Orbitofrontal Cortex size and optimism/anxiety

Likely caused by plasticity. Hello processing networks, Mummy has missed you.
Hebbian densities and all.

Optimism, unlike realism, has more in common with delusion biologically. For the record, pessimism has more in common with depression (over-flagging) but studies have shown assessments by the depressed are in fact more realistic. Maybe realism = pessimism.

What sticks out to me in this study? Left. The left OFC only. 
Considering mood studies have drawn a strong distinction between frontal lobes, this could be indicative of something much bigger.
Now, the frontal lobe is often coding for suppression. People tend to think of it as the ‘good’ lobe but that’s not the case. If you’re being brainwashed, your frontal lobe is working overtime.
So, considering the role for optimism is in suppressing anxiety (hence the link) regardless of real or imagined cause, might this relate to r/K amygdala theories?
As in, might they have grown denser lOFC in response to repeated suppression of anxiety-causing stimuli?

These fearful patterns can only come from the temporal lobe, the amygdala in particular.

These are the questions.

I think Cpn Jack Sparrow was a Sigma, personally

I think of this whenever I see a mob baying for blood online

They aren’t a torch-wielding mob, they’re energy-saving human lamp posts!

The hypofrontal damage of porn addiction and loss of ambition


It can cause serious health problems with the endocrine system and adrenal fatigue. Everytime a man jerks it, his body uses up precious resources which would be otherwise spent within the body, including testosterone. Have you ever met a porn addict with motivation? The Victorians called it self-abuse for a good reason. Men who don’t masturbate, or rarely (once a month or less) report sublimation, increased energy and vigour and ambition.

Another good article;


Further, a woman who can’t arouse or pleasure her man is likely to feel that she’s no longer attractive or desirable to him, [wrong, totally the addict’s fault, their choice to damage their body’s responses] which can be devastating to her sense of self-worth. And she’s actually right to feel insecure: studies show that people who look at porn find their partners less attractive.

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That’s screwed up. As if it doesn’t count, huh? That’s what they think? The brain doesn’t know the difference between viewing porn and being part of an orgy. Nobody should stay with an addict. ANY addict. By doing this, they enable them to hurt themselves. Sex is marriage glue. Yet they think it’s acceptable to choose unreal pixel people to the woman who loves them and committed to them? The psychological infidelity (fantasy, fine, call it whatever) and delusion is astounding.

On a broader level…

Men used to be the champions of industry, captains of their field. Why the sudden loss of fire? Well…. it’s going in tissues. In the bin. All of those micronutrients the body could’ve expended elsewhere. The hormone damage long term. This is why Eastern books recognized that men lose vital essence (and vitality) each time they have sex (women do not because sperm is the real chemical drain, it might be the man’s only evolutionary chance to father children). Men who sleep around are affected just as much as porn addicts, hence their need for supplementation, haha. Quite a weakness, isn’t it, for a group who claim independence from women? Insatiable lust and craving of A woman, any woman, would suggest the mightiest of pussy pedestals, beyond any beta male. The brain damage from whacking it is unique from healthy sex…

Again, this site has links to many many many neuroscience studies, in case someone wants to whine about bias


To this day, if you speak to health workers in asylums and special schools – many, many self-abusers inc. women. Well above average. And I’ll just leave you to consider this in light of feminism’s efforts to justify female nymphomania/hysteria (and chronic masturbation or porn use) which of course meant arguing it was fine for men too;

Although inappropriate sexual expression was commonly observed in the mentally ill, it was inaccurately identified as a cause of insanity in the 19th century. It was also during this period that male circumcision became popular in western culture, largely motivated by its perceived preventative effect on masturbation. While masturbation has since been identified as a normal and healthy behavior, [???] male circumcision remains a common practice in western world, though it no longer has any correlation to mental health.

Most ED cases are masturbation addicts who refuse to abandon porn too. Their wives divorce them for it (well it is an addiction so fair enough, they prefer pixel women to a real one who loves them, that is messed up).

In couples therapy, the woman is usually there to try and convince the addict he has a problem. Most therapists bring their own Free Love bias to this question and try some Middle Path and wonder why the man’s issues don’t cease e.g. he doesn’t give up porn but they watch it together. It’s sick.

Porn dulls the body’s response to sex, that is the choice the addict makes.

Did I mention it shrinks the brain? Like being fat?