The West and military uniforms

A man claiming any authority over other men/women, who has not fulfilled his rite of passage (military service) is still a boy. He has no authority even within his family, it isn’t something you’re born with or earn by surviving to a certain age. They had many many hoops  to jump through. We could go back to Biblical standards but most of the guys demanding this refuse the draft like cowardly little hippies. This is the fundamental sex difference. Valour.

If women are women, and men are men, the draft comes back. That is it.

Women can only keep the homes fire burning, if men are protecting the house.

Instead of wearing skirts, our men go shirtless. This is barbaric. It’s The Beautiful Ones. A century ago they’d have been arrested and considering it shows more flesh inch for inch than the sluttiest* women, you can’t say it would be  undeserved.

Modesty starts with the men.

They show off but make it easy to run away. The useless muscles of fake masculinity put most women off. Having real skills is the real reason women developed a slight preference in the first place. A man who is afraid to break a sweat is lower than any woman (hours worked does not equal taxable hours). The idea that a woman has been instantly inferior to a man by virtue of birth is completely wrong, it’s something dopey Americans say to console themselves about their uselessness. It has never been true in history and I keep asking them, where is your proof but they’ve got nothing. Oh, maybe a quote from a bitter bachelor. Not proof. They have nothing.

It’s always lower-class men insulting higher women too, notice that. Inferiority in men is hallmarked by a hatred of all the women he could never impress.

In their actions they do not shame the cheap sluts, they bemoan the “frigid bitches” and “prudes”, like not being a whore is meant to be an insult? That is your mice experiment, right there. No respect for wife and mother material, special snowflake entitlement to exception. In another moment, where have all the good women gone?

Well, you called them cunts for having self-respect. Away from you, the sluts.

Race, class, sexuality, sex. That is the order of things that matter historically in descending order. Stupid Americans are laughed at because they ignore class (which is not money). Your classless society was destined to fail!

*not that conformism with the present age makes a woman a slut, which is an issue

maxi skirts are an attempt to reduce catcalls but pencil skirts are office mandated

as are bras and makeup

In pagan societies, they’d bathe together and flash one another as a show of sexual power. Non-pagan societies should strictly dictate how much flesh is shown by anyone, because sexual immorality follows.

Why women shouldn’t be drafted [Link]

You can’t have it both ways, and I address both parties who contend this.

To the feminists, if you believe the sexes are physically equal, you should be drafted. Not other women, which is cowardly dodging, just you personally. If you think it should be All Women On Principle excepting your Special Snowflake self: Your likely-subconscious attempt to get the social competition killed off doesn’t fool anyone.

To the male supremacists (new MGTOW mainly), who say that their precisely evolved differences make them generally superior in all features (does not happen in biology, as opposed to function-specialized and different), that’s exactly why women aren’t drafted. We didn’t evolve like you did, we evolved for childrearing. As new fathers experience a short-term testosterone drop, women have this comparative docility sustained and innate, to keep the children alive.

Both groups need to stick to their mouthed principles.

Either individual women are dense enough to think a lithe 5’5″ actress can beat up 5 Marines in unarmed combat, in which case they’d make great cannon fodder. You Go Girl!

OR the men, who may grow their physique into that Marine model (whereas women are fixed, they’re just lazy), will accept that their physical advantages come at the cost of a conditional duty. Don’t like it? Move to another country, Pajama Boy.

Footnote: Military support roles are fine in my book. There are fine women in the military but generally they operate best in these, otherwise you get the men watching her back instead of anything else and when they’re taken prisoner the torture takes the form of gang rape. More, more severe injuries, including war trauma, suggest the psychological response to stress differs too. Women are used to getting hormonal to deal with it.

Another link of interest.

“Women, you aren’t of equal value if you can’t do all the things that men do.” These words seem to be echoing in the ears of many American women. Some, including Amber Smith, have taken them to their logical conclusion—namely that, if equality frees women to do everything that men can do, it also obligates women to do everything that men must do. Therefore, women are not truly equal, Smith argues, until they are equally conscriptable into military service and equally at risk, should they meet the combat standards, of dying on the battlefield.”

Some women are so jealous of others, they’ll happily send you to die painfully on a battlefield so they can slut around with your husbands while you’re gone.

By that logic, we should urinate standing up. Because everything men do is innately superior.