There’s no such thing as the female gaze


I demand more objectification of men in films to balance it out, it’s only fair.
If we’re going for hypersexualised entertainment, don’t leave straight women out.
If it makes straight men uncomfortable, they’re just gay. (No, really).

It’s sexist that women have to actually watch for the plot.

The plot of comic films is shit. I say that with love.

What’s good for the goose is good for the gander.

Do it for the economy.

Source: “Eleven Little Roosters” by RoosterTeeth


p.s. I am actually 100% serious.

Superman would’ve been a huge success as a series based on female viewers alone if he just wore a super codpiece. No heterosexual woman would deny this. You’d go. You’d hate yourself later, but you would.

Even Aquaman’s covering up, I am offended. Geeks wait decades for this zeitgeist.

It would’ve made Batman v Superman somewhat tolerable.

Captain Marvel might as well be Muslim with how much skin she doesn’t show, it’s stupid.

We all remember the kinky BDSM X-men uniforms. Those films were popular.

Appropriating a white Christian virgin

Non-Christians can’t depict Christian saints. I can’t dress up as Buddha, it’s fair.

The cultural welfarism never ends. Eventually a black man will play Hitler.

Write your own plays about your own history.

I’m sure there’s a joke about stealing white people’s shit in here somewhere.

Was the free labour worth all this bullshit America?

Was it worth the cultural conquest?

Cast a black person as an historical white is the new edgy gay subplot.

Oilspilling is just cringeworthy.

I can’t see “we wuz virgins” catching on. Threaten to burn them at the stake and they wouldn’t lift a finger for that belief. Eventually they’ll say white people never existed you know, they’ll claim we were all albinos.

Actually, some are basically claiming that now.

I wonder if anyone’s calculated how much black people cost America up until now versus what they actually brought in? That would be fascinating reading. Was slavery financially worth it?

Cities as leeches


Very true.

Per person, their productivity is likely negative.

I don’t understand how social housing is even available for the cities, when it’s a luxury to move there.

The Chinese do deliberately rip off exports on quality though. The same goods are made better for Chinese consumption, like steel quality. That might sound minor, unless there’s a war on.

The problem with the cities is twofold: one, it attracts the hardworking because jobs are scarce. This has been true since the Industrial Revolution. Secondly, there is too much entertainment. Too many bread and circuses. You shut down the cinema, the theatres, the comedy stages, the football fields, and suddenly the misery of living in such close proximity to people who hate you would be insufferable.

London is the worst for it. You can come to London but you can never leave.

Dopamine fiends, all of us.

We grow luvvies and other wastes of space who think they did something.
Attention is like air to a blow-up doll to these people.
The arts are the worst for ego-stroking. It’s all so fake. Everything is amazing and mind-blowing and great.

Really? Your burger is great?
On the level of Alexander?!

They’re just trying to justify the debt expense.

Take ’em down, someone please, take them down the dozens of pegs where they learn their skills actually settle.
They and their lifestyle wouldn’t be possible without illegal slave labour. God forbid they watch their own child or drive them to school or clean their own toilets.

The greatest thing I ever read about the Roman Empire is that they reviled actors. Openly. They’d mock them in the streets. About as far away from the respect of a philosopher, to dole out political advice. They were known to be brats and degenerates and socially excluded as such. They are literally professional liars.

Here, we give them Knighthoods.

I await the grim spectre of fiscal death.

X-men and Jews

The actual comics have deeply religious undertones.

Orthodox v. Modern Judaism. I find this approach very interesting, academically.
One is “an eye for an eye, a tooth for a tooth”: Professor X or Magneto? The other is Anglicized. You don’t need me to tell you, this is my point. It fits perfectly.

For some reason, the films downplay all the character parts with Israel.

Yup gentiles are lesser beingsWhy would the people need guns? It’s not like the Jews ever needed- oh, wait…

Goyim gentiles = inferior to the ‘Chosen People’
Powers = banking? Money is a superpower.