Mass immigration is exclusively fucking over the poor

Although the report finds that increased immigration has been good for bosses, with a wide variety of skilled labour coming in, the effects are felt differently in different parts of society. For median earners, immigration has had a “positive” impact, but for lower skilled workers there has been a negative impact on wages and job opportunities.

For example, one study cited shows that for every 10 percent increase in the number of immigrants in semi and unskilled positions, pay in them has fallen by 5.2 percent. This includes jobs in bars, care homes and shops as well as cleaning jobs.

Who could’ve seen this coming?
We haven’t funded infrastructure properly and now it’s overburdened. I wonder when we’ll start taking bets on deportations.

Who’ll tell the anti-austerity marchers that Gov spending is at a record high?

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“When interviewed by the Russians, Owen Jones wisely spoke about other things: the Living Wage, housing problems and cost of living, which is related to inflation, wages (and productivity) rather than government cuts. Jones speaks about flexible (or ‘zero hours’) contracts, but knows he can’t complain about unemployment which is dropping like a stone. And to his credit, he also mentioned he’s protesting against repression in Russia.

I suspect he knows that his fellow marchers have got their sums wrong, or perhaps that multi-millionaire types like Russell Brand never much cared about sums in the first place. Britain does have several economic problems, but austerity just isn’t one of them.”

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Self-selecting stupidity: If they understood the economy, they wouldn’t be there.

Most of my generation and I am so so very sorry


Paper: University Entrepreneurship may be failing its market test

The risk in all this is that when everything is entrepreneurial perhaps nothing is. Is it time to speak with a new term? Maybe those who undertake the risks of starting a new for-profit company are really in the business of “firm formation.”

The lament of a million coffee mules