No such thing as Western Civ, says BBC

But you should hate yourself, your non-existent identity and abandon the Civilization that doesn’t exist.

If we’re all equal, how does anyone get to guilt-trip?

Why don’t we leave Africa to starve and the Middle East to kill itself, since they can obviously just adopt liberalism that’s been so favourable for Western demographics?

Cultural Marxists are secular missionaries, bringing ruin and slow suicide in exchange for hedonism, wherever they go. SJW entryism. Reminds me of dancing mania, one long mass hysteria, a huge party, until everybody dies.

Self-proclaimed philosophers are scientists without the proof. Excuses are not proof.

Often they oppose evidence because it restricts them. That isn’t a joke. I asked.

Culture isn’t a box to check on the questionnaire of humanity, it is a process you join, a life lived with others.

I’m so triggered.

It’s genetic. HBD. The people make the culture.

Appiah also argues against the idea of culture as an essence or a birthright. This is similar to the arguments he made about religion, nationalism and race in his earlier lectures: none of these provide the essence of a fixed identity.

They’re more fixed than whatever crony the BBC is paying to push We’re all the Same but Diversity is Strength.

Culture and cultural values are not inherited generation-to-generation.

Outright blatant lie.

Our tax money is paying for this CM BS.

Culture and values are choices to be made actively, not “tracks laid down by a Western destiny”.

To some extent this is true. But is this too individualistic a way of looking at the world?

There is literally a contradiction. There is no truth relativism.
There is clear historically provable destiny. Given X, people Y will Z.

Cultures apply to individuals, yes. Families specifically. Genetic kin.

It might be very difficult for someone living in an illiberal society to choose to put liberal democratic values into practice even if they feel a strong affinity with them.

Someone’s behind on the neuroscience of race. Genes.

Appiah’s view of Western culture as a set of values that can be embraced by anyone might offer little comfort.

Others have tried and failed e.g. Asia tries to be creative and scientific as NW Europe. Instead they rip us off in Shenzen and have huge academic fraud cases among their brightest.

No, they cannot. The culture is hegemonic. I cannot go to a Muslim culture and dance in the street.

Cultures are NOT values. And values are opposed.

This man has no idea what he’s talking about and how dare he try to speak for white European peoples.

He’s just a cultural theorist, that doesn’t excuse appropriation.
If whites can’t speak for the Black experience in America, he can’t talk down to the English in their ancestral homeland.

The difference between a cult and a culture is these people running it.

He has no data. It’s all his bloody opinion. How dare he.

Woman charged for taking creeper pics

And she’s young! And pretty (outside only)!

It’s almost like the law is being applied equally, and men just happen to be perverts more often.


dean that's enough no more internet laptop shut no no no nuhuh supernatural

No, you aren’t being targeted because you’re a man, quit the persecution delusion. You’re being targeted by cops because you broke a law in being a massive creep. Like this despicable woman, who I hope ages terribly (models usually do).

Why does America think it can get away with any form of cruelty by treating it like a joke? Forget respect, where did your dignity go to die?

UK race audit ordered

dis gonna be good anticipation pull up a chair listen watch

She included Whites as a racial group and the White Working Class specifically.

Prime Minister Theresa May has ordered a review into how ethnic minorities and white working class people are treated by public services such as the NHS, schools, police and the courts.

Equal treatment in practice.
If found lacking, the entire premise of that legal section is disputable.

The audit is aimed at highlighting racial and socio-economic disparities and showing how outcomes differ due to background, class, gender and income.

I hope they control for sample factors e.g. size.

The prime minister said the findings would “shine a light on injustices”.

The information, which will be published within a year and updated annually after that, will cover health, education, employment, welfare, skills and criminal justice.

The SJWs won’t be able to lie anymore and pine for data, there’ll be official statistics, and they’ll include the downtrod white people and poor people as a potential victim group of the system.

‘Difficult truths’

The evaluation will also look into the disadvantages experienced by white working class boys in the school and university system as well as inequalities linked to geographical location, such as inner cities and coastal towns.

No MRA lies!

chaplin joy confetti happy lol

Men are being examined for inequality as much as women and any issues also addressed.
She’s bringing down the system by putting equal treatment into full, equal practice – which in the long run, is effectively impossible.

“The government I lead will stand up for you and your family against injustice and inequality,” Mrs May said. “This audit will reveal difficult truths but we should not be apologetic about shining a light on injustices as never before. It is only by doing so we can make this country work for everyone not just a privileged few.”

Including the currently protected groups over the rest of us.

When the preferential treatment comes out, an answer will be demanded. No more hiding.

