Invasion by any other name

Invasion leads to war, really? No kidding?

Important rationale below.

I thought Trojan horses were a gift intended to boost the economy!
All populations have a price on their head where it’s OK to betray!

There’s no such thing as immigration, get it through your fucking skulls.

Immigration is a myth.

Like the concept of refugees going back, ever.

If you can tell people to stay out of your house, how is your homeland any different?

It isn’t.

Globalists gaslight you because those expensive second, third, fourth passports would be useless if the public refused to allow them. Ban second passports and second passport holders and immigration goes away because r selects for the rats who seek to flee at the first sign of trouble. No national loyalty because they are foreign. There were takers in the first place, locust hovering over your crop. There’s no need to leave if you can rebuild on your own efforts. They are exploiters, if they cannot take they cannot live, so taking away the opportunity to exploit makes them screech, since this is their existence at stake as parasites. Ban the parasitic or your people are doomed. People like Vox will never point this out, because they rely on second passports, held by people like Epstein. It allows them (Cabal) to break the law and simply switch passports like an Uno reverse card. Why are we allowing this? There’s never been a public vote. Like Sharia courts, which are treasonous as competing judiciary technically. There’s no reason for them, either of them. Pick a nation and stay there, for the rest of your life or do not come. Homelands are not your tourist trap. You cannot be in two places at once. A house divided cannot stand, it’s Biblical.

Countries don’t exist for the highest bidder.

They show up, demand a Danegeld* (*welfare), rape the women and children, then make mongrels with the natives. None of this is good for the natives. It’s a process and nobody is discussing the final solution to whiteness: muddying it out (with any non-white race). However heavy the mixing brainwashing programming. As a person cannot be trusted to hack off limbs (trannies) in a state of mental wellness, neither can a man (nor woman) be trusted to decide to race-mix due to propaganda, it isn’t a free choice any sane person would make due to the negative health outcomes and self-termination of one’s own line, it’s genetic suicide via other means. Anchor babies must be ruled invalid legally if America wishes to continue to exist. Do not let immigrants vote or they vote for more immigration! Duh! Invaders for invasion!
During the halcyon 1950s, these self-cucks (especially libertarians – cryptos, the lot) forgetthat mixing was illegal. You cannot replicate half a successful society and expect it to remain intact. Shit in the gene pool turns the whole thing into a shitshow.

You cannot tolerate any of it and must ban the entire practice, like banning all rape, all child torture for Satan and all ritualistic murder. There’s no little bit pregnant and no little bit multi-racial. You need stability for longevity and homogeneity of demographics for homogeneity of culture. Culture doesn’t spring out of wishing wells and polite hopes. It’s made by the presence and omission of certain peoples. You wouldn’t invite everyone to a party, why would you invite everyone to a gene pool of a country? They have no right to be there. The right of the whole to exist subsumes the individual ‘decision’ to pollute the genetic environment. Libertarians balk at this. Why? NO SHITTING IN THE GENE POOL.
It’s not just a rule of civilization, it’s the ONLY rule. This French guy pretends it’s social.
It’s biological, it’s racial, it’s invasion. Deport them all. Including the cucks. Historically, they’d be childless because their own group has rejected them. This is moral. Libertarians act (in gamma entitlement) like they have a right to breed, which nobody does, especially if it burdens your homeland. No, you don’t. You never did. Reproduction is NOT a human right, dipshit. Libertarians lie about this. Especially mixing preferentially with the foreign shit of people from non-white countries of low national IQ. It’s no different than the folly of breeding with Eurotrash from white low IQ nations either (see EE), stop fucking ugly and stupid people (it’s the same people). It squanders white parental investment on the out-group, just like a cuckoo bird.
We cannot afford to fund such stupidity and/or malice.

