How did UK women vote in 2017?

+5% conservative on the last election.
Conservative leaning. Again.
Fuck you. Do your research before insulting us.

This election was literally split down the middle, unlike the past one I covered.
Why does this matter?
Record number of women standing and a record number of women not voting (reported 2015).
If you look at the most well-known left-leaning in sum, Labour+Lib Dems+SNP = 51% of men voted for the far Lefties.
Men are not getting smarter.

Shall we revoke their suffrage?
On what grounds?
The right to vote includes the right to abstain or vote stupid.
In this case, suicidal.

Ah, but this wasn’t predicted, say the wrong people.

“However, these two things cancelled each other out meaning that ultimately the Conservatives polled about the same amongst both men and women. Going into the 2017 election women are, if anything, slightly more (three percentage points) likely overall to vote Tory.”

Quit blaming us. It’s the working class men and the signalling middle.
The margins are so wafer-thin if you got those in order, there’d be no problem.

As you can see in that article and the first one, the classes vote more reliably than the sexes, and the races even more than that (for more/less Gov).
Women were never really banned from voting, that’s another piece of American BS.
Choose a new meme, you look silly to anyone who looks this up.

Why the UK electorate are doomed

If you look up Boris he’s a lech, possible rapist and has paid for at least one abortion.
He pretends to be all cheery because he’s a sociopath.
He’s the biggest cuck and Europhile. He increased immigration to London.

“My take from the UK, apologies for length.
Last time I remember, Boris wanted amnesty for all illegals in the UK and supported an open door immigration policy.
May, for all her completely real faults, rolled up 13m+ votes at 42%, the most votes they have had since 1979, and more votes than Blair got in his landslide victory in 1997. Under any other circumstances this was a triumph and a crushing victory.
According to reports, she is practically the only person in the Tory cabinet who understands that they need to keep their pledge to reduce immigration (leaving whether or not she means it to one side here; she is one of the few left in the party at a senior level who ‘gets’ that they need to at least keep up appearences on this issue, the others are actively pro-immigration(!) AFAIK).
It was the unusually strong counter-mobilisation for Labour and the fact that as the immigrant children from the late 1990s, when Labour opened the borders, finally begin to reach voting age there is now a larger permanent reserve of Labour voters. This is only the tip of the demographic iceberg, those 3rd world immigrants born in 1997/8/9 only scratch the surface of the coming browning of the vote, and an awful lot of Conservtive voting whites (and old fashioned patriotic Labour types) are on schedule to die over the next decade or two from old age…
That plus the leftist indoctrination of the broader youth who were pushed incredibly strongly to turn out for Labour by everyone from Grime rappers and Church of England vicars to ‘charities’, student unions, teachers and university academics, lefty cultural figures, luvvies and celebs etc, music icons.
Looking forward, every subsequent election from now on, starting, presumably, in 2023 (All 3rd world persons deposited from 1997-2005 voting) will be very substantially less white-British. Peoples’ heads will spin with how fast it happens. The 1990s generation was still 85% White-British in terms of births. The 2000s generation will see this plummet down to 70%.
On paper it looks like May simply blew a 20% lead in the polls, but under the suface, the times are finally changing in visible ways. And yes, she did blow their lead by being shit too.
That Corbyn was clearly hated by the hated MSM didn’t hurt either, and he has got away with being sold as a sort of right-on grandpa who hates injustice and loves giving you presents. A few solid and/or popular ideas around less foreign wars, building more houses and renationalising the railways allowed people to overlook a lot.
I can’t see who would replace May who would not be worse and less poplular. Her replacement would literally have to be more popular than Thatcher was. Hammond more poplular than Thatcher? Rudd? Open borders Johnson? I just don’t see it.
Unless Labour implodes, it going to be very tight from here on out.”

The only saving grace is that when the economy goes tits up, they’ll abandon us because they have no loyalty to this country. Maybe then we can put the traitors like Blair on trial.