Norse pagans can’t be gay

They had a formal practice for killing people who disagreed.
While I’m ruining peoples’ days.

Turns out you can’t run a fertility cult full of homosex.

Or a warrior tribe with male-on-male rape.

You’re drunk, likely high, you’re surrounded by wood.

You need to trust your anus is safe.

“Brothers” don’t fuck each other, metaphorically and literally.

If a guy enjoys his drinking horn a little too much….

Watch the stars, don’t look at the chocolate starfish, kids.

It senses fear.

Turley troopers


Attending church isn’t mandatory for faith. The disciples didn’t even do it. Plenty of attendees have no faith and don’t practice. They’re drunks, fornicators, adulterers and blasphemers.

Practice isn’t measured by how you spend a Sunday.¬†And what is work? And what if your work is helping others? Jews consider using a light switch work. Is cooking? Food shopping? Cleaning? Driving? Using a door key?

You’re a Christian the whole week! Or not!

And what if the Lord made you nocturnal? Or you need to work weekends for overtime to feed family? This isn’t the Middle Ages, the Industrial Revolution screwed over our timings for church. Now we all have different schedules. Does reading the Bible not count as observance? What if the preacher isn’t using the Bible in good faith? What if all the local places are co-opted?

It’s just the Papacy that wanted to increase “donations” (that shouldn’t be tax-free, frankly).
There was a big social push to get weekly attendance. Because God said “rest” and that obviously implied “go out of your way to listen to people who just want to empty your wallet”.
Sitting in a pew won’t magically cleanse you. Priests don’t forgive, that’s God’s job.

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