THERE IS NO SUCH THING AS A HUMAN RIGHT TO GENETIC DESTRUCTION. No excuses. No “love is love” NAMBLA bollocks. No. Thought-terminating cliche are brainless per se.
Do Trojan worms have rights to ‘brick’ the systems they corrupt, too? Do pedophiles have a right to be teachers and nannies? Do Communists have a right to take away all of your possessions, because they’re acting on their beliefs individually? Obvious bullshit, security and ongoing safety of the group they seek to impose upon comes first and foremost. The social harm is apparent in all of these examples but libertarians are usually Jewish psyops so expect lies. These people are genetic gate-crashers. Obviously, one thing must be banned. One thing will determine whether you survive into the future or cuck out, like the bird taking in a foreign egg and so killing its original line, forsaking it. It’s literally what cucking is. Biologically!

Her tense smile of regret is hilarious. DAT GRIMACE

She even tried to dress their hair to look like hers. LOL

They have betrayed the commandment to honour thy mother and father. Honour their line.
They have betrayed the commandment not to adulterate their blood-line most assuredly. Thou shalt not mongrelise, says the accurate translation.
They have betrayed the commandment to not covet (coveting out-group genes is against God’s will or he’d have made us without those distinctions). Biblically, mixed kids are referred to as bastards. Doomed.

For their own soul, it must be made illegal again. No patriot could deny.

Sexual novelties do not produce civilizational stability. Diversity kills whatever it touches like the withering touch of Death. Purity is prized in the Bible, purity is whole or holy. God curses those who oppose him with rule by foreign genetics. It’s all in there if you look. I’m not adding a word to the Word. Go look! How does the foreign rule get there except seductive foreigners? The Bible warns of ‘strange‘ (foreign) women.
The weakness of men has always been the peen.

But libertarians claim to be culturally Christian, when they’re invariably Jewish.
Sexually immoral Jewish. “Judeo-Christian” windbags. Opposite of Christ’s law. By their deeds, know them.

Their equations never add up, or they wouldn’t have multiple passports to skip the Titanic they gleefully sink, blaming the other passengers who believed in them. You don’t buy a ticket out unless you have sabotaged the people in. Traitors hate the idea of their country succeeding without them. Look at Black Pigeon Speaks/cucks for a prime example of anti-white doom porn. Their ego relies on your ruin, like a standard gamma loser. This is why fellow whites rejected them for reproduction. Poor fitness.

Race traitors in particular like the idea of polluting the family line, since currently the laws* to stop them are temporarily suspended (this won’t last**). It’s the ultimate FU MOM/DAD. All mixers have parental issues. Freud was right there. After all, sometimes Jews tell the truth but only to pathologise whites.

*Like the legalism of pedophiles saying it’s legal to rape kids in whatever shit-hole white EE country or about Asia wanting to pimp them out. Not the point, it’s still child rape. Rape of a child. They’re still a pedophile by definition. The law means nothing, the deed is everything. Law =/= morality. Laws exist to stop these people from what they would do otherwise and this rationalization only proves it. Laws don’t exist for noble-minded people, only the scum. Laws exist to restrain scum from their alleged freedom to destroy their society and degenerate others. Nothing more. Mixing degenerates the genetic body of a place. It’s very simple, really. It’s a process like poisoning a cake. One drop of poison is still illegal.
**It cannot last, the problem is too much, especially with rape babies from gangs producing most of them. The SJWs of Social Services endorse this rape culture and profit from each mongrel. Making mixing illegal (and aiding, abetting it) would throw all the pedos and their enablers in prison where they belong.

How long until the Fake Right draw these obvious conclusions?

High trust culture is HOMOGENEOUS and cannot be otherwise. It was illegal partly due to spies (Russian, Chinese**) but also the wider observation that all wars, however hot or cold they may be, end in the invaders breeding-out*** the native genes. Whether they are programmed by MSM to consent (cuck) or NOT. The conscious “choice” is immaterial, the reality is they’re forced if they’re not coerced. That is no choice. Asian is PC code in UK newspeak for rapist.

These two things are so connected, you cannot logically oppose multi-racial societies and simultaneously endorse race-mixing.
What do you imagine the latter CAUSES?

I suspect the controlled ops to figure this out in, oh, five years or so?

