White people are stupid, exhibit A


Anything about “exotic” beauty and white people get silly.

Yes, trust the random vain person online, it’s alllllll natural….

Or some combination of aloe vera, coconut oil and antioxidants in a $3 jar.

That isn’t how skin works. Skin has pores.

Skincare can easily be 5 figures. Yes, FIVE. Look up luxury skincare prices. If it’s genetic, you’d see it in the poor girls of the same race. You never do.

It’s like someone floating instead of walking, it’s obviously a trick.

This reminds me of the 60+ women who got cosmetic surgery literally every year since the age of 14 but dopey Westerners sincerely believe it’s genetic. Asian women age terribly, it’s partially the climate. The Japanese sun is insane. A salty heavy seafood diet makes the skin puffy. Too many cakes, especially the Westernized brats, makes their eyelids close in.

Have you ever spoken to a cosmetic doctor? Just for health reasons, it’s like getting your heart checked out, they know all about the blemishes between races. Asian women get terrible acne, look it up.


They didn’t evolve for the dairy products Europeans did.
The piggish ones refuse to give up the treats, including corn syrup.

There are natural beauties but like the myth of the Russian porn babe, it’s 99% surgery. Why would a natural beauty show off too much online?

You’re admiring silicon. It’s as real as this guy.


There are plenty of fillers and chemicals that give a temporary smoothing effect.

Asian girls are known to fake everything about their pictures.

Sometimes, white people can be so dumb.

It’s this one thing that keeps tripping us.

These women are as natural as the fucking Kardashian infection.

The Asian Wife plan

They deserve it. Let them go. The re-sale value on a single parent, especially a shitty deadbeat, makes them more sexually worthless than before. Maybe they can find a nice black single mom, losers need love too!

Once you go black….

cos if you went Asian, clearly it isn’t a race thing….
I mean, at least the black women and Latina look like women, curvy, like adults should. Both can cook real food without bitch-tit producing rice carbs and MSG poisoning you.

You marry a foreigner without knowing what you’re really signing up for and they turn out to be a hooker with totally polar priorities e.g. Asian religions value family, wives don’t have a Christian duty to have sex once the babies are out of them. That tired look in the married businessmen who resort to hookers? Yeah.

The pussy becomes a salt mine.

Ask around among your fellow men, I’m glad the stories are getting out there because just look at divorce rates at least, the grass is not greener! It’s fake grass!

You’d think the tranny-level makeup would tip them off.

When a guy online has an evil bitch ex-wife story, they never mention the race, do they? Ask for a picture. Ask if she was also white. You should always ask because they’ll hide it from you than admit they fucked up. Where was she from?

In the West, you’re a laughing stock. The envy angle is correct, they’re LARPing white like the wiggers do black and with all the attendant mental issues.

They also do the same with black girls. Creepy.


At least a Vegas wife is as spoiled as she’s gonna get.

Look up Asian Princess. It’s like LA women on more crack.

And the signalling, oh my! If you don’t take her to fifteen expensive restaurants a month, you’re over. Who’s showing who off, in that scenario?

They look so emasculated in the family and they don’t even know it. Like a little dog that pays for everything.

Don’t get me started on the beauty studies. You can only accurately discern the beauty or ugliness of someone in your own race. It’s neuroscience, your brain can’t process outsiders as well. So they think they got a 8 because she’s skinny-fat and has no waist (ruler shape) and acts surprised when she blows up on takeaway quality food after the baby arrives? If she was above-average, she wouldn’t be with you.

You don’t get to look down on white women/black men.

Studies show miscegenation couples are lower quality, they can’t fish in their own pond.

Look it up, look around, and think of the kids – health problems at the least.

Speaking of rice, the shit’s poison.


Famine food isn’t real food.

Does the West deserve to die?

Where are the men in this compilation?
We know most weebs are men. We know most hardcore weebs are men.

Just go on a tumblr tag for MLP if this isn’t hardcore for you.


4:34 This is ACTUALLY insulting to Asians.
There are interesting parts to the cultures like the philosophy but all anyone foreign wants to talk about is anime and vaginas.
For all they say that what you watch as a child doesn’t influence you, why are there essentially no European history cartoons? We’re surrounded by Asian stuff. And Princess culture has been totally ripped off by America, who literally fought a war to reject monarchy. You made your choice. No princesses for you, quit drooling over our future Queen.
5:59 is ripe for conversation but someone will get triggered and take it out on me so I’ll leave you to the dungeon of your thoughts.
Oriental fetishes don’t solely apply to men. It’s like cultural chinoiserie.
This kind of fake pep also makes me hate white people.

