Blame the tradlarping cucks

Paper K-types, I warned ya.

Xenophilia is a pathological bias for novelty that never ends, it’s the clinical escalation of sexual debauchery (in life as in ‘porn’). Go live in Thailand with the other creeps and leave us free – of you.

In a real society, it’d be open season on pedos or anyone hinting that it’s acceptable.


I don’t see nation.

I don’t see religion.

I don’t see race.

I don’t see sex.

I don’t see age.

“Pedophilia is the end game of Equality. It always was.”

I try to warn you all. I give you years in advance of their plans where possible.

also, personally, never been jealous of a non-white, the concept of ‘you’re just jealous’ from the Thai-bender pedos is hilarious. White women don’t get jealous of them, we just …don’t? They call us ‘basic’, Becky, plain jane and other anti-white attempts to bring us down but all we need to do is point out how they need to cover up their skanky diseased cunt smell with odious heavy perfume (so never trust a woman with loud perfume) or slowly bring our fingers to our eyes to imitate them like a retarded Star Trek alien (hey, if you’re proud of that feature, isn’t it a compliment???)…. and they lose their minds. Well, Asians have higher mental illness rates among the women in general, note their SJW presence. but lose their minds like an Asian chimpout actually. It’s hilarious. Girl politics is a thing.

quote from

A new type of cuck signalling is the bog standard traitor type who’ll claim their green card waifu is “just as American” and “based/patriotic” as they are. What a cope. Utter shite. We all know you couldn’t get a white woman to save your life (a Russian or Eastern European may be desperate enough) but to try and act like their skanky dumpy smelly (why do they smell so bad? obviously soap isn’t enough) LBFM tramp is better than prime A-grade blue-eyed blonde pussy like Mrs Midwest is insane. There is no contest. They are not fit to lick the likes of her boots and they know it. Asians always try to look more European and even get surgery commonly to do so. Are we supposed to pretend we dunno? They imitate the brows, nose, jawline, everything. It’s like before and afters on porn stars but nobody calls it out.

They dye their hair lighter, they wear blue contacts. They KNOW. They know they low on the totem pole.

There is nothing traditional about being a rebel in the 60s and being a John Lennon. History will grimace.

Of all the sick virtue signals. The fake femininity (“leveling up” con) LBFM is humouring the target while they, in ebonics, ‘secure the bag’. I’ve written about Operation Half-White Baby before. The divorce statistics above the standard white US skank prove it mathematically. It is hardly my opinion. No, they’ll never be American, it’s a racial grouping that refers to the culturally founding European stock. America was only special when Europeans showed up (no magic dirt) and civilized the place, it took our blood and centuries to do, and when Europeans leave an area, the non-whites (including their shit-coloured slant-eyes that look like Pixar rendered obese Downies) are desperate to follow them like test-score tanking locust, lest the white people be happy and thrive in isolation and homogeneity. The white supremacy of it all. How oppressive that we want to be left the fuck alone.

They commit multiple disgraceful category errors like the hyphen American BS. CALL IT OUT.
As the great philosopher Taylor Swift said, “A friend to all is a friend to none”, and as the Holy Bible says, “A house divided cannot stand” you CANNOT logically be loyal to two countries at once. It’s impossible. Civnats reee. Loyalty has one home and it’s often genetic. Then again they’re being played so I vote for bigger alimony – only for Asians. Like she takes 90% of everything. Call it Opium War reparations. Hey, if she ISN’T using you, she’ll never exploit that, right? ….Right?
If you dare complain about diversity in the West or how awful immigration is, you don’t get to import it. If she/he* were traditional, they wouldn’t wanna live in a decadent gibs West with frivorce rights and alimony. Logically. If they want non-white poon, nobody is stopping them (seriously, PLEASE leave), move to THEIR country, don’t burden our system! I don’t want my taxes to fund your mentally ill little mongrels (Darwin’s term). I should have freedom of association in my homeland and I do NOT consent to fund my own genocidal replacement… because I’m not a self-hating white (cuck). We need an oreo like term for them. Reverse twinkies? Cook the rice, pay the price, don’t place it on your countrymen, anchor babies still count as an invading force. The Trotsky term ‘racist’ is weaponised by the race cucks, surely as any self-proclaimed Lefty. Tradlarpers must be booted out or you stand for nothing, as Vox enlightens us and posits herein. The mixing logic is the bloody same thing. The enemy is in our tent. I almost long for war so we can lock them all up for crimes against humanity (and spycraft). Contrary to what my treasonous detractors may claim, I’ve been told I look Asian a few times and I was so offended I could’ve committed murder. Comparing a purebred woman to an inferior race of, as Martin Freeman called Lucy Liu, dogs? I’d rather be punched than called so fug. Here’s an insight into the hierarchy of insults: Tranny would be less an insult to most white women, they can look athletic. LBFMs look like baby prostitutes, smelly ones. The plainly autistic weebs in question actually thought they were giving me a compliment because of their fetish clouding their judgement. Their faces were so surprised to see my abject disgust and horror at the accusation. Naturally their taste in women (short, dumpy chubby exes, and other descriptors that could never apply to me) was shit. I think they meant the long smooth hair from the back (God, I hope!) but it’s so fucking insulting when they get surgery to look like us, actually. They spend five figures on jaw reconstruction for this. They wear putty nose bridges to look like me. Do not insult my ancestors. We’d rather die than mongrelise. There’s an insight into female politics re race. That’s why white women mix the least, whatever they say. The highest disgust for it. Their racial delusions and fetishes are offensive to any right-thinking person. No wonder normal people in studies [link] view them (couples) as subhuman or more like animals, it’s bestial and extreme r. Speaking of – Have you seen the dyke couple on youtube where one’s a half-breed and the other a crypto Jewess in a wheelchair? I could hardly believe it. It was only something you could meme as current year. If you showed that [link] to the ww1/2 generation, they would have shaken hands with the Nazis faster than you can say degenerate gas chamber. [not to endorse that, exactly, just saying they WOULD… it’s so bake the cake, bigot, they would be horrified they died for that shit] That is the future of their prog-logic. It never ends at one blending. Vox is 100% spot on. You cannot have one type of -blindness without the ‘tuther.

You can’t go partial Sodom.

There are no brakes on the train ride to Hell.

My model of reality is more predictive than yours, so listen up.

Bonus points for cognitive dissonance and racial gaslighting about muh colourblindness, if they count the mongrel half-breeds as ‘honorary Aryans’, whatever the fuck that’s supposed to be. You’ve seen the mental illness dooming those half Asian kids in studies. It’s sick to produce such a creature, selfish and grotesque to knowingly produce such a being for your kink. The prog-logic is evil. It’s hippy Boomer ‘if it feels good, do it, and doom your country’. And what, are naked kids running on the beach Honorary Adults to pedos? It’s the same reasoning, exactly like Vox Day says. You cannot endorse race blindness without age blindness, as he correctly logically states. You cannot deny one without the other.

I see the tide turning on China’s purchased popularity btw, between their cash grab and wu flu.

So the days of Model Minority are a myth in the process of being debunked.

They’re literally buying schools, bribing universities and stealing IP (including from our militaries, as I WARNED) but the weeb says ‘it’s fine’ despite billions of single ‘bob and vagene’ men on the horizon wanting to steal the women of his own tribe. The cuck cries out ‘racist’ in faux pain as he kills his own demographics. Evolution is zero sum. No kvetching about muh white birth rates with crocodile tears when you bring half-breeds into the country, you utter disgraces. It’s like the crusty Lennon Boomers starting second families in Thailand. Bar them from re-entry, they wanted to leave. Make them lie in that bed. Then again, we all know they’re closet pedos because they never want the adult looking Asians, only the ones that look like 8-12 year old girls (by studied out-group, white perceptions) with narrow hips, short limbs and no tits. I vote we deport the cucks with the anchor baby mommas. They are not entitled to live here. Rice Queens? Rice Queens. To defy the pedo-pushing, we must deport the ‘sex tourist’ pedos among our own ilk. Stop pretending pedo rape is only a Muslim thing. They make this easy now they’re getting second passports. Revoke the Western ones.

