SJWs hate the Left

The free speech Left.

That is waiting for you.

That is your ally.

That is what you’re left with, if it’s Just The Left. Domestic terrorism.


This is a step in the right direction, but fascism is more centred around the people and culture than a simple authoritarian system structure based on someone you can’t dissent from and vote out. We already have that with Juncker of the EU. Lenin, Mao, Stalin…. it isn’t rare.

Starve the beast. They don’t believe in property, they shouldn’t be given any filthy capitalist money. Let them set up an anti-fa commune and they’re free not to associate with evil whitey or whoever else oppresses them with civilization.

Neither group wishes to give up the freedom of association nor the right to life (and self-determination).

Necessarily included in the right of association is the freedom not to associate with others.  There is no right for any individual to join a particular association if other members of the group decide not to include them or to expel them on the basis that their membership was not compatible with the aims and interests of the association.

It’s about who owns the land.

You didn’t build that.


If you stole it, I can steal it too.

Are you sure you want to inherit this? Are you quite sure?

Watch it for five minutes. I bet you can scarcely struggle two.

What, would anti-fa support Trump defaulting on the national debt, since property isn’t a thing?

China owns your asses.

“As of the end of August, according to the Treasury, entities in Mainland China owned $1,200,500,000,000 in U.S. Treasury securities.”

check it:

That’s just embarrassing.

A potentially serious short-term problem would emerge if China decided to suddenly reduce their liquid U.S. financial assets significantly…. The initial effect could be a sudden and large depreciation in the value of the dollar… and a sudden and large increase in U.S. interest rates … The dollar depreciation by itself would not cause a recession since it would ultimately lead to a trade surplus (or smaller deficit), which expands aggregate demand…. However, a sudden increase in interest rates could swamp the trade effects and cause (or worsen) a recession. Large increases in interest rates could cause problems for the U.S. economy, as these increases reduce the market value of debt securities, causing the prices on the stock market to fall, undermining efficient financial intermediation, and jeopardizing the solvency of various debtors and creditors. Resources may not be able to shift quickly enough from interest-sensitive sectors to export sectors to make this transition fluid.’”

China’s gonna stab you to death with a knife that reads MADE IN AMERICA.
Was the iPhone worth it?



Debt as % of GDP


You are producing less than you owe.
Recession doesn’t have a concrete definition but that should be it.

And from NASDAQ’s site, conspiracy truther alt right site that it is. #fakenews

I know this and I’m barely paying attention. Why don’t you?

Click off the hentai porn and onto some numbers.

No borders, make Europe a zoo again

I secretly adore when the Left tries to meme. It makes me feel superior.
I don’t know what they’re on, or how long those two people at the front have been in solitary confinement, but this is our opponent on immigration policies and people need to see that.
Simile is offensive. Metaphor is hate speech.

Ignore all nature-based behavioural comparisons. Ignore all behavioural sciences.

“There’s no such thing as predators” imply people who should’ve been culled from the gene pool a long, long time ago.

Also, why are there so many fat vegans? It doesn’t convince us of the healthiness of your choice. Vineyards kill plenty of animals to grow your calorie-dense booze.

I want to edit this song with the same music but footage of how ‘innocent’ animals really are.

Comic: European identity and multiculturalism replacement

my edit, riff off it and use elsewhere, it’s the far Left’s original attempt to meme on this issue, pre-internet

It’s been a while since I’ve taken the piss out of Captain Euro and it’s high time more people knew about him. The overt rip-off of the early 90s Action Man cartoon style. Read a few of the comics, read his Twitter (@captaineuro) it’s total cringe. They’re meant to be politically neutral. How is he not a re-appropriated meme for the Alt Right yet? He’s like Superman, a classic white male protagonist hero. Comics are sold to schools.

Funny how they use the image of Ubermensch strength, in this and Commie propaganda, while denying hierarchy and liberty that leads to it. The SJWs should start a petition calling for Captain Euro to be replaced by an African Muslim lesbian. It’s been three decades.

BTW the Eurokorps already exist, for all this talk of a federal European army.

Cropped version for stealing

How’s that for a ‘conversation’ starter?

R-selection halted: Guardian fails to crack America

This is a frickin’ FIRST.

#cue fascist giggling#

The so-called Jew Yorker and Jew York Times won’t allow competition in the liberal signalling environment, silly Europeans.

Their local sales are dead too.


Trolled by a cartoon frog. The spectre of one.

Were it not for the Autotrader sale, kept in overseas bank accounts, they’d have gone under years ago.

That was the family silver.

They’re still asking for donations though. Screwing over the loyal readers.
Rabbits despise each other.

First comes the dehumanization, then the violence

Monstering is really the trendy term for dehumanization.

The soft bully that cries out as it strikes you.

Yeah, the Nazi narrative is actually a prelude to incite murder.

“Notice the amygdala shielding, through dehumanizing the opposition as Nazis, so they can even be killed, with no moral consequence. History rhymes when it doesn’t repeat.”

The stories they spread, the lies they tell.

“During the English Civil War, roving bands of soldiers would come up to your house and ask, “Who are you for?”, you had to answer “the King” or “Parliament”, and if it was the wrong answer, they shot you.”
Those were the daaays. #jazzhands#

“As with Occupy Wall Street, liberal big-city mayors will eventually get tired of these antics and lock up anyone with weird piercings, ear gauges, faggy tattoos, wacky hair cuts and colors, and stupid clothes. When you’ve been a narcissistic attention whore your whole life, it’s hard to just blend in and act normal.”
Signalling works against you in a civil war.

