Protective disgust
Shaming someone for being evolved is really counter-intuitive.

“By analysing participants’ responses, researchers were able to identify the six common categories of disgust, which each relate to regularly occurring types of infectious disease threat in our ancestral past. Historically for example, eating rotting food could have led to diseases like cholera, close contact with unhygienic people could have transmitted leprosy, promiscuous sexual practices could have put an individual at risk of syphilis and contact with open wounds could have led to the plague or smallpox infection.”

Syphilis was germ warfare from American Indians, actually. Modern.
And basically all infectious diseases qualify as STDs. Depending how they’re caught.

“The results confirm the ‘parasite avoidance theory‘, in which disgust evolved in animals, encouraging them to adopt behaviours to reduce the risk of infection. This behaviour is replicated in humans where disgust signals us to act in specific ways, which minimise the risk of catching diseases.”

Slut shaming is just civilized. It’s the reason the disgust-numb largely died out. Dead amygdala, dead host. e.g.
“However, very much unexpected was the disproportionate deficit in recognizing disgust, which was significantly larger than the deficit observed for recognition of fear.”

Disgust is a survival instinct, not to have it is biologically wrong. It’s as wrong as a psychopath with no conscience (they also feel no disgust at violent or diseased stimuli, this is why they’re promiscuous). Something is missing.

A grid-down would be funny because all the rich sluts on anti-virals would look like something from a zombie movie. STDs mutilate the appearance and without modern meds suppressing it, it would ruin the face.

Hell, a weakened immunity from a minor blackout would cause a vulnerability in the immune system to allow any former diseases to seize control (old age also does this). Sluts never survive dangerous turns of history for that reason, picked off by the wages of sin. People have forgotten, not really informed by ‘educators’. Brummel died in an asylum, a disgrace.

“Interestingly, the survey results showed that there were gender differences in reactions to the disgusting scenarios that were presented, with women rating every category more disgusting than men. This is consistent with the fact that men are known to indulge in riskier behaviour than women, on average. The categories women in the study found most disgusting were risky sexual behaviour and animals carrying disease.”

Science confirms what all women knew – male sluts are more disgusting than female sluts.

Women need to be discerning as a sex, this isn’t surprising. Birth defects, miscarriage and infertility aren’t fun.

This corresponds to an evolutionary view of the emotions which are for action; emotions make us do things that put us in a better state with respect to our survival and reproduction.”

We spot them.

And we shun them.

K-select women especially.

“Researchers say the findings could be used to develop instruments for measuring disgust, to investigate how disgust might vary across cultures and to understand how moral disgust, for example, relates to disease disgust.”

It’s been done.

Relevant, sexual disgust at stupidity.

Low IQ markers are repulsive, really?

Women answer politely to conform about attractiveness, hook them up to lie detectors and they’d say they hate tattoos.

I’ll post it separately.

Mixed race couples provoke disgust

“That indicates that viewing images of interracial couples evokes disgust at a neural level,” Skinner said.


“Yuck, you disgust me!” Affective bias against interracial couples’

“Study 2 provides evidence that images of interracial couples evoke a neural disgust response among observers – as indicated by increased insula activation relative to images of same-race couples.”

The real science behind the “beige is beautiful” movement.
They never feed the faces into computer models like real beauty studies because the result is uncanny. It would be rejected.

Attitude surveys are nothing to brain studies. People lied in study 1 to avoid arrest.

Nobody’s jealous, it’s biologically proven they’re disgusted.
Asking them to be anything else is oppressive to their biology.

Medieval common sense, disgust and contagion

It’s really quite clever.

Think of the damage an imbecile has on your intellect when you have to listen to them.

You have to stop, process it as them/their argument, recall the truth, correct it in your mind and move along.

Prior to germ theory, this set of beliefs would produce much the same behaviours as we would call hygiene e.g. avoiding the objects and physical company of degenerates, probably covered in harmful microbes, and disgust at seeking out sites (even on the human body) associated with filth.

brb downgrading my impression of your IQ

Ostracization wasn’t petty, it was medically prudent.

