Video: China’s golden age over

More like pyrite, mate. Shiny, shiny pyrite.

Communist countries always collapse eventually.

Watch the nomadic male r-types ready to jump ship as resources tank, it’s the canary.

All the weeb guys moving out of Singapore too, not so cocky now eh?

It’s like the smug girl who went to India once and won’t ever shut up about Asian supremacy like the secret to enlightenment is greasy food. Can we revoke their passports? Really, why not? If you claim East over West, surely that’s got to affect citizenship? It’s like they’ve got spy stamped on their forehead from the Communist boot they lick.

China has ripped off everyone, stolen science and precious technology for a war, but expects to command respect

and this guy is defending it?

I wonder if his waifu uses this for her social justice multicultural pegging session.

Race traitor, sex traitor, simple cuck? What is that? Would he answer either draft? Doubtful. That isn’t much of a man, nobody listens to these guys. The spate of mixed race divorces once their assets are confiscated for being a White Male* is gonna be amazing. Imagine the butthurt. They won’t blame their racial fetish and trusting their dick for solid financial advice, they’ll try to desperately blame all women.

*Look how many parasite single Chinese men there are, they’ll demand their equal share and it’ll be gone. A man’s duty is to provide but Communists extend that to society, to other male competition, this one of over a billion members… wow. They’ll be lucky if the Tiger Moms leave them with shoes after going through those divorce courts. They’re maternal as vultures over a carcass. Even reddit is picking up that Asian prostitution involves a wedding ceremony and lying about their politics, ambitions, notch count. This is precisely why the family had to approve of the male heir’s bride, it was an investment of the bloodline. Men following their dicks get divorced. White men have no family to protect them, utterly exposed. Asians exploit this.

Combined with the highest national population on the planet (most r-select, globally) it’s over.

India has a better shot, seriously. If they weren’t such arrogant Anglophiles I’d feel pity.

Plus their (Chinese) debt is worse than Japan, especially since national debt is calculated per citizen (real reason they dropped the baby limit). They’re still voting in huge pensions nobody can earn to pay in (and certain Asians are longer-lived, making it more insane from a mathematical standpoint). It’s a matter of time until bank runs and confiscations.

Culturally they want more of a nanny state (social credit recently) because yes, they aren’t as smart as their faked transcripts to get into Western universities. Make them serve prison time for the fraud and you’ll get smarter applicants.

Teaching your kid Mandarin is useless because they’re too racist against whites to ever accept you, it was so naive as to be funny (like Zuck telling kids to program and reduce his labour costs).

“It’s incredibly uncomfortable for foreigners to live here” he says blissfully entitled.

You don’t belong there. You never will. You’re as much an invader as Niqbal Amalleed off the boat going to Calais.

The impulse to migrate when things get a little difficult, no wonder the wife is Asian.

Couldn’t get a white woman (statistically, they’re less attractive, both parties). Why are weebs so weak? Just look at the passive dominance of the waifus. Girly men and manly women.

Wah, wah, they don’t like me here, wah, wah!

Toast, the hypocrisy makes them a laughing stock.

He doesn’t actually like the place he moved to and like all other outsiders will eventually leave once the native culture settles back.

Multiculturalism there seems to be failing because they think they don’t need you(r money) anymore.

The “growth” was either unfunded debt, Communist propaganda or propped-up Western money (mostly from ripping off America – their middle-class shrank as China’s grew).

If you don’t get this, you’re simply ignorant to the basic facts anyone could look up on these subjects.

They don’t like to collect race data in divorces now, it’s so bad.

If they included separations as well as divorce, it would skyrocket further.

Link: How likely is a hard landing?
“Those who watch closely will notice that even small changes in the laws and rules can have a big impact on how things unfold. A lot of strange almost bizarre theories are floating around concerning our economic future. This means that on occasion it is wise to step back, take a deep breath, then try to sort out what is really happening in the economy.”
“Central banks can stack the deck but when it gets too high and begins to fall they may not be able to control the direction or who it will crush. Many of the investments people make are predicated on the idea that if the economy fails we will have a soft-landing, or if it does crash the result will not be fatal.”

If you’re stupid, yeah. We have socialist schools so we hate the markets and know they’re always doomed to crash. It’s the one useful thing we’re taught. We had to discuss hyperinflation and the crash of ’29 at length.

“The idea the economy will simply be able to adjust and grow its way out of many problems we have tried so hard to ignore and not just muddle along but to thrive defies what history has taught us. It is based on a view of history that often overlooks the many who have “lost it all” in prior periods of economic chaos.”

He speaks like they don’t deserve to burn.
You play with fire.
Worst, you play with someone else’s fire.
Someone’s retirement fire.
A nation’s fire.
I’m sure there’s a myth about this somewhere. The punishment was eternal.

