Hidden evil it is

I knew my vote didn’t matter. Useful to know.
Now nobody can blame me when Brexit doesn’t happen.

Oh, maybe they’ll say it did … but you’ll see. Like 2016, when I said they wouldn’t let us leave. And people were like “they have to! We had a vote!” Well okay, we just had a second one. Wanna wait three more years?

Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice…

NWO pedos protect NWO pedos. City of London is a hub. The Tories will never let us be free.

It’s disgusting how many people held their nose and voted for the more covert people who hate them and allow the rape of their children. with generations of proof attesting to that fact. Starting to think whites deserve the genocide. For now I’ll assume it’s callow hope. For now.

I guess we’re all going down with the ghost ship of dead promises. Worth a try?

Fun fact: I don’t actually own a TV.


It is heartening they barely scraped the 326 needed. I sense propaganda money.

I think people need an economic correction to vote with their own interests now.


The list of traditional Labour seats falling to the Conservatives, some for the first time, continues to lengthen as the results from the British election pour in.

Exit polls which are restricted in the UK until the voting concludes at 10:00 pm immediately predicted a stunning Tory victory with 368 seats and the largest majority since 1987. Labour was projected to crash to 191 members, it worst return since 1935 and 71 lower than two years ago.

Prime Minister Boris Johnson will have received a powerful endorsement for his campaign slogan to ‘get Brexit done.’

It’ll backfire when he cucks.

 Many of the Labour seats that switched to the Conservatives had voted to leave in the referendum of June 2016.  Labour’s opposition to Theresa May’s Brexit deal earlier in the year appeared to have cost many MPs their seats.

Sterling soared as soon as the poll was announced racing three figures to 1.3514 it’s strongest against the dollar since May 2018. The EUR/GBP fell almost two figures from 0.8454 to 0.8274 the lowest it has been since the weeks immediately after the June 24, 2016 exit referendum. The euro rose as well, adding about 50 points versus the dollar to 1.1172.

Mr. Johnson had aimed for an election since assuming the premiership following Theresa May’s resignation as the only way to break the deadlock in Parliament over Brexit.  Though the country had voted 51.9% to 48.1% to leave the EU a majority of MPs opposed departure. The shifting alliances of those opposed had worked to defeat three attempts by Ms May’s Conservative government to gain approval.

The election was a rout for the parties wanting to reverse Brexit with a second referendum. The Liberal Democrats who campaigned against Brexit were demolished and forecast to retain just 13 sets. Their leader Jo Swinson lost her seat to the Scottish National Party (SNP) challenger Amy Callaghan by 149 votes.

The SNP triumphed in Scotland, which voted heavily to Remain and was predicted to take 55 of 59 seats in the country.  Nicola Sturgeon the SNP leader favors independence and wants to hold another referendum but requires permission from Parliament for an official vote.

Brexit takes place on January 31st when the UK is scheduled to officially leave the European Union and Prime Minister has said he will  honor the date. The future trade relationship of the UK and the EU will be the subject of negotiations over the next year.

So…. a year. Another year.

Oh joy.

The moral choice: do not submit

I didn’t vote.
For those of you who’d ask.

After careful consideration. It hurts.

Here’s a list of reasons:

1. vote here doesn’t count. Highly salient detail.
2. high risk of rigging anyway, I do not want to treat it as a legitimate second Brexit.
3. Universities have been asking for students’ polling cards without them knowing and filling them out. Even if the student wanted the card legally they need to have done it themselves. The fraud will be insane. Multi-votes too.
4. I said they wouldn’t let us leave in 2016 anyway and Boris’ deal is a treaty of surrender. Legally, I’m not voting for my own enslavement. Votes can be traced, they have serial numbers. It could be a matter of war. I am not a traitor. Emotional appeals will not sway me.
5. I don’t want to vote for an old manwhore. He repulses. A lot of women (and some family men) are refusing to vote on a character basis, the parties need to be disgraced to run a non-social conservative. I don’t want to boost his national numbers, neither. Both big Two are completely redundant and full of paedophiles, I cannot vote for them in conscience. I’d vote for their public lynching in a heartbeat. I know things you are not privy to, I know how deep the rot. They’re not getting my consent to abuse children and hate my countrymen for their race. I am moving Overton, they rely on our tacit acceptance of this system; every election it’s the same fictitious urgency. I won’t be passively supportive to paedos. Quick, this demon’s wearing a rosette, better vote for Satan!
6. I don’t like being ignored because of something as trivial as where I live (okay, both places I live) or expected to vote for the “lesser evil”, that’s dumb. It’s still evil. While Christianity is still barely legal, I withdraw my consent to that. The civnats are traitors too. You can try to fight me but your conscience agrees. The time for bourgeoisie voting seems probably or almost over. I was a new voter who never voted Left, my power level won’t permit me. Every year it gets stronger. Spoiling my ballot like a libtard would be tantamount to treating it like a valid second referendum anyway. It’s about participation in the sham or patriotic refusal. Now is the time for difficult decisions, I want to spite them. You hate white people? You hate (good) women/men? You hate Christians? I have three reasons not to vote for you. It’s about time women stopped cucking and all my lady friends agree, since see point ONE. We’re not mindless little sheep who feel a desperate urge to vote for someone, anyone! Social conservatives are not damsels, be it male or female. There’s a new unspoken rule: if they are anti-white, we won’t vote for them. Lady and gentleman friends all agree and we’re mostly a young bunch. We’re voting like Jews or not at all. You can adopt their methods for the same result, it is possible. They originally stole our methods regardless. If the traitors will allow a foreign vote to rule over us, that particular vote is illegitimate anyway.
7. I don’t like being told what to do. Especially by politicians and celebrities. Who do you think you fucking are? They don’t get how important this was, before we were blocked from voting by bureaucracy. Incompetent twats. Let God sort it out. I wouldn’t piss on them if they were on fire. Voting isn’t even the best way of doing things, it encourages cuckery. Look at the Soros approach.

