The Londonistan mobile

To test it, it really should’ve gone through one of those drive-through safaris. To prove it’s monkey proof.

This is the dystopian car we need.
This is multiculturalism in a car.
So bland and basic and fantastically crap, it’s amazing.

Super low-res CAD lad. Whew. Five minutes on Sketchup. Postmodernism made this possible. In no other time period would this be vaguely necessary.
He borrowed five polygons and a dream. An LSD dream set in a PS1 game.

It’s like Howard Hughes with less of the syphilis, probably.

That’s just 90+% of Silicon Valley, they kicked out the real smarts and eccentrics YEARS ago.

Now it’s IPO hoes and dudebros.

But has he ever said whether he’d eat human flesh.


Tesla already had a company, Edison killed it.


Is he shitposting the shareholders? No, they’re really that stupid.

“Guys, I put a slightly cooler fan in the front for doggo”

That’ll go down well in China, they just had a festival eating BBQ dog.

What’s next, lolcatz icons? Nyan cat breezing around the steering wheel?


I think the doggo would rather be outside. Is there an auto-pooper scooper?

You can tell they’re all too high in America to pay attention.

This is what happens when investors do drugs. That is what historians shall conclude.

Elon Musk, Supergenius

Ooh, I like you.

No, gullible morons with delusions of riches living vicariously.

Will Evans, an award-winning journalist with the Center for Investigative Reporting, published a hard-hitting series about Tesla’s flagrant labor violations, exposing Elon Musk’s purportedly progressive business for what it truly is: a green mirage.

Socialist is a fraud? NO.

“These companies have escaped serious regulation—antitrust, [accountability, occupational standards],” says the Truthdig Editor in Chief. “We’ve kind of anointed these new industrialists as somehow prophets of a future, whether it’s at Apple or Google or Tesla or Facebook. They’ve got the magic wand; they know where it’s all headed. What you have in Elon Musk is sort of the poster boy for that arrogance. He just shrugged it off. You could do investigative reporting, you had the facts, it’s solid as can be–and they just don’t have to care, because they’re the wave of the future, right?”

Pride goeth


He only covers his own ass
“has received another large amount from the celebrity CEO to help pay for her defense.”

Told you, told you, told you so

Wheeeere’s Johnny? I’m gunnin’ for ya, you’re a shithead among monsters.

and others supporting

“Of course the celebrity CEO throws in women and drugs, so might have a little more loyalty. Our nine figure CEO already has bot armies in place to try and stop the negatives he knows will be rightfully coming.”

So trafficking?
A lot of people like pre-fame Elon who didn’t do drugs and loved his kids. Teetotal nerd.
This guy…. is a piece of work.

“I have written before about employees of one of the companies of this celebrity CEO tunneling beneath the border to smuggle drugs. It looks like it is going on again, but this time the police and DHS are on to it.”

If he’s Cabal I’m going to piss myself laughing. The New Edison.
What a loser, if he’s some moron who gets given keys to a kingdom and ruins it.

He’s the only example of white male privilege in existence, mainly because autists and imbeciles (also male) listen to him without engaging critical thought.

“Both of his big companies are in deep, deep financial trouble. The others are just complete frauds. It’s 30 minutes to midnight. After the crash is complete, expect people from the CEO’s personal and business lives to spill even crazier tea than you’ve ever heard about him before, and that’s really saying something.”

Not the one who lied about being a virgin (when they married, maybe when they met, but she just implied it), she still wants to play Business Tycoon Sims and maybe get another payout.

You don’t move into a married woman’s warm bed for two years without fucking.

The drug bloat is making him look like a dead toad.

Shame on the Valley for ruining Tesla’s name with this creep.
Connections to HW and there and drug/slavery shekels are the only reason he’s still around.

this comment, lol:
“The guy has weird taste in women, for sure. Married the ugliest girl on Pride and Prejudice – Twice, and now this walking plastic mannequin.”
I thought it was thrice with secret four?

