“Women used to be ladies”

The latest meme making an irritating entrance into popular thought.

TLDR; read bolded.

It’s intended to insult clubbing culture (fine, ban clubs, otherwise, STFU about them).

Like most memes appealing to history, it’s misled at best, misleading at worst.

Rewind to the earliest times with video.
Ladies have fun too. Anything less is an overhanging lie from the Sexual Revolution.

“Yes but women used to be demure and coy, they didn’t dress and act like sluts.”

It is ironic the modern man has such a lax definition, as if looking at a man ‘the wrong way’ is slutty.

Women have always ‘made eyes’ at men, because we have eyes. When we use them, we’re accused of making eyes because studies show men are acutely sensitive to social overtures from women.

Maybe, just maybe, the nature of people doesn’t change much over time, and not everything is about you and how hard done-by you are? The term for that is a victim complex.
Look up the Evelyn Nesbit scandal, it was their OJ.
They even had versions of the Kardashians, pin-up girls before pin-ups, which really date back to the 18th century and painted adverts. If you believe any advert, it’s a de-facto IQ test and you lost.

Maybe read some social history before acting like you understand all women?

Especially those in other time periods.

^If that were true, you’d be a billionaire selling us bullshit. Advertising people understand people.

Funnily enough, women tend to be up on social history, so I find a meme that relies on our collective ignorance of it rather entertaining. The average woman knows as much social history trivia as a man knows military.

In perfect truth, such males want to castigate degeneracy without drawing attention to their own.

Let alone limiting it. R-types playing K.

This is intellectually dishonest, an argument based on bad rhetoric, bad faith, historical ignorance and makes for a coward. If you’re irritated that, in a world where sex is freer than ever, you still cannot get laid, perhaps the problem is not the people you fail to impress?

Maybe the problem is that you keep bitching like a gay guy.

Don’t look at a pretty woman and think the modern version of ‘ANKLE?!!!!‘ only to wonder why you’re labelled a creep and become a social leper. Offended people on this stuff are dull from birth.

Look and think ‘that’s nice’ and move on with your day because this superficial shit is not, by definition, important.

The women least likely to wear a miniskirt are prostitutes, because the goods are not given away for free.

Everything you know is wrong.

Ask a man with sisters if he judges their sexual desperation on what they wear.

Imagine if we applied the same judgementalism to men – all short-sleeve shirts are hereby signs of a gigolo. Shorts? Whore! Wear trousers like a proper man!

Only in the 20th century did it suddenly become acceptable (imho, no) for an adult man to wear shorts. It was considered ridiculous and you’d be mocked for it like turning up to a funeral in assless chaps, as was going topless until coal-miners striked because of job demands. This is the God’s honest truth. Look it all up. Shorts are literally the most immodest thing a man can wear, the male mini-skirt. It’s worse than a mini-skirt because things can play peek-a-boo. Short sleeves come in a close second and were taken up by the Italians with the sleeveless ‘wife-beater’ where they both should have been left, men couldn’t show their waistcoat at the beginning of the 20th Century.

Casual or modest, pick ONE.

I heard this meme from Clarey on YT years ago – he immediately began to criticize every modest fashion going, with an emphasis of vitriol for the maxi skirt. …That’s just a skirt. It’s a term for a proper skirt.

This stuck in my mind because I assumed it was a joke and waited for the punchline, the hypocrisy was so overt to a non-American. You have no idea what you want, but you know how much you want it!

He hated totally normal skirt lengths, pictured in the Edwardian videos, because it covered women up and he couldn’t ogle them, no more than five seconds after saying, to paraphrase- Why don’t women dress like ladies anymore?

The problem is male demand.

Male demand for risque fashions. Rappers are the main problem.

You can see how years of this from Kindergarten can make for avoidance of anyone who tries to pull it.

You can’t countersignal if nobody values your opinion to begin with. Look through the photos of the men saying these things and you’ll quickly realize they attract casual women because they are casual men. I haven’t seen a single one that owns a single (ONE) good suit. A good suit, by style standards and formality rules. Not a great suit, not an impressive suit, not an elegant suit, not a gentleman’s suit. A single decent item.

Which brings me to my next point: how do you intend to pay for that?

More fabric, more $$$$$. That is not a typo. A suitable wardrobe is 4-figures, a good one is five. This is based on wear and variety for activities. Being formal is more expensive, rappers lie.

Look at the guys making these claims about ladies. Are they gents?

Any woman looking at these guys will immediately notice the discrepancy, it’s like…

Which fork, Forney?

They have no clue of basic etiquette and try to prattle on like a stage mother.
They are alcoholics who couldn’t tell you the difference between a white wine and red wine goblet if their lives depended on it.

Nobody takes this ‘advice’ seriously. They have nothing to offer but opinion and personal complaint.

The funniest thing my society friends ever heard about women’s fashion was one drab man telling, loudly, anyone who would listen, that spaghetti straps were the sign of a slut.