Common Filth should do a show like all this.
ALL this.

He’d go for it, I think.

Tempted to go and trash myself for spending too much time on a computer now.

I remember when we were kidding about the anime.

I feel old.

Yeah, I don’t think they’re faking it.

Video: Shun fake femininity

Especially when it comes from tarts in full-face makeup who have videos about not wearing a short skirt because it isn’t modest.*


Remove branch, bitches.

You can’t preach something unless you live it.

These are original virtue signallers, fake Ks, paper Ks. Listen to what they want – control. They dictate their version of the Bible as the only one. That isn’t following the Bible, that’s following them pointing to a Bible if you dare questiion why you’re doing this.

Wolves in sheep’s clothing indeed.

A person with truth, let alone divine truth, doesn’t mind being questioned.

On another video they misunderstand male logic. They assume heterosexual men don’t sexually look at beautiful women. Really that stupid (but actually a practical excuse to shame ‘sexy’ women….to a man that could mean anything). I felt like mentioning this. They never question why even fully-clothed women are harassed, stalked and raped. Why do men keep photos of clothed women or just their faces? It has nothing to do with what you wear, the Bible says not to look with lust (ogle), it doesn’t blame the victim and say you shouldn’t be seen with lust, the first part nips that in the bud and it’s something women have no control over. How many kings are led astray because the sexes were reversed?

Fake traditional women are atheist, it’s like a shiny dress to play Good Girl like a priest outfit has the collar. They seek attention and that’s why the fucking YT channel of fake pep and perkiness (you are not girls, the word doesn’t exist in the Bible, it’s a 20th century use). This Holier than Thou No True Scotsman Bible-Pointing atheism is code for Future SJW, when they can conveniently (see how that works? never wrong) claim to have lost faith or that God abandoned them (sure, it’s God’s fault you’re weak). They will turn on you when it suits them. They believe if there’s no societal punishment, it must be good. Consider how dangerous that is, as friend or more.

What do they omit?

It’s narrow to say the Bible was the first historical source of those philosophies, however true.
Everyone who actually studies hermeneutics will know it’s ripped off various texts, including pagan ones.
The Bible says to test something to know if it’s true. If it conforms to nature and natural law (what religion shoots at) then it’ll match. Otherwise, falsehood or mistranslation, look again.
They tell you to accept blindly the hundredth version of a culturally bound book. Faith is blind, your actions shouldn’t be. This emphasizes thought process when they cannot think and what is claimed against what is done.
God’s word is tricky to define if you look to theology. Where does it stop? All gospels written? Papal gospels? Monk and nun philosophers? Saint’s proclamations? What to do in cases of conflict? They answer none of this, indicating they have thought of none of it and understand none of it.
Parrots are not people. God is watching. God knows your heart. In good faith doesn’t refer to brain, it constantly refers to heart. That’s an Egyptian and Greek concept, btw.
Even in the Bible, it says not to trust anyone who adds to it. After it.
OK, what about other books? The Bible isn’t one book, stupid Americans.
They think they can dominate the Word by saying Muh 3 types of women giggle giggle, making me sick with the fake laughter and chirp. Cackling Jezebels salivating at an opportunity to cause others to stumble. Where’s the positive advice? Hell, where do you get this three types from?
Nope, according to everything I read directly, you’re either a Christian or not. CHINOS, fake Christians, count as nothing, potentially much worse for being hypocritical and thinking they can trick God. What worse crime is there than that, it’s a form of perverting and insulting the Holy Spirit.
I’ve long since come to the conclusion that Americans cannot read. They need to be spoon fed and have everything spelled out, the novels have it – no such thing as subtle. They’ve turned rudeness and simplicity into phony virtues – bravery and minimalism. Where is bravery in that context or the 7 virtues? The opposite of minimalism is humility that you don’t know everything – Greek again, therefore you literally cannot follow all of God’s will because you will never know the full mind of God. See how quickly this exposes blasphemy? Where did they quote the Bible? Not once. How many times did they say Bible? In places it acknowledges it contradicts and takes a lax approach on things that don’t matter if, and I mean IF, your heart is true.
Does their heart seem true to you?
Back to reading, OK, you might say: tell me how.
Understanding the spirit of the time and the historical context allows you to READ the Bible. There are no conflicts in this way, only case studies.
Yes, God’s law is very literal.

It never ends. You don’t stop studying. This won’t diminish your understanding or enjoyment whatsoever. There’s nothing to lose. Medieval scholars didn’t limit themselves to canonical text, did they?

..How can you preach something you don’t know yet?

