Video: Why aren’t young people breeding?


You know the migration patterns in disaster movies when all the scenery is silent, dead silent? Some nerd points out they migrated south early to avoid the shitstorm?

Look at the demographics of a nursery sometime.

Well, Europeans are at replacement rates. K-types only replace under ideal conditions, let alone these. We don’t need more of us than carrying capacity of this cold clime. It’s the only sustainable continent. We adopted the EU to avoid war aka mass die-offs of those K-children. A century ago, I read we were a third of world population. I need to have stats on that, can’t find them online.

What’s more likely in a family?

Family A has 2 children, working parents.

Family B has 4 children, parents don’t work.

Which are likelier to survive civil war and famine and disease that follows?

Without considering lifestyle and overall fitness. I covered before how Western diets fuck over non-whites the most by fattening them up, clogging up arteries with food they never evolved for. You don’t see many thin Indian men outside of India.

Disease is important because humans are vectors and the more dense the group the faster the spread – note plague transmitted with the shipping trade opening up and syphilis with the navies and soldiers away from home bringing it back after a war for bankers and politicians. Boys will be boys, say, why is infant mortality so high? They killed their own kids. Genetic STDs are the male abortion. Men seeking to conceive are only required to stay pure in lifestyle habit, as long as possible, i.e. ideally you never smoke, it keeps the genome purely replicated in the testes. It’s the one job they have and they literally fuck it up. Why are so many retarded kids being born to degenerate or aged fathers? It’s a mystery! Don’t insist they get neutered, fight for their right to party! I’m sure women won’t want the same… but say, don’t they need someone to be fucking with?
Free sex for everyone and when they turn out to be awful spouses and terrible parents because their pair bonding is also psychologically damaged, we blame iPhones!

Could it be social technology? Maybe.

Respect your elders, even when there’s nothing to respect!
Cities are pits of disease, and medicine is failing us. There was a temporary boom and now we don’t even have food security because post-war it is SO SO cheap to import and those big shipping tankers will always be available, right? You’d bet your life on it. We don’t carbon tax them properly despite being the largest transporters by mass (calculate it) and fuel wastes away because there’ll always be more oil… far, far away. You can just grow local. Now the West has less food security than Africa. Africans pluck food off trees that grow anyway. Our trees don’t do that. Most of our plants are poison.

Look at Gen Y/Z attitude surveys with all this in mind.
It suddenly clicks into place.

We see ourselves being replaced and it’s a stalemate, a game of survival chicken. See which strategy outlasts the other. Do you think JK Rowling is gonna hand over her properties or money to Muslim ‘refugees’ if the Government checks stop coming? But they’ll go after her, won’t they? Because she’s ‘kind’… and unarmed.

They imported the immigrants to ‘save’ them, so we don’t have to.
We can just turn their cucking asses around and point them in the direction of the nearest mosque. I’m sure they’ll show mercy to the people who surrendered their country.

Much of this process is unconscious, it’s a gamble but a reasoned one.

Young people know there are fertility treatments.

That’s insurance. IVF produces twins. There’s your K-strategy replacement.
The high IQ don’t need to reproduce fast unless they’re directly competing with r-neighbours, who, vitally, produce more. This used to occur in farming families. Modern r-types are weakened, they produce nothing of lasting value. The type to eat the seed crop, the grasshopper actually dies in most versions of the story.

We’re waiting for the Boomers to die off and their entitlement with it.

We’re waiting for the correction that follows. Cheap everything because shit, a huge segment of the population demand is literally rotting in the street (no kids to bury them, no one to care, probably getting eaten by the tribal eaters who moved in recently.) Their corpses will be easy to kick for what they did and easier to rob. Cadavers can’t protect their assets. For example, if an r-type took a property, they would keep it only a year or so. Like the houseproud Indians with spotless homes but garbage-mountain streets in front of the door because it’s communal, they don’t really care about their environment, they care for their comfort. Properties require between 1-5% maintenance costs per annum. How many house buyers know that fact? We only need to watch the gang war kill them, various diseases, like locusts they’ll strip their areas of food and the petrol tanks will rust. How many Asian mechanics are there? How many make do and mends? How many repair stuff instead of tossing it as junk?

At worst, we can scavenge and fix and crucially, improve. With those huge families of hundreds of cousins, they won’t last long because in a famine, most mouths to feed makes you all angry, on top of starvation hunger which is where you eventually eat your own brain. This takes a couple of weeks, a month tops. Rats eat their young. Starving people suffer diseases easily, then psychosis and breakdown, utter weakness. Feeble, helpless, like an 80yo. I fear many will regret moving to a hardy climate. Our birds get hungry. The foxes will nip you if you’re totally healthy and sleeping rough. Feel glad we shot most boar, bears and wolves. People’s pets will also be feral under those conditions.