This story still does the rounds and I’ve heard people quoting it without getting the joke.
Guess the nationality. Go on, guess. I think we all know.
Guess what he was wearing with his bad tan and fake Rolex he kept showing to people who could tell the difference.

These are the guys who refuse to buy a drink to assert interest (formal politeness) or buy a dinner they invited their intended to (the formal rule) but they want a woman with expensive taste?

Are you quite sure?

They slob around in t-shirts and shorts, in general, and wonder why the women draped in £3,000 Dolce don’t give them a second look. Class does come into it. The problem is, they have none.

Therefore, they refuse to see it as an issue…. because it IS the issue.

Women do not qualify to men. Eggs are expensive.

However, not looking like ‘Kevin the teenager’ helps.

Would you show up for a job interview wearing this? Are you using it for a sport? If the answer to both is NO, do NOT wear it out of the house and for the love of Christ get a good suit before you start spouting off on Patriarchy and the dire need of male leadership.

You don’t care how you look? Yes, it shows.

Hate sluttiness? Push to ban all contraception and sexual health clinics. Yes, all.

Hate immodest clothing? Push for Elizabethan clothing laws. Yes, in social history, there are many, many actual, literal laws that restricted things like length for modesty, and most women are aware of these. It would also mean strippers are illegal and you can’t pretend to be rich in clubs without actually being rich.

I don’t expect these guys to grow the balls, ..do you?

Conformity is a feminine virtue, as I mentioned earlier, so don’t blame all women for the actions or obscenity of singular examples, otherwise, all men are like Jack the Ripper; non sequiturs about men would be far more insulting.

Why aren’t women virtuous, they ask, not a virgin themselves.

Because none of the previous words will get through to ‘these’ people.

We mock idiots like you.

Video: Self-respect and good grooming (1940s)

Men had self-respect too.

Remember that?

Me neither.

I swear if I see one more garish red, cheap fabric lumberjack shirt on a man who couldn’t swing an axe if his life depended on it, I may scream. It only looks good if you fit The Look.

On a similar note, those people wishing they could go back to the 50s would usually be considered very rude and ostracized because of it.

Read a little Barbara Cartland or something? Please?
This was the standard.

The possible link between clothing femininity and the risk of rape


Brilliant, I wish I’d thought of it.

Absolutely brilliant.

It jibes with the hemline length/economic downturn theory (hedonism) and the Lipstick Index (comforts) and everything.

I would add that it’s a combination of male quality and low quantity.

e.g. 20s dress in response to new migrants (high occasional risk) and rowdy war veterans pissed off you stole their job during WW1.

e.g. late 40s, early 50s dress in response to rarity of males (low average risk) after WW2 and the whiteness of many towns and cities (within group quality). The men also made more of an effort to show the status of their bloodline and future/current household, to leverage in competition.

Wait, Emma Watson, don’t women get paid more in fashion?

I’m not going to full link to her latest video. It’s already old news and I deliberately waited to see. It’s random platitudes again and I’ll spare you 5 minutes of virtue signalling. The latest figures, from Vogue’s own website yes, clearly demonstrate that ALL 21 of the top supermodels on the Highest Paid list last year – were WOMEN.

no what I don't believe it can't be true disbelief pushing daisies

Best comments go to;

I think all you stupid fuckers ought to shut the hell up and leave it alone, including the ditz who made this video. Fuckin’ man’s a man and a woman’s a goddamned woman. Leave it at that.

well looks like rich white people inventing problems.

Wow and here i was expecting the majority of comments to be supportive, how wrong i was.

What a bunch of blinded hypocrites… i guess everyone need a cause

I think this is a really upper class, borgeois campaign wish only adress to 1% of the world population. I don’t think women in Latin america, India, Africa or women of color in developed country gives a fuck or get actually a benefit of this….

Injecting gender equality into an industry based on objectifying both men and women… GENIUS!

And my Personal Favourite;

mutes the video and stares at her beauty

It was posted August 6th, video here, it is now the 15th here. Well over a week has passed.


That was screencapped just now.

Oddly, it doesn’t link to HeforShe and the Youtube channel for it doesn’t list their subscribers. Hmm. Something smells fishy.

hmm uhuh o rlly really ah sure thing

The number of views is dismal. 27,155 views per day.
98 views per one like. If they’re all real, which I doubt. With a ratio of 15 likes per one dislike, I doubt it.
0.01% likes for the total views.

david tennant 10 lol laughing cracking up

Another roaring success, Emma! #damagecontrol

She has 30m Facebook followers. Vogue has 6.6m+me.
Vogue hasn’t uploaded her video. Neither has she.
British Vogue has 2.8m. They featured her video. 16,498 views, 1,151 likes, 15 comments. Sounds about right.

The HeforShe facebook page has 397k followers.
They didn’t upload her video. They did link to it once. 4,143 likes to date.

Emma, I think you’ve been dumped, love.