping the role of the opposite sex will not attract them. It will repulse them.
e.g. You want a commitment-phobe woman? Women don’t want that in a man.

Do not confuse traits signaled for and countersignaled.
Because of this or In spite of this?
e.g. Does she want the 10 because he’s a douchebag or can he afford to be a douchebag because he’s a 10?

This one line.

“men who seem to assume that they’re oppressed by the fact that the woman they like may not want to fuck them”

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They like to say women don’t have agency… then how come they can be rejected?