Millennial men consider females inferior, whatever proof

I invoke broken clock. Exceptional case of the feminists hitting on something true.

The most misogynistic men I ever met IRL claimed to be male feminists.
They think it’s an excuse to speak about/treat women however they like (worse, always worse).

Despite taking the same exams and studying in the same fields and working in the same industry, STEM, the oh-so rational men take a wholly subjective view of their female peers.

As in, they don’t see them as peers at all.

In spite of the years of proof in the exact same system.

Idiot isn't as much a person as a process of doing things wrong

The researchers found that male students systematically overestimated the knowledge of the men in their classes in comparison with the women. Moreover, as the academic term progressed, the men’s faulty appraisal of their classmates’ abilities increased despite clear evidence of the women’s superior class performance. In every biology class examined, a man was considered the most renowned student — even when a woman had far better grades. In contrast, the female students surveyed did not show bias, accurately evaluating their fellow students based on performance. After studying the attitudes of these future scientists, the researchers concluded, “The chilly environment for women [in the sciences] may not be going away anytime soon.”

Nobody is rational. Humans are not machines.
That men even claim that, seriously, shows they aren’t.

And machines would be meritocratic anyway.
Surely judging your peers requires EQ and SQ, female attributes? They only consider this ‘logical’ because it’s quantifiable. Slight bias in the method there.

The funding gap is totally real too. Even with taxpayer funds (!!!).

In a 2014 survey of more than 2,000 U.S. adults, Harris Poll found that young men were less open to accepting women leaders than older men were. Only 41% of Millennial men were comfortable with women engineers, compared to 65% of men 65 or older. Likewise, only 43% of Millennial men were comfortable with women being U.S. senators, compared to 64% of Americans overall. (The numbers were 39% versus 61% for women being CEOs of Fortune 500 companies, and 35% versus 57% for president of the United States.)

Yeah the older ones are real men with nothing to prove.
If someone wants to contribute, that’s a good thing.
Get over yourself.
I love how they also claim to be superior to dead women.
How insecure have you gotta be to try and one-up a corpse?
The worst are non-STEM losers, with no idea what the industry is like, who go on about STEM. No better than the non-STEM feminists with their mewling. Totally ignorant.

“Whereas three-quarters of Millennial women anticipate that their careers will be at least as important as their partners,” they reported, “half the men in their generation expect that their own careers will take priority.”

You need two incomes, numbskull. And what if she earns more?
And what’s wrong with being the primary caregiver?

Taken together, this body of research should dispel any notion that Millennial men “see women as equals.”

This isn’t necessarily a bad thing actually. This study gets that wrong. These types have always existed but they’re the maladapted SES dregs. They project their passivity, bitchiness, weakness and incompetence onto all women. Blind to its manifestation in themselves, naturally.
The men who can’t get with the 21st century labour requirements will simply die alone.
Historically, men are almost always genetic suicides anyway.

If they can’t be meritocrats, who would see merit in building a life with them?
You have to be on the same team once married, telling a woman regardless of need that she has to give up her career to make you feel like Draper (and the fictive 50s lifestyle) will end in one place – the divorce court.

That type of lifestyle was never possible, it was a small slice of post-war prosperity paid for by the blood of your countrymen, and they say we womenfolk buy into false advertising realities…


Obviously men and women aren’t the same, but for most tasks they are roughly equal in capability, especially the high-estrogen diet modern male.

Comic: Justice is ableist


How dare she wear that blindfold, she’s mocking the blind!
Scales must be equal whatever the weights, innocence at any size!

Note how Justice used to be depicted with sword in hand, before the soft modern depictions removed it, ready to defend or dole out real justice, by force. If you won’t fight for freedom, you don’t have it.
Without force, there can be no Justice.
Equality under the law. No one above.

h/t Captain Capitalism

Link: The dualism of transgenderism

Dualism fails because it is, at present, unfalsifiable.
Then again, so too is consciousness. If you treat the ephemeral spirit of dualism as consciousness, the theories are practically indistinguishable.

Transsexualism (the surgery) treats the ephemeral impression as more valid than the anatomical reality, and judges one as ‘wrong’, to be immediately ‘fixed’ with genital butchering. There was a woman who wanted to be blind so badly her therapist, who should be struck off and imprisoned, helped her pour bleach into her eyes to manifest it.

I wish HBD covered more biology of virtue and the behavioural feedback loop.
Once a cheat, always a cheat has a firm basis in fact.

