European racial genes defy OOA, support Multi-Regional

OOA = Out of Africa

MRH = Multi-Regional Hypothesis, without which, everyone would share all their DNA.

Europeans today are the descendants of a very old, interconnected population of hunter-gatherers that had already spread throughout Europe and much of central and western Asia by 36,000 years ago. “What is surprising is this guy represents one of the earliest Europeans, but at the same time he basically contains all the genetic components that you find in contemporary Europeans—at 37,000 years ago,” Willerslev says.

We’re older than they claimed.

As researchers recently sequenced the genomes of more than a dozen ancient members of our species,Homo sapiens, in Europe and Asia in rapid succession, they added a third genetic component: a “ghost” lineage of nomads who blew into northeast Europe from the steppes of western Asia 4000 to 5000 years ago.

There’s your MRH.

If that finding holds up, the mysterious DNA from western Eurasia must be very ancient, and not solely from a wave of nomads that entered Europe 5000 years ago or so, as proposed by researchers in September.

Instead of a mystery, perhaps they were just wrong?

The Victorians started the romantic notion of Africa as the Cradle of Life because it was so primitive, savage and untouched by industrialization. Along with Darwin, was the idea they’d been left behind, or were furthest behind in the ‘race for life’ of evolution.

Other researchers say that this new genome is important because “it is the first paper to document some degree of continuity among the first people to get to Europe and the people living there today,” says population geneticist David Reich of Harvard University, one of the authors on the triple migration model. It also is “a striking finding that the Kostenki 14 genome already has the three major European components present that we detect in modern Europeans,” says Johannes Krause of the University of Tübingen in Germany.

Looks like a land claim. Ours.
Perhaps some braniac could develop a salivary border test for it?

But even if the man from Kostenki in Russia had all these elements 36,000 years ago, that doesn’t mean that other Europeans did, Reich says. His team’s DNA data and models suggest that Europeans in the west and north did not pick up DNA from the steppes until much later. He and Krause also think that Willerslev’s study needs to be confirmed with higher resolution sequencing to rule out contamination, and to have more population genetics modeling explain the distribution of these genetic types. The bottom line, researchers agree, is that European origins are “seem to be much more complex than most people thought,” Willerslev says.

Population = race.

White people are a race. End of discussion.

Link: Myths of British Ancestry

So, based on the overall genetic perspective of the British, it seems that Celts, Belgians, Angles, Jutes, Saxons, Vikings and Normans were all immigrant minorities compared with the Basque pioneers, who first ventured into the empty, chilly lands so recently vacated by the great ice sheets.

There must have been an original people, archeologically.

I recall a gene study recently that concluded we’re very isolated from mainland Europe and very much inbred. The genetic similarity was intense.


Funny stuff I couldn’t be bothered to post one by one

Have at it, edgelords.

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This is not real but give it time.

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They didn’t see his porn collection…

The first feminists have a point.

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Depends. There’s an event horizon beyond which they’re damned.

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No other race willingly freed their slaves.

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He’s a sociopath, of course not.

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Nobody is that hungry.


My future child.


Link: Why do cuckservatives treat Jews like children?

It’s patronising. Nobody owes them anything nor they us.

They’re adults. They’re responsible for themselves.

They don’t need protection or defending from White men. White women and children do.

Jewish men can protect their women and children too. That’s the natural order.

It’s a very odd marker of cuckservatism. This priority. Like, in a forced choice, would they let a white woman and baby die to save a middle-aged Jewish man? Very racist if you think about it. They’re people too, not pets.

They aren’t even European, they’re Middle Eastern. For those trying to excuse this via religion, even Jesus didn’t stay a Jew, did he? He recruited for another religion too. Those were His People. He protected them. As I recall, he was quite angry with merchants and money lenders and there was a nasty incident where he went spare with a whip.

A genetic marker for empathy, in white people/Europeans, rarely Africans

We may now have that marker: a deletion variant of the ADRA2bgene. Carriers remember emotionally arousing images more vividly and for a longer time, and they also show more activation of the amygdala when viewing such images (Todd and Anderson, 2009;Todd et al., 2015). This is not to say that the ADRA2b deletion variant is the sole reason or even the major reason why some people have increased capacity for affective empathy. As with intelligence, an increase in capacity seems to have come about through changes of small effect at many genes.

