the secret of gym bunnies

Orgasm is typically considered to be a sexual experience. However, orgasms occurring during physical exercise have been occasionally documented. The primary objective of the current study was to understand more about women’s experience with exercise-induced orgasm (EIO) including the types of exercise that women have noted have led to EIO and associations with self-reported sexual experiences. A secondary purpose was to understand and assess women’s experiences of exercise-induced sexual pleasure (EISP) among a convenience sample of women who had never experienced EIO but who had experienced sexual pleasure during exercise. A total of 530 women completed a cross-sectional, anonymous, Internet-based survey. The average age of first EIO was 18.9 years old. Among the most common exercises reported to induce orgasm were abdominal exercises, climbing and lifting weights. Women reporting EISP, but not orgasm, frequently identified biking/spinning, abdominal exercise and lifting weights as associated with their experiences. Self-consciousness during exercise was commonly reported by women in the EIO group. However, sexual thoughts or fantasy related to EIO were only rarely reported. Findings challenge the idea that women’s orgasm is an intrinsically sexual experience. Implications related to the scientific understanding of orgasm processes and clinical recommendations are discussed.

Not all women though. And usually not orgasm, just pleasure.

So they aren’t looking for men in the gym, they’re replacing men.

How hilarious that inferior men blame the long suffering women for the woman’s supposed ‘inability’ to finish, because they performed badly. You had one job, learn to use your manhood. That isn’t her job. It’s your body part. Women are receptive physically, not active, so there isn’t much to learn on her side because response depends entirely on action first, action to reaction. That’s gender. Like, if you can be replaced by gym equipment, theoretically, that goes nowhere near her lady bits, clearly you messed up somewhere. If being literally inside a woman with part of your body doesn’t crack it, then obviously the problem is you.

Naturally the manosphere will ignore these findings in favour of cope. ‘Frigid’ doesn’t exist, you’re just shit in bed. Like most skills, statistically most men would be bad at it. One woman’s low standards in one anecdote mean nothing. Assuming that happened and she wasn’t just being polite or faking it. This is why bragging doesn’t work on women. It’s the one thing women lie about.

Then those same bros wonder why she leaves him (fine) or cheats (not fine) with another man, who did know how to use it. I wonder what the common denominator of dysfunction was! Clearly, blaming the woman all the time works out so well for these guys…. who keep ending up alone mysteriously, after initial ‘luck’.

Porn lies to men, stop ‘learning’ from it! Listen to women about what women want!

Asking other men for advice on what women like in bed is literally like asking a tranny how to be a woman or asking a man about periods. Yet morons online do it all the time! Armchair sexual therapists need to STFU, you should only care what the other party in your bed wants, not some hypothetical loser online. Like, when did these guys grow a clitoris? Do you ask women for prostate self-massage advice? That’s how dumb it is. Trolls online sabotage their competition with bad sexual advice.

Exercise also makes men harder:

and reduces impotence odds, as smoking increases it.

Study: Yoga bitches

Moving tones the body, really?

Slowly moving burns fat?

Compare it to the military regimen it’s partially based on and if your results hold up, I might be impressed.

Burning calories burns calories compared to nothing.


Pass the expensive exercise equipment, because the ancient ones just HAD to show us full vulva lips in those neon leopard print pants during downward dog. It’s both traditional and respectful.

[When Boomers pass on, at least anorexic hags will stop telling me to ‘try’ yoga along with all the veganism, sleeping around, alcoholism and other anti-social bullshit. All white exercises are fake news, amirite? White people never exercised prior to 1960. The gym on the Titanic was a theatre set. Yoga women go there like fat church, it’s basically fat church, a sense of community for chubbies and druggies. ]

Men lose Y-chromosome with age
That’s why they die earlier.

Stop blaming women and ‘sexism’, we aren’t omnipotent gene meddlers.
Also, genetic proof of a male wall. LOL. An explanation to why so many middle-aged men suddenly look like lesbians.

[coughs in Bruce Jenner]

And there’s no way to reverse it, before the snake oil salesmen jump up with a solution that, if it worked, would make them a billionaire.

Nobel winner.

