Link: The evolution of female choice in seduction

True signals or GTFO.

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In evolution, the carrier is the more valuable parent.  Inviolable truth.

If you aren’t a parent, evolutionally, your life is meaningless. Ouch.

The sex with costlier decisions has the power (right of refusal). The other proves their worth.

Also, parthenogenesis.

What do women want? Gentlemen.

They tiptoe around using the correct word: honour.
No love without trust. There needs to be a level of honesty and valour (romantic behaviours, acting like the man without expectation and loving it, yes, those evil gender roles feminists have nightmares about!)
It’s an open secret that men love being chivalrous and romantic, it gives them a sense of purpose and status.
The ones who bitch about being expected to demonstrate sex-typical behaviours are perpetually single for good reason…. rejects.

What trustworthiness looks like in dating and mating is this: You are who you say you are and you do what you say you are going to do. It’s about reliability, accountability, and showing up just as you are (but with good hygiene). Why is trustworthiness so important? Why is this the quality that makes a woman’s heart soar? Think about it. Throughout history, a woman’s safety and well-being, as well as that of her children, have been dependent on her parents’ trustworthiness.

Acting like a man, a marker of maturity.

Now, why would this be evolutionally selected for?

snort lol laugh haha hmph derision yeah duh really uhuh mhmm princess bride

The so-called redpills fall deathly silent … again… when the facts don’t match up to their delusions. The promiscuous believe the MSM and think they’re the majority, when in fact, they’re between 10-20% according to most estimates, and evolutionary dead-ends, for the most part.

Female disgust reflex triggers

The personal addictions point is crucial, we tend to see it as compensation for some other flaw.

Why do you think women are hard on one another socially for dating druggies? Simply being proximate socially is socially damaging.

The simplest way to be more attractive to women is to cut out whatever disgusts them, but most men don’t like that advice since it’s harder to subtract than add.

What Men Think Women Value vs. What Women Actually Value (SMV)

Test: Were these two charts made by a man or a woman?

From the laddertheory site. You can click through. Notice on the female it says attractions to avoid the ego blow of listing looks?

From the laddertheory site. You can click through although most of the detail is bullshit.                             Notice on the female it says the super-vague attraction to avoid the ego blow of listing looks?

I covered the male delusion that women don’t care about appearance here:

I’ll use the same values as the male chart for the easiest demonstrative purposes.
It should be eye-opening. This is all short-term strategy obviously.

The male version for lolz;


Drumroll please;


The truth, it burns.

This is bare minimum, remember, it isn’t the same process as long-term deliberation and wife/husband material.