Video: Why are feminists fat and ugly?

Marry me.


Marry me.

There is something deeply attractive about seeing him simply tell the truth.

But it’s like a meth gang, once you fall in with these people as friends, they cause you to become like them. Social contagion is a key element. Mental illness gets more severe, for example.

Feminist trying to remove stigma of STIs

There is a stigma for a reason. (Birth defects and miscarriage).

It’s terrible you weren’t told by the presumably random man who gave it to you, it’s awful wearing protection didn’t stop it, but if you choose to have casual sex – it happens. I’d feel sorry for you if you got it from your husband, though. Because again, it’s female fertility that suffers.

Political correctness is practising autophagy

For years a few of us have warned that modern “liberals” would live to regret abandoning the principle that you should only censor speech when it incited violence. We would enjoy our vindication if the unravelling of progressive assumptions was not so extraordinarily menacing.

Political correctness is eating itself. It is abandoning its children, and declaring them illegitimate. It is shouting down activists who once subscribed to its doctrines and turning its guns on its own. Women are suffering the most, as they always do. “Radical feminist” is now an insult on many campuses. Fall into that pariah category, and your opponents will ban you if they can and scream you down if they cannot.

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It is tempting to say “serves you right” or “I told you so” to the feminists on the receiving end of the new intolerance.

Abandon them to the jackals they fed.

But you will not understand how Western societies have become so tongue-tied and hypocritical unless you understand the human desires behind the feminists’ original urge to suppress, which now lie behind their enemies’ desire to suppress them…..

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The moral high ground is the superior position to attack.
They call us evil, we have a free pass on being everything else.
Cultural Marxism is a cancer we must cut out of society.

also of interest;

The Japanese knotweed of ideologies.

“Chivalry isn’t dead: Why feminists still want a gentlemen”


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In full because fuck giving this slag traffic;

Feminism has finally afforded females the long-awaited rights historically reserved exclusively for men. We can work and pursue fulfilling livelihoods beyond the kitchen sink.

2nd wave. Old news.

We can earn money and secure ourselves necessities of life. We can travel wherever with whomever, whenever.

We can settle down and have kids at a point in our lives that suits us. Finally, we can distance ourselves beyond the shadow of a husband or father; we have our own visions, aspirations and identities, which, naturally is an incredible thing.

Hardly #1 Wife material is it?

Perhaps then, it is hypocritical to expect to be extended the rights of independence and autonomy while simultaneously reaping the benefits of convention and typical “gender-specified roles.”


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This, of course, brings forth the question of whether or not it is unreasonable to expect a male to pay for the first date, amongst exhibiting many other behaviors typically reserved for “gentlemen.”

Veruca Salt Willy Wonka Don't care how I want it now spoiled rich bitch

Gentleman date ladies. There isn’t a single word about whether you qualify as a lady, whether ladies really exist or how a truly conservative man is subjected to bigoted vitriol by the likes of you. Why would they find you anything other than repulsive, given your treatment of them?

Before we go any further, let’s get one thing straight: I am a feminist through and through. Raised as one of three daughters, it was always without question that I would attend college and pursue a fulfilling career.

The hamster is strong in this one.

My mother has always worked, and naturally, it’s expected that I’ll do the same. I have never once witnessed my father so much as raise his voice to my mother, let alone anything more sinister.

More sinister. Yes, a loud voice is now abuse, right?
Please, any men who might be reading this, avoid this kinda bitch. Better to be alone.

I was raised to grow into an accomplished, independent, insightful and ambitious young woman.

To believe you would. You have not. I’ve seen better insights from toddlers.

But, with equal measure, I was also raised to become something that is often mistakenly disassociated with the feminist agenda. [HOW is this mistaken?] This is, of course, to still act  for lack of a better word — like a “lady.”

The fact you put that in quote marks make me think you’re the type of cunt who spends most of her time putting down the Nice Girls as boring while wondering why no man will stick around long after he’s rolled over. Men LOVE the Nice Girls. L.O.V.E.

Despite the various waves of progressive feminist movements, society still reserves certain traits as being undesirable amongst women.

No insights into why? No?

Think about it; when was the last time anyone wanted to take home that loud, obnoxious, bleached-blonde home to meet his mother?

I wonder why.

What’s more, we largely continue to reserve judgment for girls who can’t keep their panties on and participate in an endless stream of one-night stands.

Everyone judges everyone, such is life. Get over it Princess.

If we didn’t judge them, words like slut, whore, home wrecker and bitch wouldn’t be so commonplace in the English vocabulary. In fact, they wouldn’t even exist.

You missed out cunt.
No words that made women feel bad allowed! Makes sense.

No one can deny that there are far more words pertaining to female promiscuity than there are men. In terms of connotations reflecting poorly on men in the same regard, very few exist.

They’re old-fashioned but I assure you, they do. With your ‘education’, you should know about words like cad.