They want a protector, a shield. They don’t want a husband. How quickly would they divorce him, citing bad faith? In itself, that’s a loaded die of bad faith argument. Bible says to bring into the fold and leave be, not to abandon the flock.
These women are more dangerous than prostitutes for that reason, they pursue the good with evil in their hearts.

What did the Bible say about women preachers?

Oh wait.

Granted, there are passages you may interpret in favour.
Still, to be on the safe side, why isn’t your husband speaking for you?


Well… that’s the Sisterhood of feminism, in practice.
You don’t get to giggle that you’re superior then.

*Modest is culturally dictated based on the society and your position. You dress neither higher nor lower than you are. This is etiquette 101, not being fake. Makeup that makes you look a totally different person is also a no.**
It isn’t modest to cover head to toe nowadays, it’s false pride. Don’t be Pharisees.
Look up the old etiquette books, they explain you must fit your role, including apparel.

Ya gotta be authentic.

Why do they dress like clones in their society and culture, if they’re expressing something unique?


People trying to control you in the name of Cause don’t want that.

**Ancient men wore more makeup than the women because they were outdoors more often, look it up. Eyeliner at the very least. It isn’t sexual, it’s health based. Yep, Jesus probably rocked guyliner.

Remember, back then Romans sported miniskirts and went nude to fight.

Nudity isn’t sexual.

Art tropes are interpretations of, not literally the Word.

So where the Hell do they get off lecturing on modesty?

How do they think Jesus bathed in rivers? Men wore full-length clothing to protect themselves from the Sun. In the Middle East. Go to the Middle East, no SPF. Go see why this was commanded.

If you disobeyed then?

Skin cancer!

Why are Asians against Yellow Fever?

As a token, common example.

I came across this,


Fake femininity, told ya so. It’s fake as Bella Hadid’s plastic face.

They drop it when you put a ring on it – or stop making so much money.
They also drop it around other women, especially white and/or blonde women (seen as competition), which is how I know from plenty of experience. They do have a bitch side, every woman does, and if you’ve never seen it, it must be BAD.

Vaguely controlling in a distinctly abusing manner, behind a veneer of sweetness.
Read around, the worst kind of abuse happens with a smile. They do it knowing it’s hard to say no. Feminine wiles? Toxic ones.

To be fair, in some ways they have to be behaviourally conditioned as female and kittenish, girlish, to get a date, it’s a social pressure. If they behaved like mature and serious adults, the disconnect to their pedomorphic features would creep even a fetishist out.

They’re the biggest SJWs too but, sure, white women are the only gold-diggers in existence (???).
If the poor woman being hit on and harassed by these guys doesn’t go along with it, they chalk it up to a demure culture rather than being a bitch. Because all white women are sluts, right?

They say they’re attracted to Asians…
Until she refuses to dress, talk and act the way they want.
Usually like a teenager.
Nothing creepy about this at all. Controlling? Men? Domestic abuse rates?
Don’t look at this pesky things! That’s misandrist!
As she points out, it is …what is it they call it? Positive racism?
They still have their ‘white privilege’ even if they breed out. You don’t lose the racist card to SJWs.
The fetishists are still all about the women-pleasing and putting random women on pedestals, only they took a love of anime too far.
I feel sorry for the women fetishized who didn’t want any part in this, like the women that tool grabbed by the neck in Japan.
WTF is wrong with these borderlines and narcissists? The former is difficult to spot in men but they fear abandonment and therefore seek control in relationships, the guys going on and on about how a white woman would 100% divorce them but an Asian never would (I should look up those stats) are pinging.
Why does she show her guns, you might wonder?
Well, the lower dimorphism in Asians means the women are more masculine (by androgyny) than the average white. So they aren’t even more feminine, the culture has to enforce this!
That is precisely why the biggest SJWs are now Asian. They’re opposing the culture that tells them to fake femininity to get men interested. The future of social justice is yellow, with black back-up.

at your pleasure
They don’t even like these women, and these women know it.
I’m on the side of the gold-digging Asian at this point, these bastards deserve it.

They think Asians are ‘tame’ and will hereby put up with any rudeness, up to and including abuse (including the lesser-known sexual sadism, ropes and choking and such).

“You shouldn’t have needed it, but if you did need proof to the “you can date a POC and still be extremely racist?” HERE IT FUCKING IS.”

They’re still called racist because if anything they’re more racist than whites who only date other whites.
They’re seeing the person, not the complexion. For signalling points?
Nobody deserves to be spoken to like this. No human.
Grade A proof of the Mantrum too. It’s literally nothing to do with him. They’re emotionally unstable but have no period to blame.
Thankfully the non-white women are onto the fact that there are crazy white men with personality disorders who think ‘dating down’ gives them an excuse to be abusive.

