Comedians that don’t hate their family

Heartwarming, instead of depressing.
That one looks like Dexter.

He really does.
Notice right-wing people in any profession are hotter? I have.

Along with the entire female population.

Christian Grey wasn’t working at an NGO.

Some women have shoes for every occasion, I have gifs.

Women literally see more colours.

It’s possible for a comedian to disapprove of their kids without malice.

I’m just sayin’.

Need a decade remix next year

Literal time traveller.

How did it get worse?
Youtube? Instagram? Cunt Island?
Denim’s back, 90s tat, “street wear” is still in, bloody neon and graphic brand names like those huge LV bags, the only thing out is mustaches but not entirely.

Hoping for a rise in vintage that isn’t rubbish.

I guess we’re just not throwing out clothes the way we used to, various trends linger on for years.

Even the Crayola tights are in this year.

America is not immune.