Video: What Real PTSD looks like (formerly known as shell shock)

It is not a simple Fight/Flight reaction, as the feminists and other assorted liars claim. Everybody gets those from time to time and we learn to deal with them effectively. They call it other terms to make it sound better clinically; panic attacks, anxiety and other things to cover for their own controlling habits. PTSD has nothing to do with other people, or a desire to control them. It does not refer to the simple spike of chemicals that produce fear or agitation. Those are normal, they are nothing special. It is a simply the outcome of an oversensitive disposition which requires MORE stimulation (e.g. flooding or exposure therapy) for their self-created phobia or neurosis, NOT less.

As the adrenaline and fear response has a time limit, theoretically a person will eventually have to calm down and realize that their phobia is unwarranted. Flooding can be done through the use of virtual reality and is fairly effective.

Help a feminist today. Trigger and mock them.

It is a complex nervous condition.
Pills don’t do a fucking thing.
It isn’t a verbally expressive condition, unless you count crying, wailing or mewling like a newborn. Screaming for your mother is a distinct possibility, among other regressions such as forgetting how to speak.