R-types are violent rapists

Since Brexit and Trump’s election the pretty veil of Lefty sweetness has totally gone.


Would-be, at least. Is this not incitement?

I’ve seen a lot of this …hate speech…

This is what they think of their fellow citizens, this is why they’ll happily betray and see us women raped.

They held up signs about raping Melania. They think it’s funny. There’s your ‘male feminist.’

They don’t belong in a First World democracy.

They are not humane.
They do not believe in equality or rights. 

They are not liberals, but they are the Left and it’s been that way for a while now.

The left always go fascist eventually. Famine, gulags and death squads.

Why article 50?

A random sampling of the headlines today, about two months later, despite heel-dragging like a corpse.

“Record number of EU students gain places at UK Universities”


We already have critical shortages, we cannot afford academic welfare.

“EU migration: Eastern European workers in UK pass one million”


wtf facepalm

and in disease-ridden r-types trying to kill us news

“Ebola nurse ‘concealed temperature'”


“Shameless EU puts itself TOP of the Olympics table – and REMOVES Great Britain completely”


sensible chuckle

Within the next few years, they’ll be removed from history.

“Brexit latest: Surprise jump in retail sales in July after EU referendum vote”


It’ll ruin the capitalistic economy, the communists told us, unhappy for some reason.

UK retail sales jump 1.5% in July, shoppers shrug off Brexit uncertainty


Well, we did vote for it.

“Pound jumps after UK retail sales defy Brexit fears”


“The Euro isn’t finished, the Pound is!”

wrong dr house urgh shut up idiots

How bad can rabbit entitlement get? you ask, naively


eco-parents Adele and Matt, who sparked mass criticism during their appearance on This Morning yesterday, are currently seeking £100,000 in public handouts to fund their alternative lifestyle and move to Costa Rica.

The couple came under fire by viewers when they defended their choice not to vaccinate their children Ulysses and Ostara, who they have also refused to send to school.

If they weren’t so Guardianista, their kids would’ve been taken already. For independent thought.

They want to be bribed to self-deport? Like a lottery win? And a bonus for breeding?

I will add for the record that being a hater doesn't make you wrong

These people were more evolutionally successful than Darwin, kiddywinks. Evolution is not a fair process. Those who take, get.

omg why no facepalm god ugh wut

Ovens are much cheaper. They won’t even promise to stop spawning.

But get this –

Our ultimate goal is to become self-sufficient, the way of making that happen is by moving to Costa Roca (sic) and buying a big plot of land where we can grow food, and have access to wildlife and natural state.”

They think the South American governments will allow white people to farm alone.

crying laughter lmao

Notice how Think of the Children is a stupid, laughable, evil motivation when held by conservatives?

But they’ll whore out their undisciplined children on national TV for gibs.

White people can be trash.

They continued: “That’s where we need YOUR help, we would love if you could donate any amount and help us achieve our dreams, we hope by doing so we not just give our kids the best possible start in life but we will inspire others to do the same.

Yes, let’s have more people like this, living off the wage slave labours of the rest of us.

Those who are happy to donate to their move will receive a copy of their book, which they are currently in the process of writing.

I’m automatically assuming anyone plugging a book is now a con artist until proven otherwise. It’s become too frequent a thing. They promise a book and it’s always terrible.

I say we send them with nothing and let the locals murder them.
You know, those lovely, enriching diverse brown people.


Having known a lot of eco-warriors (I think SJW comes from this term, which they brag about), they cannot feed themselves and they are the also the messiest people you will ever meet. They are stuck in childhood themselves, expecting a clean planet from other adults in the parental role. They have to go to trendy restaurants because I doubt they could grow cress. They’d starve to death, let them go.

How on edge is the country?


Where are these hippie SJWs? What have they been doing?


“After Brexit, should referendums be banned? Part 2

I don’t like democracy, let’s ban it. …Who’s with me?

why confused what wtf

These people are retards. No, literally, it must be retardation, I don’t care what their test scores say, contradiction is logic 101. No, they want a perma-Far-Left government, like a despot (or a monarch). The Left is always fascist, eventually. The tyranny comes out eventually.

Bask in these stories.

Bask in the fact that, if the world does happen to be ending, we have front row tickets to the shit-show.

WTF face

You can find similar stories.

Look at them lie about blocking and censoring people on social media.


Sure, left-wingers don’t say they censor anyone, but self-report is unreliable, why not ask the companies themselves? Oh wait, there was a partisan scandal, they’d lie too. Well, anecdotally, I’ve rarely heard of a Republican blocking a Democrat, everyone needs someone to laugh at.

Meanwhile, serial rapists are still pretending they don’t understand what consent is. As if we don’t own our own bodies, this isn’t BNW.


Just fucking shoot them already, problem solved.
Or otherwise forbid unmarried people to touch. No sex for anyone.

Video: Anti-democracy activists (SJW fascists)

“One of the most common and strongest criticisms of fascism is that it is a tyranny. Fascism is deliberately and entirely non-democratic and anti-democratic”

They don’t care what they do, they care what they are labelled.

They always come out against the common muck eventually.

The people calling everyone else a fascist…


I am rolling my eyes as hard as I can.

eyeroll jessica jones omg wtf shut up

They parrot Guardian talking points. No original thought.

It’s false consciousness Communist argument again, that the working class couldn’t possibly unite contra their own opinions, don’t they know what’s for Their Own Good? They should listen to their Educated Betters!

Moreover, check the classic ‘SJW face’ when asked about propaganda.


Classic SJW Face.