*Female weebs are just as cucked and pathetic, btw. So this has nothing to do with envy (not that someone on my level would), it’s the principle that mixing is sick and unnatural and anyone who does it is practically committing bestiality, (see study above) if you know your Darwin. Anyone else see that hilarious barren/impotence tale with the female weeb recently?

This one: the biggest white thot in Hong Kong:

Some people filmed themselves getting colonoscopies, she films herself with a probe in her vagina. Class act. I would bet money she’s bipolar. There’s a PCOS link. A 5 in Ohio becomes a 10 in China. Weebs think they’re clever. Nature has other plans.

Who could’ve predicted this bullshit? If only someone had discussed fertility problems in the mixed…. outbreeding depression is real, bitch.

It never occurs to them (conceit, weebceit?) that God blessing a union with children is telling the mixers they’re damned. Like sure, you can fuck over Mother Nature with multiple rounds of IVF but doesn’t that necessity of it suggest it might be an abomination at some point? Like how that literal whore Anna Bey can’t get pregnant with HER Arab ‘husband’/sponsor. It’s so predictable and preventable with proper stigmas. A stigma is there for health reasons, dumbass. In former centuries, they’d just die trying. We’re not being mean. We’re trying to stop natural selection killing you or wasting decades of time on a barren, cursed union. I have no less disgust for female weebs, hate-readers, the practice is nauseating and nature literally aborts their foetuses (see below) to back me up on this, even when directly implanted. You have to take Frankenstein level drugs to make it vaguely feasible.

God is telling you NO for once. Listen?

The funniest part is part three when she cries about it being chromosomal ‘abortion’ (too early to count, never implanted, her body is rejecting him at a biological level take a hint lady). Would you rather have an expensive retard ruining your life, at best? You’ll have to care for such a potato until you die and then it suffers a few decades longer in a home. It’s cruel. Well, it being racial incompatibility makes it literally chromosomal you dumb little cunt, yes. Maybe they couldn’t tell her the full reason (she seems simple) or she doesn’t believe it’s the coupling. Biology > You/r ego.

And the husband in the above video clearly hates her and views her as a dumb white baby machine. He mocks her constantly and laughs at her xenophilic attempt to ‘assimilate’ into his ‘culture’. Do not be surprised when he divorces her some time after using up her womb. Called it. The contempt from the Asian side is merited. Take our trash, please.

Like, please keep them.

Asians are more materialistic than white women. The next crash will prove it. They’ll jump ship from the SS Wyt Dick.

They also seem to be imitating black American women, which is concerning. Part of the mental problems?

Classic case of Latex Face too. Horrifying. So stretched and like Botox bloat.

Note: disbelieving in physical boundaries is how you end up in prison, though. Tyrone think he the prize….

The Bible warns against this practice out of wisdom. There are no exceptions.

Blend at your peril. It never ends.

Imagine my shock.

Reminders of treason for false believers

Treason alongside other unclean-ness can be financial as well as sexual and cultural (xenophilia).

“My son, if sinners entice you, Do not consent.” Prov 1:10

To deliver you from the strange woman, – Prov 2 (synonym: foreign)

But because of immoralities, each man is to have his own wife, and each woman is to have her own husband. The husband must fulfill his duty to his wife, and likewise also the wife to her husband. – 1 Cor 7:2-3

But the Spirit explicitly says that in later times some will fall away from the faith, paying attention to deceitful spirits and doctrines of demons, – 1 Timothy 4:1 anti-natalism is the Satanic principle of their religion.

They are cowards who fear an actual Biblical society for men:
“”If a man seduces a virgin who is not engaged, and lies with her, he must pay a dowry for her to be his wife. “If her father absolutely refuses to give her to him, he shall pay money equal to the dowry for virgins.” – Exodus, Yes you need to pay the woman, you took something from her. Sex is physical, including rape. It is a theft. To act like sex is nothing (fun is an innocent thing for children, not a synonym for vice) or a mere form of exercise is Satanic. Man is not a rutting beast. Muh dick logic doesn’t fly.

“If there is a girl who is a virgin engaged to a man, and another man finds her in the city and lies with her, then you shall bring them both out to the gate of that city and you shall stone them to death; the girl, because she did not cry out in the city, and the man, because he has violated his neighbor’s wife. Thus you shall purge the evil from among you. “But if in the field the man finds the girl who is engaged, and the man forces her and lies with her, then only the man who lies with her shall die” – Deut 22 #MeToo is ironically Biblical. We should hold sexual terrorists accountable.
PUAs strangely silent on this one. God forbid we hold men accountable for what they do with their body. There are no second chances to rape in a Christian patriarchy. As it should be.

Seduction is made plain as evil:
and still on America’s legal books from a better time.

“11 But as soon as she brought them near him to eat, he overpowered her and told her, “Come here and have sex with me, my sister!”” When refused:

“14 But he refused to listen to her, and because he was stronger than she was, he raped her.”

But sure, blame women. And this causes the weakness in low IQ men called misogyny:

“15 After this, Amnon hated Tamar with such intensity that the hatred he hated her with was greater than the love he had loved her with. “Get out of here!” he said.”

Then we get the gaslighting instead of a trial.

“20 Later, her brother Absalom asked her, “Has Amnon, that brother of yours, raped you? Then keep quiet about your half-brother for now, my sister. Stop taking this so personally.” From that time on, Tamar lived in continuous desolation within her brother Absalom’s house.”

28 Then Absalom instructed his young men, “Please keep watching Amnon until he’s drunk. Then I’ll tell you, “Attack Amnon!’ As soon as I do, kill him and don’t be afraid! You have your orders, so be strong and brave!”

Yet they complain women aren’t held responsible… projection. Fish rot from the head, societies are ruined by weak men.

29 So Absalom’s young men did to Amnon just as Absalom had commanded. Then all the rest of the king’s sons got up, and each fled on his mule.

Men have been dodging holding one another responsible for rape for eons. If you permit rapists to attack your women, God will kill you all off and you’ll deserve it. So you see, the West mostly deserves to die. According to this lesson in the Bible, at least. You should kill them and let God sort them out.

38 After fleeing to Geshur, Absalom remained there for three years.

(David went soft during this time).

What do you expect from an adulterer? This is why the rule of men has failed, none of them punished one another. The Bro code is multicultural hypoagency, overtly anti-God.

16 So the king left, taking his entire household with him except for ten mistresses, who were to keep the palace in order. – 2 Sam 15

21 Ahithophel responded, “Go inside and have sex with your father’s mistresses, whom he left to keep the palace in order. Then everyone in Israel will hear how your father has come to hate you and everyone who has joined you will be emboldened to act.” – 2 Sam 16 that’s called rape actually

Men writing one another blank cheques to be whores is nothing new. That is why women loathe modern men, they earned it. Sexual disgust is based on actions, not chromosomes. What such men merit respect? None. Where is their conscience?

Fornication/rape of ten women because rape of one is also a sin? As Carlin said, fucking for virginity? Men are illogical. This is why humans mostly deserve Hell. The double standards. Nobody is exempt. That’s why it’s a standard.

or King David could’ve practised the Word of God and just killed the rapist like a real man. You shouldn’t have raised a rapist. You deserve to grieve the rapist you made. This could have all been avoided if your sons weren’t whores.