Includes ability to learn from one’s mistakes (amygdala learns).
Affective empathy – impulsive, no control over it.

This variant was first studied in the United States. Small et al. (2001) found a higher incidence in Caucasians (31%) than in African Americans (12%). Belfer et al. (2005) likewise found a higher incidence in Caucasians (37%) than in African Americans (21%).

In a press release, the authors of the latest study noted that this variant is not equally common in all humans:

Well if that doesn’t fuck up their egalitarian premise in one fell swoop.

The ADRA2b deletion variant appears in varying degrees across different ethnicities. Although roughly 50 per cent of the Caucasian population studied by these researchers in Canada carry the genetic variation, it has been found to be prevalent in other ethnicities. For example, one study found that just 10 per cent of Rwandans carried theADRA2b gene variant. (UBC News, 2015)

Curiously, its incidence seems higher among “Canadian Caucasians” (50%) than among “American Caucasians” (31-37%). This may reflect differences in participant recruitment or in ethnic mix between the two countries. Indeed, the “Caucasian” category may prove to be problematic because it includes people from both sides of the Hajnal Line. If the average incidence is 31% to 50%, there may be populations that score much higher.

Asians, a collectivist and allocentric lot, score highest.
But such collectivism also gives rise to mass slaughter so I’d wager the Middle Path is best on this one.
I want to test the pathological altruists. Come on, it’s tempting, isn’t it? 90+% I’d think, sadly in a religious society they’d be among our brightest.

The Races of Europe

It’s been a while since we did anthropology.

And this: is how social scientists know which “ethnicity” their participants are: skin pigmentation, hair types etc.

Download link to all materials:

Chapter I: Introduction to the Historical Study of the White Race

(1) Statement of Aims and Proposals
(2) Theory and Principles of the Concept Race
(3) Materials and Techniques of Osteology
Chapter II: Pleistocene White Men

(1) Introducing Homo Sapiens
(2) Pleistocene Climate
(3) Sapiens Men of the Middle Pleistocene
(4) Non-Sapiens Pleistocene Fossil Men
(5) The Neanderthal Hybrids of Palestine
(6) Upper Palaeolithic Man in Europe, the Evidence as a Whole
(7) Chronological and Geographical Differentiation of the
European Aurignacian Group

(8) Upper Palaeolithic Hunters of North Africa
(9) Aurignacian Man in East Africa
(10) The Magdalenians
(11) Upper Palaeolithic Man in China
(12) Summary and Conclusions

Plates accompanying Chapter II:

Sapiens Men, from the Second Interglacial to the Post-Glacial

Neanderthal and Neanderthaloid Derivatives
Broad-Headed Crania of Neanderthaloid Inspiration
Mesolithic and Neolithic Crania of Mediterranean Type
Chapter III: The Mesolithic Period

(1) The Historical Setting
(2) Mesolithic Man in Africa
(3) The Natufians of Palestine
(4) The Midden-Dwellers of the Tagus
(5) Mesolithic Man in France
(6) The Ofnet Head Burials
(7) Mesolithic Man in the Crimea
(8) Palaeolithic Survivals in the Northwest
(9) Summary and Conclusions
Chapter IV: The Neolithic Invasions

(1) Introduction
(2) The Neolithic and the Mediterranean Race
(3) Iran and Iraq
(4) Civilized Men in Egypt
(5) Neolithic North Africa
(6) The Neolithic in Spain and Portugal
(7) The Eastern Source Areas: South, Central, and North
(8) The Danubian Culture Bearers
(9) The Corded or Battle-Axe People
(10) The Neolithic in the British Isles
(11) Western Europe and the Alpine Race
(12) Neolithic Scandinavia
(13) Neolithic Inhabitants of the Northern Forests
(14) Conclusions
Chapter V: The Bronze Age

