A fairytale about female desire


Hypergamy is bullshit.

Sexually, it applies far more to men than it ever could to women. All the sayings we have about getting around are like “men sowing their wild oats” and “trading in for a younger model”. No healthy woman does it. It doesn’t appeal. If anything, the evidence tells us that men are the hypergamous sex, but I still think the term is bullshit. Projection is annoying for the rest of us.

It’s a combination of two things, which are conflated.

  1. r-type promiscuity. r-types think everyone is as morally weak as they are. Of course everyone is a powderkeg of lust who’d never settle down given ample opportunity. /sarc
  2. ambition. Ambition is one of the greatest things a person can have, it’s an intellectual form of hope. A person cannot self-improve without ambition. Not to be confused with hubris or vainglory, which the Left tries to do, to discourage the proles from improving their lot and moving into the Tory voting bracket.

In my experience, those with the delusions of grandeur (read: ALWAYS narcissists) fear responsibility. They desire responsibility, imagined as various titles and powers, because they are the least fit to wield it. So I find this fairytale rather funny, because a woman who went beyond the stone palace  (space to raise children) isn’t a fit wife.

Think of the people who get bossy and always try to be team leader. They must be that way because they’re incompetent and nobody would choose them. Even within a monarchical system, they’d have their heads cut off before the year is out. How many spoiled brat princes did this happen to? Were they alpha, when they couldn’t control their base desires? Narcissists fail to account for the desires (and needs) of others in their daydreams. It doesn’t just apply to women. There is no woman who daydreamed about being a Genghis Khan. How many more ambitious men exist than women? Yes, it’s rooted in testosterone, partially.

Women evolved to desire resources because their lives would often depend on it. Whether their children would starve or survive a winter. Whether they could pay protection money as a serf. It’s as futile to critique a woman for desiring SOME resources (sufficient for a purpose) as to criticize men for having any form of sexual desire. For a lot of supposed redpills, they sure do expect women and men to act and think alike when it comes to sex-specific subjects.

Gratitude is abundant in non-narcissists. Narcissists are made an example of in these types of stories.
Just because you want something doesn’t mean you deserve it. Whether you deserve a thing is judged, yes, JUDGED, by others. Others who will see the narcissist for the coward they are. If such people do gain power, the People enact terrible revenge against the tyrant.

Article: Envy or Gratitude


I highly enjoy fables and fairytales. They aren’t Disney.
Most of them revolve around real world threats and death.
I have noticed enviable people make it part of their identity, and rise up trivialities (food, sex, clothes) to their (fake) gratitude.

I guess the best comparison is to Godfather Death, where the moral lesson is that some things are bigger than your desires, and you can thwart your own desire by seeking to accomplish it. Humility is often the best course to obtain what you really want.

As for love, the envious can only lust. They call it love because they know nothing else. above all things believe in love moulin rouge awwww