18:14 “There’s no reason to wait for you!” Joab retorted. Then he took three spears in his hand and stabbed Absalom in the heart while he was still alive, dangling from the branches of the oak tree.

The wages of sin.

Absalom should’ve done his duty and avenged Tamar instead of banishing her and telling her to get over it. But muh bro code got them all killed.

2 Sam 19:4 Meanwhile, the king veiled his face and kept on crying loudly, “My son Absalom! Absalom my son, my son!”

What about Tamar???

You raised two rapists while whoring around yourself. The apple doesn’t fall far from the tree.

Solomon, who consorted with demons, also bedded them in possession of foreign women.

“Now King Solomon loved many foreign women along with the daughter of Pharaoh: Moabite, Ammonite, Edomite, Sidonian, and Hittite women,”

The reason the Bible warns of the danger of seductive women.

“From the foreigner who flatters with her words.”

God made you what you are, do not trespass those bounds.

“During his encounter with the woman at the well, Jesus broke three Jewish customs. First, he spoke to her despite the fact that she was a woman. Second, she was a Samaritan woman, and the Jews traditionally despised Samaritans. For centuries Jews and Samaritans had rejected each other. And, third, he asked her to get him a drink of water, although using her cup or jar would have made him ceremonially unclean.

…To fully grasp the story of the woman at the well, it’s important to understand who the Samaritans were–a mixed-race people, who had intermarried with the Assyrians centuries before. They were hated by the Jews because of this cultural mixing and because they had their own version of the Bible and their own temple on Mount Gerizim.”

Sixth Commandment is a command to keep God’s designed bloodlines clean. This is also a Jewish principle and explains their success neatly versus mixed, mongrelized populations. Inbreeding < Outbreeding.

When we approach the Bible on the subject of immortality, it is well to have in mind a few important facts that are basic and necessary to a proper understanding of the subject. Nowhere in the Bible is the expression to be found, “the immortality of the soul.” Nor is there written anything about “the immortal soul.” We are not suggesting for a moment that Scripture teaches anything about the sleep or annihilation of the soul at death. The thought of the soul’s endless being is true enough, but it is not Scriptural language to refer to “the immortality of the soul.” The Word of God assumes the eternal existence of every soul regardless of its destiny. Every man’s soul is immortal and can never be annihilated. Jesus said: “Fear not them which kill the body, but are not able to kill the soul; but rather fear him which is able to destroy both soul and body in Hell” (Matthew 10:28).

Now those who teach “soul-sleep” would have us believe that their doctrine is Biblical, when actually they have falsified the facts by their misinterpretation of Scripture. Man can kill the body, but that is the worst he can do. God alone can take hold of both body and soul and condemn them.

It is true we read: “The soul that sinneth, it shall die” (Ezekiel 18:4),

but neither here nor elsewhere in Scripture does a reference to the soul dying mean a state of non-existence, or even one of unconsciousness. The Bible teaches that there are three kinds of death and it distinguishes clearly between each. First, there is physical death, or the separation of the soul from the body. This is the death of the body to which reference was made in Hebrews 9:27, “It is appointed unto men once to die.” Second, the Bible teaches that there is a spiritual death. This is the separator of the soul from God, the condition of all unbelievers of whom Paul says they are “dead in trespasses and sins” (Ephesians 2:1), and “alienated* from the life of God” (Ephesians 4:18). Third, there is eternal death or banishment from God. All who suffer eternal death are conscious, but “shall be punished with everlasting destruction from the presence of the Lord” (2 Thessalonians 1:9), these “have their part in the lake which burneth with fire and brimstone, which is the second death” (Revelation 21:8).

*the Other, the out-group

nb. Adam chose to eat of the tree, despite a direct warning from God. Nobody mentions this.

“In ADAM all die” – 1 Cor 15:22 so the PUA types blaming Eve/women are literally giving you false words, Adding to the Word.
You follow false prophets, anti-natal monsters.
You follow dead men in how to live your barren life. “A man who finds a wife finds a good thing”, “more precious than rubies” and “love her because she is a woman”.

They believe the lies of the mixed population (including certain bloggers), who project their unclean status onto the West and its men and women. Then be gone from us and go back from whence you came. We never wanted you here.

“For as in Adam all die, even so in Christ shall all be made alive” (1 Corinthians 15:22).

The evangelical arrogance of Americans is to think proclaiming yourself a Christian makes you so. A corpse identifying as dead is not made living. You will only know if you’re going to Hell when you die. Vanity does nothing. Their belief is easy to question, since they preach against the Bible per se. The door of death will be closed to them. The Afterlife does not exist for all or even most people (the way is narrow). They deny this. They deny God.
Preaching one thing with your words (HYPOCRITE) and another with your actions (endorsing anti-natal, Molechian practice) is not Christian. 1 Peter 4:15 “busybody in other people’s matters” – influencer.
There is no rest for the wicked, they must constantly corrupt others and finally destroy themselves.


Humans don’t say ‘you broke my brain’ we say ‘you broke my heart’. The heart stores the soul and its memories. The heart and brain both cannot regenerate in humans. Once damaged, medical science gives you a short timer. So this era is interesting in the biggest COD being heart disease. A reprobate mind/heart?

Abusing your spouse is satanic…

equally yoked, repeat after me, EQUALLY YOKED

if you treat your spouse like a tireless maid or sex slave or your own child (yuck) then no wonder they’ll leave you

this is wrath, pure and simple

the prov 31 waifu ideal was extremely independent, not chained to a radiator in the kitchen
she wasn’t expected to clean and cook, they had servants! now we have appliances and part time workers

comment: “Step 1: shame women for having a sexuality
Step 2: whine and manipulate when women don’t want sex”

What kinda retard preferentially marries a woman with a low enough libido not to be a slut in THIS society then complains about it? You wanted loyalty right? It’s like parents who tell their kids sex is bad only to complain the child doesn’t want to make grandkids. I have seen this a lot with Gen Y and Zoomers, their parents whatever their political branding, shamed the kid for sexual interests, however harmless, and now huff and puff about why no wife/husband, why no wedding, why no grandparents? Show me in the Bible where it says sexual congress (intercourse) by itself is evil. You cannot. Good day Sir.

If you use ‘slut’ to mean woman with libido, you’re shutting off her libido. At the source (mind) permanently. A slut is supposed to be promiscuous (male or female) outside of marriage, a behaviour that doesn’t correlate to libido. A woman with low libido can still sleep around. You played yoself. If you wanted a ho, you should’ve done a Prince Harry and married one. You cannot convert women like that, it doesn’t work. We’re not sexual Transformers. You put on a wedding ring and POW. We’re not fucking Transformers.
She’ll also be disgusted by the male libido, since sexual shame isn’t just in one place. Idjits.

They think like socialists, like a non-slut is tabula rasa and they can programme her like MKULTRA. You cannot programme anyone sexually, even a virgin. Libido especially is dispositional in women and not connected to behaviour whatsoever. You can’t see it from the outside. If she wasn’t burning in lust for you, why marry her? Why expect wedding cake to magically make her horny? Porn isn’t real. Those women are faking. Yes, all of them. That’s why they’re paid. FFS. They treat Christians like fembots ready for rewriting like a blank CD. Not how genetics work.

comment “I’m sorry since when is refusing to have sex a sin”

Never. But watching porn is adultery. Weird how they skip that. If I were the wife I’d put on tons of gay (male) porn in the background 24/7 until he concedes it’s immoral. The really hardcore bear stuff.