(1) Introduction
(2) The Bronze Age in Western Asia
(3) The Minoans
(4) The Greeks
(5) Copper and Bronze in the Western Mediterranean
(6) Basques, phoenicians, and Etruscans
(7) The Copper Age in Europe North of the Mediterranean Lands:
Danubian Movements and Bell Beakers

(8) The Bronze Age in Britain
(9) The Bronze Age in Central Europe
(10) The Bronze Age in the North
(11) The Bronze Age on the Eastern Plains
(12) The Final Bronze Age and Cremation
(13) Summary and Conclusions
Chapter VI: The Iron Age

(1) Race, Language, and European Peoples
(2) The Illyrians
(3) The Kelts
(4) The Romans
(5) The Scythians
(6) The Germanic Peoples
(7) The Slavs
(8) Conclusions
Chapter VII: The Iron Age, Part II:
Speakers of Uralic and Altaic

(1) The Finno-Ugrians
(2) The Turks and Mongols
(3) Speakers of Uralic and Altaic, and Old World Racial Origins

Chapter VIII: Introduction to the Study of the Living(1) Materials and Techniques
(2) The Use of Statistics in Physical Anthropology
(3) Distribution of bodily characters:
(a) Stature and Bodily Form

(4) Distribution of bodily characters:
(b) Head Form, Head Size, and Other Metrical Characters
of the Head and Face

(5) Distribution of bodily characters:
(c) Pigmentation, the Pilous System, and Morphology of
the Soft Parts

(6) Racial Classification within the White Family
Chapter IX: The North

(1) Introduction
(2) The Lapps
(3) The Samoyeds
(4) Scandinavia; Norway
(5) Iceland
(6) Sweden
(7) Denmark
(8) The Finno-Ugrians, Introduction
(9) Racial Character of the Eastern Finns
(10) The Baltic Finns: Livs and Esths
(11) The Baltic Finns: Finland
(12) The Baltic-Speaking Peoples
(13) Conclusions
Chapter X: The British Isles

(1) Résumé of Skeletal History
(2) Ireland
(3) Great Britain, General Survey
(4) The British Isles, Summary

[Photographic Supplement]

Chapter XI: The Mediterranean World

(1) Introduction
(2) The Mediterranean Race in Arabia
(3) Iraq and the Coastal Regions of the Persian Gulf
(4) The Irano-Afghan Race; Iran and Afghanistan
(5) The Turks as Mediterraneans
(6) The Veddoid Periphery, Hadhramaut to Baluchistan
(7) Palestine, Jewish Origins, and the Eastern Jews
(8) The Mediterranean Race in East Africa
(9) The Modern Egyptians
(10) North Africa, Introduction
(11) The Eastern Arabo-Berbers, Libya and the Oases
(12) The Tuareg
(13) Eastern Barbary, Algeria, and Tunisia
(14) Western Barbary; Morocco and the Canary Islands
(15) The Iberian Peninsula
(16) The Western Mediterranean Islands
(17) The Basques
(18) The Gypsies
(19) Conclusions

Chapter XII: The Central Zone, A Study in Reëmergence
(1) Introduction
(2) France
(3) Belgium
(4) The Netherlands and Frisia
(5) Germany
(6) Switzerland and Austria
(7) Italy
(8) The Living Slavs:
(a) Czechs and Wends

(9) The Living Slavs:
(b) Poland and Russia

(10) Turks, Tatars and Mongols of European Russia
(11) The Magyars
(12) The Living Slavs:
(c) Serbs, Croates and Slovenes

(13) Albania and the Dinaric Race
(14) The Greeks
(15) Bulgaria
(16) Rumania and the Vlachs
(17) The Osmanli Turks
(18) Near Eastern Brachycephals; Syria, Armenia and the Caucasus
(19) Turkestan and the Tajiks
(20) The brachycephalized Jews: Asia and Central Europe
(21) Conclusions

Chapter XIII: Conclusion

(1) Comments and Reflections
(2) The White Race and the New World


I. Means of Principal Cranial Series used in Chapters II-VII
II. Glossary
III. List of Serials and Their Abbreviations
IV. List of Books

Who Needs Nationalism?

