Mike dox

I don’t really have an opinion on this other than to say I’m not surprised, men are easy to ‘trick’/control if the woman puts out.

Honeypots work because men have an egotistical delusion that women want them as much as men want women.
That is patently false. But they jump at the chance to prove it.

Any man should beware a woman who puts out – she’s up to getting something else in return.
Something you probably don’t want to give her with a clear mind if she wasn’t putting out.

Could count as a type of abuse, actually. Possibly.

Ever notice since the ‘alt lite’ splinter stuff, a lot of alt right have been getting the dox?

Apparently Juice Bro Cernovich knew, I heard this from a reliable source and he also happens to know a lot of people who are getting doxxed or otherwise humiliated, doesn’t he? Like, he’s the common connection?


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Video: The attempt to doxx Millennial Woes

We’re gunning for ya. No enemies in the K.

Unlike America, where some of this is OK, that is completely illegal in this country.
He’s aiding and abetting and requesting people break the law.

There’s the Data Protection Act, Human Rights (irony), and various local and EU policies.
All are very clear about PRIVATE information, which can include a person’s name where they wish to remain anonymous.

If anyone tried that on me I’d get a crack team of lawyers on them so hard they’d be scared to drop the soap for the rest of their lives. Get the SJWs with their own laws. Turn the Big Daddy Government they made back onto them for a well-deserved thrashing.

Hope he reads: http://www.voxday.net/mart/SJW_Attack_Survival_Guide.pdf