Disney is doomed

I was just told this exists. I had no idea this happened. I thought it was a 4chan thing.

Bad animal CGI films need to stop. They needed to stop about 15 years ago.

They’re trying so hard to pretend anyone wants to watch that Tessa woman.

All she does is smirk and be ugly in a variety of outfits (Westworld). And make some tasteless bi joke. Even as a voice, she is grating.

She already ruined Thor. She’s just so dull.


I don’t rly like the way they made Lady sound so pompous when she shouldn’t be

That’s just Tessa.

And changing the main couple…. who would pay for this?

Even Midwestern parents are now smart enough to boycott demon mouse and the Satanic head honchos.

Disney is gonna bomb so hard. They dare not even release this to cinemas.

Ginger is an anagram

That’s Disney’s in-joke replacing all ginger whites with black people.

Mermaids are also not human, literally not human.

The story makes it clear she’s a beast, a subhuman aka no Soul.

The purpose of the story is a subhuman with xenophilic delusions of grandeur trying to rob, trick and use witchcraft to steal a soul. It’s also a metaphor on how segregation works and attempts at hopping into a world you don’t belong is doomed to fail.

Funnier when you know the European mythology it was based on ends in her literally dying because the man picks someone else.

He doesn’t choose her.

He was out of her league, as a human, with a soul, as handsome and a Prince to boot.

And we all know what happens to black girl hair in the rain.

Her flat face reminds me of something but Hollywood loves the dumb distant-eyed retard look.

Not quite but close. The flat nose sells it. Like an ET.

Closer. Blobfishes are real, people.

THERE it is.

Small, beady, distant eyes, flat but broad mid-face and ghoul lips.

She actually looks more Asian, statistically, like a hapa Filipino accident. More of a Moana.

Asian face.

Africans tend to have larger, rounder eyes, fuller mouth, less broad face and especially honker, whereas the eyes on this one look like some type of mental disability sorry. It’s the distance plus the smooth vacancy. I’ve seen that in people with IQs from 60-80 something. Small eyes are a male trait, anyway. That is a 2 with make-up, no. Tranny? Could be. Huge face bones, huge.

There are Africans who look like her, though, like this San woman.

Asians and Africans crossbred a lot, the main indicator is width. They look alike in many ways.

We’ll know if it’s anti-white if the ‘Prince’ is still white. White fever strong but try to deny white men are most attractive meanwhile.

Not a drop of black in that one.

How will she keep her weave dry in salt water, that’s what I wanna know?

Notice they go for dilute black (American) instead of full African black?

Colorism. That’s the term they use and there’s a grain of truth to it.

Blackwashing, oilspilling, whatever term you use the token is obscene.

Well they used a sand color girl this time, so lighter than even the dilute ‘American’ black averages.

They could’ve even found a black woman with white features, it happens.

Genetic fluke but

it happens.

Apparently, Disney parks are very quiet recently. Quelle surprise.

Disney is piss-easy to analyse

That’s why children love it. And I don’t even have to make you sit through a lecture.


This also explains non-Western maligned figures such as Kaali, scary mother who’d go to war for her children.

A coward would’ve seen the dragon, the power of women, and run away. He’d forever think of women as only Lilith – pure evil, because he was trying to trespass where he didn’t belong (as an unworthy suitor).

For a modern example, picture the ghetto scum who shout pornographic things at women and act surprised when they’re told to fuck off. They set the crude tone.

Every man alive knows the difference between saying “nice dress” and “nice tits”. They both mean the same thing, it’s a question of showing respect. If you don’t respect WHOEVER you speak to, why should they show respect to you?

It isn’t actually a compliment, to other men they don’t say ‘sexy’, they say “you look good”, they imply virtue. They give respect.

It reminds me of “give him a chance” …why? You date him if you want, women are not a lottery.

It’s bullshit when women say it about their fat friend and it’s dangerous when men say it about creeps. Men don’t have female creepdar.

I despise fake femininity because it suppresses the wrathful impulse to punish wrongdoing and protect the good. That side always comes out eventually. If it isn’t protective, it can turn abusive much like false masculinity’s aggression, made from buried passivity and resentment.