It’s not that it’s unreasonable to retain standards, [grammar] but if this is what is still expected of me, then I expect the same of my male counterparts.

Wait, what?
Gentlemen do not go after the town whore. And is there any repentance for your behaviour? Course not, you never do any wrong. [holds a big red neon sign saying AVOID]

Of course, like most heated topics, women throughout the world invariably diverge when it comes to opening up a dialogue in discussing what feminism actually means.

Most women aren’t feminists. We have minds of our own.

I’ve always understood that to be a true feminist, you idealize a world in which women and men are equal to one another.

And call for the practice of Female Supremacy in all fields.

So if this is the case, why would feminism and the idea of being a respectable, dignified young woman be mutually exclusive to one another?

Behaving like a raucous teenage boy might have something to do with it.
This is one of the dreariest internal monologues I have ever read. She is too dull.

And ultimately, if this is what society still expects of young women, why shouldn’t we expect the same of young men?

Again, what?!

Going beyond the issue of equilibrium and striving to end persisting double standards, sometimes a little chivalry is just nice. That belief doesn’t render me anti-feminist, but rather a girl who appreciates a truly nice boy.

She seems to think namedropping feminists memes is an adaquate substitute for thought.
Nice or obseqiously bootlicking to you?

I have already dated 18 people and partaken in an endless string of awkward first dates to last me a lifetime.

According to the statistics, odds are you’ll never have a successful marriage.

I therefore feel somewhat qualified to say there is, without a doubt, nothing more charming or alluring than a truly kind gentlemanly soul amidst a sea of increasingly horrible male specimen.

Opening your legs isn’t a qualification.
Oh, so most men are evil bastards, except the one who’ll rescue you! Aren’t you a catch?

It’s not as though I appreciate a door being opened for me because I am far too weak or submissive to do it myself. I also don’t appreciate boys being overly presumptuous merely because I am a prude or don’t want the same things.


But, I value and appreciate true gentlemen because it subtly reveals a more caring, sensitive and genuine side that most males are not willing to broadcast or expose.

A woman. You want to date a woman.

It’s charming, chivalrous and rightfully mirrors the longstanding cultural and societal norms that females are still expected to uphold.

You said up top you aren’t.

And, to be honest, I don’t have the time, patience or a sufficient enough lack of self-integrity to pursue any guy unable to exercise those rare, gentlemanly qualities.

I think this one might be broken, it says words but they’re jumbled nonsense.

They don’t hint at your ineptitude or own self-submission as a female; they simply show that your romantic interest respects and cares for you and isn’t afraid to show it.

trans. Control me because I don’t like being submissive? Wtf?

So, pay attention, boys, because it certainly does not go unnoticed when you do little things like pay for a first date or open a door for a lady.

Calling them boys will help. And what will you give them in return?

I, ultimately, should stress that this isn’t because I lack the skills or resources to fund dinner and drinks myself, nor am I unable to let myself into a building.

raw, raw, raw, raw, strong independent dinosaur!

But, when translated onto a broader spectrum, it really does reveal a hell of a lot more about a male as the gentlemen he is and not just a boy.

There is no spectrum. Gentlemen, where they exist, deliberately avoid crazy women like you.
It’s times like this I’m glad I’m a bird. The competition is pitiful.

This what she wants: the rewards of the bad girl (“fun”) and the rewards of the good girl too (respect). You can’t have both. You chose, bitch. Live with it.

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A quick explanation of the British girl makeup look (why it’s so ‘heavy’)

I’ve seen questions about this knocking around for so long in various places I decided to take a punt explaining it. I hope you like slang because it’s my cup of tea. Here is the benefit of my wisdom (i.e. this post will be short given the topic).

Science makes complete sense, it is people who are wrong!

Americans have been avoiding their mirrors and turning their scorn onto us Brits. Common criticisms are: their makeup is too heavy, they trowel it on, they don’t wear it enough/they wear it too much and it ages them, they all look the same regardless of age and status and why is that etc.

First you have to understand that make-up resides at the intersection between many topics. It isn’t like painting (colours, priming, materials and tools), it isn’t like sculpture (depth, fullness, convex, negative space), and it isn’t about visual effects (except for Halloween) but it borrows from these and more. Don’t try to understand it, just trust me. There are make-up trends but this post covers solely the overall ‘look’.

As you can tell from the subjective bent of these topics and the fact that feminine women practically drink enough make-up via their pores to live, it’s seen as the one acceptable form of beautiful expression in these cold feminist times (they can make me wear trousers but they can’t take my lipgloss).

never take our freedom braveheart

It signifies a level of selfless consideration for everyone who will have to look at you on a Monday morning and feminists hate it because men like it. TLP covered that delusion of wearing the external for the internal in: It takes a lot of effort to apply daily make-up and as truly womanly clothing is prohibitively expensive, this is what we make do with.