Most importantly, and we all plotting this, felt this way:

8. I don’t like being manipulated into voting for someone I don’t want to vote for. I would literally rather stay at home. It isn’t worth the casual stroll. I’d have been down there like a shot if a candidate I wanted had bothered to run. I am forced to suppose they don’t want my vote.

SHTF if I don’t? Don’t threaten me with a good time, mate.

Conservatives are not like the degenerates, we are not soft-pawed urbanites scared of a little suffering.

I’d die for this country, I won’t agree to an EU surrender bill. My first vote still counts.

If we must suffer personally to purge the country, so be it. Sitting on our arse is comparatively, a light sacrifice. I suspect the hysterical histrionics come from fake Ks (likely controlled ops) because real Anglos, born and bred, are tough as nails beneath the tea and sympathy facade. I know I’ll be fine if the entirety of London gets set on fire. I can warm my toes to it. People new to the right to be ‘on the winning side’ (future traitors) do not have faith, they feel no conviction. Noobs STFU. You don’t get to order us around. This isn’t a sodding hippy commune, we are not equal. We have hierarchy and it’s based on how long you’ve been here, and secondly, what you did for the group. You are the runt and we can and shall kick you until you prove yourself. It builds character. I find it funny when Sargon-type lefties try to boss me around because they merely claim to be right-wing men, personally.

Okay, you exist? I should give a shit? Why?

It’s like a toddler throwing a tantrum. They haven’t the foggiest how social conservatives actually think, which, as studies have shown, means they cannot be one of us. Abuse dynamics belong on the left, we like rock-solid, loyal, Christian family here. We love countrymen and kin. I have nothing in common with some woman off the banana boat, that would be a direct betrayal. They are here to invade and replace us. Sisterhood or Brotherhood is globalist horse-shit. We are not a hive mind (either sex*) and cultural differences exist. Here, we like our men, we like our women, as long as each are actually ours. Trying to pick us off for the SJW Gender War** and set trad men against trad women or vice versa to feel like a big-brained wigger who’s an edgy Elliot for hating white women*** just shows you up for what you are. A Jew, and you’re not jewing us. Muh Dick tokens belong in the other camp. We don’t care what you’ve got downstairs.

We also believe in IQ. We can see your actual IQ in the ways you speak to us and the things you expect will work to persuade us to your cuckery. Lefties have zero charisma and it should be a meme. “My fellow Right…”

We see right through the attempted subversion, fragmentation, like a pane of glass.

We read your books.

Tactics are short-term and useless. We’re in the terrain of wargames.

I know a lot of people (a LOT) who have done exactly the same thing and it’s the first time we’d done it.
Spiritually, it feels right. We can sense this in the air.

You can hate me but I’m spitting bullets already. As an ordinarily pacifist temperament, the longer I think about this, the more I rage. Some people I know are practically foaming at the mouth.

As far as I’m concerned, I wasn’t allowed to vote. Pacts should be illegal. It revokes my sovereign right to vote for whichever party I want.

Americans call us cucks but the referendum proved something nobody has pointed out three years hence:

they never let the parties the People want actually form or, QED, block us from voting for them.

Chocolate teapot politicians. 

Ideally, Brexit wins old Labour seats and Labour sweeps old Tory.

That would make me so happy.

Imagine the chaos. They’d have no PR strategy. Hate us more or less and they’d still lose.

Another election would be called shortly and I might be able to actually vote.

Sisterhood and Brotherhood are globalist horse-shit. I have nothing in common with most women on the planet. That’s okay. We are not a hive mind. We can be individuals. To say anything less of either sex would be sexist, your culture cannot be reduced to your genitalia. Are Pakistanis like English men? Are Chinese women like Spanish women? I’m not going to vote for them all to come here because vag. Think how idiotic Brotherhood is too. Men inviting their conquerors, that ends well? People who want to genocide the white man long before any slobbered-over oppression of women. You wouldn’t be alive to see it. Read history.