Misogynists see the wrathful side of every woman because the women sense it and are correctly punishing their misogyny. You are not entitled to kind treatment, it is earned. If you treat women like shit, don’t expect women to act like that’s acceptable. Men set societal standards in morality but women have the task to enforce them.

Feminism just thought it could fuck with evolutionary formula  because men dropped the standards for themselves and men changed the rules to evade paternal responsibilities (now the taxpaying man funds the deadbeat male).

Disney’s fascist eugenics movie?

It was supposed to be a series but Disney didn’t think they could make money off it.

Then they slapped themselves and bought Marvel.

Their cafeteria now has a Scrooge McDuck pool.

Superheroes are inherently eugenic though, plus it’s the ultimate class metaphor.

The haves and have-nots.

It’s like a Jewish IQ trope metaphor too (they can do things we can’t logic).

Idiocracy needs people willing to rescue them.

Not just heroes, such is the SD gap they’re super-heroes.

To a stupid person, any feat of intelligence is practically magic.

A conversation I have had:

How did you make all that money?”

“Saved it.”

“Wow, how?”

An abundantly large piggy bank, obviously.

Self-help “gurus” really just repeat the obvious to idiots. Who don’t listen. So they come back.

There’s a common problem in these discussions.

Everyone speculates what a eugenic society would look like.

It depends on the homogeneity of the population and the way it’s taxed.

Nobody EVER has the balls to discuss what a dysgenic society looks like.

Dumber children, lazy parents, more STDs, more crime, more debt, more entitlement.

It might touch a nerve.

You shouldn’t discuss eugenics without the purpose.

In this case, stronger individuals and family units. All forms of social engineering (and socialists) are meant to be eugenic. They get funding by promising various eugenic outcomes.

Aborting the poor (low IQ test scores) is something even Hitler never did.

Is it more or less kind to sterilize those parents, who won’t be allowed to give birth or keep their children? Does the UK government sterilize people now by force? (yes) Two decades after America’s program, did it experience a bizarre period of untold prosperity in the late 40s/early 50s? With magically fewer dependents in existence?

Can government workers kidnap your children? We’re so progressive.

Video: Disney’s hypnotic neotony

It isn’t suspicious that it sexualizes children at all, perish the thought. Children can’t have a romantic life. Child marriage is a polite term for state endorsed rape.

The classic Princesses are more popular by appearance because they actually look like women, they’re just beautiful, not cute. One is sexually attractive and the other socially because it’s vulnerable, but in an adult brain this can be manipulative. Comparing competence between related people, one looking cute and another looking mature, would be an intriguing test of this. So would a cute wife serve as wife in their job role performing duties or become needy and flakey like a child if pressed unlike a more womanly woman? It could be medical too, blood pressure and chronic disease risk assessment.

The classic Princesses have more even emotions than the new bratty rebel type ones. People miss the old Disney for the grace these ladies used to have. Disney ladies are effectively dead and buried.

Based on the fox experiment, the pathological altruism of N. Europeans might also connect to visual markers of historical civility e.g. paler skin and this could be studied: skin tone x altruism in a lab game. Noblesse oblige could be genetic.

Fear of the outgroup (and this could apply to humans) does depend on how responsible the environment is for teaching life lessons, harsh ones. Let your kids hang round nice people with lots of tattoos and a gangster trying to lure them into a van has better odds. A parent’s choice in friends, where they have bad taste, can literally ruin them for life. Kids don’t make the distinction, they only see family. They trust but not blindly, based on the things you superficially see in people you trust but don’t make the connection.

It’s like letting them handle hot wax and wondering why they get tons of burns from touching other hot things. They need the mild pain and being told No on small stuff, to avoid life-ruining dangers. Going easy on them is depriving them of the lessons to survive without you. Permissive parenting is responsible for many damaged children, it’s a known finding.