World famous.

Popping pills to get out of laziness is what lefties do.

Bold for the lazy.

Using new tools to analyze genetic variations that accumulate with age, we can help explain how sporadic diseases like cancer or Alzheimer’s manifest,” says first author Jan Dumanski.

One such postzygotic mutation found in the cells of biological males is the loss of the Y chromosome in a degree of blood cells. Loss of Y occurs in up to 17 percent of men and is more likely to be found in older men and men who smoke. This study expands on the idea that loss of Y, already a known risk factor for cancer (10.1038/ng.2966), could be a predictive biomarker for a wider range of poor health outcomes, specifically Alzheimer’s. Why loss of Y can be linked to an increased risk for disease remains unclear, but the authors speculate it has to do with reduced immune system performance.

They should look at age groups of men.

And diet.


The researchers looked at over 3,000 men to ascertain whether there was any predictive association between loss of Y in blood cells and Alzheimer’s disease. The participants came from three long-term studies that could provide regular blood samples: the European Alzheimer’s Disease Initiative, the Uppsala Longitudinal Study of Adult Men, and the Prospective Investigation of the Vasculature in Uppsala Seniors. Across the datasets, those with the highest fraction of blood cells without a Y chromosome were consistently more likely to be diagnosed with Alzheimer’s.

….Really more of an outcome of poor genetic health….

Did you test for aluminium?

Attempt chelation therapy?

Yeah, fuck the easy solution, blame the Y chromosome.

Like women don’t get it.

“Having loss of Y is not 100 percent predictive that you will have either cancer or Alzheimer’s,” Forsberg says, adding that there were men in the study who had the mutation and lived with no symptoms well into their 90s.

Were their fathers older or younger?

If paternal age is a factor in ANYTHING, it’s a risk factor for this.

Male chromosome plus mutation. Come on.

Men think they can fool women but white hairs on a ballsack don’t lie.

“But in the future, loss of Y in blood cells can become a new biomarker for disease risk and perhaps evaluation can make a difference in detecting and treating problems early.”

No shit.

Forsberg, Dumanski, and colleagues will next investigate the effect of loss of Y in larger cohorts and explore in greater detail how it confers risk for specific types of cancers and disease. They also plan to look at the cellular changes caused by loss of Y and how it affects different types of blood cells.The researchers looked at over 3,000 men to ascertain whether there was any predictive association between loss of Y in blood cells and Alzheimer’s disease. The participants came from three long-term studies that could provide regular blood samples: the European Alzheimer’s Disease Initiative, the Uppsala Longitudinal Study of Adult Men, and the Prospective Investigation of the Vasculature in Uppsala Seniors. Across the datasets, those with the highest fraction of blood cells without a Y chromosome were consistently more likely to be diagnosed with Alzheimer’s.”

Should look at heart disease, primary killer of American males.

But that’s none of my business.

If men aged well, they wouldn’t need to be on supplements.
Young men on supplements is just sad, like young women getting plastic surgery.
There’s no room to move. If you can’t be all that young, what are they going to do?
Our society treats aging like cancer, it’s ridiculous Boomer youth cult propaganda to sell them supplements like detox tea and testosterone ball rub. You can’t fool mother nature.

When they actually hit middle-age, they won’t be able to keep up with that crap anyway.
Imagine most of your shallow friends disappearing because you dropped the massive timesink of gym addiction.
The Ken Doll homoerotic gym attention bros look sad after about 40.

Plus bodybuilder types know there are two types of muscle: appearance and strength.
Guess which one they all go for?

The one that instantly converts to stubborn fat if they so much as look at a complex carbohydrate past 30.

The Johnny Bravo look is actually, industry secret, physically weak.

In a fight, any martial artist will tell you the bulk limits their range of motion like a fatty anyway.

All men need is a healthy range of light muscle, which women prefer but don’t require any supplement sales.
Light muscle also provides cognitive benefits with no musculoskeletal downsides, including sag and joint pain.
Bruce Lee could take a Henry Cavill any day of the week.

With the T&A they have a woman’s hourglass in profile, they gay.

At least, appealing to that market…..