Their original plan was to recruit white women. This failed. Women want family.

New current plan is to make white men hate women (like non-whites already do) by false-flagging the actions of white-looking SJWs to all white women. (clue: Why is it white women, they slag off specifically? Why not ALL? That isn’t even misogyny, it’s just most white people are women.) Men withdraw from women, women fail or can no longer support the men then men fail. Satanic rebellion. SJWs are larping as MGTOW and MRA now, to bring down the white family and you’re letting them. Statistically, white women are least likely to be ‘whores’ so who is typing it? Who hates conservative women the most? Who is gleeful and victim blaming when white women are raped? Why has the SJW gone quiet? Why is a peculiar brand of anti-white only MGTOW getting mainstream media coverage? Why is this only aimed at white men? Since when was anything aimed at white men to make their life better?

Test: Why are white female pedo teachers only getting tons of news coverage all of a sudden? Is this probable?

Look at all these evil white women, btw, swear off women like the ones we hand-picked for being obnoxiously lefty, shitty people and get a vasectomy! Fish bicycle!

Women are immune to the anti-natal rhetoric but it’s new to men and may wipe them out. They have no experience with the brainwashing being levied at them. Kill patriarchy by making the men choose to never breed and become Patriarchy. Uniquely evil.

Only requires one fertile generation wiped out to succeed. If their “fellow man” has no kids, that also means no daughters. So no, idiots, you can’t skip generations either when you see your error later. It’s a bandwagon fallacy, anti-natal is death. Cads rely on dads. Socialism: worse than nuclear strike. Like the later Romans who disgusted visiting scribes with how they doted over their dogs instead of having children, men waste their paternal energy when broody. The left captured this market with vidya. Contrary to what lefty women think, we know if a single man has a dog, he doesn’t want a family. The dog is a wife/kids pacifier. 

You cannot trust a dog near a baby.

It’s like the slutty guys trying to find a superior wife… on Tinder. Your rage is your own fault. You constructed these conditions.


The Spartans forbade their bachelors from owning a dog (a historian told me) and wouldn’t let them marry/move in until thirty. …Why?
Can’t find reference on the former, evidence of absence… Even a frou frou Athenian keeping a dog would never be as degenerate and soft as to let it in their house at night, let alone their bed! Spartans didn’t even have a bed until thirty!

Note: a hunter dog kept hardened (and useful, guard post) outside and owned by someone else i.e. a houndsman, does not count as personally ‘owning a dog’ by the modern standard. The skill to direct one is not the same thing.

I heard a big if true theory that gay germ seems to coincidentally appear when dogs are allowed into the home with babies and other infants. 20th century suddenly gets a hard-on for indoor dogs and gay numbers soar. Could be like the cat thing. In conservative families with a gay son, he pretty much always grew up with a dog in the house. The dog was not present when the older, straight sons were growing up. It’s uncanny. Dog contaminates bedding, infant suckles bedding. 19th century uppers kept dogs indoors sometimes, the women did, imitating Marie in the 18th, and their youngest sons exposed to them (extra baby replacements, once heir and spare were done) also got limp wrists. Why did my friend look into this correlation? What do gay guy “parents” do? The first thing? Buy a dog. Why is a major instinct to buy a disease vector before breeding?


Supreme Anti-White.

Stop discussing “immigration” as net, it’s a fallacious figure.
Boots on the ground matters. Total kills the NHS. Total ruins the infrastructure. Total devastates your odds at the polls.
And since the Tories want to replace their core voter base, we can replace them first.

Move to Israel, see if we care.

Redpill 101

This may be reproduced elsewhere freely on the understanding there is no distortion, editing, credit-stealing or profit.

If I could talk to every thirteen year-old, here is what I would tell them, anonymously. Because God knows, we need primers. Sincere, accurate primers. 3,500 words approx. Here’s what you need, to get up to speed.

You are a slave. You may not believe but your prison is money. You do not need a birth certificate, it is a deed of ownership. The filigree paper betrays its bond status and the ‘government’ representing your owners are entitled with it to take out debt (the hallmark of a serf) on the basis of your future labour. You do not need to consent, you were born to them so they own you. You can never escape this, they own your children too. Your birth certificate is assigned a number. It may not be burned into your arm but it defines you and your entire life.

‘Net worth’ is an illusion, that number is everything.

Do your owners have birth certificates and numbers? Nobody knows. You cannot check because you are not allowed to know their full names, they stay conspicuously off every ‘rich’ list and you wouldn’t know their face if you passed them in the street. But you’re so smart, right?

Well, if you’re reading this, I think you are.