Red again. Like the British and English flags. See a pattern?

Red again. Like the British and English flags. See a pattern?

I’ll focus on the English because it’s what I know and when people say Brit they usually mean London, fashion hub and where the important people live who start trends. We are incredibly classist. Class is an invisible omnipresent power in our lives. Class indicators include how much you open your mouth when speaking and we love to signal our class because at this point even the underclass is proud of itself so it’s a free-for-all. The euphemisms vary in class from “put my face on” (upper class mask of propriety) to “powder my nose” when it was the done thing (middle class maintenance) to “tarting up” and this is why you rarely see us in the upper echelons with one item of make-up: wearing blush (rouge was associated with prostitutes since French women adopted it). We do not think of ourselves as European but a little set of islands that happen to exist on the European continent. We must distinguish ourselves from both the rest of Europe and America, closest to us in culture.

Harking back to the effort involved, this gives the full meaning to the term “lipstick lesbian” for trying to please men and feminists trying to pretend their “dolling up” has NOTHING to do with ‘keeping up appearances’ [beauty standards]. The personal is political and the one remaining mode of acceptable feminine expression is on the front line of vitriol.

Note the liberal usage of blush, whorish blush…..


This is going to be blunt and technical and as I prefaced, trust. Further detail isn’t necessary if you look.

By now men are starting to twig that there is no such thing as “natural beauty” because women are in fact human with pores and spots etc. The natural beauty idea is a Look created by makeup, which can do two things: 1. cover flaws or 2. accentuate assets. This dates back to ancient societies (Ancient Egypt eyeliner, Ancient Rome lipstick) – natural beauty was presumed to include upkeep. It has never existed in a raw form. There were often legal limits placed on this to prevent men being tricked into marriage because “too much” make-up or hair product was applied (including dying the hair to a rarer auburn or blonde for example).

We all know the association between whores and “too much” makeup because they had to hide their terrible faces marred by smallpox (grey lips and “mind your beeswax” mottling), plague (dark circles, hollow appearance and scar patches), syphilis (complete facial collapse) etc. It gave the appearance of youth and health. It was practical. Men wore it too:

The difference between ancient Natural Beauty and the modern British Look is one of pigment.

We can wear the same brand of makeup, the same product line, the same amount in the same places. If we wear it in Nude or Ivory or Blush or another ‘natural’ colour, how can strangers [men] tell how much effort we put in? How will they know our expertise, hard won in application? [status cue] How will they know we find their aesthetic pleasure at looking upon our visage important? [feminine] We associate red with national fervour [Blitz glamour] even when times are tough [Lipstick Index] – “London bus red” is widely considered the best red, universally flattering. Yes, there are types of red.

Blue makes teeth and sclera whiter. Orange makes the complexion seem healthier. It’s a tradeoff.

What do we end up doing, practically? Red is professional and classy since Elizabeth II wore it at her Coronation. You cannot out-signal the Queen. The application and effort is overt yet tasteful. It wins.

Pink is girlish, youthful and natural-lookiing, a spring/summer colour. Berry is the autumnal/wintry variant. You wouldn’t notice these walking down the street, but you would speaking to the wearer, it’s a compromise. These are the three main lipstick choices if you wear any, the Holy Trinity in Britain. If a woman were to apply red lipstick, however well by itself, it wouldn’t look right (whereas pink and berry are fine alone). There are reasons for this I won’t go into. Basically, you must define the eyes and smooth the skin too (both indicators of youth, incidentally). The bare minimum fix is one coat of mascara (maybe clear), perhaps a little tightlining (looks natural) to “balance the face” [features] and smoothing the skin tone and texture to make the lips the visual focal point (a sign of oestrogen, foundation used to be the only way to do this, now we have dozens of products).

The bold ideal;

Note the balance. Normal eyebrows. Clear skin. Best with dark hair. NO TAN WHATSOEVER. [That last is often the reason for the make-up criticism but foreigners cannot tell why). The tan and straw blonde combination from America looks atrocious with this Look by design. It is supposed to distinguish us [class] from All American make-up and colouring. Sometimes a muted red is used to give a softer look, it appears closer to pink or brown so whether it’s noticeable is up to the choice in specific pigment.

rouge cocoFor comparison, here is the same brand, with a model of similar colouring, wearing the same amount of make-up and the only real difference between the Looks is the pigment in her lipstick.

coco shine

Foreigners and commoners apply too much [overcompensating], in a cack-handed way [cheap lighting and tools, hurried], with more than one look at a time [lack of expertise] including contradictory ones and wonder why it looks bad. The effort it takes not to smudge red lippie is immense, it naturally ‘bleeds’ from the lipline and as such it also functions as an active sign of classy behaviour (sipping drinks demurely, not snogging strangers).
This is how it should be done;




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