Video: The cultural cuckoldry of comics

In this example, the SJW is cuckoo.

Actually, I know what’s gonna happen.

And I know the industry response.

  1. The Big Comic Companies will lose revenue but they’ll be terrified of ‘causing offense’.
  2. Independent comic artists will rise and SJWs will oppose this with monstering, see the personal harassment campaign against plebcomics.
  3. Big Comic Companies will double down on their film production, which will also suffer from the same taint.
  4. Geek culture will become uncool again.
  5. The fake geek SJWs will leave because they care about $$$$$$$.
  6. The real geeks will return and make something decent.
  7. The SJWs will try and pull the same shit, or get it censored and banned.

Study shows fake geeks are extraverted narcissists

We already know, they keep blocking up the lines to conventions and raising ticket prices. Now you can’t go to ONE of those things without the shoals of ‘popular people’ bumping into you (because to them, you’re still invisible). It’s like hey, I came here to get away from you people! You have tons of places to call your own! Aren’t the festivals enough?

They would’ve found the opposite if they’d studied geeks before being one became ‘cool’. Maybe they should replicate once it does go totally out of fashion, I sense that shift is already happening.

Now, by pure volume, most geeks are not real geeks. There used to be very few of us, so few that, in a given area, we’d all be on first name terms with one another and our respective interests (because LAN Internet). What do I mean by fakes? As in, they wouldn’t be seen dead doing half that stuff if it weren’t already trendy. And they have to post selfies to prove it.

It’s become an image, aping an identity. Ironic cultural appropriation.

The issue with social science is that it assumes the membership of a group is a stable quantity. With demographics, this holds. Sex, age range, race, nationality, all work fine.

When you involve social status, that assumption is false. In the mad scramble over social media, it never stops. It’s the musical chairs of our age.

Think of the geeks you knew at school as a ratio of the whole school itself. I knew, like, 5/1000, tops. That isn’t even one of a hundred.

And how do you count it? People who like certain (populist) films do not count. Yet I bet they went by markers i.e. wearing t-shirts, quoting a mediocre film or liking it on Facebook….

eyeroll jessica jones omg wtf shut up

So yeah, fake geeks are only there for attention, what a groundbreaking discovery.

Further reading for further fun-poking

Link: Geek, nerd subculture and SJW entryism

Once they are cool, they have to start worrying about people coming in because they are cool, or because they are something that is happening that can be captured and redirected for other purposes.

Simple test: can they contribute? No? Only Critical Theory? Boot them out. They are parasites and leeches of status and money. Apolitical topics should never allow politics. This is common sense. They’re using you as a platform.

Would it be a cheap shot to say they can’t police their borders?
Let alone remove treasonous violators who would sell them out? Clue: if they’re trying to change who you are and what you do (the things that define you), they are Other.

They seem to think playing by the rules is better than winning.

If the other guys are cheating, the game rules no longer apply. There’s nothing noble in losing and it doesn’t make you the better person to lose deliberately for a vague excuse of principle (I’ve heard it called winning the moral battle).

are you kidding me rn seriously wtf da vincis demons

How many abortions is it a year now, Conservatives? Sure, ‘moral’ battle….

When it comes to the culture war….

They choose to lose and call it Principle.

The emotional abyss of SJWs (re Fake Gamers)

Their emotional intelligence is low enough that I consider autism for some of them. Emotionality isn’t the same as emotional intelligence, in fact it’s often a sign EQ is very low because they cannot surmise when it’s appropriate or control themselves.

I’ve covered this before;

…We don’t care about you. We’re here for the convention.

We don’t care about your opinions as they pertain to anything other than the material at hand….

“yet each man kills the thing he loves”

We’ve had a black Spiderman.
A Muslim Ms Marvel.
Archie is sacrificing himself for a gay guy.
We’re getting a female Thor, flying in the face of a real religion (isn’t that offensive?)
and a black Captain America.

Yeah, geek culture is rapidly de-cooling. What these feminazis don’t realize with their controlling behaviour, they are pushing out the very people, the real, genuine, Original fans, who made these things cool in the first place. At LFCC, I don’t know any real fans who went this year. I stayed away, and I know one girl who showed up, saw the number of fake hipsters forming a massive queue and decided not to bother. Like a real geek, she didn’t wanna be jostled by that many people, no matter what it was.
5 years would be a stretch for how much longer this can continue, and certain films are gonna bomb at the BO, catastrophically for the movie companies stupidly trusting the SJWPBS they read on Tumblr. They couldn’t just do a Black Widow movie and a Black Panther and see how those did. They had to fuck with the formula and characters the best part of a century old.

If they ‘win’, and geek culture is ruined (I’m not reading Thor anymore for example they could’ve used Sif), hopefully it’ll show up what these people are like. You can’t have your own subculture, they’ll take it away from you. You can’t have your own characters, unless they fit their ugly moulds for the sake of percentages over art. The fascists have crossed over into fiction, and I believe this will ruin the case for feminism for the rest of this century with young people (who love our fandom). Their urge to control normal people and what we choose to patronize or consume always poisons them. Expect the backfire.