Usually how long it takes them to openly rip me off. Browse the tags.

If most of the new French babies are only French in passport, you have lost.
There is a Darwinian war and you have lost. Correct the error and deport en masse or DIE out.

Extinction or preservation, there are no other options.

I’ve been making edgy comics way longer than Vox.

It isn’t even prediction anymore, it’s fact.

Same with America, UK, wherever. This isn’t just France/UK. This is the whole Anglosphere. Also stop feeding the competing races, they live on white farm largesse as whites cannot afford food bills? Obscene.

Better food banks in Asia than in England. They can grow their own shit or stop fucking like rabbits. We are not responsible for their population. Stop the white saviour shit.

**More UK targets but still.

***Mixing is genocide. Genocide is illegal still. Enforce it fully, that’s all.

Currently, London is a shopping mall for Eurotrash. Deport them all. They have zero right to remain here.

The cultural appropriation of Queen Marie

re the fetishisation of Marie Antoinette as a vapid tyrant:

They’re larping around as an innocent woman who got decapitated as if it’s a joke. Like no, you whores, people died. Innocent men, women and children, it was a tragedy felt even across the pond with their former enemies (the English). They were murdered in cold blood by proto-Commies and you’re acting like this particular icon ‘deserved it’ because her role expected her to be a clotheshorse. WTF is wrong with the Republic’s trashy, skanky women? They don’t understand monarchy (to this day*) and think they’re playing dress-up. No, princess and queen means something real here. Those were real people, some of their relatives are still living. It would be like if they dressed up as camp rescues by the Allies or the doomed Romanov girls. WTF. Ghastly (usually black) trash.

*paging Meghan

The Right wing shouldn’t let this go without comment. This is picking up the pace as part of their humiliation plan.


“It is unclear for certain if and how many children were subjected to the guillotine during the French Revolution, but some sources imply that they did in fact guillotine children.”

muh freedom from tyranny (bitch just MOVE)

muh pro-science atheistkult

“Anyone with any suspected connection to the elite ruling parties were typically beheaded, including prominent scientists like Antoine Lavoisier, so it could reasonably be assumed that the revolutionaries would have been willing to use the device on innocent children.”


Rip-off your own gorey culture, you absolute, anti-white whores – oh wait.
You don’t have any.

We’re encouraged to dispense with her title Queen in referring to her, for God’s sake. But you apply it to a fat singer? Really, America?

They’re mocking us, to our face, AND picking up the pace of it. Could you imagine the insensitivity of white people wearing mock shackles used on blacks?? As a ‘fashion statement’?

She was smarter than her husband, frankly. It took a con artist stealing a necklace, as her, to bring her down publicly (aka not her fault). Read on, it’s real history.

“I was a queen, and you took away my crown; a wife, and you killed my husband; a mother, and you deprived me of my children. My blood alone remains: take it, but do not make me suffer long.”

“It is the nature of human beings, and especially of the mediocre ones, to wish to change everything. They desire it all the more because they know popularity will accrue rather to those who disturb than to those who maintain order.”

Describing Cultural Marxism before it was formalised.

Chaos is a ladder ripped this off.

“There is nothing new except what has been forgotten.”


“Courage! I have shown it for years; think you I shall lose it at the moment when my sufferings are to end?”

“We had a beautiful dream and that was all. The interest of my son is the only guide I have, and whatever happiness I could achieve by being free of this place I cannot consent to separate my self from him. I could not have any pleasure in the world if I abandoned my children. I do not even have any regrets.”



“No one understands my ills, nor the terror that fills my breast, who does not know the heart of a mother.”

muh but I’m a fan of her ‘style’

“No, do not love me, it is better to give me death!”

muh ‘But poor people hated her’


historical record to the rescue!