Also the Bible says to often be celibate for God, like Catholic festivals. They happen every other week. And no sex on the day of rest, so that’s 1/7 of your marriage where you need other things in common. And no non-fruitful sex ever, so that’s both oral and anal out of the equation. No Pill. If you wanted pornographic performance, you should’ve married that. You cannot change a person to make them like that. What is wrong with them?

comment “I used to be Christian, and I’d just like to inform… God never fucking said those 10 commandments of marriage or whatever”

men who should be incels if society hadn’t fallen, making shit up as ‘Jesus said’
no you’re a deviant

comment “fun fact: taking her money and withholding it or controlling what she spends is actually considered abuse…..”

literally, it’s like kidnapping, they can’t fucking LEAVE and it’s infantilising since they’re basically asking for pocket money (with shades of Marxism because their own money is taken -stolen- and they own nothing – that’s a human rights violation)

combined with the isolation often pushed, it’s a cult of two

why don’t you want your wife to have friends? wtf how insecure and tragic, women outlive men

comment “If you are seriously “disciplining” your wife, you’ve already failed step one at “not being abusive”.”

Is God coming down on a cloud to whip you for not ‘obeying’ Him? JFC.

comment “The find pleasure in ur wife is surrounded by verses of appreciating her even if she is not as conventionally attractive as when you married her, and is basically saying don’t cheat on ur wife. Even the submission line about submitting to ur husband is followed by as he submits to God. As in if he is not a good man, yeet because to submit to an evil man would be wrong. Its also surrounded by she would be a help mate, as in “help” and not you know obey everything. There are plenty of stories in the bible of women doing their own thing and acting by themselves and committing minor sins in order to avoid a larger one or to get justice.”

Yeah these guys would never marry in Biblical times because they’re controlling bullies who want a woman like a pet dog.

It’s actually putting me off my own religion. I guess I could become Buddhist or something. What’s the most low effort religion. Wicca? They like trees right? I like trees.

re spanking – hitting your wife is not Christian, I don’t care what you say. If it makes you holy, why isn’t she hitting him? These guys never mean a cheeky tap as she passes in the kitchen, it’s always minimisation of BATTERY which guess what is illegal and criminal, according to codes set forth in Victorian times. Would you be okay with the police finding out, is the snuff test.

I also like how the woman is possibly lying about her fetish. If anything you encourage discord because she can’t openly ask for it.

“For disrespect” – and acting like an abusive dad would make her respect you MORE???

Putting it out there, women disrespect violence and other forms of abuse. PSA.

‘failing to care for the children’ – that is the man’s job…. THE children? No? You wanted her to make them. Her job was to make them. Your role is support.
they are YOUR children, she didn’t self-impregnate? is this beating her for yourself being a deadbeat? you can neglect your kids without leaving, by being a lazy (slothful) POS

Internet access is ruled a human right. WTF. What’s next, chain her up and take her phone so she can’t dial 999? IS THIS AN EPISODE OF CRIMINAL MINDS? Dexter would totally kill this guy. Imagine feeling threatened by meme pages. It’s like a horror film.

If ‘sexual denial’ is so wrong, she should rape him, repeatedly, all over the house. I’m serious. If he’s doing it to her, see who lasts longer. Sex is painful for men if they haven’t passed the refractory period. Meanwhile, women don’t really have one. So if I were in that situation, I’d just demand it constantly and…. he isn’t ‘allowed’ to say no right? Can he go ten times in a row? Doubtful. I also doubt a man would last longer than a day due to that kind of torture and yes, refusing to respect bodily agency like that is torture. Sexual torture includes forced ‘sex’ i.e. rape, whoever it is. What is wrong with America? Why is it always America? You can see why we, the sane Christians deported them to the colonies. What with the Mormons selling babies for rape to the Amish incest…. y’all ain’t Christian, this is Satanic crap. Stop adding to the Word.

Or you could just demand to peg him first. That would make him realise being penetrated against your wishes isn’t fun. Almost like porn is a psyop to destroy marriages.

Also, the Bible does say to treat your wife well, to love her as yourself. Prov 31 woman wore silks.

Women can go without sex for years and we actually live longer, with better health that way, so trying the passive-aggressive beta bitch withdrawal tactic will not work. Then she’ll just have a reason to keep the legs closed. Who’s more petty, men or women? The answer is both but you want sex more than she wants a dress so she will win. Have you ever met a woman who wasn’t your cousin? You have to romance a woman, even in marriage. Marriages are healthier elsewhere because American men are told romance is unnecessary once married…. tell her libido that.

This ‘advice’ is spiteful and vindictive. Is she your wife or a hostage? Why act like you hate them?

Humane treatment is not a privilege, no wonder your women leave you. I can feel my vagina drying up as I read about it.

I honestly wouldn’t treat a dog like that. You signed up to cherish her, unconditionally. Withholding affection is emotional.

Doing nice little things is the whole point of marriage, how can one person suck so much? If you don’t massage her, do you think sex is a) more likely or b) less likely? Dipshit. These control freaks always seem so weak.

Honestly if my husband hypothetically stopped allowing me outside, to spend my own money, demand a bunch of weird porno stuff and the like, I’d probably just cheat with a man who understands romance is the whole point of a union, while filing a lawsuit for kidnapping, identity theft and the many, many human rights violations. Plus a restraining order because this sounds like ways to torture your enemy e.g. they can’t leave the country? How do you imagine that being legal? Women are turned on by romance, if you shut off that dial – SHE WILL GET IT ELSEWHERE. It’s like not watering a plant and hitting it for going limp. You had ONE JOB. I don’t even believe in adultery but if the marriage is already dead because they clearly hate you then who cares? You’ve given them nothing to live for (including the basic respect of friendship) and nothing else left to lose. It’s extreme cruelty. Cruelty is when you take away basic dignity. The Bible says to leave a cold man. It is ‘better’ to leave. The Bible says you get sex, assuming you didn’t cheat, it does not promise love, lovemaking or respect. Ya gotta earn that, chap.

comment “This should be called “How to get your wife to file for divorce.””

I honestly think they must be trolling. A knowledge of reverse psychology 101 would mean they have to be joking. They’ll complain about Marxism and say where’s the incentive to work and it’s like…. have ya tried asking your WIFE?

comment “As a married christian wife, THIS. IS. DISGUSTING. And it is NOT what Christ teaches. This is a man trying to twist the Bible to serve his pervy desires”

I guarantee all these guys are porn addicts trying to go in the backdoor dry. It’s like they’re closet cases punishing their wife for not being a man. They want a spouse with a man’s libido, manual labour skills etc. They gay. That is a homosexual expectation. Why do you want a woman, only if she’s exactly like a man? That ain’t straight.

When you marry, sex is supposed to be vanilla. You literally signed up for it. You cannot turn a housewife into a ho.

comment “If you replace every time it says “wife” for “hostage” or “slave” it sounds a little more accurate”

comment “This is just a list of abuse. I can’t believe people will follow this.”

MUH BIBLE is not a defence in criminal court. It looks like they have a Stockholm Syndrome fantasy.

Your wife is not your captive. Trauma bonding, even if it did occur, is a temporary phenomena. Survival instinct over-rides it.

comment “This is a step-by-step guide on how to turn people away from Christianity.”

This makes me want to be an atheist more than anything I’ve read on reddit.

“These type of men act like women aren’t human beings” narcissists view all other humans as objects, the wedding is an excuse for violent projection

Treat her mean to keep her keen – is the very reason American divorce is so high compared to other Christian nations. Abuse makes them hate you, not obey you. That advice is given by perma-single men because women eventually run away or by bitter divorcees trying to ruin the next generation out of envy. Angry old men are not a valid reference point for happiness. Is a fat guy a reference point for fitness?

comment “Huh so marriage is about treating your wife like she’s an animal that needs to be trained and having the husband control her life and things she does, well then guess I’m not getting married”

Animal husbandry is not literal. If she’s too ‘stupid’ to need control you shouldn’t have married her.