The government is not the representative of the People, the government is a representative of the private banks. As it stands and this is self-evident. The government produces nothing, neither does any bank. Fountain pen money is a fantasy, an illusion, utterly imaginary. Your entire system of ‘work’ is based on a lie. There is no such thing as a public bank, they made it illegal. Regulations stifle more honest competition. We live in a plutocracy pretending to be a meritocracy, otherwise you’d revolt at the blatant classism. You’ve probably never heard that word before, you’re not allowed to know it. The talking heads on TV and Twitter cannot use it. They fear it though, they’re deathly chilled if you bring it up and speak of it in hushed tones, privately. I heard them. These people are not your intellectual betters. Look at their mess of a private life, they’re useful idiots. They are often your moral inferiors. This applies all the way up to the top, your owners and theirs, for they are Plato’s natural slaves. Education is not IQ and they own academia, they are not better than you. They need those barriers to oppress you. Without the advantages their children inherit (read: not money, but power) they would demonstrate inferiority to you, hard workers. The leech resents the host. You hold up their pyramid, the original pyramid scheme.
If you were ever to realise this, you would severely reduce consumption of their poison products, the ones they make because they hate you. Every single mention or sighting of a consumer product in a video or article is an advert. This is an open secret. Fight Club mocked it. Influencers don’t discover a product all at once by chance, they’re like drug pushers with shitty candles. Do you think spending like the indebted will get you socially accepted? They rely on that feeling to control you and it is control, to coerce you into convincing yourself. If truly influential and hence worth befriending, they are not spending their money, but their great-great grandparent’s. You are not spending the same money. The first piggy at the trough gets the most grain and the core banks trickle down their nonsense to the lesser and down through the classes until the poor’s purchasing power is almost nil. The journalists faint on a well-placed couch and bemoan why, oh why don’t they have savings? Their parents were exploited too, through many generations. Records of banking families from the time of bubonic plague show the same names as today, what regression to the mean? Don’t read Galton. They cannot simply give you a fair (minus verbal section) IQ test age 12 (SATs are now banned here) and be done with it, their rotten fruit would suffer. Their weak seed would wither and die. The game is rigged. Glamour and luxury are illusions pushed by people who think a few zeros will make happy. But a zero is empty. Hollywood people are miserable, in a mansion. They lie for a living and their spouse is homosexual and cheating. This applies to your owners too. The faux elite, as they encourage you to call them. The real secret is that there is nothing elite about them. If you spoke to them at a bar, they would not dazzle you with poetic phrasings or the calibre of their intellect. They are over-educated morons, parroting things you’ve been culturally indoctrinated by their parents to believe are important – abstract ‘art’, wine, moral relativism and white walls barren as their personality. They mock things they use to gain advantage, used by God himself as signs to us of divine providence like the birth of Jesus but do not wish you to notice nor use these gifts yourself, as the early Christians did. For example, astrology has better predictive outcomes when studied scientifically than therapy. You are not told this. They time their money movements and wars to this. Most therapy exists to shame you for your existence or to trap those noticing the evil of this system (a gas-lighting effort) and push, you guessed it, more poison products. The poisoned apple to our Snow White. The longer you go to therapy, the more likely you are to kill yourself. Freud’s talking cure worked on no genuine pathology (and he was a doctor) but he was trying to fix his hereditary neuroses via intellectualisation and projection, things all congenital idiots do. Obviously, the problem is never them, just their life. It’s a confounding coincidence. Jung was right to leave him and his narrow, inapplicable “Jewish psychology” as he called it, that encouraged self-loathing (they are the only modern matriarchal culture) instead of cultural love and self-culture, as it was called. It’s been rebranded as individualism and self-improvement to sell you overpriced shit in January. To keep you feeling alone and vulnerable, atomised and adrift. Gyms exist to encourage an eating disorder, you do not need a homoerotic gym cult to exercise. Gym products can be more expensive than child support. This is the tip of a huge iceberg of deceptions, they trade in lies, quite literally. They tax your existence and claim to own the very air you dare breathe. It isn’t bad unless they can tax it. You tune into The News (not some news, or a selection of news, THE news) to find out what’s bad, admit it. You tune in for your chosen frequency of brainwashing because, relatively, it’s a short term relief. That’s how they “make” the BIG bucks. Big zero.

Big zero > little zero, you see. Gold stars for grown-ups. ‘Net’ worth, because you’re a big fish, aren’t you?

But… the “most powerful nation on the face of the Earth” – source, has no savings. Hmm. People with savings have power. People with savings can tell corporate masters to do one. People with savings get to look around and notice the way society is going. People with savings have options.

You’re not allowed to have options.

Vote for Liar A or Liar B. Buy rank poison cola A or B. Breed with useless eater A or B. Wear short polyester in style A or B. People in concentration camps weren’t suffering the indignity of polyester.

Do everything you’re supposed to. You’re so individual!

Your teachers tell every kid they have potential. Yes, the potential to fund their unearned retirement.

Normies have a shit quality of life because they trusted these people, the enemy. The enemy of the people. Know them by their fruit.

