Link: Self-sabotage and fear of success

It should go without saying that none of us can change the things we do not know about. If they do not want to know about it how can they want to change. After all, nothing is wrong in the mind of this type of individual. How can that be? How do the explain all the bad things that happen to them? The answers to these questions is that they engage in a variety of rationalizations: 1. They blame others, 2. They blame their fate or karma, 3. They blame racism, 4. Religious prejudice, 5. Sexual orientation, 6. Age, 7. Married or non married status, 8. The economy, 9. The President. 10. The weather and so it goes on and on.

So many directions with that.

But I’ll just let it mellow.

Humans fear sickness

I wonder if this has any application to r/K.

Oooof course it does.

It’s like watching someone line up dominoes.

I’d love a study on rotavirus infection history and political alignment.

Reovirus and aggression?

How about HPV-worn cells? If the infection clears, would that alter behaviour, much like TPG?

Link: Toxoplasma dumbs primates to threat

The part about “cysts on the amygdala” made me LOL.


They don’t even call it what it is: brain damage. No bias there.

Can Islamic State send us urine samples?

Seriously though there is a huge methodological flaw. The studies look at prey species. Humans are no longer a prey species, we are inter-predatory. They should be studying how fear is modulated between categories of human. Since this is evolution, genetic geography would be a good proxy. The more foreign the source, the more aversion you’d expect.

Article: Islamophobia is perfectly natural

I’m amused by the amount of detail in this. A lot of statistics and facts.

There is also a Muslim doctrine known as “Taqiyya” which means, “concealing or disguising one’s beliefs.” It essentially means that Muslims are allowed, and even commanded to lie to non-believers when it suits them.

“The believers never ally themselves with the disbelievers, instead of the believers. Whoever does this is exiled from Allah. Exempted are those who are forced to do this to avoid persecution.” – Quran 3:28

So while Muslims may say my words are incorrect, I would say they cannot be trusted, because their religion commands them to deceive of non-believers.

I would add Jahiliyya – the innate cultural supremacy of Islamic states, lower case ‘s’. Probably.

Since having an opinion on certain types of murder is illegal in my country….

JUST WALK AWAY IT crowd leave go now run away

Applied pseudologic elsewhere: Anyone who rejects Creationism is Christophobic.

dean winchester supernatural evil smirk lol laughing amused

Video links in the article;



Homophobia study shows people subconsciously associate gay men with germs

Facetious politically-correct abhorrently biased Guardian coverage here;

“Let me explain what the researchers at Goldsmiths University found.”

How about no. You’re just a journalist with a spin to sell.

Studies’ press release here.  Also very biased, only useful section;

“We undertook four studies with a variety of different people to investigate whether this idea of contamination and prejudice applied to homosexuals as a social group. And we were shocked to find that all studies overwhelmingly demonstrated that prejudice was expressed through the desire to cleanse oneself after only an imagined contact with homosexuals.”

How is that a prejudice, wanting to be clean? I know their ‘theory’ but every healthy person wants to be clean and it’s arguably innate. Even the Guardian calls it ‘deep-rooted’.

The actual paper, behind a paywall here; abstract in full;

“The results of four studies suggest that contamination concerns involved in prejudice towards male homosexuals may be expressed in the increased need for physical cleansing after an imagined contact with a homosexual man. Participants in Study 1 completed word fragments according to the theme of cleansing, and in Study 2, they chose a cleansing wipe more often after imagining using a mobile phone of a homosexual (vs. heterosexual) man. The need for cleansing was specific to the body parts engaged in the contact [DS: almost like a pathogen phobia]. In Study 3, participants evaluated hand and mouth [sexual body parts] cleansing products as more desirable after imagining using a mobile phone of a homosexual (vs. heterosexual) man. The specific need for cleansing, but not the accessibility of cleansing related words, was more pronounced among political conservatives (Study 4). [wait, so they weren’t primed and they still had the association?] The results are discussed with reference to the behavioral immune system hypothesis, research on moral disgust, and the embodiment literature.”

They’re calling it purely cultural in cause to get it past censors, but the raw results speak for themselves to anyone who’s heard of the Germ Hypothesis covered there and here. Good evidence going forward to get other studies along the same lines funded.


Fearing Stupidity and the Serial Killer in You

You: “What a weird title, why would I fear stupid people, unless they’re in charge?”

Ah, there you go, reading into it. Stupidity: the practice (and some get in their 10,000+ hours) of deliberately making stupid decisions. Certainly it may concentrate in some individuals, and surely you can think of beautiful examples to passive-aggressively link this article to, but that isn’t enough, is it? (Is it?)

I'm allowed to promo my own shit.

I’m allowed to promo my own shit.

What frightens us about serial killers?

back to work
You: “They seem just like everyone else.”
No, that shifts the focus of the question toward us, what constitutes normal behaviour in society, the falsehood of social norms and away from them, the focus of the question. Try again.
You: “The acts they commit are atrocious…” *riff on that theme*
Good. Well, no, actually… better.
Ignoring the emotional impulse for a moment, psychotic episodes, the common psychiatric explanation for multiple murders, involve a stark disconnect from reality.
You: “You make it sound like a rational problem.”
In a sense, yes. It is a problem bundled up with what is rational given a perception. However, the disconnect is jarring for the psyche (any psyche) and the emotional impulses seldom allowed free reign (remember your first answer?) go …. insane.

Suffering on their part is optional

They’re suffering a paucity of rationality.
You: “How can you say that?”
We have a moderate example. What makes some sociopaths kill and others abstain?
You, if you’re dumb: “The law.”
Go play in the sandpit and think about what you’ve done.
You, if you’re smart: “Choice” or a riff, like Values with a capital V.

Murder isn't an answer to everything

Ted Bundy lived content with the knowledge he could slaughter any person he came across. He didn’t have the backing of the law when he had a Bad Day. If you’re clever, you’ll notice plenty of people are allowed to be serial killers under the law. I don’t want to be put on any more lists so I shall omit a list this time.

You: “Who can fully understand what they think? They’re irrational.”

No, don’t do that. Don’t try to use “irrational” as a dead end STOP sign for your brain cells, or as us scholars say, a thought-terminating cliche. Humans are animals and animals are irrational; if p=q and I’m fairly confident in saying that here it does, all humans are irrational. Saying irrationality equates to stupidity isn’t enough either. What is logical for an animal differs from the machine logic often implied by the term. What you are saying isn’t what you mean. Language is oblique. What do you mean? All human actions are in some part irrational but that doesn’t make them stupid, do you understand?

Good enough. Moving on —

Inside the brains of most People

Inside the brains of most People

Question: does understanding stupidity make you stupid?
A model theory of the brain implies yes, you must “lower yourself” to orchestrate a similar circuitry. Again, this falls short in descriptive power.
Why do people resist a truth or a ‘logical’ choice in spite of evidence or compulsion?
The only possible explanation is fear.

You, incredulous: “What could I fear from stupidity? That it’s contagious?!”

Yes stupidity is contagious

You took the words right out of my mouth.

Great modelling, you have real potential. I bet you didn’t have to question your entire life up until this revelation or anything.
Beyond a point, the innate irrationality of Man contaminates.
Every grand, stupid gesture in History. We fear that potency of pricks. When we see one example of stupidity, we have a herd impulse in our fuck-fight brain to shame and ostracise that person. i.e. “Fuck you!” In a tribal society, this has the convenient effect of isolating them from resources, mating opportunities and likely killing them.

We become the serial killers.

American Psycho is the best satire of the 20th century