the r in Refugees Welcome signs + funnies

Look at the facial expression in the Bible quote. That’s an atheist going to Hell for blasphemy.

Spliced with photo of actual ‘refugees’. A picture is worth a thousand words.

Hopefully the Manchester attack, nail-bombing little girls has redpilled these feminists.
Somehow I doubt it. This is the one that started it all.

This one in particular triggers me, the way to kill it is with apathy: So?

So was Jack the Ripper, so was Hitler, so is Trump. Tired of whataboutism.

“they are us, we are them”


Meanwhile, actual refugees

Yeah, let’s not save these people waving round the white flag of Christendom.

Are they welcome in YOUR home? Why not?

JK Rowling has yet to take in any ‘refugees’ that someone offered to pay to fly to her homes!

She is irrelevant. Like…

Emma Watson hasn’t spent a night in the Calais camp alone, without security.

Locks are racist! No borders? No walls! Let’s all live in pagodas! 

Now a series of triggering memes and funnies.

It’s been a while. 120 funnies. Some repeats. A few serious.

about as real as her hair

Going by her Coco the Clown makeup, I think they do.

The People do not consent to open borders. The native people.

Everyone into Lord of the Rings.

All harassment is bad but sexual harassment is the worst.
It’s the First World, fucking act like it.
Recently, a German woman was beaten by a ‘migrant’, because she told him not to call her a bitch.

Tesla’s expression, my fucking sides.

He never said that but yes. Fitness is in adaptation.

Just like consciousness. You can’t touch it or test it. It’s unfalsifiable. It’s the scientific concept of spirit.
It isn’t scientific though.

Sexual orientation theory is BS. There’s only behaviour – which hole is your goal?

SJW’s playbook.

The alt-lite treats the J-word as their N.

And strange brown men on the street.

The temporary alliance of SJWs and Muslims is simple: the sexually entitled support the sexually entitled.
Also take down White Man but obviously, SJWs aren’t white or men, typically.

Basically, Roosh is trying to cuck the Right

He recently denounced his PUA status actually, because he senses the winds of K-shift blowing (see all the immigration articles?), he’s trying to distance himself from his own degeneracy. It’s like the Little Red Hen, or the Ant and the Grasshopper, don’t let him swoop in near the finish line and take your hard-earned belongings. His largely brown followers (most PUA is non-white) will come right in after him and trash the place like Cologne on New Year’s. Too soon? Well that’s what happens when you let them in, they can’t run their own countries or even be men and defend them, why do you think they’re worthy enough to walk amongst you? Why do you let them walk right in and call it home? After the EU mess, really?

He’s trying to sweep his PUA stuff under the rug to pass for respectable. He may be non-PC, but that doesn’t make him correct, nor Right wing, and never respectable. The way he conducts himself demonstrates this much. He’s a far-left liberal (who refuses to give his ‘notch count’ btw, white women as tokens) based on his sexual history (which you cannot hide or lie about) who sees an opportunity to make a quick buck and he’ll say whatever he thinks you wanna hear to do it.

Roosh is trying to cuck the Right wing and traditional ideas.

“Presumably, he’s embraced far-right ideas because it’s hip right now to do so. [DS: YES] He obviously isn’t a White nationalist, because he isn’t White. He also promotes weird serial-sex behavior which doesn’t really fit with a traditional society, at all.” [it poisons it]
“Regarding all these arguments about “should we support Roosh????”
“no, you obviously shouldn’t support a Moslem guy who promotes pointless serial-sex (even if he is apparently promoting that less than he used to) and whichever other weirdness. If he’s putting out good material, fine. Just say “some of this material is good, but I don’t support the man overall.”

You’re only as strong as your weakest link. If you drop the bar for him to step over (that’s how low it’ll need to be), you’re done. Once you say a brown Muslim opportunist liar can boss native White Europeans around and tell them what’s masculine and how to run the West, it’s over. You’ve been cucked. Install the Caliphate he clearly wants already, praising Islam when he happily lives in all the places it’s NOT. Remember taqiyya. He’s signalling to you guys, it’s false. If he really believed that stuff, he’d have been practicing it his entire life. You should expel him from Europe at least and limit the damage his ilk are doing, it’s antisocial predation at best and rape/coercive sex jihad at worst. He’s doing the same things as the rapefugees, advocating the same things (using white women as free whores), we need to send a strong defensive message: Europe is not your brothel. 