“National” debt – not “politician promises”. Cultural Marxists lie with language, including Master-Suppression techniques.

Papers and radio are propaganda, they dumbed down the language and what was discussed. Watered-down communications. Families used to talk to one another. Wartime conveniently encouraged them to gather round the radio instead. Storytelling made us loyal to one another as a culture, online this is called a chan. When the ancient philosophers gave speeches, who ever said they weren’t funny? Could you listen for hours to something that wasn’t funny? Did they walk miles for something that wasn’t funny? They’re more George Carlin than anything if you learn how to read them. It’s the same with plays. What we find funny hasn’t really changed in two thousand years, the ‘media’ limits our self-culture by force-feeding us bullshit and clipping our critical wings. People have urges and are lied to about why. Sexual arousal can never be based on fear or disgust, they say to men, you must secretly want it. This is gaslighting. To women, you want to watch this cooking show online not because you miss your mother but because it’s trendy. …Food is a trend now.

They have fully monetised food.

“You can’t eat that!” “Are you sure you should eat that?” “I read you shouldn’t eat that!”

And they have the nerve to lecture you on the evils of shaming and ‘body positivity’.

Yes, they’re very pozzed alright. The only non-sinful pleasure we must take daily. The only response to “Why are you eating that?” should be “I need it to live, fuck you.”

The Little Hitlers are party cogs, aware of it or not. The gestapo was nothing without informants, the papers have nothing without SJWs whipping out their phones to film half an argument. They are never named for their ‘service’.

There are seven million views on a woman poaching an egg, clearly something is very wrong here.

They turn you against one another with petty irrationalities as a distraction, a red herring from the system. Mentacide precedes bodily genocide. You fall over one another internationally, begging to be exploited.

Does America have a military without Israel’s guns?

The over-educated aspect has merely trickled down in the middle-class ‘journalist’ class to the point it becomes noticeable. The sarcastic ‘elite’ are mediocre after many generations of incest at best, and usually below average. It’s pissed away by the third generation under ordinary selection pressures (money, fame etc) because decadence sets into the second generation and degeneracy into the third. Degeneration is in the germline, it’s epigenetic. It would be game over (game: they are playing us for fools) for their long line of sociopaths.

Go Galt, avoid debt. Don’t buy tat, happiness comes from your cultural heritage. Those ‘luxury brands’ were all made in the same Chinese factory by child slaves, the difference is branding. Shame the Left for their slave phone, their slave-picked coffee, their slave-grown drugs. They own more slaves by volume than any plantation merchant. They have no virtue as consumers. Tim Cook fucks little boys (and suffers from a case of Podesta face) but they still buy Apple products. There are more slaves alive today than ever, yet they gaslight these rape victims as ‘sex workers’ to supply their Weinsteins, ignoring the suicide rate and abuse histories. The market is owned by merchants and merchants cannot turn a profit unless they convince you not to seek out the goods yourself. They must be the middle man, they cannot work. Meaningless bland items belonging nowhere will make you miserable. Burn your Ikea furniture, it’s illegally sourced from Ancient European forests anyway. Watch that scene in Fight Club, they’ve been mocking you this entire time. Faux rebellion is the worst thing you can do. Rebellion in this system isn’t buying shit. It’s buying less of their shit.
They are trying to snare you into giving up various self-reliances e.g. carpentry, from harvesting your own water to growing your own food. You need them, says the abusive spouse.

They have been doing this for generations, it’s well documented. They want you totally enslaved before they replace you with machines. You think those machines will work for you? Why? The sum value of your organs doesn’t touch that thing. At this point, your life becomes redundant to them, they’ve been selectively breeding you for obedience over two world wars and many smaller incidents, including the civil war they propagandise as ‘terrorism’.
Do not fund people who hate you. This is most important when it comes to the food supply. Buy the best or the cheapest profit margin at the smallest local brand. Do NOT fund them. Every penny of your productivity into their siphon is a drop of blood signing your death warrant. A cow that produces no milk infuriates the farmer. Why have adverts been getting aggressive? They resent you for their need of you and are actively using their funds to replace you – this includes genetic engineering. Give them no genetic blueprint of you, your DNA contains your family’s abilities. They are thieves of time and talent.
They want you to distrust your kin. Do they distrust their own? They want you to believe in a global brotherhood or sisterhood but you are not related to those people, they have different aspirations for the world you must live in. Would you want to live in their country? If not, you are not kin. Culture is genetic, wherever we go we carry our ancestors with us.
They have been selectively breeding us like racehorses since at least the time of Darwin. They are Social Darwinists of the worst order by their action and dehumanisation of us all. They profit from your sons dying on the battlefield, they take a cut when they push poison into your baby’s formula. They will steal the best (genetic combinations) and cull the rest with no guilt whatsoever. All their talk of sustainability bars discussion of population size, density and national IQs. You are not allowed to notice. You are not allowed to think for yourself, any more than a farm animal questioning the farmer.
Theft, called debt, called usury, is the primary weapon. Fractional reserve is the con, the system of your slavery. This tune is winding down and there aren’t enough chairs. Do not attack one another, they want you to pick yourselves off, go after the people who set this up, who designed the system and did this to you. Inflation doesn’t exist, it’s a myth. There’s no “miracle” in compound interest – they breed and steal from the poor. It’s slavery, work to live, slaves paid ‘income tax’. Mortality is used as a weapon to weaken the workers. You earned water and they put a hole in your cup, to drain it for themselves. They don’t work and they certainly don’t pay tax to themselves!

