Lesser evil is still evil

Farage is probably controlled ops, I finally believe it. He might’ve handed Labour this election by standing down, pretty sure it’s illegal to run as a party then not run. They took donations on that basis.

I know plenty of people with no Leave candidate to vote for, and they refuse to vote Tory (Labour with none of the gibs). Including former Tories. We all know austerity is a myth, we actually read the data. Defeat from the jaws of victory, stop cucking to the Big Two. People hate them and want alternatives. Nigel is a milquetoast civnat cuck and it’s plain for all to see.

A lot of us are actually tempted to vote Labour, we’re so pissed off. You want crazy? Better to get it faster so the backlash is faster and recovery too, before demographics overwhelm us. Force the socialists into fierce competition and proximity to their beloved immigrants. Tories actually bump them to majority white countryside areas, which then flip Labour in elections, it’s a con. Even Brexit count net immigration, which is an imaginary number, instead of total. There’s also the voting UKIP camp but that assumes THEY have a candidate up. This is a mess.

I refuse to believe Farage is this thick.


It can’t be reduced immigration, and stop counting net.

It has to be negative. Deport criminals with an exit tax of all costs associated with their being here, terminate with extreme prejudice at the border. Let our own fishermen take machine guns if the French want to trespass with their own. Just protect the border or there isn’t a country. Cut off the welfare spigot, charge them for schools/hospital use/everything, deport pedos with multiple kiddy “brides”. It isn’t hard. Stop them mutilating, raping and enslaving kids.

If Brexit is an option, Brexit.

If they’re being chickenshit, probably UKIP, Labour if you want to shit up your local Remain Tory. If they’re gonna be Remainers, why vote for them? Remainer = Central Bank shill. Labour candidates don’t openly hate white people as much, at least promising them gibs while screwing them. Both are advocating for your ass-raping, one will use lube.

If they ask who you’re voting for, “whoever gives me UBI”.

Be an unrepentant Enjoy the Decline gibs whore. Why not, at this point?

The game has changed. Stop acting like being a noble loser makes you a goodwhite. We are not neocons.

A protest along those lines would be hilarious, like, UBI – because we want as much money as the immigrants replacing us. …or you’re racist.


Vote for the Torah party if you want, but the data is out there. They hate business, they hate the consumer, they increase the cost of living and increase immigration and move Overton in censorship.


I always knew Farage would cuck, I just assumed his lust for power would conquer first.

Do you want the Guardian to like you or do you want a homogeneous, high trust country?

With every wave of immigration without a gold standard (because of little hats making a put, essentially rinsing us), we are devalued as a sweeping trend. Demographics, destiny.

The temporary spike was when they wanted us to join the Euro, it was hype.

Let’s go back to 1068 demographics. 1968 still includes The Original Immigrant. The ones who advocated and funded this flood. As does 1868, 1768, 1668…

wikipedia tier

United Kingdom

In the 1790s, the United Kingdom suffered a silver shortage. It ceased to mint larger silver coins and instead issued “token” silver coins and overstruck foreign coins. With the end of the Napoleonic Wars, the (((Bank of England))) began the massive recoinage programme that created standard gold sovereigns, circulating crowns, half-crowns and eventually copper farthings in 1821. The recoinage of silver after a long drought produced a burst of coins. The United Kingdom struck nearly 40 million shillings between 1816 and 1820, 17 million half crowns and 1.3 million silver crowns.

The 1819 Act for the Resumption of Cash Payments set 1823 as the date for resumption of convertibility, which was reached by 1821. Throughout the 1820s, small notes were issued by regional banks. This was restricted in 1826, while the (((Bank of England))) was allowed to set up regional branches. In 1833 however, (((Bank of England))) notes were made legal tender and redemption by other banks was discouraged. In 1844, the Bank Charter Act established that (((Bank of England))) notes were fully backed by gold and they became the legal standard. According to the strict interpretation of the gold standard, this 1844 act marked the establishment of a full gold standard for (((British))) money.

The pound left the gold standard in 1931 and a number of currencies of countries that historically had performed a large amount of their trade in sterling were (((pegged to sterling))) instead of to gold.

Pegged alright, not by us.

This is a problem older than many Austen novels. Voting for lesser evil is the intent, it’s called the anchoring effect. The Jews of the Tory party wanted to import Muslims so they’d look like a more attractive proposition as your ruler, fellow white. A red herring alternative. It has worked for TWO centuries.