“One needs to be full stealth now. Even with moderate and sane members of the left I still speak and act like I did not support Trump, dislike him now and voted for Hillary. The reason is that normal people with good values that we usually try to win over have their own social groups which intersect with nutcases. …Additionally, do not talk politics with other supposed conservatives as there are too many varieties and I am noticing that some seem to feel people out like they are gathering info. This is a game of cat and mouse.”
Yes, they want registration before they kill us. This is the research phase, Communists have done this before.

“I’m not sure what’s out there anymore, but it’s prudent to assume that it’s crazed, fanatical, illogical, evil and coming closer.”
Why else get along with terrorists? Birds of a feather, manic together. I bet if you took the blood sample of a rioter it’d be comparable to a drug high.

The SJWs are speeding up with their plans, sensing the demise of their ideology.

Left wing authoritarianism

Left-wing authoritarianism is not a myth, but a worrisome reality. Evidence from 13 Eastern European countries (2011) from Communist and Post-Communist Studies.

PDF at:

From the abstract of The Presence of Left-Wing Authoritarianism in Western Europe and Its Relationship with Conservative Ideology (2006)

The Authoritarian Personality by Adorno, Frenkel-Brunswik, Levinson, and Sanford (1950) can be considered as one of the cornerstones of political psychology…

shame it’s BS used to shame one half of the political spectrum

Conversely, in the political activist sample high LWA scores were common among left-wing extremists and evidence was found for a two-dimensional LWA aggression-submission structure.

bbc sherlock moriarty eyebrow flash closeup lol flirt really rlly

Well, you get the picture.

Writings elsewhere obviously aren’t biased.

Hence, social dominance orientation and right wing authoritarianism evoke a distinct set of mechanisms to provoke prejudice.

Related concepts

Left wing authoritarianism

Altmeyer (1996) developed a measure of left wing authoritarianism–that is, a left wing variant of right wing authoritarianism. Left wing authoritarianism comprises the same three clusters of items as right wing authoritarianism; however, individuals who report left wing authoritarianism embrace institutions that want to overthrow the existing powers; they do not embrace the establishment. Specifically, the first set of items, called left-wing authoritarianism submission, relates to the inclination of individuals to submit to authorities who want to overthrow the establishment.

omg shut up stupid dumb idiots argh ahhhh hiddleston facepalm deep blue sea

I think that sentence gave me brain damage.

The second set of items, called left-wing authoritarianism aggression, refers to the tendency of individuals to espouse aggression and violence towards the establishment. The third set of items, called left-wing conventionalism, refers to the inclination of individuals to comply with the norms and standards of authorities who want to overthrow the establishment.

Van Hiel, Duriez, and Kossowska (2006) developed a variant of this measure, comprising eight items, that excludes left-wing conventionalism. They argued that conventionalism refers to adherence towards established traditions, contradicting the left-wing orientation.

We’re special!

According to Van Hiel, Duriez, and Kossowska (2006), left-wing conventionalism could be interpreted as individuals who follow left wing authorities; but this interpretation begins to merge with left-wing authoritarianism submission and thus seems redundant.

Four of the items in this revamped scale relate to left-wing authoritarianism submission: A typical item is “A revolutionary movement is justified in demanding obedience and conformity to its members” (Van Hiel, Duriez, & Kossowska, 2006). The other four items represent left-wing authoritarianism aggression. A sample item is “It would be wrong to solve our problems by acts of violence against the conservative Establishment” (reverse scored).

They use this word ‘revolution’ a lot.
I don’t think they know what it means?

This scale was then administered to a sample of voters as well as to another sample of political activists, including affiliates of a Stalinist party, a neo-Marxist communist party, an anarchy party, and right wing extremist movements. The psychometric properties differed between the voters and the political activists.


In the ordinary voters, left wing authoritarianism was positively related to ring wing authoritarianism as well as cultural conservativism–a measure that represents the extent to which individuals report contempt towards abortion, euthanasia, and premarital sex, for example. Left wing authoritarianism, however, was negatively related to economic conservativism, representing respect towards trade unions, economic equality, and government intervention (Van Hiel, Duriez, & Kossowska, 2006). These findings align to the proposition that more extreme attitudes, regardless of whether they support or disavow economic equality, are motivated by similar inclinations. For example, both left wing and right wing authoritarianism might represent an attempt to forge a sense of clarity in a threatening world.

Excuses, excuses. Minimizing. Shifting blame.

In the activist sample, however, a different pattern emerged. Left wing authoritarianism was inversely related to right wing authoritarianism. These individuals, presumably, had committed to a specific course of action to forge this sense of clarity (Van Hiel, Duriez, & Kossowska, 2006). Furthermore, as evidence of validity, left wing authoritarianism was significantly elevated in the left wing activist groups; these findings confirm that left wing authoritarianism is a viable concept.

Well, yes.

If it applies to both wings, it can’t be used to distinguish, making it quite useless. Presumably? Political “Science”.

It has a reference list but you can see they don’t try as hard when ‘studying’ the home team (we know about the liberal bias in academia) and they attempt to excuse the findings that neither wing is flawless.

Trotskyist housing officer: We need more dead babies and children for the refugees

Behold, the face of true evil;

A highly-paid housing chief has called for a ‘dead baby on the beach’ moment to persuade the public to accept social housing tenants as neighbours.

Kate Davies, the £200,000-a-year head of a London housing association, said the deaths of ‘some beautiful young children’ are needed to overcome Nimbyism and prejudice against state-subsidised tenants.

Her cynical remarks left MPs appalled and put a question mark against the judgment of the former Trotskyist, who leads a housing group that has received £1.3billion from the taxpayer

Any collapse must destroy these people if there is a God.

I bet the Guardian are looking for a photo of this one to pass around in a morbid circlejerk as we speak;

I never thought child porn could get worse, but dead child porn? wtf is wrong with these people