Teachers’ unions HATE THEM!

Need a piece of paper? You sure?

Moneyball your education.


Delicious progress.

“You can’t put a price on a good education.”

You know, you were right….

Teachers will, by and large, go the way of horse-shoe makers and coachmen.

Protip: I know a lot of people who do these. Take 2 fun courses (they can be zany) for every 4 serious ones.

The Guardian: Taxpayer Tampons!


The things that cause fatal Toxic Shock? And leave dead fluid-engorged fibres rotting inside the body?
Sanitary pads I could kinda understand, they can apply to incontinence cases and men too, but tampons are awful on every level, any real woman would best avoid them except in genuine emergencies.

Since ‘gender’ is a social construct, I demand the men of the Guardian stick their tampons up their butts, for an entire week every month. Or they’re bigoted sexist racists, somehow.

They need to understand the suffering of women under Patriarchy. And we should line up and kick them in the balls to simulate cramps.

What’s next on the list of feminazi demands? Lipgloss? Hairspray? Eye cream?
These twats make me almost ashamed to be a woman.

Video: University should NOT be free

College used to be something that was earned. …There’s no challenge.

To give out free Higher Education, they’d need to severely restrict the N of places.
No Gender Studies, No Women’s Issues, No Hyphenated Studies, No Pop Culture courses. So I’m behind it, if they limit it to STEM. Society needs STEM majors. The rest? Pass. 

If it’s free, people don’t value it. See: state school.

If you’re too stupid to do any real course, you shouldn’t be there.