We’re already screwed, as previously covered, it’s already going down.


I’m not voting for Thinking-with-his-Johnson. The abortion-funding manwhore can go live in Brussels again. That is not a conservative, it’s a degenerate with a posh accent. He’s the average Lib Dem freakshow.

With Fixed Term, I want either Thinking-with-his-Johnson or ideally Corbyn holding the bucket when all the socialist debt is margin called. Decades of socialist promises, dead. Like all their predictions transpired to be false. Like Deutsche is already collapsing, as I predicted literally years ago.

“The EU is backed by the IMF, whose traders include Deutsche Bank, close to open failure.” 2017 

OPEN failure.

“We have various players like IMF and Deutsche Bank and then there’s radar black spots like Switzerland and whoever knows what the hell they’re doing, Europe is a big banking mess.” Feb 2016 

You can be a misogynist and ignore me, but you’ll lose all your money.

also worth a read: 2018 2017 2017 2017 2018

ALL your money.

I have a hobby of waiting for rich (((arseholes))) to laugh at me and think I’m a “stupid little girl” for describing reality, finding out exactly where their family money is placed, then ruining that sector or company. It’s going swimmingly. The expressions of their smug offspring are precious, as they come to realise they might have to get a job. The light in the eyes of their selfies grows dim over time. Then I find their Guardian comment account through their email (always gmail) and read them bitching about how much they hate their parents so they want them to die off and inherit quickly, screencap it, anonymously email to the parent’s business email posing as a concerned friend of the child. Now that’s a hobby.

When they’re forced to sell or the offspring is, I’ll be happy to buy up the good ones. Anonymously. 


New link https://s3.amazonaws.com/sov-man/NetworkInfiltration.pdf

That’s how you break the networks oppressing you. Use r-type psychology against them, Boomer v Millennial. You can also tip off various gangs about ….stuff.

re Comrade Corbyn:

He’s already warming up to it, by slagging off the welfarites politely dubbed pensioners. Those Boomers wanted their precious non-racist mass immigration, now they’ve inflated themselves out of retirement.


Plan to finally treat civil servants like regular lumpen-prole. That’s where it’s going. That’s why the outrage.

The crocodile turns upon the one who reared it.

“The Labour Party has come under attack for their plans to bring rail companies, energy supply networks, water systems and mail delivery under public ownership”

Karma. Hey, you wanted socialism, get it good and hard, Boomer.

I advocate rent control, especially of the noxious traitors called Buy to Letters. Especially in London. Nobody forced you to buy two hundred houses overpriced on credit.

Funny, I thought the European continent was where all the white people lived.

Credit: King Nigel I of UKIP

The Jews are funding the Muslims.

We need National Socialism before everyone sees the obvious superior choice, National Capitalism. Minus usury. Let the banks fail, bail out the people.

How did UK women vote in 2017?

+5% conservative on the last election.

Conservative leaning. Again.
Fuck you. Do your research before insulting us.

This election was literally split down the middle, unlike the past one I covered.
Why does this matter?
Record number of women standing and a record number of women not voting (reported 2015).
If you look at the most well-known left-leaning in sum, Labour+Lib Dems+SNP = 51% of men voted for the far Lefties.
Men are not getting smarter.

Shall we revoke their suffrage?
On what grounds?
The right to vote includes the right to abstain or vote stupid.
In this case, suicidal.

Ah, but this wasn’t predicted, say the wrong people.


“However, these two things cancelled each other out meaning that ultimately the Conservatives polled about the same amongst both men and women. Going into the 2017 election women are, if anything, slightly more (three percentage points) likely overall to vote Tory.”

Quit blaming us. It’s the working class men and the signalling middle.
The margins are so wafer-thin if you got those in order, there’d be no problem.

As you can see in that article and the first one, the classes vote more reliably than the sexes, and the races even more than that (for more/less Gov).
Women were never really banned from voting, that’s another piece of American BS.
Choose a new meme, you look silly to anyone who looks this up.

Ole ole ole ole

1. cuckservatives lost
2. Brussels-raised Boris will ruin Tories
3. Third parties will rise with every attack on the EU
4. the alt right can meme it all and win hearts
5. the Guardian set know pooling all their numbers, still losers, their ‘Progressive Alliance’ plan failed

Ideal result for the true right.
All my 3D chess paid off.

Now deus your god-damn vult.