You may have seen the dramatic images of brains atrophied through substance abuse. A habit of lies, makes one, even neurobiologically, a liar. Aritotle writes that an act of infidelity may be overcome, but a habit of infidelity makes one a different person. So what does a habit of anger, or a habit of pornography do? These are profound insights into how our moral makeup depends on our own choices.

People must know that you can’t just say ‘Sorry’ and go back, your behaviours change your brain. Those who sin are not the same person, physically, and can never be blemish-free again.

I was reading de Balzac only yesterday and he said something to effect of “others will respect you for detesting people who have done detestable things.” This is aristocratic, part of noblesse oblige. It is a social requirement to shun and spurn and degrade the sinners as it is to praise and raise the saints. Noblefolk are only nice to the good.

There is no free try, contrary to the propaganda, experience is a bad thing. The sinners have no moral authority, let alone holding them above saints. The first time is a choice and the second time a habit.

Elsewhere Honore said Equality may perhaps be a right, but no power on earth can ever turn it into a fact.”

Back then, equality meant meritocracy. France was doing well off it.

Video: Killing the messenger

Ignoring the “my opinion of science is the correct one 4eva” scientism faux angle.
Ignoring that snarky insinuation.

“You were dangerous.”
When someone has a problem with you telling the truth (say, citing modest stats, no commentary), it isn’t a problem with you, per se.
You’re the fleshy human convenient punching bag.
The Devil with a face. You can’t punch evil in the face.
Victim culture and corruption is fueled with the blood of truth seekers. Think of it as ideological welfare to go with their ideological imperialism (all not-Us people are bad! ~ literally the opinion of bigots, literal definition).

Bigots used to be liars who refused to hear the truth. Problem is, they’d try to ban it from others’ ears too.

It’s mind boggling when they dispute facts.
Not opinions, not skews, but bare, blunt facts.
What could I do? you think. I’m the messenger. I didn’t design any of this reality. You think I enjoy this??? Seriously!?
I’m pointing and describing it. I don’t like it either, but you don’t change things by ignoring them.


If logic worked on them, you wouldn’t have to explain it for them. They’d seek the information themselves, we have the internet now. They’d ask you things. Idiots are uppity. If you’re right, and especially if you explain it well, they’ll derail; they’ll slag off your personality (bitchy, rude) or tone (arrogant, condescending). Reaction formation is real.

Save those who want the truth (see Best Post).

Fuck the rest. 

Facts like: there’s no such thing as a free lunch.

Consumption without industry is unnatural and impossible. Barring slavery.

You won’t be able to live off a state pension, and you probably won’t even get one. They’ll slowly phase it out into irrelevance. You’ll be lucky if it can buy a Freddo by the time you retire.

If the minimum wage hike advocates understood maths and economics to know why it’s gonna screw them over, they’d wouldn’t be earning minimum wage.

Stupid people and poor people will always exist. But I repeat myself. You can’t teach someone out of stupidity. The top schools take the top IQ slice. If you leveled everyone, totally equal by force, after a year there would be inequalities based on personal decisions. Equality is the idea that if I can’t succeed, you can’t succeed, because you must be cheating!

Free loaders expect to match the results of the top performer. Participation trophies?

Smart places are dragged down to the weakest IQ in the room i.e. University.

“But it’s fun” is the excuse of every loser in history.

The Government doesn’t solve social problems. It causes social problems.

You pay a premium to live in a low crime homogeneous demographic area in your native country.

You pay for the destructive lifestyles and terrible choices of idiots in your country, and their vote counts as much as yours.

Political Correctness is the method of politicians saying There Are No Harsh Truths.

That’s it.

PC culture revolves around the infantilization of adults making up the Voting Public.
Whichever baby makes the biggest fuss gets the attention.

Video: “Feminism is about equality”

love rdj tony stark sempai
love crush hearts

e.g. Like we need the self-styled likes of “Em Wats” telling us to read a depressing book about someone with a mental illness who refuses treatment.

Who do these people think they are? Know-nothing control freaks.

Telling a person you know what they should really think? Brainwashing en masse, gaslighting on a personal level (unless they’re a shrink and those have proof).

She wasn’t bitching about cultural appropriation when she was trying to rap.
I know exactly what she’s doing, she’s trying to be like Audrey Hepburn.
….The same Audrey who married, had kids and wore pretty dresses?
I don’t recall Audrey getting around with rugby players and rich SWPL?

They have this Puritanical approach to anything non-SJW. Burn the bigotry! Ban the bigots!

Recently, the Lefties here are going full anti-Semite with greedy, untrustworthy Jew rants about London mayoral candidate Goldsmith. The mask of sanity slips off.

They hide behind a label. To excuse a range of actions, all subsumed by a polite term: equality. Anything in the name of equality, the end justifies the means? Equality is their God.

