Civilization and the Diamond Rule

If your civilization is under threat, deal with the threat by applying the Iron Rule.

If your civilization is homogeneous and not under existential threat, apply the Diamond Rule (individualistic culture, honour, virtue, justice, merit).

The whiny bitches saying “an eye for an eye makes the world blind” (no, it doesn’t, most people wouldn’t go around ripping out eyes, Jack the Ripper) have no sympathy for the guy to lose his eye firstly because the first guy felt entitled to harm him without consequence. There was no choice on the victim’s side, except a taste of medicine. Old Testament justice. The attacker will think twice before doing it again.

It’s a paradox that killing killers will reduce the amount of murder in society. They also tend to be rapists too so bonus points for overall suffering (serial killers, serial rapists, and plenty of male-on-male rape including of children so don’t feel bad, really). It’s a myth the criminal are naive, they are sneaky. Low IQ enjoys aggression as self-expression. They don’t operate normally, they’re print errors, that’s the point. Nature would cull them the first time they get into a fight in the middle of nowhere and bleed out but society comes to every stranger’s rescue. We live in a gullible fantasy world of fiat resources. The “Note of” dollar is your God.

If American prisons were more… medieval, would people so flippantly commit crime?

The military is the actual, real-world model of equality. You’re all equally disposable bloodbags.

Nature has consequences, man is an animal. Get into fights? Live by the sword. Narcissists will swipe at everyone then whine and DARVO when you swipe back in defence. Don’t fall for the gaslight.

The Left writes laws to keeps its idiot rage-filled voters alive. It’s baby-proofing society.

Dueling culture was the eternal solution to this, the second you have legal recourse to fight back, suddenly and magically they don’t have a problem with you. Bring it back Trump, and watch the windbags STFU.

The benefit of the doubt applies ONCE on a minor triviality. Any further is infantilisation. It doesn’t apply to spite and motive.

Source: Classical Art Memes

What spoils a person?

Required Reading

Nothing to lose?

Nothing to gain?

No prestige of victory?

No responsibility?

No losses to build humility?

No sense of comparison?

I’ll update this post with good new articles on the subject as/if I find them.