Michael writes “This isn’t just misogynistic, it’s rapey and disgusting. I’m extremely uncomfortable knowing that someone actually wrote this.”

comment “Treating your woman as an inferior being is not Christianity Taking away her freedom – Sexual, financial, emotional is not Christianity Forcing her to be at home is not Christianity This shit is not Christianity, it’s insanity.”

Kidnapping, false imprisonment, bunch of felonies really. I want a criminal lawyer to look over these.

Sexual perversion is Satanic.

the tradlarping ego trip paradox

The women most likely to eschew all men (in postmodern culture) and generally mortal male authority are devout Christian women. I’ve been called a misandrist online for refusing to recognise any mortal man’s moral authority short of Jesus. When you can walk on water dude, I’ll listen. They seem to think muh Bible is a magical thinking excuse to get their own way with any woman or argument when that’s silly.
Meanwhile, the tradwife larping women are using the man to furnish their lifestyle and fame; a male, prideful trait. They’re fake feminine, biding their time until he dies or she leaves him. Nobody discusses how to separate the two.

From experience and of those I know, women just outright rejecting men (because ew, whoredom) are met with confusion at best, ridicule (‘you’re missing out….’ – yeah on your STDs, good?) commonly and called lesbians or, ironically, whores at worst (the latter by misogynists). You see, weak men are only nice to women they might sleep with, that’s pushed a lot of women into thot culture to follow male praise, which in all past times was a moral motive. The power of the world is in the tongue. If men want a pure culture, shame sluts and praise ‘prude’s. Nothing less works. Doing the first half but only if they won’t sleep with you specifically won’t work. The move to male purity in nofap terrorises the Marxists, threatening their mental power over men.

In addition, men get to propose but unions are planned by women, virgins want other virgins and since sperm is always cheap, r-men don’t get to buy their way into a k-select breeding pool. This is why out-breeding libertarian rice cookers couldn’t get a good white woman and had to settle, like mudsharks do. Even Weinstein with all his power and money had to BEG women, and those were actual whores. Reality bites. Men are not the peahens choosing but the peacocks competing to BE chosen. Why fear it? To wish to choose as a male is effeminate. This is why gay men can be pedants e.g. fashion and shrews e.g. parades of activism, cancel culture and ‘representation’. This is why k-women hate players, like a physical visceral disgust. They think like a woman. They played themselves. By becoming hotter to sluts (r-women) they’re closing off the trad life they mistakenly imagine they can retcon back to. Nobody is universally attractive. It’s a cope. K-women embrace the fact slutty men will mock and degrade their choices (ad nauseum, while also denying pure women exist…) but degenerate men are only beginning to experience the same ridicule in K-shift as the tide turns and there’s no born-again virgin, since virginity is medical/biological. Jesus didn’t mention virginity, of the body, but the spirit cleansing, the Holy Spirit. It doesn’t undo what was done, any more than un-severing a limb. Jesus won’t even cause your mutilated foreskin to grow back, what of pair bonding in the brain? Why still seek after flesh like a rutting beast when as a new Christian, bedding women is a lecherous thought? These guys practice occult ritual scarification of the penis (jelqing), which causes ED and other impotence problems in getting it up.

Tearing the manhood, how satanic. If tugging worked, teen boys would be dragging it on the ground. Israel is creating customers, I see. Look at Viagra users per country, israel and USA are top, also in circumcision. With the latter waning as parents love their sons, propaganda must be made to make white men self-harm. At least, until refusing to cut the manhood in partial castration to sell the tissue for face filler (fibroblasts) can be spun as anti-Semitic and/or Islamophobic.

In other words, trying to make your functioning penis bigger can result in damaging it so much that it no longer functions as a sexual organ.

It’s thought that around 40 per cent of 40-year-old men have some degree of ED, and that number goes up with age (50 per cent at 50, etc).

But tugging on your member repeatedly also damages those blood vessels – meaning that you could struggle to get or maintain an erection even if you are young and healthy…….

It’s like a plot from Idiocracy. You are the dysgenic threat.

The paper Ks can’t fake their way into the club, God knows your impure heart.

A lot of r-men will leave the gene pool by vasectomy (good), some by self-harm (inc. STD sterilization) but many more by being choosy beggars.

Your penis can actually shrink as the years pass by.

God said to go forth and multiply, not dilly dally wasting your youth. Sperm ages like milk, see paternal age studies.

the low oxygen level causes some muscle cells to lose their flexibility and gradually change into something akin to scar tissue,”

same happens to nuns with age, women should masturbate if they plan to marry and give birth at some point, it’s in gynecology textbooks how the vagina can atrophy

Meanwhile, non-virgin men seeking virgin women have already failed a basic spiritual test, who wants their kids to have slut genes of either sex? Then why wait for that, what’s the point? Why not settle with the richest slutty man, in that case? By their own paradigm, it makes no sense. The pair bonding is already impaired. Shutting your legs later on is closing the door after the horse has bolted. May as well go with an actively slutty man with power, surely? None of their rationalisations are consistent to logic or reality.

The degenerate men are going to be really angry when they find out Hollywood lied to them (fiction, duh?) about what women really prize (not the aged player with the herp and autist sperm) because while there’s two types of women, they match up to two types of men.

The bitter bachelors of the manosphere

It is an excuse not to self-improve, while also obsessing about all women and blame-shifting onto the Other. Clarey mentioned fake MGTOW years ago. The actual misogynists who cope with extreme interpretations of the Wall and other concepts, ignoring data about men. Not redpill, fake Ks.

They don’t need a ‘good woman’, they’d only abuse her for not magically fixing them like Fairy Godmother (or is that Pussy Godmother?) but they do need therapy. Many seem to have PDs, the devaluation of NPD, the seductive slutting of HPD and no identity while single of BPD.

Ad hominem doesn’t work. Like Republicans being called deplorables, you’re not gonna change hearts. It’s all huge procrastination to avoid looking at yourself. I can’t remember who said but manosphere should be a pitstop to make the changes and you leave it behind a few years later. The bitter guys need to justify their failures to themselves – being single, no kids, whatever the case may be. I wouldn’t mind except they’re corrupting men who might’ve been happy and functional without hearing their poison.

The biggest threat here? Men corrupting younger men.

There are post-wall men on like marriage number 4 daring to lecture the rest of us on degeneracy. Fuck right off? There are also multiple copes they cannot ignore forever e.g. impaired pair bonding in men they call ‘player burnout’ but c’mon, it’s alpha widowhood. Modern men are aging like milk. Most humans are. Most people have trash DNA anyway, and will age badly. Aging well is unusual in both sexes, and something often seen in families, regardless of sex. It seems like the opposite of stoicism – they deny their mortality and aging process. The entitlement to a young waifu is silly. You bring nothing to the table but bitterness thinly concealing long-buried shame. Some go so far as to justify cheating when their wife gets ‘old’ or ‘busy’ (looking after his kids). Those deserve to be alone. Sexual selection is functioning. Not once has one openly gone through the fire of admitting they regretted being a slut, wasting years being the manwhore Hollywood told them they were, useless without. Until they’re honest with themselves, they’ll never move on from the buried shame. I’ve known men IRL do this, I know it works. They are now happy.

Nobody is entitled to another human being. If you cannot ATTRACT one, the common denominator is YOU.

