That’s an incentive, if anything

Hey, guys, wanting to be around fellow white people and not impose your evil privilege on others will be cheaper too!

What do Marxists know about incentives?


“Demographic manipulation – one expressions is ethnic cleansing – is wrong. Whatever is being done in this regard is purely ideological.”

Pushing people into a course they can’t handle won’t make them smarter.

Again, promoting people for their identity group won’t make them smarter.


“Just to be clear here: Oxford are being criticized for not considering the colour of the candidates skin when they decide who to admit.”

Who will nag them to destroy their priceless sculptures?

Queers turn on Disney
There are many like this, it’s just short and to the point.

“Furthermore, Disney’s CEO, Bob Iger, sits on Trump’s advisory board. I don’t know how any company that claims to support queer people can support a man like Trump so explicitly.”

You can bend over backwards for SJWs, they’ll just hate Daddy more.
They don’t want you to give them what they want – or they aren’t rebels, are they? They aren’t special.

They want you to follow your rules or their deviation means nothing.
Understanding this is vital to undermining them.
They don’t howl when you do that, they go quiet.
You aren’t supposed to approve of the bad boyfriend. It’s reverse psych 101. Punishment of the punisher. Society has cast them as loser so they win by sucking harder, loudly. Hence victim complex.

It’s petty, cos they’re at the bottom of the hierarchy. That’s why ‘equality’ and signalling, so there is no bottom, the only way to go…. It’s the way powerless embittered people try to steal it from the competition instead of developing their own. Hence, the Marxism.

Supposedly Saint Watson has finally experienced the Feminist Throwback.

Personality cult.

Idealization follows swiftly with devaluation sure as night from day.

They always do that to pretty or rich ones eventually.
Hollyweird is backing off. THOSE people.

The theft of moral authority


I disagree, somewhat. From a knowledge of history. It wasn’t even called feminism until the late 19th Century.

1st Wave – opportunity to work
Some of 2nd Wave – opportunity at work
3rd Wave – supremacy everywhere, free stuff, forced outcomes

If you read the moral justifications, they can handily break down by generation.

Victorian women: we are as virtuous as men, we deserve a chance. (ok)
Edwardian women: we work as hard as men, let us. (ok)

Two World Wars.

Suddenly the economy booms. The Baby Boomers take the floor.
Every one after: goodness isn’t real, we won’t conform to your expectations,┬ádon’t compare us to men.