Women hate the pretty ones



Yes, I’ve been on the receiving end of that.

Bullies always think they’re subtle when their tactics rely on it being the opposite, forceful.

I think the casual clothing arms race was about not getting bullied.
All this nude makeup and clothing signals conformity.

Covering up the natural red of the lips and literally being a beige person.

Great for getting otherwise petty friends.

Man repellent.

How SJW entryism works

As seen in the example at http://voxday.blogspot.co.uk/2015/06/the-broad-spectrum-sjw-attack.html

1. Sniff out success.

2. Claim victim badge highest on Progressive Stack and bring it up instead of working.

3. Decry any who wish to keep politics out of their profession (aka professionalism), tell you to shut up and get to work or dare disagree.

4. Cry to the nearest authority figure to get them fired, use flowerly language about how your feewings were hurt.

5. Threaten to go to the press with how ‘violent’ you feel their individual opinion is, imply to their boss that you will slander them and get a black mark against the whole company for refusing their direct orders of tyranny, get your screwed-up friends to form an online cyberbullying gang to spread some libel online.

6. Collect prizes of rush as you control people like a Little Hitler or cry and add the embellished, distorted version to your rota of personal anecdotes of Oppression Olympics.

Bitter old women in HR ruin hot females’ career chances too


Between the lines but it’s there.

Again, the people who were most attractive were rated lowly by people of the same sex. The effect was especially strong for women, who “selected highly attractive female candidates only 11.7% of the time, significantly less than chance,” Agthe and her colleagues write.

Spite is stronger in women and girlish boys.

Indeed, these may be examples of what University of Ottawa psychologist Tracy Vaillancourt calls “indirect aggression,” which she wrote about in a 2013 paper provocatively titled “Do human females use indirect aggression as an intrasexual competition strategy?” 

Women are actually more aggressive than men. Even as children.
It’s just they’re sneakier and get away with it more often, being harder to prove.
Next time a feminist says it’s okay for boys to cry (no it isn’t), realise she is asking boys to play by the rules of her game because she cannot win at his.

“A clear way that indirect aggression serves an individual’s goal is by reducing her same-sex rivals’ ability, or desire, to compete for mates,” she wrote. “This is typically accomplished in a concealed way, which diminishes the risk of a counterattack.”

Mean Girls grow old and get meaner.
Notice the Go Grrrl rhetoric for women in say, STEM, is based on male action? What about plain women being nice to the hot girl? No no, that’s too much to ask of the Sisterhood apparently. The hot girl is presumed to have “too much” already. Sisterhood approval is inversely proportionate to the attention you glean from men without trying. (n.b. Sisterhood spinsters hate me, which I take to be a compliment in light of the reasons). Funnily enough, their chronic jealousy and hatred will etch lines on their face sooner and the stress of competing with the pretty girls (instead of the smart thing, cooperation) will make them even uglier.

Remember that fairytale trope? The Ugly Sisters.  Based in reality.

Female bullying targets are always superior to their bullies. Take heart, ladies.