Correction: he says human infants have flat faces, this is particular to certain races, especially African and is largely based on nasal bone differences, rather than the whole face and skull. The profile between babies is totally different but there’s a learning curve in spotting it. Breadth of face is very mature and masculine and Asians, for example, have among the broadest human facial type, so judging by one bone (nasal bridge) or “the jaw” like it’s one thing is another error. How a human face “looks” or “seems” from the front is really atrocious science. There’s more jaw development (major human maturity marker, the species is gracile-jawed) it just projects to the side and consequently, always smaller eyes (they’re paired processes, because it’s a maturation process on the whole area so the eyeball is crowded out by growing bone). A rounded forehead is infantile BUT again, varies by race because it’s skull shape and even subrace.

Short limbs can also be a sign of defective genes or stunted growth (poor diet, stress, heavy labour) so it cannot be relied upon as a trait.

On another point, another difference: African people, for example, “depend” less on their parents, they tend to hit puberty earlier. They also tend to have hardier bodies, shown best in the frame.

Totally not pedo-washing

Why is nobody talking about this?

An adult woman kissing a girl is totally normal, obviously.

The appropriate boy of her own age couldn’t be her true love, obviously.

Wait, what?

She marries her true love. Marriages get consummated.

Frozen ended with: lesbianic incest is best.

There’s also a theme of fairytale evil queen movies from Monica to Charlize.

They always retain their beauty by slaughtering children.

And there’s science behind it.


Except they’ll lie when your youth is finite. If you waste it on the party life, you can see it in those people. We know from telomeres that youth and energy production/DNA replication is FINITE.

You’re born with your total.

So assuming they forced young people to donate, it would be slow murder.

But the younger, the more potent so you get all the stories about eating babies.

Well… stem cells.

“Gilliam often had on-set tensions with brothers Bob and Harvey Weinstein, which caused the original theatrical release date to be delayed nearly ten months.”

Safe spaces and Watership Down

For those who don’t know, Watership Down is the only realistic children’s cartoon.

It has a reputation for being horrifying and I was personally scarred by it. It’s become something of a legend. Don’t watch it, you’ll cry.

Cartoons have lied to us, in general, and made us feel that inferior animals have the same mind and are our equals. This is pagan. To this day, you’ll find people who seriously treat their pet like a baby (although the cat lady of old has given way to the infinitely more common Crazy Dog Guy, that would shoot a child in the face for kicking his dog, by accident). They’ve been anthropomorphized to the point that we prefer them to humans and even their real counterparts. If you forced an adult Disney fan to watch as many hours of grisly documentaries involving the same animals, it would be a schooling in the powers of denial. Stream it, someone, please! Better yet, force a hardcore vegan to do it! This is nature and it isn’t a fallacy. Kid’s films gloss over the wiser fable lessons parents used to expect (now gone entirely) and also rape, torture, sadism, necrophilia, cannibalism, of one’s own young and of course, death, long painful death.

Animals as Saints = paganism.

You don’t really hear insulting animal comparisons any more, do you?

Because most people are pigs, mangy dogs with the morals of an alley cat.

A polar bear is not a cuddly toy.


Mother tells polar bear death inquest: I believed my son would be safe

The mother of a schoolboy killed by a polar bear would not have let him go on the Arctic expedition if she had not believed he would be properly protected, an inquest has heard.

The Eton College pupil from Salisbury, Wiltshire, was asleep when the bear attacked him through his tent, inflicting fatal injuries to his head and upper body. Four others were hurt before the bear was shot dead at the campsite

Oh, NOW they want guns.
You were trespassing on the bear, you should’ve been shot.

Cuddly, fluffy, harmless babies.

So happy, so adorable.

I feel warm.

Natural Selection is God’s punishment for arrogance.
You can’t break natural law and live to gloat. Paranoia kept us alive.

Consider the snake in Jungle Book. It never kills anyone. Who is the threat in these films? Humans. What is the message? A world away from being wholesome, you can never trust humans.

The apparent villain is a tiger. Who does nothing.

Watch the Disney channel/s for a few hours. I’m serious.

Count the number of “adult themes” they’re forcing on children too young to speak.

Last time I did this, I heard multiple jokes about homosexual oral. Blatant ones.
That wouldn’t have flown in polite adult society a century ago.

But Simba is so fluffy.

It gets worse.

It always gets worse.

Tell me this is normal, I dare you.


A perversion of in-group sentiments.