The invention of yoga and British colonialism

“In contemporary yoga classes, teachers often speak of Patanjali’s “Yoga Sutras,” a philosophical text compiled around two thousand years ago, as the wellspring of the practice. This requires an imaginative leap, because the yoga sutras say next to nothing about physical poses; their overriding concern is the workings of the mind. Yoga, the sutras say, “is the restriction of the fluctuations of consciousness.” The total of their guidance about posture is that it should be “steady and comfortable.”
Instructions for postures, or asanas, appeared much later, in medieval tantra-inflected texts, such as the “Hatha Yoga Pradipika.” Even in those works, however, you won’t find many of the positions taught today as yoga. Fifteen poses appear in the “Hatha Yoga Pradipika,” most of them seated or supine.”

For sex. I want to make that part crystal-clear. It was a sex book.

uhuh hmm o really rlly doubt eyebrow flash lara croft

Not exercises one would teach to children. Orgasm control is fundamental.

Normal people call that mind work ‘meditation’ and the Lotus position was popularized by statues of Buddha with his symbolic flower, created by the alignment and opening of all chakras; those people are vivacious and fiery. Note: Buddhism is not a religion, because there is no God to worship. Yoga gave Boomer hippies a way to rebel with their parent’s exercise regime by giving it new clothes (always a red flag), a xenophilic mystique and a new brand name.

The system that Krishnamacharya created there drew on hatha yoga, as well as traditional Indian wrestling and gymnastics, British Army calisthenics and, according to the scholar Mark Singleton, the Danish educator Niels Bukh’s “primitive gymnastics.”

Have you seen most yoga people? They could hardly catch a fish. They are such wastrels they look anorexic, this isn’t healthy. It’s mostly glorified stretching, a build-up to exercise, some core work and a lot of futile cardio (and BREEEEEEEEEEEEATHE).

Literally, sitting in a salt bath or sauna is better for you than pointless cardio.

Men usually practice with one aim: self-fellation.
Women – the ability to put their legs behind their head (unlikely if your hips have closed or fused or otherwise fully matured).

The parts of yoga that work are based on pilates, a form of formal physiotherapy in use to this day and trialed on war veterans. The rest is ripped off tai chi for flow of posture and a retinue of nature-based poses e.g. monkey king. Go ahead, give the Indians credit for the Chinese discipline with a true thousands-year history. Don’t whine to me about cultural appropriation. ‘Hot’ yoga works better because it lubricates the joints and organs, including the skin. All exercise is about flexibility, that isn’t a distinctive trait.

You know the one hallmark of a great workout?

You feel like Death afterwards. 

If you feel better, you’re simply out of shape and tuning up to the common level minus caffeine, alcohol and drug dependency. Not to mention pollution, dehydration, poor diet, lack of sleep………

Actual yoga is just a warm-up. It’s the thing you do before exercise. Everyone feels refreshed after a warm-up. You don’t just stop, it’s so lazy. If you offer to take them to a real workout, they sneer and make excuses, fooling nobody. It isn’t a military drill, you aren’t being tested out for the Marines here, it’s basic equipment and exercise.

There’s no magic exercise routine, it’s supposed to deplete and exhaust your body aka the purpose of having a body, possibly increasing capacity. Desperate people cling to desperate forms of validation.

They have terrible pain endurance as well, after bragging how ‘hard’ and ‘painful’ yoga supposedly is (sunk cost fallacy). Naturally, bad postures will be painful, because the body isn’t supposed to twist itself into a pretzel and it’s unnatural (notice old people who do it still have worsening joints? it makes their pain worse). Anything objective like that and suddenly they do their best psychic impression: The benefits are immeasurable. – liars

How sad must you be as an adult, to care about being cool?

Link: Women are visual creatures

“If women aren’t visual creatures, why are they choosing to be with men who are attractive – indeed, men who are just as attractive as they are? The reality completely contradicts the PUA myth.”

He gets it.

applause clap clapping yes well done

The manosphere loses plenty of opportunity because admitting something would hurt their ego short-term, it’s the sign of a blue pill.