Do not permit leeches wherever possible and guard your food from poison. This is very simple.

Saving for retirement means nothing if you waste it in a hospital or die young. Most disease is caused by the bad diet from foods their relatives produce and design to be appetizing to you, like force-feeding a duck or a pig. They know this because they bought out or, by corporate espionage, forced out the competition to dominate the medical market. Which country owns all the biotech? Which country is holding humanity hostage?
Deny them their ‘gender war’. You need family, they need family too. The corruption and evil is intergenerational. Family loyalty frightens them in the commoner. They incite child and teenage rebellion, sowing seeds of discord for years. Teenage rebellion was invented in the 20th century, vital for GDP. If you don’t listen to the experienced, you’ll make costly mistakes that could’ve been avoided. There is nothing more cliche than a teenager who irrationally hates their parents. Do not be a worthless stereotype, they lose. The life outcome studies on bullies and ‘popular kids’ are clear. They were completely average and conformity got them ….nothing, as they merit.

Popular – film propaganda speak for bland, immoral, stupid and average.

Popularity isn’t love, it’s Pleasure Island. They told you. Hedonists are losers. They are asses, sold as slaves by psychopathic foxes and Satanists, then working until they die. They told you. The Devil is in the details and, after all, you must consent to sell your soul. Evil cannot be undone.

You need your kin to survive and their propaganda will cause you to deny any preservation instinct at the cost of indebting yourself to them. ‘Rich’ people are allowed to think they’re successful. They are given more ‘money’ the more they seem to have. People say this makes no sense. Why give them a bigger line, the less they need? All the more rope to hang you by, dear!

Why bait a hook with an especially large, juicy morsel? It’s the same principle.

They know how you think, observation is part of the breeding process. Kipling was a Freemason, a religion of male witches who share a hatred and womb envy of women with Orthodox Jews.
Yet, there is no Biblical (lawful, by divine law) debt without a debt jubilee. A car without wheels is just a seat.
A creditor will allow a debtor to take on as much “debt” as they like, so long as they pay it back in real labour i.e. mortality, hours worked. That is the reason. Understand that and you understand the whole system.

You cannot win, it is rigged. It kills you.

Formal alternatives are not allowed but self-reliance terrifies them.
How does one scare a leech? Go on a diet. Rely on what is local to you and proximate spiritually.
Naming the Beast gives them legal power (crony government) but starving the Beast is free and cannot be traced. Disappear off their radar, for the most part. More importantly, talk about things that matter, things that exclude them, debunk them, things they haven’t the wit to care about. Isolate them and they’ll shrivel up and die.

Why is there never a trend for reading past a 7th grade level? Why are children given “YA fiction” with “political themes” instead of the classics? It’s so awful there are new ones every year. If every parent sat down and read their child the Iliad, they’d brick it. Treasure Island is a safer in.

Every attempt you make at true improvement is free. It makes you a little bit better than their heirs. Nothing terrifies them more. This isn’t limited to children, friends too. Note and improve the quality of your conversations. Do you talk about people like some embittered town gossip? Why do they sell smartphones to minors, knowing the medical damage? Their curiosity will divert from art and the classics to a Hollywood whore’s tits.

They do not get to tell us what is important, yet we obey what they offer us. We allow them to act as a moral authority. People who brag to us they do not believe in morality (absolutes like good). They instruct, we obey.

Do not obey. Do not allow it to pollute your life.

Do not believe their lies. Do you think Kylie Jenner is a billionaire? They also feed off of your attention. They feed off of it in ways you cannot imagine. They are living rent free in your head, providing significant opportunity cost to your personal prosperity in life and draining you spiritually with this parody of life they call materialism. If we all stopped treating them as equals, they’d have to create something for themselves. They cannot do this. The Left (media) cannot meme, they can only imitate – poorly. They are too stupid to know the score from within that bubble or have a sense of humour. You cannot fix stupid, so strike. Do not hold or continue a conversation with a leftie. They are not adults.

They are overgrown children. They fully support their own murder (euthanasia, death care pathways).

If they cannot answer the following questions, they are not adults.

Is the Federal Reserve federal? What is it backed by? [faith in men] Is it constitutional -to have private monies?