This epidemic of fake masculinity seems to be coming to a head, much like the ‘level-up’ women faking their femininity by adopting a whole new persona. Both groups are crazy. Like actually insane. I’ve warned of both. A bit of that would be fine but they become delusional with bravado and ego.

The contradictions of deadbeats are becoming their own meme

I’ve mocked such contradictions in liberals before but now it’s paper K tier stuff happening frequently online.

deadbeats: women are only good for childcare
deadbeats: why do women get custody…

deadbeats: women are all moral and good as a sex and sweet and only want babies and home-making and lollies
deadbeats: except the one who wronged me, a demon spawn from Hell

deadbeats: SJWs are extremists who’ll die alone
deadbeats: unicorns don’t exist, die alone, don’t even try

also deadbeats: also see how evil women are this woman drowned her baby
also deadbeats: all women must make babies and be left alone with them

deadbeats: we cannot simp to women
deadbeats: buy women a house and put them in it and don’t let her leave

deadbeats: men make more money because we’re smarter
deadbeats: wage gap is a myth

deadbeats: women love nothing more than to be in the home
deadbeats: repeal the 19th and punish them by keeping them at home!

deadbeats: breadwinner is the male gender role, exclusively
deadbeats: expecting to live off my money is lazy and sexist

deadbeats: women have stupid hobbies
deadbeats: we must sponsor them all as hubby

deadbeats: men should be able to exclude women
deadbeat: why can’t I post on women’s websites and women’s issues? also female companies and conferences are sad and should be banned

deadbeats: women should work and ‘pull their own weight’
deadbeats: no not like for money, just free work, it isn’t slavery if we call it femininity
deadbeats: bosses who ask for overtime are oppressing me
deadbeats: workers have legal rights, I will sue
deadbeats: also men need to have our gender role and be manly and NOBODY else, this is natural to us like breathing, our right and duty
deadbeats again: but the draft is sexist and we demand to get paid for all our work, ALL of it
deadbeats: why are men so weak? join the military lol
deadbeats: I love Asian food, pass the soy sauce. Did you know plastic has estrogen?

deadbeat: the Karen meme is funny
deadbeat: How DARE you apply it to entitled men. My mantrums about standard politics are principled one-man stands against the oppression women are too weak to competently lead! #owned

deadbeats: women bring nothing to the table
deadbeats: I am a man, so you must want me and need me, society. I don’t cook, clean, breed or pay for anything really but I exist… Feed me.

deadbeats: men are disposable
deadbeats: something something living in caves without us

deadbeats: men are trash is sexist
deadbeats: ask the minors for nudes

deadbeats: all women are whores
deadbeats: why can’t I find a wife to love me?

deadbeats: make-up is for whores
deadbeats: my future wife won’t cook me breakfast until she’s presentable in a pin-up dress with red lipstick, this is so natural

deadbeats: SJWs are delusional
deadbeats: why can’t women love me just the way I am? why don’t they even like me? I was mean to them!

deadbeats: women take more money from the economy
deadbeats: I refuse to pay child support

deadbeats: women dodge responsibility
deadbeats: she stole my sperm, that is humanly possible in a consensual act of babymaking

deadbeats: matriarchy isn’t real, it happened nowhere in history
deadbeats: we live in a matriarchy literally now and maybe always

deadbeats: manchild is sexist, so is man-up
deadbeats: men need to lead society, like NOW

deadbeats: we’re individuals so you can’t judge me
deadbeats: bro

deadbeats: men can do anything women can and we should
deadbeats: no I don’t want a womb transplant or to parent my own children

deadbeat: all women want to be mothers
deadbeats: not all men want to be fathers

deadbeats: fellow men stop marrying
deadbeats: why is the birth rate going down? what is this marriage rate doing? the SKY is FALLING

deadbeats: the West is degenerate
deadbeats: I have so many matches on tinder

deadbeats: men should protect women
deadbeats: lol marital rape isn’t real but prison rape is, bitch

deadbeats: biology is science feelings aren’t facts
deadbeats: women can rape even though the legal definition involves a penis I feel we should expand it rather than making another biological category

deadbeats: men don’t need women like a fish needing a bicycle
deadbeats: it’s women’s fault men are committing suicide, they needed you

deadbeats: men aren’t rapists
deadbeats: but all rape accusations are false only when against a man

deadbeats: biology is unfair, life on easy mode
deadbeats: women are unfair to me and the world must fix this

deadbeats: a teacher who sleeps with a 17yo boy is a pedo
deadbeats: age of consent being 18 is silly

deadbeats: feminists are evil to speak of any ‘equality’
deadbeats: but men need to talk about their feelings without being mocked, by other men

deadbeats: rape jokes are funny
deadbeats: but male rape is never a joke

deadbeats: I don’t hate women I love my mom
deadbeats: men raised by women are weak

deadbeats: I believe in the Bible
deadbeats: except the stoning men for adultery part and plucking out eyes for lechery

deadbeats: women are scared to be women so use womyn out of insecurity
deadbeats: females

deadbeats: women are race traitors yo
deadbeats: moving to Asia who’s with me?

deadbeats: the West is over, West is dead lol bye suckers
deadbeats: I’m moving back to the West because nobody missed me, Ting Tong and anchor baby in tow. Is immigration still a problem?

deadbeats: women are powerless and stupid
deadbeats: women are responsible for literally everything bad and super sneaky

deadbeats: gender politics is a cope, gender war is stupid
deadbeats: so the MRAs-

deadbeats: women are irrational and hyper-emotional, can’t be trusted
deadbeats: the rapist couldn’t help it, she was wearing a skirt and the boy was in the pool it was a sexual emergency
deadbeats: women have no self-control
deadbeats: women have no libido when married

deadbeats: women need to wear skirts to be feminine
deadbeats: gender isn’t a social construct, it’s innate, men don’t need to do anything, that’s sexist

deadbeats: sexism isn’t real
deadbeats: but you’re sexist

deadbeats: child rape is evil, death penalty needed
deadbeats: jailbait and if it bleeds…. is it really a ‘minor’?

deadbeats: we need more virgins and a full patriarchy
deadbeats: don’t bring back the patriarchy part where they hang rapists

deadbeats: Rotherham et al is evil sexual slavery
deadbeats: prostitution sounds fine, there’s never any such thing as trafficking they all choose to ‘sleep’ with creepy people on threat of violence and death by their ‘pimp’, so it’s a job!

deadbeats: I wouldn’t want my daughter being a stripper.
deadbeats: strip clubs are moral and should be open legally, like in the idyllic 50s

deadbeats: women shouldn’t be held or left responsible for anything
deadbeats: but men should currently be held responsible for nothing

deadbeats: women can defend themselves, we don’t need to protect them
deadbeats: women are weak with no upper body strength and any woman can be raped easily

deadbeats: women aren’t scared to go outside, their life is easy
deadbeats: women should be scared to go outside, machetes, acid attacks, No Go zones too

deadbeats: mixed sex schools aren’t degenerate but girls are too distracting
deadbeats: prison is scary only because male rapists live there
deadbeats: but they probably aren’t really rapists, the accusations are always fake, right?
deadbeats: hiring male teachers for teenage girls is fine

deadbeats: I’m really happy in life, everyone this happy is bitter on the internet 24/7
deadbeats: MGTOW because life sucks and this isn’t depression it’s my personality

deadbeats: bachelor taxes are evil and debt is your own personal fault
deadbeats: rich people should pay for my kids via taxes, not me

deadbeats: bring back debtor’s prisons
also deadbeats: but not for deadbeats who abandoned their family

deadbeats: I believe in the family unit and oppose divorce
deadbeats: that’s why I’ve been divorced so much and keep getting married, to prove it’s bad and women should feel bad