Consider how pathetic it is that so many men think improving their looks is girly? That looking sexually appealing is a feminine thing? They don’t want the pressure to look good, they’re too lazy, oh, but they’re happy to foist their insecurities on us.

A man seeks in a woman what he cannot obtain himself. A man who believes he has a shot with models generally thinks he is ugly.

Note the self-delusion from men in this one.

The whole lower row is disgusting in the same way fat feminists are. Exact same way. You can’t talk around it or try to argue the anomaly excuses your poor dietary choices. 1 is too skinny, looks anorexic and like he’s about to drop dead. Most women find bodybuilders (5) off-putting, all the veins and high maintenance where they can’t live like a normal person due to gym hours or eat normal people food because they almost have an eating disorder fear of sugar.

Anything between 2-4, easily obtained by some form of regular exercise, will be preferred by most women. Notice how those are the healthiest and quite low maintenance (especially 2, swimming isn’t hard). The majority of women will prefer that minor demonstration of physical presence, the majority, whose opinion on matters of beauty is the only one that matters, as the manosphere often tells us.

Quit complaining about being a bad provider

eyeroll marilyn monroe rlly really uhuh hmmm oh

Fix it or quit it. Nothing repels women more than a self-pitying man whining like a baby about his failure.

It’s pathetic.

That’s the game, it’s a competition. That’s the modern economy. Say nothing of the SMP.

You sound like those women who complain when their husband wants sex. And if you never want to marry, what’s the problem? Why do you want to earn and retain a woman’s interest? Yes, it’s like currency.

Or do you really believe a woman should love you purely for existing? Just the Way You Are – while taking from her? No woman will replace your mother. Relationships are based on social exchange and you all sound like Aspies.

Everybody wants a free lunch and nobody wants to cook it.

Provider doesn’t just mean financial. Stop and think about what the woman provides and how upset you’d be (mantrums) if she withheld it. That’s how you sound.

You don’t get to complain about women contributing to the modern workforce. You wanted women to earn their place, you wanted women to stop sponging off men and the minute we do you bitch about the labour market. You didn’t marry these women so they have to support themselves. That isn’t a fucking choice. That was your choice.

You can’t stand that we’re better at many things than you, the omegas.

You want to have your cake and eat it and that’s indecisive bitchiness. If you owe us nothing, we owe you nothing.

The best advice in that article are numbers three and six.

Link: 6-pack abs and Men’s Health

To be short, women tend to think you’re overcompensating for something.

Usually, penile or a major character defect. As in, dealbreaker ‘he’s a terrible, terrible person’ sort of thing.

There’s a big difference between looking fit and being fit and most women prefer the latter. Abs are such a synthetic thing, cavemen didn’t have them, building and maintaining them is like an entire other job, and we see that as less time for us.

There are some people who use health to let their inner crazy out too. Nobody wants to date the crazy. Eventually, they’ll hit the Hard Limits of their body, or blow past their Natural Weight, and have a nervous breakdown. They can spiral totally the other way and become obese. The veiny guys are a red flag for this. No woman likes Veiny Guy.

They often eat their feelings, and losing fat is seen as an almost religious process where they’re cleansing their former sins or killing the parts of them they hate. That sounds….. normal…..

Most women prefer lightly muscled. It’s the promise that a man could carry you across a threshold or help carry groceries, without the high maintenance.

I don’t want to discourage men from doing this if they want, BUT they should critically assess why they want to do it (because they really want to or because they think it will have an impact on women).

What your workout says about your social class

I think a mixed approach is best, tailored to your build. Position of bellybutton, length of limb, flexibility etc.

It’s true the betas (attempting to be your “betters”) try to look down on weightlifters, citing common myths e.g. they always cause bulk. Untrue. I used to lift small arm weights, as did Marilyn Monroe. Casually dropping that fact is fantastic for watching their faces drop. The fact is, they don’t have the balls. They’re too frightened of what others might think of them or make up some excuse about injuring themselves (proper form, dude).

Who are these doughey effete twits? Brahmins, wasn’t it? They think they’re the upper class (perhaps in certain arenas of taste) but they are not the powerful ones. In business or in bulk.