Good point on the EU: “Frustrated idealists of today look at the bureaucratic monster that oppresses the European people and fail to remember the high-mindedness that motivated the birthing of the beast in Belgium.” Economic free market trade between the strongest players.

European history alone shows that Europe has a mixture of positive and negative-overall divisions i.e. Italian > Romanian culture.

Italy is a great example of how the concept of nationhood beyond hard borders (English Channel) are created by conditions of war. (If you can’t defend it, at your borders, it isn’t yours.) Odds are, Italy will splinter again as its people splinter and any effort to unite *a* nation as it stands would stave off this tendency to ethnic entropy.

Henry Dampier

Attilla and His Hordes Destroy Italy and The Arts - Eugene Delacroix Attilla and His Hordes Destroy Italy and The Arts – Eugene Delacroix

Nationalism is the most controversial sector of the neoreactionary trichotomy. The most ardent nationalists tend to be suspicious and hostile towards neoreaction, but not always. This essay will survey the modern situation, perform a brief historical review, and then move on to practical considerations of political strategy as it relates to the ethno-nationalist tendency. It closes with a recommendation.

The recent historical background

Since World War II, all the great powers have repudiated previous-held doctrines of rights to ethno-religious self-determination that became popular after the European upheavals of 1848. The victorious Allies supplanted European nationalism with an internationalist set of Universal Human Rights which repudiates the idea of ethnic and religious exclusivity that nationalism requires.

The obvious reason why this happened is because the USSR was an internationalist Marxist dictatorship. The US is and was a universalist democratic world-Empire with an…

View original post 2,612 more words

Danish sex ed too successful, reverses as birth rate plummets to dangerous levels

Feminism is the gift that keeps on giving.


Denmark’s school sex education programme has been so successful the collapsing birth rate is “approaching epidemic” levels, and children will now be taught how to successfully reproduce at school, and encouraged to have children younger to save the Danish people.

The number of Danes born every year is steadily dropping as couples have on average only 1.7 children between them, and a fifth of all couples will never have children. In 2012, only 57,916 new Danes were born, compared to more than 65,000 in 2008.

Although the total population is continuing to rise, this is because of significant immigration inflating figures, and expensive fertility treatment for older couples, which now accounts for one tenth of all born. Today, only 89 percent of Denmark’s population is considered ‘Danish’ by the Government, and over half of immigrant residents are from outside the EU.

The Danish government is concerned that if present trends continue the population will collapse and is attempting to stave off disaster by encouraging couples to have more children, younger. The new campaign in Danish schools flies in the face of previous ‘sex ed’ classes with their focus on avoiding pregnancy, as it will teach children their fertility will begin to decline in their twenties, and leaving starting a family until thirty is too late.


A spokesman for the Danish Family Planning Association said: “When you look at sex education for the oldest students, it’s largely about how not to have children, so there is a focus on prevention, the use of contraceptives and the option of abortion. That means that young people lack knowledge on fertility and pregnancy.

“That lack of knowledge can mean that people end up not having children or not having the number of children they want”.

This point was backed up by the head of a Danish fertility clinic, “Up until now, our biological expiration date has been overlooked in our zeal to avoid having children when we don’t want to have them.

“On average in Denmark, we began to establish a family when we are around 30 years old. By then half of our reproduction capabilities have disappeared and that means that some people have too short of a time span to have children or have the amount of children they’d like to have”.

Denmark isn’t the only country facing a declining birth rate, although approaches to the problem do vary.

Yes, burying your head in the sand is certainly an approach.

Back in 2006 Russian President Vladimir Putin began a new programme called “Mother Russia” to reverse the declining birth rate by offering families having their second child a £22,000 ($36,000) incentive.

More recently, a valentines day concert part-organised by Putin booked American 1990’s R&B band Boyz II Men to sing their popular song ‘I’ll make love to you’ to get Russian youth in the mood. Although conception rates in Russia for Valentines day 2013 are not available, it is understood that the “Mother Russia” incentive programme has been a success.

UK is at 1.9 but I don’t trust those figures, too high, since they count anyone born here as ethnic Briton. I’d wager it’s between 1.5-1.7.