deadbeats: single parents are a menace
deadbeats: but shotgun weddings are evil and oppressive

deadbeats: women should be running society if they want it so bad, let them have it
deadbeats: stop women from working, somehow, like this is an actionable policy when non-Marxists do it

deadbeats: Marxists are stupid, people aren’t the same
deadbeats: all men are equal and also viable husband material

deadbeats: women only want the best of men, as many as possible
deadbeats: women only want monogamy, run

deadbeats: how dare women think men are ugly
deadbeats: omg I only called you fat, you’re a 2 after all

deadbeats: women are stupid and we live in idiocracy
deadbeats: what are low IQ men supposed to do in this economy? women must be forced to marry them

deadbeats: trust women with nothing, they are useless
deadbeats: blame women for everything, they have hypoagency

deadbeats: women are like children
deadbeats: just got a tiktok to stream video game clips and memes

deadbeats: fuck boy is misandry
deadbeats: going out with the boys

deadbeats: Hollywood is fiction, moron
deadbeats: bad boy alpha male playboy 5 life

deadbeats: why should I babysit my own kids I have beer with the boys
deadbeats: boys are disturbed because their father is never around, somebody stop it

deadbeats: freedom isn’t free
deadbeats: I don’t want compulsory service in the military

deadbeats: I believe in evolution.
deadbeats: I’m anti-natal.

dudes, stop
it isn’t even funny now

if they’re serious in those contradictions I am concerned

Low IQ does appeal to incredulity all the time. Stupid people are often surprised. Is it really shocking that society is treating adult men… like adult men? Page me when you’re treated like a baby giraffe.

The fake femininity meme has reached the thots

Yes, I’m exposing you – black, white, yellow, purple, idgaf. Fake is fake.
The link is dead (I wonder why…) but I don’t spare blue-eyed white CHINO thots either:
all fake femininity deserves my ire.

Wearing a dress to ‘hook’ a rich man is prostitution. Lying about who you are is fraud. Men have a right to know who that person is, for future decisions, just as women do about tradlarping men. This is the female version of washed-up PUAs attending church feeling entitled to a virgin. It’s a cope because real Christians want real Christians, virgins want other virgins and real men want real women. No rich white man will rescue you on a white horse from needing to be an adult, black Karens. You’re mostly SJWs, not actually K. Maid in Manhatten was a hilarious* comedy, not a documentary.

Fake Ks exist among women too and those BPD bitches are just as deadly.

They can re-make themselves easily because BPD has no identity, clinically!

The Asians cornered the market already with kawaii bullshit, toxic shrink creams and vaginal and eyelid surgeries.

I’ve already covered the future narcissistic mother CHINOs attention-whoring on their Youtube channels instead of starting a family and being really fawningly PC to Muslims because they’re secretly SJWs. Sometimes, the controlled ops has fake blonde hair, too much make-up and tits, guys. CHINO honeypots happen.

Men need to stop marrying thots, change the incentives and women will change.

*Ralph Fiennes hated Jennifer Lopez (and her white fever) and looked like he wanted to wear her skin throughout. 10/10 would watch again.

If the manosphere were smart, they’d shame the white fever thots.

NAME THE BEAST. It’s the only way to recapture power, explain their MO.

Beware of fake Ks

I’ve been saying for years. There’s a reason the Bible has the death penalty for attempted rape*. Give them no quarter in your area or they’ll corrupt and attack your trusting, naive and young. The law must protect the innocent, lone and vulnerable. Even the Nazis during Occupation carried the death penalty for rapists among their ranks, so how can anyone pretend to be better if they’re concealing or enabling such evils?

The Nice Guy compassion is part of their two-faced nature, everything you need to know about a man’s honour, his character, is in his sexual history. The Bible talks about this, to defile one’s own body is a denial of God. Bacchanalian orgies are the Satanist’s form of worship (self-worship).

Psychopaths are glib and promiscuous and parasitic. Duh.

*It’s easy to spot fake Ks and rapists generally, when they quibble that particular rule. Patriarchy protects women and girls against evil men. Paper Ks are exactly the same variety of evil as the rapist/murderers of the CHINO cult called the Munster ‘rebellion’. They claimed it was all about ‘equality’ too, except they ‘ruled’ extant Christian marriages null and void to steal the wives of other men for themselves. They stole daughters too, r has the same strategy of treachery everywhere. They also raped minors, girls. They chopped a woman’s head off in the town square for refusing to marry a creepy leader in a sham religious cult, extreme r is always like this. It’s been going on for centuries. Fake Ks literally want to rape your daughters. Patriarchy is the rule of fathers to protect their daughters (and sons) from sexual predators, bachelors and cheating creeps are highly suspect in those systems, due to… I dunno, HISTORY?


But now I am writing you not to associate with anyone who claims to be a brother but is sexually immoral or greedy, an idolater or a verbal abuser, a drunkard or a swindler. With such a man do not even eat.

I’ve seen plenty of tradlarping men, claiming to be white (online), criticizing white Christian women, who’ve done nothing to anyone. Where is the defence? They call it ‘simping’ to be nice to your own wife (?), don’t let foreign misogynists pollute your culture. I don’t tolerate such verbal abuse of white men (especially Christians) because it’s pure SJW tier BS so what’s with the anti-white sexism? God made women, only Judaism and Islam* view women as evil (the true religion of the larpers claiming to be ‘fellow white men’) due to Lilith nonsense and rationalising low IQ sexual criminality in those populations. Was the goat asking for it, too?

*same religion

Stop simping to people who hate white culture and mores, whether they attack your fellow brother or sister.

? – I wonder why they’re single, boys? What a catch!

For any wondering, the Bible tells women to cry out if a man tries to attack them so the mob can dispense justice i.e. kill him.

Fake alpha narcissists

It’s like any man who must say “I am king” is no true king.

Writ large.

Mostly they’re cluster Bs, usually male borderlines, so insecure in their identity they conflate bullying and domineering behaviour for confidence, having no true self or inner world beyond the superficial obnoxiousness.

And they think it’s okay because as Bs, they project everyone else ‘must’ be the same way (only lying about it).

All the alphas I’ve met were really nice. Family men types. The kind of happy that cluster Bs DESPISE. Alpha is a breeding pair. Female alphas don’t mention it either. If you’re at the top (a 10 overall) then why be mean? Where is the gain?

How can alpha/other exist if men don’t have genetic/appearance based leagues?

Why obsess over height or your jaw then?

All those refs to ‘dating studies’ that’s really just ONE study (I think OKC?) about women filtering the top men as a matter of course – well, that’s the imperative for women – filtering. That’s the whole point of dating, to find the One. It’s feminine. It’s normal. It’s loyal. It’s SEXUAL SELECTION. Most complaints re this line are pure cope from the unfit males. If you’re alpha, wouldn’t you be in that group? How is that a PROBLEM then? If women had no standards, they’d be prostitutes. ‘Game’ is linguistically the psyops done on trafficking victims to stay as slaves, so telling normal or sub-par men to ‘improve their game’ is knowingly encouraging them to waste their time by sociopathic men who know it doesn’t work.

The self-proclaimed alpha thing for individuals (rather than sociologically, which is valid) is really just astrology for men. Leos are jerks though. It’s literally a basic bitch list of negative Leo traits repackaged as “the chicks dig this, trust random posts on the internet, would we lie to you?”

Look at their wives, that’s all I’m saying. If they had a pussy VIP pass, they’d have a 10 trophy wife.

In studies, women want a man for a husband who is high in conscientiousness. Cluster Bs are the opposite.

Why don’t the manosphere tell you dat, huh?

