The new riser in common male sexual fantasies

(sorry for the riser remark)

come at me bro scarlet pimpernel

Cuckold roleplay fantasies.

Distinguished from actual cuckoldry (where the male is oblivious) in that the men who get off on it rarely desire for it to be real.

Ley hypothesizes that men currently live in a “pornified culture,” so that their sexual appetites can hardly help but be influenced by the lustful “realities” they encounter on the Web. As a result of repeated exposure to the seductive exaggerations of Internet sex, why wouldn’t their erotic fantasies begin to include images of their wife’s being ecstatically “done” by some powerful, oversexed stud (with whom they conveniently identify!)?

So they’re all porn addicts, it’s a symptom?

It only makes (erotic) sense that if we’re now subject to a porn-centric culture, many men—especially young men, whose sex drive is so intense that they have difficulty distinguishing between real love and ravenous lust—would be exceptionally turned on by fantasizing their partner as an enticingly provocative porn star, unrestrainedly exhibiting the wildest excitement in expressing her rawest, most provocative sexuality. And with a super-stud aggressively thrusting his oversized penis into whatever orifice she has to offer him.

After all, what would be so abnormal about a man’s being markedly turned on by picturing his partner as really, really hot and being feverishly lusted after by other virile males (possibly even more virile than himself)? Unquestionably, there’s a great deal of ego involvement here. For the idea of sharing his highly desirable, “temptress” wife (often made much more alluring through his imaginings than might actually be the case) enables him to puff up with pride that, finally, he’s the one that retains ultimate “ownership” of her. Chauvinistic as it may be, what could possibly boost a man’s testosterone level and excitement more than indulging in such a narcissistically exhilarating fantasy?

…Pornographic social proofing?

Sex and the City would never happen irl

I suffered through both films and a few episodes to bring you this revelation. Appreciate its background and my willingness to suffer for the redpill truth. The central premise would never happen. For a point never raised by male commentators.

Women of similar social habits become friends.
Birds of a feather do flock together in reality.

It's a fantasy of social power above sexual power

A slut would never befriend a prude in a meaningful, lasting way. Nor a shopaholic singleton with a devoted mother. A drama queen with a retiring wallflower. Extremes tend to project onto one another. There are few exceptions, that is true, but exceptions prove the rule. SatC is as much a fantasy about Sisterhood, women of all stripes coming together equally, as it is any commentary on what they actually DO once they’re together. (Status-enforcing behaviours, mostly).

You wanna know what really happens when different types of woman get together?

We hate each other. Since women compete socially.

Most of the shit women do is for the benefit of other women

Notice how there’re no women of a different age? Race? Sexuality, really? No male feminists? No gay guys allowed?

It’s a Queen Bee fantasy. Each stereotype is considered powerful “in her own way” (Special Snowflake Siren) and the (stupid) female viewer choosing one to identify with is afforded a secret sense of superiority over the other Girls. Yeah, I’m calling it, this explains the structure of Girls ‘premise’ I read on wikipedia because no way am I suffering through that shit so soon after SatC.