Blind revealed:
“That celebrity/business person that Mr. Hedge likes to rightfully go after on a regular basis proved once again what a petty tool he can be. Apparently he felt that his engineers were having too many coffee breaks so he had all coffee machines removed. Meanwhile, our a-hole would invite the engineers to his office for meetings and his assistant would serve coffee for one in bone china to the a-hole. He would knowingly sip it in front of them just to f**k with them.”

Crazy gaslighter of men. No wonder smart money leaves. Misogynist is normal there, but psychopath sadist?

Tyler is right, Tyler is always right, Tyler has impeccable creep-dar.

Tyler saw your bullshit coming a mile off with the wife cucking.

Textbook narc.

from blind
“This CEO knows that he will eventually lose everything he has, and currently sits on the precipice of one of the most spectacular corporate collapses in American history.”
Personally called it too. Manwhores always burnout.

Could’ve had it all, chose drugs and other degeneracy.

Please be the black swan before they nationalise Deutsche.

I can’t move until this piece is off the chess board. I want my short shekels and I’ll implode Silicon Valley MBA dudebros if I have to. Mama has expensive taste in literally everything.

Yes, I wonder how much his first wife is paid to stay quiet. Yes, I have met his second wife. Yes, I know his drug dealer.
Yes, I wonder if he will go on a killing spree. Yes, I track his flights. Yes, I have spoken to some of his overnight friends. Yes, he was out of control at Burning Man.

Never wanted to follow a court case so much in ma life.

Scottish film?

“As a partridge that hatches eggs which it has not laid, So is he who makes a fortune, but unjustly; In the midst of his days it will forsake him, And in the end he will be a fool.”

His second wife’s a cokewhore vegan cunt though. Just met, noticed? You saw it too?

People hated her attempt at creativity. Narcissists have no core to be original or insightful like an Austen from.

She’s a monster worse than Jolie. To be a good writer, you need life experience that doesn’t involve opening your legs. Read the reviews.

She bragged about going to a live art show featuring women trafficked and raped (like, being raped while you watched, no screen or bars) and practically salivated through the screen like a dog. She said this to a newspaper.

Tracking him going to a NZ bunker I bet.


A part of reddit that isn’t full of cucks.

MY PEOPLE. Even the lefties, grudgingly.

You can’t find a better timeline.

It’s the current year.

Famous last words

Americans really don’t study history, huh?
Edison failed, his operations were eventually shut down.

For pie-in-the-sky promises and dodgy business practices. He was a crook temporarily lauded as a genius while he put Tesla in the poorhouse.

The company comparison is named after the very man who ruined Tesla and free energy. The fall out with Morgan proves it, his technology worked. Modern EVs bearing Tesla’s name (his family don’t see a cent of that money) stand for everything his life’s work opposed – plugging into a fixed grid (DC) owned by the plutocrats (((read: bankers))). That’s terrible karma.

Plus the carbon is worse on EVs when you include manufacture – mining metals, producing the ‘electricity’ from the likes of oil industry, the battery disposal issue…

It’s the midlife crisis car of Boomers who dropped cash on that but have zero retirement savings because they refuse to admit they’re aging.

This cult of personality is entertaining. Cucking for Musk, because a multi-billionaire on paper really needs defending like a defenseless maiden in a tower.

Musk’s EVs aren’t the only ones in existence, Edison actually made a killing with electric car batteries a century ago.

Look it up. Wake up.

The guy is literally Edison but his fans must be thick to make the comparison.

Californian delusion: They can’t give up coffee but they can (((change the world.)))

Eat your GMO ‘meat’.

Once a socialist

Always a socialist

Tesla hires lobbying firm to push for tax credit

Makes this deeply ironic:

Certainly the move of a company that’ll be profitable ANY time now, guys!

They’re ruining the Tesla name, huh?

Should be called Elron in the case studies.

He could save time designing the front by putting a huge, midlife crisis phallic symbol there instead.