Muh why aren’t American housewives ‘respected’?

Functioning genitalia are not an accomplishment, that’s why. You shouldn’t need a parade if you actually loved your kids. We don’t celebrate men for breeding either. The only thing they actually DO is lie on their back and open their legs – we don’t celebrate whores either. Housewives outsource most of their work nowadays – washing machines, pre-made food, not growing your own food, laundry, throwing the kids in daycare (attachment disorder producing, abusive). The women who outsource most (60+%) of their ‘job’ don’t deserve respect, the same would apply to any man. Kids also grow up and leave, so a thing you do with a tiny slice of your hopefully long life is not an excuse to act like you’ve done all your hard work for life. Anyone can breed, that puts us on par with an amoeba, there must also be intellectual stimulation in life. Meanwhile, education majors to ‘meet a husband’ are a wasted degree if they won’t teach (someone else could have used the place for work in society) and the students of it have tragically low average IQs in studies. Like a man doing a bullshit degree, people at large won’t celebrate a stupid choice, a degree can be a stupid choice. You can still do a real degree and also have kids, don’t make women self-limiting. Husbands suddenly die all the time, you still need to be qualified. Don’t turn into a Karen, we don’t celebrate men for their fertility either. Functionally acting like a co-dependent (child) isn’t how my own grandmothers behaved, it’s an American construct of sitting around for hours at a time – watching TV, gossiping (socialising) etc. If you can sit around watching hours of TV, you’re not actually at work.

It’s a baby farm, really. A job is what you economically produce.
I’m getting really annoyed by these proto-Karens, bragging that they live at home, ‘home-making’, while still on the toxic Pill pre-baby. All adults tidy their own house. Welcome to adulthood?

You tidy up after yourself? So you’re on par with the average 12yo? Do you want a gold medal with that?

Laziness is its own reward. Do you want a pat on the head too?

When I’ve worked from home I’ve functionally done the exact same work as a ‘housewife’ including cleaning up after others. NOBODY CARED. Why would they? Are you that co-dependent? Is it the right thing or not?

I don’t believe you can be a traditional home-maker while constantly outsourcing 2+ hours of work a day to a robot dishwasher. I never owned one. The chemicals cause cancer and retard kids (explaining America). It’s lazy to boot. Same with a dryer, you’re just lazy, bitch. Americans give me a blank look for telling them about hanging clothes up to dry! Trophy wives aren’t real wives, trophy husbands neither. Outsourcing to non-essential appliances is not work.

They don’t even make their own clothes, another outsourcing!

Pressing the ON button for a dinky robot is NOT vacuuming.

They dunno they’re born. They’re spoiled and entitled – a womanchild.

It’s SJW “support women” and “don’t marginalise them” rhetoric. Er no, you have a husband to support you. Other women owe you NOTHING. We’re not a hivemind, sod off? If you love what you do, you don’t need us to care about your doing it. Just do the thing.

They’re not Christians, they’re prideful. God didn’t say be a doormat to the evil world (only submit to husband, ONE guy), or be proud to be married (being single is also a Christian calling). They sneer at unmarried men and women and sneer at women who contribute taxes to pay for Timmy’s school. They’re derisive, spiteful personalities. Jesus never married, wait, are these bints holier than Jesus now?

We have a website of these cows. mumsnet is a vacuum of human accomplishment and will to live.

We don’t indulge male narcissists being deadbeats and Wayne Slobs either. You’re not special for taking literally the laziest option.

Pre-baby, all they’ve done is fuck a guy. Fucking your own husband isn’t a life achievement.

Narcissistic women don’t become Mother Mary because they took the easy leg-opening option. There’s no excuse to get a bullshit degree, take up that place and then immediately marry because you’re allergic to standards. Replacing your father instantly with your husband means you never actually grow up, what kind of mother is that?
Sitting at home contributing nothing but crotch fruit is what trash and ghetto scum do, nobody wants the low IQ to inflate the population. Having a wedding is also NOT an accomplishment. Twiddling your thumbs for HALF A CENTURY and saying ‘I did my part’ makes you no better than a whore. It’s a broodmare stance. My own ancestors constantly worked multiple jobs while raising kids, what’s your excuse to be useless? If you want respect, cancel all the welfare gibs to ‘mothers’. Why should I pay for you to breed and need to save for me? I didn’t consent to your production of low IQ crotchfruit. I’m not going to celebrate your selfish robbery, that’s sexual Communism. Society will collapse if all women expected to be worshiped for ownership of a vagina.

You didn’t build that!

I know people who want kids but cannot afford them because they’re paying gibs to proto-Karens.

It’s very Regina George, they think we love them but everyone hates them.

Society didn’t ask you to fuck. There is nothing noble about it, chimps do it!

Society knows breeding isn’t a personal talent or virtue.

They want to be infantilised (where’s my parade? the wedding was ONE DAY) but also be taken seriously (muh rapper ‘respek’) – PICK ONE.

Are you sponsored in adulthood or not? In which case, your husband gets the credit, because he makes it happen.

No, proto-Karens do NOT speak for all women or wives or mothers either, the SJWs try that bullshit too. You speak for YOU only.

It isn’t like society has to live with the consequences of their bad parenting forever, is it?

Fine bad parents. Steeply. Also shame them. None of this ‘tried their best’ bullshit. That would make it a worthier pursuit (with standards). The Mrs Midwest fame whores batting their eyelashes and rambling about a ‘blog’ (not work) are the worst dregs of fake femininity. The rest of the world isn’t your husband, we’re not fucking you, we don’t have to care what you ‘think’.

It’s vainglory. Boasting about NOTHING.

They went from being a leech on Daddy to leech on Hubby. Give them credit? For WHAT?

Female tradlarpers ALSO reee. K-types actually delay breeding, so you’re not one of us because you had a wedding, but narcissists chase the status. When their husband either dies and they have no income or leaves them for a younger cunt, they bitch to us to help them? Not so morally superior now, are we?

They’re more often than not (like 7/10) mentally unstable and using ‘home-making’ as a borderline identity replacement. I know many (mostly know of online) who have had multiple mental breakdowns (for no valid reason) before age 25 (HOW) and even took meds. Because that insanity is who men should marry and breed with, that role model living like, “hey kids, when life is hard, just take drugs!” FFS.

If you’re so ‘happy’ proto-Karen, why are you on happy pills? That’s the only Q I have about your ‘lifestyle’. If you never leave the house except to be buried, no wonder you’re depressed!

They’re harridans, that’s why their husband won’t listen or work from home. They’re critical and scolding (passive-aggressively) even in edited Youtube videos, imagine how cunty they’ll be to any kids? They use deceptive words like nurture, soft and loving – but look at their fruit in life (barren), feel their tone and vibe (scolding). Only an autist would be fooled. They’re ALREADY bored and ALREADY resentful (making videos about it for attention). Now add a few decades, do you really wanna live with that?

Tradlarpers wanna return to the 1950s, not the 1850s. They’re delusional.

Do you need permission for everything, really or are you insecure?

Fake eyebrows, fake woman. I’ve seen them lying about wearing make-up for God’s sake… Dying their hair! Basically, if a woman has really over-plucked, cartoony thin or drawn-in porn thick eyebrows, she is insane. Trust me, fellow women know this. They are insane.

R-selection is not traditional, the prov 31 woman was BUSY. Sitting at home opening your legs is also what a lower form of woman does.

I can see why gay guys call us breeders because holy shit, that’s ALL these women do.

You’re a breeding sow, it isn’t deep.

Mollycoddling you isn’t the world’s responsibility, you have a husband to validate you. Nobody else. We ain’t your husband, bitch. Do they ask for applause to take a piss?