White men throw infertility parties


white people wtf

wtf white people

my fellow white people


1 those don’t always work, pregnancies can and do still happen
2 it isn’t an achievement, it’s the opposite of an achievement
3 you’re really jealous of the people who can afford kids huh
4 mememe attention-whoring, please don’t breed
5 this is eugenic, test their IQ
6 desperation cakes
7 the anti-natal delusion is strong

Best comment I’ve seen from a man

This is probably the most pathetic damn thing I’ve ever seen. If you’re not having a kid, stop celebrating literally nothing. What is even the point of this, if not just for attention? “Hey look at me, I’m NOT having a kid, and my life is completely the same except now I’m even less of a man!”

More like Look at me, I sterilized MYSELF!

Take THAT, Dad!




True, they’re ALL buying dogs. But they’re not lonely. See Point 6.
If a woman doesn’t mind never marrying you, doesn’t want kids and is OK that you’re infertile? She is NOT traditional.


Yeah, that’s a black guy acting like being a deadbeat is a good thing.


They assume they are the ultimate specimen of their genetic line. It’s narcissistic.
I post these to show what people (all these comments but one are from men) truly THINK on the subject, right-leaning people, compared to how they may respond to you VERBALLY.

Freud would have never foresaw this outcome as remotely possible, regarding the Oedipus Complex. Self-castration? Tranny stuff. Self-sterilization? Right here. But sure, they’re so smart, as they posture for their Guardianista friends.

Does MGTOW really wanna be lumped in with these people? If you’re avoiding women, you don’t need to be sterile.

In evolution, if an organism is faulty, it won’t reproduce…………….


They aren’t signalling the superiority they think they are.
More like laziness and hatred of the nuclear family.


Eugenics celebrated for ironic reasons






HBD is still BS tho–





but don’t call it eugenics.

If you don’t actually use the word ‘eugenics’, it’s all fine.

omg why no facepalm god ugh wut

Okay let’s say one line about this logically.

If you ignore the eugenics thing, and apply this to absolutely everyone, the baseline drops again and it becomes meaningless as a positive selection factor, so pushing the ‘it’ll help everyone!’ rationale would literally never work; you’re simply moving the average with no heed to negative consequences, further, the other innate factors (all billions of them) would in fact, become more prominent by comparison, as one genetic factor was removed from the equation and they moved up the effect size ranking.

Another case of bigoted statistics, I know.
Quantifiers ruin all the liberals’ fun.

Study shows older mothers make smarter babies

Research says children of older mothers are smarter, taller, and stronger

I don’t think this means what people think it does.

Considering IQ is at least mostly genetic (like, 70% charitably), and child IQ is based on the maternal IQ (not paternal).
Considering high IQ women marry and have children later (and always have done, historically, the average age of marriage in fact used to be around 25, earlier was reckless from immaturity, later was also fine hence remarriages were also allowed).
Considering they invest more money and time into their children, which accounts for the non-genetic factors to boot.
I think those factors all combine that there’s a third variable. Innate maternal IQ.

The age isn’t causing the intelligence in mothers to pop into existence out of nowhere.

Those women are intelligent to begin with, they delayed the gratification of family until they could support one and we’re seeing those women, responsible women, being compared with the spawn of the irresponsible and stupid.
Older mothers (very old, not, like, 30) either have very healthy babies or very sickly ones, it isn’t clear-cut always bad or always good. Either there are serious problems (a bad pregnancy, often ending in miscarriage) or there aren’t (a good one, biologically the same as a younger woman). Underage girls or young women also have a higher rate of miscarriage (and death) and disease/defects, although this is almost never mentioned. Nature evolved this for good reason, you can’t do things until their time and the reproductive system needs to stabilize hence this result shouldn’t be a surprising correlate. Your ovaries don’t start misfiring suddenly at an arbitrary age (although men, from the way they constantly produce sperm, DO have this high-mutation problem affecting the health and longevity of kids). The males of the manosphere, where you won’t see these studies covered because they’re bluepill pussies, have a lot of ridiculous notions of the female reproductive anatomy and function (e.g. they still talk about hymens like a seal on a tin can and making women bleed as a good thing). They can’t explain this stuff, in part because they think it’s “not their issue/problem”, “not science” and just “ew gross blood n stuff”, while expecting to be taken seriously as adults with internet access on reproductive topics. Naturally, if we try to educate them (you should be paying for this information), they’ll ignore you or call you wrong, because you ‘re a woman. Why would you know how a woman’s body works? That’s just silly.

oh no oh dear hides facepalm double

It isn’t as if I’m trying to give them advice on ED, is it? (Although many of them are porn addicts, the true cause of ED). Everyone has their subjects. Random myths about ovaries and scare-mongering about fertility (while telling men to have kids while on Death’s door) are unhelpful. These people dole out dangerous advice to men (life-ruining, if you look at the cost of raising a special needs child) and have such a lack of class they mock women for their fertility problems and blame them for having a medical condition like PCOS (as if men don’t have fertility problems, when men have more fertility problems in total, mostly impotence issues and getting it up caused/exacerbated by porn use).

On the Eugenic Problem aka Idiocracy Problem.

If you want smart people to have children, they aren’t going to do it at age 18, it isn’t our way and never has been, so you’d better get used to later pregnancies. You can’t shame people into ignoring biology, like the feminists pushing fat as sexy. People always left it ‘late’ compared to the modern welfare baby at 15 ‘standard’. It isn’t too late until you can’t have any or if you refuse to have kids and become a genetic suicide.

Article: Was Hitler a Darwinian?

Was Hitler a Darwinian? No! No! No!

Richards’ essay on Hitler calls into question the entire enterprise of stigmatizing Darwin’s theory of evolution with the term “Social Darwinism”.  It’s not as if evolutionary theory has never been used to justify unethical practices. Any idea can be used for good or bad purposes. What’s wrong is the claim that evolutionary theory is somehow especially prone to misuse or was misused in specific cases such as Nazi war policy. We owe a debt of gratitude to careful scholars such as Robert J. Richards for setting the record straight.


Immediately, one of the biggest critiques of HBD and associated information, based on Godwin’s Law, is rendered null.

Kevin-Hart-Really-o rlly lies

Link: Information on and by Margaret Sanger

Comprehensive mine.


It makes you wonder whether we must expand the definition of mass murderer, doesn’t it?

Edging closer to the truth is better surely? Right??

Double digit millions and counting, she’s up there with Chairman Mao.

This, in no way, absolves the individuals directly involved. May God have as much mercy as they did…