LA never disappoints

They have full range.


I would like to point out that white men are our greatest allies. Yes, 62% of white men voted for Trump, but that is expected of them. The largest betrayal was 53% of white women voting for Trump. I hate them so much; the world would be a better place if white women all died, quite frankly. This includes the ones who are married to men of color like Madchen Amick and Ali Landry.
The 38% of white men who did not vote for Trump are our biggest allies because they truly have the power in the world. They are educated, wealthy, handsome, and successful. They use their power to uplift all minorities and they are passing on their wealth to minorities by marrying women of color.”

What White Fever?
Speaking of Our Men

you seem pressed.


Anyway, I disagree. I hate white women (most are unattractive, envious, entitled, jealous), but I like most white men. I think white men are fine with their power crumbling. That’s why they date out the most. Their children with their nonwhite wives will obviously be nonwhite, too, and they will pass whatever wealth, assets, and benefits they have to those nonwhite children. They are contributing to the diminishing of the white supremacy structure and that’s a good thing.
Besides, white men are preferred by most. They have no reason to be insecure or envious of other men since they are the top of the food chain. White women, on the other hand, do … since not even their own men prefer them. They are trashed across the Internet, but white men are not. There are Tumblrs, threads, and other sites dedicated to white men who are with women of other races. There are NO things such as that dedicated to white women.”

This is what they really think about your Yellow Fever arse, they’re winning the gender war and the white genocide one. They are 100% woke on it. So when I see white men start insulting his own race bc Feminism, I want to strangle him for entirely justified reasons.
Race traitors sell us out.

Then there are great posts.
The key is to never show a narcissist you’re being harmed by them. Negative people who want to bring about discord to pacify their inner chaos do not know how to respond to kindness and calmness. For them, it is an impenetrable barrier. They only know one thing and that is to create discord and see you suffer as a result. If they do not have their reaction, in either situation, they become absolutely powerless and they’ll show you what lies beneath without being able to control it. The vexation and agitation will build up in them to such an intent, that it’ll be a catastrophic explosion of rage etc that will obliterate the mask, the facade and hidden agenda.”

“The best advice posted in this blog is to emotionally detach and be unreachable. Be the unruly character that won’t be pigeonholed. This unnerves them to the core. When approached, I become Mr Spock, I don’t emote and I make them feel like they are being inspected and studied so that they avoid me. Ha!
They’re automatons, formulaic machines. Their response to seeing you pressed for time, rushing is to engage you by offering salutations and conversations to covertly frustrate you. If you nod while keeping it moving, you’ve ad libbed and gone off script!”

Hello bitch shield my old friend….

Things only attractive women know. They prey on politeness. But you’re not obliged to talk to strangers, actually – you’re not supposed to?
If they can’t be introduced via work or social circle, there’s a class conflict anyway.
Don’t bother with a Federline. REMEMBER FEDERLINE.

never 4get

Like, the fullest range.


“These girls are gorgeous, now. But, what I thought was hilarious is what I heard from a guy.. he said something I never thought of.
These men marry a stunning beauty, but they don’t realize they’re in for a huge shock when their kids come out with the features of her real face. Classic.”

Beauty is an advert for genes.

“Generally, I tend to have an idea on what sort of surgeries these women have had but I didn’t realize that some were getting lower eyelid surgeries and lip implants. I’m not sure if the video is in Russian or Ukrainian but I know it’s one of the two. ”
White women do the fake femininity thing too.
I didn’t post before because I hadn’t found fitting examples until now, I’m not excluding my own race.

Not a patch on Aaliyah, if we’re comparing races.

It’s a mistake I’ve pointed out before to apply individual judgements based on group-level differences.
The world doesn’t work like that, you have to look at the individual. If the group is SO (thing) then the individual will be too.

“The Russians sure do know how to do some lips. They need to bring their ass over here so these white housewives can stop hurting my eyesight.”

“The Koreans are the wizards of plastic surgery. If OP does a thread for them, you’d better be sitting down while you scroll. The Russians come in close second and the Brazilians are third.”

Men need to be informed.

See? I’m not being racist (today), I’m being bitchy. All races are doing this, but in different ways and I think it shits on various men from different heights. That is wrong.

4 lesser-known markers of female beauty


Difficult to fake?


Asia is full of limbal ring contact lenses, for example.

I remember seeing a piece of plastic like a donut they’d put in their mouth and squeeze to get a wider, Western-looking mouth. Worst part? Stretching the mouth like that actually works, apparently.

Is WHR really hard to fake in the age of liposuction?