“Is the typical Apple user so self-centered that they just don’t care, or do they lust for the product so much that they bury and ignore their social conscience? These consumers are even willing to pay higher prices to lock themselves into a closed system tightly controlled by Apple.”
I know a man who uses an iPhone and has done public work against child slavery. You might have seen him on TV at some point. I mention this because trust me, that doesn’t narrow it down. Whatsoever.
It is impossible to hold a conversation on this topic. Otherwise an intelligent fellow, he mumbles and points the finger.
What dystopian relief films like Fight Club miss is how most of the people in the system and in the Matrix are complicit, knowingly and willingly so. They are objectively terrible.
When they complain about losing their ill-gotten savings, remember it’s the honest people who really paid for it in the first place. You can’t consume things you don’t produce, it’s a law of nature. If you are consuming beyond your real production (easy jobs don’t count) then someone else has been slaving away for your luxuries and if you lose them, that is justice, not an injustice. These people remind me of the entitlement of a baby who throws away its rattle (iPhone models) expecting it will always be replaced by a caretaker.
Those who surrender to the idea America is too small to lead based on population numbers do not understand that quality beats quantity hands down. Sadly the spirit of, “I will gladly pay you Tuesday for a hamburger today” is alive and well in many of those advocating free trade and the expansion of globalism. Whether driven by greed or suffering from being short-sighted, buyers of the many products we import each year should resist giving up their futures so that we can buy the latest fancy flat screen television or set of patio furniture made in China for far less than one made in America. Countries that export goods at slightly below cost in exchange for manufacturing jobs are not stupid – they are predatory and we in America are their prey.”
Globalization isn’t free, it’s treasonous. If you want to develop another country, move there.

They don’t think it’s their future. They, the middles, aren’t the working class. They don’t care. Nobody has to care about them, then? Excellent.
All y’all need to read After the Empire: The Breakdown of the American Order.
Empires collapse, they do not slide.
Trump is an overt paper tiger to match the nation’s own power.
Good blog.
Very good blog.
“civilizations share a sharp curve of decline. Remember this is totally entwined with the economy and everyday life. Indeed, a society’s demise may begin only a decade or two after it reaches its peak population, wealth, and power.”
You had to import the Chinese, didn’t you? The Muslims are nothing to the Red Dragon. Muslims aren’t taking the University places on your prestigious national STEM courses and taking all that knowledge back home with them, to compete against you.

America used to be smarter.

“Uncle Sam introduces Eastern Barbarism to Western civilization.” You don’t see many white women making kitten-crushing videos.
“It was repealed by the Magnuson Act on December 17, 1943.”
“While the Magnuson Act overturned the discriminatory Chinese Exclusion Act, it only allowed a national quota of 105 Chinese immigrants per year, and did not repeal the restrictions on immigration from the other Asian countries. Large scale Chinese immigration did not occur until the passage of the Immigration and Nationality Act of 1965.
I hate it when I know American history better than Americans.
Sure, blame Africa. Like all the abortions of AAs have given them powerful numbers to swarm you.
“They were charged with living together “in a state of adultery or fornication” and both sentenced to two years imprisonment in the state penitentiary in 1882.”
Those were the days.
Would SJWs really be a problem if being a massive slag (male/female) were illegal again?
You want to go back America? Want to be conservative? Are you sure you want these laws back?

Gee, why were marriages so secure, back in the days you could literally throw cheating spouses in prison?
Asians counted under miscegenation law until 1948. Pick your poison.
Even today, although all its constituent sections have long been repealed, Chapter 7 of Title 8 of the United States Code is headed “Exclusion of Chinese.”[36] It is the only chapter of the 15 chapters in Title 8 (Aliens and Nationality) that is completely focused on a specific nationality or ethnic group.”
There’s a reason for that. The first isolated communities that refused to integrate were called Chinatown.
All the much ado about Muslim bigotry has precedent in the American law for the Chinese so yes, they are right in that you can’t allow the Chinese to do something then complain when other Asians pull the same con job.
The Chinese had gangs long before the Muslims too.
“One common thread and sign the end is near is a massive growth in crony capitalism and corruption. Even when the signs of decline may be everywhere that does not guarantee the end is near. As the foundation crumbles away it is not uncommon for those in power to extend their rule by many tricks and changing the rules in order to gain a new lease on life.”

Sweden on verge of financial crisis

Apparently Islam beats oil money, in an unexpected twist.

With a fertility rate like theirs, property should be cheap.
But Bitcoin isn’t a bubble.
Ironically, if you’re in the very situation you’d need crypto, there’d be no electricity to access crypto.


r-types welcoming asylum seekers into their homes despite Gov block

There was a petition on the Parliament website where they asked the Government to allow them to house ‘Syrian refugees’ in their own homes, with their own families (and children).

The Government said no.

