Austria moves against “political Islam”

Let’s see if it works.

Like Poland, will they have a terrorism problem or not?

“In a crackdown on politically-motivated Islamic activity, Austrian leader Sebastian Kurz said Friday seven mosques will be shut down and 40 Islamic leaders expelled from the country.”

Brexit boom

“Ever since Brexit, funnily enough, the paper seems to have developed an almost pathological resentment of the UK. It’s as biased against Britain as some British people are about America.”

They know without the EU tethering us down they have to take us seriously.

“Not satisfied with trashing one town, The Times went on to paint a picture of Britain as a place where, outside of London, austerity has taken all the jobs, the elderly had pensions torn to shreds, a decimated police force can’t cope with crime, and “factories sit empty, broken monuments to another age”.’

Outside of London?
Complete coincidence.

Pensions are too damn high.

Austerity only applies to white people, especially Christians.
The White Working Class is on record as screwed by diverse policies.