Paper: The Morphometrics of “Masculinity” in Human Faces

I’m a gift that keeps on giving today.

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…We outline a morphometric strategy for estimating separately the face shape patterns that underlie perceived masculinity and maleness, and for computing individual scores for these shape patterns. We further show how faces with different degrees of masculinity or maleness can be constructed in a geometric morphometric framework. In an application of these methods to a set of human facial photographs, we found that shape features typically perceived as masculine are wide faces with a wide inter-orbital distance, a wide nose, thin lips, and a large and massive lower face. The individual expressions of this combination of shape features—the masculinity shape scores—were the best predictor of rated masculinity among the compared methods (r = 0.5). The shape features perceived as masculine only partly resembled the average face shape difference between males and females (sexual dimorphism). Discriminant functions and Procrustes distances to the female mean shape were poor predictors of perceived masculinity…

You can see when a man is low-T.

Or a woman is high-T.

Right off the bat, manly men have a more pronounced jaw (and chewing muscle which squares it off), flatter brows, broader face, wider nose, less point to tip projection and larger nostrils, even lips (female is bottom-heavy), smaller eyes which slant upward (as opposed to doe eyes which point down due to orbital space pressure) and less of a point to their chin.

Man, I love being right. Notice in the extreme feminine, the inner 2/3 of brow is thicker and thins toward the edge, the opposite of the male. What may seem like a larger chin in men is more of a broad fusion of the mandible at the centre than a specific trait (when it fuses wrong, you get cleft chins or a dimple). Large cherry chins are rather feminine. Female eye distance can be greater if the chin and facial shape points down, giving a childlike triangle look.

Scientists can mathematically model which gender your face is

Sure, social construct….

like stereotypes!

“There was an 86 per cent correlation between the mathematically generated gender score and human score for females, and 79 per cent for males.”

Dare them to test feminists vs. ‘bigots’ and Democrats vs. Republicans. Dare them.