They’re cowards.

They refuse to own their opinion. It must always belong to the Mob Hivemind Majority.

This entire schtick about equality for the demographic ‘minorities’ is inherently anti-democratic.

Mention it’s all about demographics, and entirely anti-democratic. They smoke at the ears.

They’re pretending they’re popular. 

I’ve heard the pitch. Here’s the subtext.

“Don’t you wanna be popular? Look how popular our opinion is. Most people are on our side. Don’t you wanna be with the winning side? We’re on the right side of history. Ignore their data, they’re liars! Would we lie to you? We’re the real victims here. Join us and we’ll give your sad sack of a life some purpose! Someone to be angry at! All hail Equality, where no one can laugh at you again!”

The Emperor has no clothes.

SJWs are a minority. In a democracy, their political clout should reflect this fact.

Finally, stop calling them what they want. Stop buying their social frame. They lie with language.
Don’t call them feminists.

Call them SJWs.

Every. Single. Time.

The white problem

The lie of this century.

Diversity is (unity)? Very Orwell.

Bad schools create a bad society.

Multiculturalism and equality are based on two lies.

  1. People are not simply legally equal, but biologically the same, a mere opinion held in the liberal arts contradicted by the black swan study of biology. This view became redundant with the discovery of DNA. Not only are people different, they’re so different we can look at it under a microscope and measure how much.
  2. People are blank slates who may be forced into an equal mould by the magical power of (state) education. Despite evidence from neuroscience, of dragging prosperity down to the lowest common denominator, the connection between national IQ with economic prosperity, and finally, the fact that, assuming education may be capable of providing the same boost in achievement (let’s assume 15 IQ points as an arbitrary point), that everyone still begins at a different place (e.g. 85, 100, 120), while accruing those points, so the differences between them will never be neutralized (against meritocracy and human rights) but in fact, unintended consequences will make the differences and inequalities more pronounced. Compounded by the high IQ demands of a scientific society.

The suicide of Germany by genocidal subversives.

They came by force. Where met with borders, they attack. They are hostile forces. They are invaders. They come to take money (usually sending it home in remittance, so it doesn’t even remain in the economy) and rape white women (they admit to predating on us alone and ignoring their own).

What does this mean?

They will not leave unless forced. 

That is the truth Europe will come to learn. It’s either all or nothing. Half measures will fail. And when the White man turns, the entire world will tremble before his feet.


They’ll remember.

On an abstract ideological level, multiculturalism is war. There will be stronger memes as there are more willing soldiers. Those liberals screaming DOWN WITH WESTERN CIV in the 60s are in power now. Decades of pacifist propaganda and threats of punishment for ‘hate crime’ and ‘hate speech’ have handcuffed freedom of expression, however reasonable and peaceful.

Where there is no peaceful recourse and desperate men are backed into a corner, the result will be bloody. We’ve passed the negotiation stage, thwarted by our corrupt politicians, and the corner is seeming mighty tight these days.

OT: If someone is mugged, it shouldn’t matter who the attackers/victims are or why, neither party can help which demographic groups they slot into. The crime, the action is exactly the same thing. With serial offenders an argument could be made for targeting and that may affect sentencing as an aggravating factor, but what if it’s a coincidence? What if it’s a set-up? What if the prosecution is clutching at straws and need to meet targets? Isn’t assuming a racial or sexual motive illegal, indulging in the same prejudice themselves, where’s the proof? You can’t prove these things claimed, they are hearsay and circumstantial yet admissible in a court of law as speculation. Doesn’t it follow gender studies nonsense rules of privilege and oppression, which are unscientific? Since when did the supposed mental state of the criminal, which can never be proven, have such a mythos around it? Aren’t those by definition thought criminals? As if pre-judging people is a crime? The very everyday common meaning of prejudice that everyone does as a fact of perception and cognition? Isn’t profiling the police do pre-judging based on crime stats? The only part of mens rea that matters is the decision to commit the crime, the motivation means nothing in practical terms. A man who mugs you to feed his family isn’t less a mugger than someone who did it because you ‘look gay’. What does that even mean? If people can be defined by their appearance, isn’t the law prejudiced? Isn’t that racist/judgemental on part of law enforcement or judiciary? Hypocritical? What about those who fake hate crimes? Why aren’t they punished and censured in the exact same way? Why is the censure one-sided to the crybully self-proclaimed yet professional victim-mongers? Why are some groups protected against hate crimes e.g. homosexual but the other groups in that category are not e.g. heterosexual? Doesn’t that violate the principle of equal before the law?