Click to access french_revolution_stations.pdf

June 14 1773
On Tuesday I had a fête [party] which I shall never forget all my life. We made our entrance into
Paris. As for honors, we received all that we could possibly imagine; but they, though very well
in their way, were not what touched me most. What was really affecting was the kindness and
sincerity of the poor people, who, in spite of the taxes with which they are overwhelmed, were
transported with joy at seeing us. When we went to walk in the Tuileries [gardens], there was so
vast a crowd that we were three-quarters of an hour without being able to move either forward or
backward. Such excellent order was kept the whole day that, in spite of the enormous crowd
which followed us everywhere, not a person was hurt. When we returned from our walk we went
up to an open terrace and stayed there half an hour. I cannot describe to you, my dear mamma,
the transports of joy and affection which every one exhibited towards us. Before we withdrew we
kissed our hands to the people, which gave them great pleasure. What a happy thing it is for
persons in our rank to gain the love of a whole nation so cheaply. Yet there is nothing so
precious; I felt it thoroughly, and shall never forget it.

(They) lied about her.

Her son, Louis-Charles, was locked in a dark, fetid chamber where he was fed meager rations, prevented from seeing any outside visitors and physically abused by his jailers.

Isolated and scared, the boy began to display signs of emotional instability,


likely exacerbated by the false accusation he was forced to give by his jailers that he had been sexually molested by his mother and aunt, Louis XVI’s sister. That false evidence was used during Marie’s trial, a charge his heartbroken mother fiercely denied. Following a grueling two-day trial, Marie was found guilty of crimes against the state and followed her husband to the guillotine on October 16, 1793.

Less than two years later, in June 1795, 10-year-old Louis-Charles died, likely from tuberculosis worsened by his mistreatment. A sympathetic physician smuggled the child’s heart out of the prison following his autopsy, where it set out on a centuries-long odyssey, being passed to royal relations across the continent before finally coming to rest alongside his parents’ graves in the church of Saint-Denis in Paris in the 20 century.

haha so fun right? It happened to white people so just sweep under the rug….
so why does Hollywood insult the family to this day, and portray Marie as a bimbo, especially downplaying the surviving daughter?
Maria Theresa:
“Henceforth no Jew, no matter under what name, will be allowed to remain here without my written permission. I know of no other troublesome pest within the state than this race, which impoverished the people by their fraud, usury and money-lending and commits all deeds which an honorable man despises. Subsequently they have to be removed and excluded from here as much as possible.”
And you all go on about Kennedy. He wasn’t the first to oppose them. By a long shot.
“If I could wish for immortality on earth, it would only be for the power of relieving the distressed.”
So bitter of her, right? Clearly unfit to be queen.
You get to women by attacking and demeaning their cultural icons. Wake up.

Europhiles love a predator

“By no stretch of the imagination could a contemporary author write so blithely of his seduction of underage girls – and, in Matzneff’s case, of boys too.”

Oh, like that’s worse? Because he also raped boys?

Seduction isn’t Hollywood, that’s a lie. By definition, seduction is against that person’s individual (legal) will and consent, and seduction is still illegal under common law for many reasons, especially of children.
Paedophiles have tried to normalise everything but a fetish to children and only to children is sadistic, they wish to harm and corrupt. That’s the process of evil.

“And even if he did, there would certainly be no-one leaping to his defence, accusing his detractors – like they accused Bombardier 30 years ago – of reactionary neo-Puritanism and failing to understand the wellsprings of teenage sexuality.”

I’m sure there’d be some Muslims in pick-up, somewhere, that’s the re-brand attempt.
It’s disgusting some Westerners try to justify these attacks, knowing the child outcomes of child abuse (mental problems, addictions, suicide, pair bonding issues as an adult, trauma and PTSD). Worse, they say it’s ‘culture’ if the predator is white but apparently a Muslim is so foreign. You can’t pick and choose pedos.

The real rape culture is the ‘free love’ left-wing ‘culture’ that assumes everyone is “up for it”, even children. But what was the kid WEARING when they were raped type of victim blaming. In the First World, we can show skin without some subhuman trying to absolve themselves from their actions with a convenient ‘loss’ of control, ‘loss’ of agency.