Hell is cold, heat generates life and food. You’d be better off in rural India. I don’t pick on them, it’s just the largest demographic of immigrants are from there. They will regret it, based on these facts.

What if they’re conscripted into the EU army huh? That Indian passport would get a lot of use. This would go down well.

A couple of generations ago Brits built Anderson shelters in their garden. We hunker down and survive. Collectivist cultures died with plague. You won’t kick out grandma showing symptoms? Congrats, everyone gets a free visit from Mr Reaper this week.
A reverence of useless eaters mean you all get to die in a famine. At least nobody was offended. You died with the honour of knowing Malthus and Darwin, two pesky white guys, predicted this long before you had a chance to argue with it.
People ran into the forest to avoid disease. I don’t see many non-whites doing that. Just a feeling.

You don’t see many other continents with that spirit, it evolved for our climate. Imagine if this goes down in winter, they become human popsicles. They live in diverse areas, anything of value will be robbed since they can only travel on foot. This can happen shockingly quick, it’s a case of waiting out that time calmly as much as possible, power-flushing the human dregs (crime bosses) and then rebuilding so it never happens, ever again.

Speaking of crime bosses, these dumb motherfuckers shoot precious ammo into the air like it grows on tropical trees. Which race was well-known for its blacksmiths and to this day has essentially the only really archaic knowledge of how to hand-make this stuff?

Which policies are required to rebuild (nation)?
We should be asking this.

It’s a lot of work, I know. But if/when this happens, your time will mostly be taken up with not dying or being attacked and eating. You need the high-minded stuff now.

“don’t worry, be a dummy” is spot on.

As I said in Best Post, the young are on strike, we’ve gone Galt. We work overtime but rent, avoid big ticket expenses (actually maintenance costs, things you own own you) and look out for a small circle.
We know we’re not gonna be rock stars to paraphrase Fight Club and why support people who owe us nothing for it? Where’s the noblesse oblige? You even find this on the Left – why pay for faith schools? Why can’t you just tax the rich until there are no rich people and then we pull solutions out of our bleached arseholes?

It will be funny to see when the teachers and police can’t retire. Low IQ with no soldier’s patriotism. There will be riots. Politicians and civil servants take care of their own.

Every mob has the same rallying cry: FREE SHIT FREE SHIT FREE SHIT FREE SHIT.

The refugees barging into towns like Vikings? They weren’t mass-slaughtered by the smarter tribe due to fear of the law. What happens when there is no law?

Diversity + Proximity = War

Who will survive? Well, who owns the means of production?

Marx wasn’t wrong about everything. However, having the factory is nothing if you can’t work it.

If you’re a woman and your man cheats, that child won’t survive. You can’t even support it on one parent’s full time working income. His priorities left and you’d better have family nearby. If that child cries when there are gangs of rapists riding around, you’re fucked.
Where was the rape hysteria in white women, before multiculturalism?
It’s generational, everyone feels it.

Read: Sir Glubb’s The Fate of Empires

How this isn’t better-known I do not know.
It’s short.
26 pages short.
I must admit my own stupidity because I wondered in a quiet moment, why is nobody citing this? I assumed I’d already linked to it and like Camp of the Saints, it should be popular. Searched, nothing.


Final page, for those who wanna know.

And now they cry!

“And now, they find their Day is over! their power gone! and the throne of this nation possessed by a Royal, English, true, and ever constant member of, and friend to, the Church of England! Now, they find that they are in danger of the Church of England’s just resentments! Now, they cry out, “Peace!” “Union!” “Forbearance!” and “Charity!”: as if the Church had not too long harboured her enemies under her wing! and nourished the viperous blood, till they hiss and fly in the face of the Mother that cherished them!”

No Gentlemen, the Time of Mercy is past, your Day of Grace is over, you should have practised Peace, and Moderation, and Charity, if you expected any yourselves.


British Literature 1640-1789: An Anthology, pp. 370.

I meditate on this whenever an enemy of progress gets too big for their boots and feigns umbrage, especially the Muslims. Especially the Muslims.

The author in particular is Defoe.

Time is what matters. As time goes by, you and I will be carried inexorably into the mainstream of our period, even though we’re unaware of what it is. And later, when they say that young men in the early Taisho era thought, dressed, talked, in such and such a way, they’ll be talking about you and me. We’ll all be lumped together…. In a few decades, people will see you and the people you despise as one and the same, a single entity.

Yukio Mishima, Spring Snow