Does the Bank of England belong to the English people? What is it backed by? [faith in men] Why was Cromwell’s corpse dragged through the street by the English? Why did our best modern financial system involve a currency of sticks amongst workers? [high trust, workers only] Why did the BoE step in to replace this? [war, national debt]

If they cannot explain the ROOT of the thing they use everyday, they are children. They are ignorant by choice, which is worse than being stupid, it is malice.
Love of money is the ROOT of all evil, look for the root in all things. Cui bono? Follow the money. The root of all evil is exploiting human beings made by the true God (creator) to make a ‘profit’. Capitalism, by definition, is consensual and from an even keel of countrymen.

Use their stolen tools in ways they cannot corrupt. Be the better man (or woman). They allowed us online to ruin our families with pornography (adultery, according to Jesus! hypofrontality damage, according to addiction science) and social media to encourage conflict between people we rely on in real life.

There is no pithy ending. Don’t be the problem. The traitors get guillotined too.
Values are delusions if you keep making excuses to never act on them. They rely on your weak character.

Fun fact: Before the French were socialists, they hated the rulers because their children often went missing from Paris or were picked up as vagrants by the French King’s police, never to be seen again. Rumours of purple baths circulated. Is it a coincidence they moved the court to a hunting lodge (all things labelled lodge are a hunting lodge) where captured prey is brought to be consumed in secret? Nowadays, they’re a tad more civilized, it’s called a ‘care home‘, or ‘modelling’ or a ‘club’.

[What do Tim Cook and Henry Cavill have in common? They both enjoy deep explorations of Asian minor.]

Links: The Sexual Revolution robbed women & Men have never had it so good



Gems like;

“Whilst poor, unskilled men have certainly lost out in the income stakes, many have received a bonus that matches that of any banker: it is a bonus paid in sex rather than money, and it’s not only women who are footing the bill, it is also hard working men paying their taxes – taxes which are being used to clear up the mess left by men who are not, like themselves, taking responsibility.”

Any ‘man’ calling for the Patriarchy needs to man up and wife up his last slut and settle down to a life of bland domesticity immediately and if he complains, he is just as entitled as the feminists. You can’t Have It All. You have to choose.

No such thing as a social liberal, economic conservative (man). There are parasites off the State (welfare for their bastard spawn, free STD clinics) who want to keep all their own money from paying into it. They have no conscience.
Or, as TRS refers to the likes of them;

PUSSYNERDPUAs (*Pick-Up Artists*), men who keenly-recognize the decay of modern human relationships, yet choose to contribute to the problem.

i hope you fucking choke love heartbreak

We never used to have a SMP in the first place. That’s the first problem in a long list. Whatever your opinions of evobio and the ‘natural’ functions of men and women, humans were never meant to be a functionally sterile species.

Enjoying the decline doesn’t screw over other people, yet these sociopaths would have you think otherwise.

You can be certain anyone bragging about how they’re gonna be poolside, isn’t.

Reader Poll Results: Existential ennui, apparently


About as clear as mud. Thank you.

joker DC smile smirk evil grin lol haha

Where do we go from here, eh? A splintering is probable.

The anarchists/chaotics who said No and want it to burn, the ennui #enjoythedecliners for Maybe where the boulder has rolled too far down and the idealists who think they have the solution, solve for Yes.

Interesting times ahead. Cheers for being honest.

Under 35? No pension for you.


…Cash reserves in the National Insurance Fund have plunged in the past few years and could come up short as soon as next year, forcing the Government to dip into money coming in from general taxation, according to the research.

Baby Boomers need their nudist sex cruises.

The Centre for Policy Studies report warns under-45 they face tax hikes and a later retirement age, and under-35s they can expect the state pension to be scrapped altogether….

Even better, give them a pitying look and smirk no matter what they say.
Oh no who could have foretold such a disaster…
I know exactly what I'm doing, says the INTJ

From the wonderfully titled “The End Should be Nigh“;

Timing aside, with the Fund gone, there would be no justification for HMRC to continue to collect the insurance premium that is NICs.

There is a little good news. A little.

Allow me to draw your attention, dear Reader, to Section 5.4 Fund Exhaustion

…Fund exhaustion, whenever it arises, would be of considerable symbolic significance. It would confirm that even with all the recent cost saving measures (such as sending the SPA into rapid retreat) the forthcoming single-tier State Pension is unsustainable. Either benefits are further watered-down, or Generation Y, [20] in particular, will face rising taxes. This is unreasonable; Generation Y is already faced with unaffordable housing, college debts to repay, fragmented careers and earnings stagnation, and far thinner occupational pensions (DC, not DB, bar the public sector) than their baby boomer parents.[21] It is perhaps no surprise then that the 25-34 years old age group (i.e. core Generation Y) are the least likely to live in households in the top total wealth band. Conversely, only 4% of individuals aged 55-64 years (i.e. baby boomers), and 4% aged 65 or older, live in households in the lowest total wealth band.

[20] = Under-35s.

It gets better.