Bring back hanging for rapists, it’s very simple. They’ll magically find their impulse control if not enabled by victim culture that sees the scum of the earth as a ‘slave’ to their libido (who isn’t? deal like everyone else) who ‘can’t help’ (can’t resist) attacking. Let children and women defend themselves, they lack the physical strength to do it without weapons. Re-open the asylums if the poor, pitiful, woe-is-me predators can’t function in society, this is why we have so many now. They closed the asylums to normalise this.

Most predators are serial offenders, it’s a tiny group of pedos doing this.

There’s the telling projection of ‘fun’, pedos do find getting away with it ‘fun’ and try to groom victims to agree, to normalise.

“And yet just a generation ago, evidently, the idea of sex between adult men and adolescent girls was not only not shocking – in “enlightened” circles, that is. More than that, it was seen as liberating for the youngsters themselves – a final casting off of the sexual bonds imposed by the old pre-1968 order.”

The Kinsey data was forged, he was a sadist pedo into teen boys and eventually fired for it.

“Gradually his star faded. There was growing distaste for his sexual predilections, and before this latest controversy he was an all-but-forgotten figure outside the Left Bank.

But in 2020 the moral compass had shifted 180 degrees. What had been seduction was now abuse.”

It always was, it’s even in the law, from breach of promise to criminal conversation. Hollywood lies should not be treated as real. Hollywood has imposed a fake norm on us, glamourising predation, what we see now is Power to the People, from the internet.

Hell, they’re still making films that glamourise child rape e.g. A Bigger Splash. 2015?


“Frank Sinatra was arrested in 1938 on charges of adultery and seduction. Yes, they used to be able to arrest people and charge them with seduction, something that faced a 23-year-old Frank Sinatra.”

You want traditionalism? A high trust society? Re-instate the charges or the West shall perish.
It’s now called “grooming”, who could ever possibly agree with legally permitting grooming? 

Protect women and children or the future is done for.

It’s a return to history the cuckservatives are too blue-pilled to ever suggest. What if it’s their daughter, their son? Their wife being accosted when they’re away at war? You can’t be around all the time, there must be legal recourse.

“What Matzneff saw as a celebration of sexual adventure with partners who, though young, were always consenting, had become an evil power game.”

No, they groom them, BBC. Children CANNOT consent, but psychologically abusing anyone would vitiate the ‘consent’, legally.

You can tell the BBC covers for pedos by pretending the victims are ‘up for it’.

Again, the laws pre-dated this for good reason, it was pro-social to protect children, boys and girls.

“And when publishing executive Vanessa Springora brought out a book this month describing the traumatic effects of her own relationship – aged 14 – with Matzneff, it was clear that he was now a literary non-person.”

Pedos lie, shocker. Predators lie about their victims.

They also lie to their victims – lovebombing, gaslighting, future faking (specifically covered under breach of promise) – things previously covered under seduction, now euphemistically called “grooming” (PC term, grooming for rape aka seduction). Coercion isn’t legal, whatever you do it for.

“In France the age of “sexual majority” is 15. If an adult has sex with a person under 15 he or she will face prosecution, though not necessarily for rape.”

Then why can’t they vote at 15? They don’t really consider them mentally able, which says it all.

France was over long before they invited the Muslim pedos. Actually, that’s why they invited the Muslim pedos.

Pedos like other pedos.

“At the age of 14 you are not supposed to have a 50-year-old man waiting for you when you come out of school; nor to share a hotel room with him and find yourself in his bed… when you should be having your tea,” writes Springora in Consent.”

Huge age gaps should be outlawed anyway, it always predicts some form of abuse beyond a solid generation (25-30 years or so). When one party’s brain hasn’t finished developing, we have no scientific reason to allow people under 25 to “date” whoever they want, the parents also dropped the moral ball and should be ashamed socially as enabling the rape of their child.

“The other people in his “seductions” also existed and their story is now being told.”
Pedos lie, they’re predators. If they’ll rape a child, boy or girl, why not lie about it?

This is like thinking murderers will obey gun laws.