He’s like that obnoxious fence-sitter who tries to say they’re socially liberal but economically conservative. No, you can’t play both sides in politics, you have to choose. He profits for a living from the worst dregs of society, he repeatedly states how he’s proud of it and he should be ashamed of it (if he truly leaned rightward). Instead, he’s trying to expand and profit from the Right too. He’s a con artist. Wake up, people.

He wants to play both sides, don’t let him.

n.b. Men aren’t animals, they can no more excuse their behaviour with ‘muh evolution’ (which he doesn’t believe in) than women theirs. In fact, for most of history, women were thought to be the more libidinous sex and the Bible supports this so if you maintain that pseudologic, sluts are A-OK and should be encouraged because naturalistic fallacy.

Don’t be taken in by this worm, you don’t need his followers, they know where we are and they don’t read us.
He doesn’t even have that much support anyway, most people hate-read him. If those meetings had gone ahead, a few dozen might’ve showed up, maybe a few hundred. And they’re all low-status plebs to turn to his twisted Self Help in the first place (lie about your STDs, refuse to wear a condom, get her blackout drunk and force her=called LMR in PUA lingo). They’re just as vindictive toward Patriarchs (they see as spoiling their entitled fun blocking access to ‘their’ women and making up law to protect women from harm) as they are to women (even and especially the ones who don’t sleep around, who they still defame by calling them sluts and whores).

If you’re a traditional person considering sympathy for such a beast, look no further than the things he has actually written, completely seriously. Refuses to retract. Note the things he doesn’t do, like removing his PUA books from sale if he’s really over it when he’s doing the equivalent of throwing his hands up saying I’m not a PUA! I just practice it, teach it and have literally written the books on it! I’m not a rapist! I just wrote an article with that literal title and teach men not to take No for an answer!

Goddamn it people, look, I did the research for you. 


We haven’t even begun on the cosmetic surgery to pass for more White. That’s one hell of a honker.

If you thought I was exaggerating about the anti-white racism and active profiling, here’s a taster.

rooshv anti-white

How dare he badmouth another race like that, especially one he is so eager to exploit. How is that NOT racist? Note, to escape these terrible white devils, he went… to Europe.

Read the degenerate post where I mostly quote him. It’s so, so much worse. I wanted to throw up.

Simple test: will he do something non-profit? No money, no attention? Never in a million years. It’s all about him, he’s using you.

He seems to be the type to keep a spreadsheet of targets and their attributes. We know he deliberately targets women based on their race, he seeks out White women specifically and that’s why he keeps living among us in Europe. Worse, he’s teaching others to do the same.
A far better metric of his ‘success’ with women would be to ask for Total Notch Count and Total Amount Expended Obtaining It.
Is the average cheaper than a hooker?
I mean, this is how calculating he is about it. Like a predator.
For another interesting article see:

It’s been said elsewhere in far more eloquent prose that feminism is an ugly girl’s excuse. Roosh and his PUA fuckboys are selling the same delusion to ugly or loser males. A man needs a woman like a fish needs a bicycle.

The more you dig on him, the worse it gets. Moving into the realm of speculation here but I wouldn’t be shocked.
This post apparently outs Roosh V as a sex tourist and there are other posts discussing the various evidence. There are several other allegations he has never publicly denounced, in fact I’ve never heard of them before e.g. “He is also on several public security lists in USA. There are suspicions he might be engaging in more serious stuff like pedophile.” I find it strange he has never addressed these, you’d think he’d bring that up?
It’s easy to have a dig at SF’s expense (many people do) but it’s just a site, less edgy than the chans, and considering how much the SJWs hate them, how much worse must this aged likely-diseased slut be?

They get this right, the reason everyone wants a European: “Europeans are cute because men selected cute women and women selected handsome men.” The Ice Age was very good for us.

Israel labels right-wing Jews as Nazis

article here, warning: Guardian;

“Calls are mounting for hardline Jewish settlers to be classified as terrorists”

“It is not the first time that politicians and public figures in Israel have called for the branding of rightwing settlers as terrorists, but recent events have coalesced into something of a perfect storm.”

“But in the hillside West Bank village of Asira al-Qibliya, which is just 300 metres from Yitzhar, Palestinian villagers see the recent backlash as a case of too little, too late.

“It is only words. We don’t want words, we want deeds,” said Bassem Salah, 50, a construction worker.

His neighbour Ibrahim Makhlouf, 52, a teacher, also dismissed the comments of Israeli politicians, given the support that the Israeli state provides to settlements in the West Bank.

“They say it is a minority, but it is a minority supported by both the government and the army – they receive free water, free electricity, the government spend millions of dollars on them. Who are they trying to kid?” said Makhlouf.”

“”There is no compromise,” added Salah, “it is us or them.””