..In extremis, perhaps we should gradually put an end Corporation Tax altogether, replacing it with consumer taxes?…

crying laughter lmao

Let’s see The Guardian Media Group and its readers evade those, with their lifestyle of conspicuous consumption.
In short, fuck Baby Boomers.  I cannot stress this enough.
If you’re new and think that’s too far or unfair, see Best Post. In short, I refuse to work my arse off until I drop dead so they can spend half their extended lifespan fucking around and spreading STDs on every continent.

They can’t pull the wool over our eyes for much longer.

They’ll starve anyway, idiots failed to not abort have enough children, expecting they could sponge off other people’s – creating a ‘tragedy of the commons’ because everyone had the same ‘bright’ idea and children ARE the original pension plan, after all. They work for you when you cannot. We’ll vote to drop their “entitlements” when we realise en masse how they screwed us on every conceivable front.

Trust in your society’s instability


One of the main roles that the modern state performs is that it at least theoretically backstops all contracts, which makes it easier to do business with strangers and near-strangers. As that critical role becomes more theory and less practice, direct, unmediated trust becomes more critical for getting anything done. This means that it becomes more important to defect your primary loyalty to some combination of your family, ethnic group, religious affiliation, and quite probably gang or local business affiliation. This process is common within all collapsing states and need not be cause for all that much mourning, although it is cause for alarm.

Trust is a scarce resource, probably the scarcest resource in a society becoming increasingly chaotic, and it’s also crucial for constructing anything of consequence. Rather than having that resource provided to you for ‘free’ as an entitlement that comes with your birth certificate, you have to build it for yourself or pay in to an alternative network to gain access to it.

What we should expect to see is a contraction in the above-ground, official society, and a growth in the underground, unofficial society in which the work of actual survival can take place. Attempting to extract resources from the official network will become harder and less consistent, while extracting resources from the occluded networks will become easier and more profitable.

The Decline and Reaching Your Potential


This guy writes from the heart, it’s touching.

It is here we may have some disagreement. whereas I personally think all is lost and that we should “enjoy the decline,” others still hold out hope, thinking Western Civilization can be turned around.  But whichever camp you fall into (or hybrid thereof), neither does anything to address or identify the true, singular psychological cause of Real Americans’ grief.  Therefore, if we can at least identify the primary cause of our malaise we can at least address it, deal with it, and lift this depression that plagues us.  And that problem is:

That you’ll never be able to reach your full potential.

No matter how you look at it, be it psychological, secular, religious, darwinistic, or genetic, humans have always wanted to take this one life they have and make the absolute best of it.  They not only want what’s best for them, but they want to achieve some kind of greatness.  The problem is that while everybody wants greatness in their lives, not everybody is willing to work for it.  And with the replacing of republics with democracies we have put an end to forcing meritocratic behavior on the population, and instead given the power to the masses to legally steal other people’s wealth…..

And who took that away from us, hm?
I say if we’re going out, we enjoy it, and take revenge if possible.

Reading: Global Strategic Trends 2007-2036 document

Click to access strat_trends_23jan07.pdf


Page 42;

“The US position as the world’s most indebted nation makes it vulnerable to stock market collapse, currency runs and economic crisis, as well as global currency manipulation.”

Page 43;

“A major pandemic may be the instrument that causes a reverse in the process of globalization as national responses to contain infection will involve significant restrictions on personal mobility and interaction over a lengthy period. Some states may even be destabilized by the effort and resources required to address the situation”

“The declining size of working populations and rising social, health and pension costs in developed countries, financed through taxation, will increase the financial burden on the younger elements of society. Further exacerbation by unaffordable house prices, student debt and unemployment, contrasted with the wealth locked up in older generations, may lead to protests on a wide scale, resulting in instability and social unrest.”

Page 44;

“A large city in a developing region (or a number of large cities in more than one region) may fail before 2035. The effects will be equivalent in character, if not in scale, to state failure, which city failure may, in turn, precipitate.”

Page 45;

“It is likely that unregulated urbanization will result in future adversaries who have highly-developed urban survival and combat skills. They may consequently choose to pursue their objectives and conduct operations in sprawling towns and cities which will already have experienced endemic lawlessness and high levels of violence.”

Page 50;

“Conflict and crises will continue to trigger the displacement of large numbers of people, mainly into proximate regions, which may themselves be at risk of instability. Recent conflicts have also demonstrated the potential for sudden movements of people over longer distances, with the potential for related shocks and knock-on effects. This instability is likely to fuel extremist politics in some societies, possibly based on a beleaguered middle class, which may result in resurgent nationalism and authoritarianism.”

Basically, almost everything I’ve been saying for years is in this paper, more or less.
There’s also a 2010 edition I haven’t read yet.

Click to access GST4_v9_Feb10.pdf

Have fun with it.

I'm smarter than anyone else you'll ever meetNB: Still cannot tell you how I know all of this, or who I am, I hope you understand.