Age of consent must be majority, sex is medical. Minimum age to marry must match as well, especially in a Catholic country, otherwise this is such a convenient oversight for the Weinsteins.

Europhilia is pedophilia with more wine.
Pushing the culture of places with dehumanising ages of consent, despite their claimed Catholic relgious background, is very telling.

France isn’t losing money on tourism because of Muslims, but the white, French men acting like brutes. It’s been losing money for decades thanks to the Boomer generation of degenerate losers. They’re stalking teenage girls (and pre-teens) and young women, shouting obscenities at them, trying to rub up against them on trains, publicly exposing themselves for public urination like a dog and flashing when a girl clearly just wants to go shopping.
The West needs to get its adult men in order, police to a first world standard already.
The Boomers who enabled this in media and TV should be up on charges of aiding and abetting trafficking, because a steady supply of groomed teenagers doesn’t just happen.

The stories of solicitation of women/girls also require punishment, there’s no such thing as ‘pick-up’, it’s solicitation.
Free love is free license to rapists and harassment, stalking, lying to get in a woman’s house are not uncommon. Psychiatrists know about these tactics. To catch a predator. The West needs to stop making excuses the predatory scum use to harm children, in particular.

France is always the cuck

Anonymous Conservative predicted public nudity and then public sex. Technically ‘Pride’ parades have both.

What those stupid people don’t realise is that rapists tend to test out the boundaries of victims with stalking first.

While they rehearse the attack in their mind.

Your culture is invaded, you can’t do it without new risk. You certainly can’t expand it!

We need a good war.

Importing misogyny

Anti-white misogyny only.

They just can’t admit it openly.

I no longer trust “right-wing” news reporters, especially alternatives, because they completely missed out this viral video as the true reason France simply began to enforce its harassment law.

Fine, you lie and omit like the left, I won’t trust you like the left.

It doesn’t even have to be sexual harassment, people have a right to walk down the street in peace. It isn’t a strip club and both parties know the attention is an insult. Nobody has a right to take up your time or get your response. We’ve all been eased into this with comedians being cunts and calling it ‘a prank’ or with charity people on the street, in the UK they can’t legally come up to you anymore actually, begging is illegal. As harassment. They can’t even shake those donation tins, it’s coercion. Nothing to do with sex, just basic respect.

These little cowards wouldn’t dare be aggressive in public to men, they pick on the weaker sex like an animal. Notice he chose a lone, thin woman, who clearly couldn’t physically defend herself.

Why don’t most women risk dressing up anymore? Femininity is punished.

The First World must enforce its standards of decency and oppose this American lechery.

Hollywood’s been teaching these people lies.

White people don’t exist to please you. 

White men won’t pay you, white women won’t flirt with you. We don’t want you here, nobody asked you to come here.

Political correctness will hunt you down

What genocide?

You’d need proof of dehumanization.


But you get the politicians you voted for, for years.

People evading responsibility, including marriage.

Socialists can’t run a business, a church or a creepy hybrid of both.

You can put security guards at a socialist cafe or walls at Rowling’s mansion property, but don’t you dare guard the borders of the country!

Why do security guards exist if everyone can be trusted?

Just enforce the law already?

We’re returning to 50s morality where strangers can’t talk to one another without it being weird.

Here, it’s still pretty weird and not just a London thing, it’s English and cultural.


Disturbing the peace and other offences.