Now they’re making an app/site out of it and circumventing the Government, who wanted to avoid the theft, rape and murder that would follow. Logically, they knew would follow. Bad PR.
Now the right wing are FINALLY playing the petition game, places like the Guardian are calling the democratic medium unreliable (because it shows regular people aren’t under their control).
Prohibit the building of mosques in the UK“”
Hold a referendum on TTIP before we give away our sovereignty
Ban schools from serving halal meat to children without parents’ consent
Stop all benefits to illegal immigrants completely.
Stop allowing immigrants into the UK.” Over 200,ooo signatures and counting.

*wipes away a tear* Democracy. Fight fire with fire. Use petitions. Sign petitions. Beat them at their own game.

crying laughter lmao

“Refugees Welcome”

Terminal stupidity.

I think it’s fantastic. I might watch the news again.

These people are gonna have to pay for their own mistakes. Literally and in crime.

They betray their true motivations (parasitism)

“Our organisation received nothing, there was no support, on government, no funding,” she added. “We’re not happy.”

So selfless. Such charity wow.

“We shouldn’t discuss if they are coming – they are coming and they are coming from big emergencies and horrible situations.”

Most of those places have no problems whatsoever. Doesn’t mean they should come to Europe. The next country over, two at most. Otherwise, by definition, they aren’t refugees, they aren’t seeking refuge (first port in a storm).

See the fascism creeps in? Our rule is law?


As per Vox Day’s suggestion, I’m going to start naming the people involved in these stories, for their inevitable trials.

  • Mareike Geiling (German)
  • Jonas Kakoschke (German)
  • Golde Ebding (German)

Link: The European Cuddle Pile

What we’re approaching are the limits to peace. Peace means compromise and the promotion of odious regimes for far longer than they might be able to survive otherwise. Excessive cooperation rather than the grasping for advantage has made it so that the entire Western bloc has lashed itself together, so that when one of them falls, they all fall. When one of them makes a spectacular error, they all suffer (best demonstrated by Germany’s mass importation of Middle Eastern indigents within an open border zone).

A good metaphor for the EU.

Link: Sweden on verge of collapse due to 3rd world invasion

Good. Let it fall. It must stand as a testament to what happens when these foolhardy theories are applied. Don’t whitewash it, don’t excuse it, don’t try to salvage a picture in your mind or prop it up due to your mistaken notions of national pride. Let the horror stand. Let those who built it see what they created. In working to support the system, you prolong it.

Most ideas don’t scale up. A system precluded by decent citizenry cannot replace those people (or those Other people would have imitated the same system by themselves). Meanwhile: A sword is just a big knife, an inept weapon in the age of guns, you can’t ban knives.

At this point, the once-good institutions are too corrupt. It might appear nicer than non-European corruption, but corruption with a smile is more insidious. You don’t need that pension they’ll say as they give the money to the migrants. Note: that’s just getting them into the country.
Foreign aid was the original White (Man’s Burden) Tax, this new immvasion tax should be argued on the basis of Original White Man’s Sin (being born) in a position of (presumably genetic) privilege. It’s for your own good, they say, as they approach you with the euthanasia needle, because the aging population is expendable. Your kind are an evil to be purged from the world, cry the fools who expect the machines will run themselves.

This is how civilizations fall. Much like buildings. You hear the odd creak and crackle, slowly at first, then one day, the whole thing goes all at once. How’s the other lefty examplar doing, Venezuela, where they’re being told to eat rocks? Can we award Darwin Awards to entire countries? #CastamereCulture

What is the solution? Deportations are too obvious. What caused this problem? Who propped up multiculturalism, the theory that made it happen? The PC po-mo that made it all possible?

For the last few weeks, the central train station in Sweden’s third largest city, Malmö, has been overrun with migrants; the volunteers that for the first few days showed up with food, water and clothes now seem to have lost interest.

Deport the traitors too and you’ve solved the problem. Better yet, force them to bear the entire brunt of the cost – all the financial cost, all the overcrowding, all the knock-downs on waiting lists, pass the debt down solely to their descendants. Make them responsible for their actions, what they wanted and who they voted for. If they think their homeland is so bad, or everywhere else so good, they won’t mind leaving, will they?

I’ve given up, it’s too far gone. I’ve stockpiled books for when the internet lines are cut or power shortages happen:

looking for a fuck to give loki thor 2

They had their chance. We owe them a trial, at best. Like Nuremberg, only this time we’ll have all their vapid social media posts as exhibits of their outgroup preference. Punishment for genocide or calls to it (incitement)? Death or exile. I would love to see how the feminists do in Saudi Arabia, which will go broke in about 5 years btw.

Like the sassy black women say, what we need to say to these people when they beg for our help, using our national ties as emotional blackmail when we know they don’t believe in them;

“That is NOT my job…..” ~walks away, whistling~

*in the distance, machete noises*

Bet that burns, being shown up as a greedy little bitch by a white middle class man

Illegal Immigration crisis debate stifled by Left elite

If they cry loud enough, nobody can hear the facts.
It’s a huge problem. Their stock prices have tanked from this.

The Dublin Agreement is clear. Fingerprint the fuckers.

I saw it coming and I still don't care, funny really