A term I love that we need to bring back is sexual hygiene.

Immorality, as it was called, was a public health risk.

Attraction/repulsion cues vary less between sexes than r/K

dealbreakers vary minimally between sexes, and much more between short-term vs. long-term mating strategies. The research comprises six studies and over 6,500 single Americans.

just getting that now rlly slow on the uptake moriarty


I wonder who gets rejected by the LT strategists?

Link: Battling the aesthetics of modernity

Trigger warning: gross abortion picture you don’t want to see if you’re eating as I definitely wasn’t…. 

*sound of hiding pasta*

Worst part? At first I thought it was an art project.

Why? Because I’ve seen an IRL art project that looked just like it at a glance.

These are facts.

By triggering aesthetic’s counterpart, disgust, you’re furthering the Overton window.

Female disgust reflex triggers

The personal addictions point is crucial, we tend to see it as compensation for some other flaw.

Why do you think women are hard on one another socially for dating druggies? Simply being proximate socially is socially damaging.

The simplest way to be more attractive to women is to cut out whatever disgusts them, but most men don’t like that advice since it’s harder to subtract than add.

The Bitch Shield is actually disgust for an unsuitable partner

Ironically, the manospherians saying “why do you women dig jerks” are getting exactly what they wished for… after they became jerks.

dean winchester supernatural evil smirk lol laughing amused

However the authors also point out that the item on the sexual disgust subscale that showed the least decrease in revulsion with arousal was sexual attention from a disliked source: (”Finding out that someone you don’t like has sexual fantasies about you”).

If a woman decides no it’s pretty much settled. (Only the slutty ones lie and play Ice Queen and other head games).
Everyone knows it’s harder to “convince” a woman into sex than a man (hence double standard).

Being turned on does not appear to make unwanted sexual attention or partners more palatable, particularly in women.

trans. Even if she’s really, totally, completely horny, her dial doesn’t move for an individual she already didn’t fancy.
There is no need for sexual conquest in women so in general such a woman will simply finish herself off than entertain some man who probably won’t give her an orgasm even if he tried (most slutty women fake it to brag about empowerment or trap a guy).

I believe this relates to perceptions of immune system (MHC). It doesn’t matter what you say if her unconscious mind is screaming bad choice bad choice deformed baby nooooo. A woman attuned to this (in touch with her woman’s intuition and femininity) will perceive genetic fitness regardless of Game spun.

Hence the low success rate of Game.

started from the fact that people generally vary in the attitudes and desire for longer-term, committed relationships versus short-term, uncommitted connections.


It follows we should also expect those who are more inclined toward ‘short term mating’ to experience lower levels of sexual disgust.

As I said the other day; “r-type promiscuity. r-types think everyone is as morally weak as they are. Of course everyone is a powderkeg of lust who’d never settle down given ample opportunity. /sarc”

DUAL mating strategy. It isn’t a spectrum, unless you’re comparing individuals. Really more in common with extrovert/introvert divisions.

The authors therefore propose that a crucial component of a successful short-term mating strategy is lower sexual disgust. In contrast, less repulsion over certain aspects of sex are not necessary for the successful pursuit of a more monogamous strategy.

aka the slutty ones are the low-quality ones (this includes Players and the bar skanks they sleep with)
less discriminatory in their selection, lower quality accepted

The study, published in the academic journal ‘Evolution and Human Behavior’, found that a stronger disposition toward short-term mating is associated with reduced sexual disgust.

I wonder if Anonymous Conservative could tie this in with the amygdala.

More physically attractive men are keener on short-term flings, while more physically attractive women are not in fact more interested in such an approach to their sex lives, compared to less attractive women.

Opportunity for men. But if they found a ten, you can bet they’d consider keeping her.
The quality women don’t need to put out to keep men’s interest, they bring other attributes to the table.