Honour culture coming back. We didn’t need to say it plainly to fellow high IQ Europeans with a Christian culture. Criminal White men who tried it on were fought with canes, umbrellas and hat pins. They tried to claim sexist, despite attacking first. We could stop the conflicts any time we like with deportations of rule-breakers. One strike and you’re out, we have the CCTV. But is it worth hurting some poor white girl for existing, for someone who doesn’t have to be here in the first place, should we wait until there’s already a trauma? Women don’t respond to sexual attention in public like men, it’s a negative experience. Singling out a person in public is bullying. When it’s sexual, it’s acting like looking good is a sin (so women dress more like men and they’re still whining). Women don’t need to act like men or the way predators want them to act (gaslighting, “you should take it as a compliment!” – nope, still illegal). It’s humiliating, intentionally, it’s mocking, equivalent to groping a child (also low testosterone). It’s forced sexualization so traditional men are most opposed to harassment, the street isn’t a free-for-all brothel – the assumption is No. We don’t allow one group (children) to be harmed in public (by those who find them sexually attractive) blithely (children can’t help looking cute/what they are either) so no, this isn’t Brave New World, there is no entitlement to the bodies of others. You can’t rob a bakery because you’re hungry, we expect people in the First World to act like a human, dogs can have more control on these matters! Does cake before a hungry man have more rights than a white woman in her homeland? Who do we care about more, ingroup safety or outgroup “honour”? Who is we? Guest right has long expired. Social trust is more important than anyone’s feigned feelings of dishonour, they dishonoured themselves by their criminal actions.

This problem won’t go away. The lower IQ, the weaker self control. Weak-willed people have no excuse. If you don’t like the West, move. You aren’t important.

The subtext is: to prevent harassment/rape, women should look less like women.

This has never been true. It’s a blatant lie, blaming the victim. Covered head to toe, women are attacked and have been historically. It’s like saying a poor man is never robbed. And how can a rich man or an attractive woman stop being, stop existing? Laughable psychopathy on display, to insist the world magically alter its properties because these people don’t want to control their degeneracy. The predator DESERVES to be met with force.

Victims don’t deserve it, that’s a just world fallacy!

Maybe if you’re nice to the tiger/Muslim, it won’t eat/rape you! That isn’t how predation works, cuck.

Should you take it as a compliment that a burglar found your house “nice enough” to rob? You should enjoy the slanderous “attentions” of the SJWs!

The real meaning is “let us”, be completely passive, let us harm you and play along (don’t “snitch” and assert your human rights). We don’t take that aiding and abetting, enabling approach to predators in the civilized world.

A straight male sexual predator will be attracted to women because they’re women, whatever they look like. You cannot help being in that category. It’s genetic, the way you were born and exist. Like a child cannot help being in a pedophile’s predation group. Is it their fault for looking too cute? Should we ban cuteness? Predators are a sheer minority and we mustn’t fall for their tricks or lies in enabling them. They are wrong, not the people they harm. There is no Original Sin of whiteness or attractiveness, unless you’re insane.

But harassment’s always been illegal?

Why should your culture come last? That’s why they are there, to be in your culture.

The hypoagency proclaimed by sexual predators is detestable. Going to a nudist beach shouldn’t “provoke” rape, you piece of shit. Children walk around naked too…. just saying.

We are not America. They allowed in the past century, their laws to slide to speak to and treat one another like shit. Watch how many harassment laws they break on “prank” shows to lube you up for it. That isn’t funny.

Meanwhile, not a word on groping, grabbing, rape.

What’s key is … that the laws of the French republic forbid insulting, intimidating, threatening and following women in public spaces,” 

They need these laws now. How long until more etiquette laws are brought in?
The PUA scam pretends to sell non-white men a method for turning any white woman into a free whore. It’s a scam but the “techniques” which legally qualify as harassment will land them in court eventually, including incitement to harass, I tried warning for years. They made their bed. Prison bed.

It’s incitement to harass on a sexual (sex, noun) and race basis too, so like… triple illegal.

If you ask a question more than once, it’s coercion. Goes for sales too. If the first No isn’t respected, why should the 20th? Although wearing someone down is an abuse tactic.

It’s like the French women who had to move but still said diversity was good because, men don’t realize, they might literally be murdered for saying anything less to the press. Diversity takes away your liberty. To know who rules over you…

Cut off the welfare state to the non-French and they’ll leave. It’s the only way to handle an infestation of leeches, cut off supply.

Emma Thompson complains her daughter was grabbed but says nothing about the legal right to self-defense or fear of being stabbed and melted with acid.

When you can’t defend yourself, you’re a slave.

Meanwhile, on the child connection


Minors cannot consent. Set it to 18/age of majority!