Fluoride and ADHD


A factor perhaps but I don’t think so.


ADHD is largely an American disorder and is much less prevalent elsewhere. This impression was reinforced by the perception that ADHD may stem from social and cultural factors that are most common in American society.

Specifically its divorce system.

The neurotoxin aluminium

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Anecdotal but observational science: Baby Boomers have record Alzheimer’s rates. Boomers are also the first generation raised with aluminium, as “safer” than tin.
…It’s also cheaper.


A lot of restaurants don’t want to get sued (cosmetics companies neither).
The claims of papers like these, widely/falsely cited as ‘debunking’, don’t hold up to a basic level of biological knowledge. They are critical of a hypothesis for theoretical reasons they do not actively study, so it is not the all-clear being claimed by the intellectually dishonest, which would require actually testing them in a longitudinal experimental study (medical field standard). This is particularly important as any method design with heavy metals, which build up in the body (forming compounds together, in a cocktail effect) over decades. Rat studies go one-by-one, an element at a time, which lacks external validity/ real-world relevance.

1. the blood-brain barrier thins with age. This is a fact.
2. Aluminium can combine with other elements e.g. fluoride, to form a compound which might pass the barrier where healthy and young.
If you look at what’s literally IN the brain tissue of dead patients?

Respectfully, to the critics:

How the hell did it get there?

There’s your smoking gun, your bloodied Macbeth hands.

That is rock solid, irrefutable proof. As it stands, here is more proof.
Evidence for point 2: http://www.tandfonline.com/doi/abs/10.1080/10611860400015936
Known since at least 1998: http://www.actionpa.org/fluoride/aluminum.html
EU drinking/cooking water may contain arsenic, which explains a lot:

This is like the talc-cancer thing that recently came out in all the lawsuits.
I don’t have to explain that to you, do I?

Video: Sodium Fluoride, neurotoxin

This man is a neurosurgeon. He’s seen and felt the damage.

Ever notice rich people and politicians (but I repeat myself) always drink bottled water?

No matter who mocks them for it?


Ancient Rome was taken down by the lead lining the pipes and wine goblets.

Will the West be taken down by fluoride and aluminium (the former is used to process the later, used in food processing since the replacement of tin in tins)?

This substance is called Fluoroaluminum, the two bind together and pass through the blood-brain barrier.

Considering the inexplicable rise of autoimmune and inflammatory conditions that can ONLY be connected to environmental pollutants, and the newly coined bystander damage effect on brain cells when toxic metals accumulate, who’s to say?

This probably isn’t related but autism has been linked to limbic damage (this includes the amygdala).

As has other autoimmune damage to the amygdala.

Click to access 09%20One%20in%20a%20Million%20-%20The%20Extent%20of%20Fluoridation.pdf

The most fluoridated cities in America were NYC and LA.

Probably nothing, right?

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What are their politics again?

What’s the old joke, must be something in the water?

Aluminium has been found in ADHD toxicology profiles, autism, breast cancer and Alzheimer’s patients.
Fluoride lowers IQ and acts as a sedative, checking the fear response.

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