Game of Thrones Libertarian Edition

This is far too kind.

I want to see a version with OPEN BORDERS FOR WESTEROS.

Because Dothraki aren’t rapists, you bigot, it’s their culture and the Golden Company are just doing the jobs Westerosi don’t want to do.

It’s amazing to me how many supposedly big-brained intellectuals completely miss the point of libertarianism.

Open borders because, for some reason, some strange reason, libertarian societies cannot meet their own demands. Far from admitting that’s the same failure as Communism, which has at least been tried (and seemed to work, for a little while) they see that as a success. The noble loser? Globally, it fails on human nature too, just like communism, since most humans aren’t 128IQ autistic middle-class white men.

IQ shredder, whatever you want to call it. It’s a dead theory.

Prior to libertarianism, bringing in hostile foreigners to replace the native workers was correctly named treason. A leopard cannot change its spots and we have DNA now, the days of “we’re all the same” fairytales are dead.

Libertarians want loose borders but locks on house doors and cars, I’d rather the reverse, personally. How about respecting the property right to native homeland, ya dicks?

You cannot have free trade without open borders. It’s the polite term for pathological capitalism, screwing the ingroup so a particular master company owner can make 13% extra profit to evade from national tax coffers. You can’t have crony capitalism without two-faced “libertarians” playing both sides.

What libertarians lack in character they make up for in obnoxiousness.

You shouldn’t need the State to impose, enforce or enhance your INDIVIDUAL RIGHTS but okay, I’ll let that one go. Some day.

You know where you’re most individual and snowflake? The forest! Go fuck off and larp like a pagan instead of acting like you know what a society or civic duty to it are. Society bribes libertarians to leave it alone.

They want to spend tax money other people pay, they’re basically Democrats.

I’ll stir the pot a little and say that neither Darwin nor anyone else care what these bachelors do as long as it’s far away from the tax money of everyone else, ironically, also to add that degeneracy isn’t a human right nor, technically, a legal one.

Can we set up a pleasure island facility for libertarians a little like Pedo Island but they can also never, ever leave or post online again? Death by hedonism should be legal, the State should provide the morphine for that particular suicide.

Note that they only exist now we have the medical structures to baby them. Oh, the irony.

Thankfully, that’s going away pretty soon. Like, this half of the century.


Freedom to fail in a libertarian society means letting them die from STDs including syphilis, that sends you insane, minor injuries from hunting like animal bites, drug overdose and picking a fight with someone who looks like a pussy but isn’t, which if it’s a libertarian starting it might actually be a woman. I would support this freedom to die without any state or social group coming to their aid. Then again, libertarians have never bothered to read what eugenics actually was – all the freedom stuff but also the responsibility stuff too.

In sum,

Society will assist you with prosocial decisions

…and leave you to suffer antisocial ones personally.

Libertarians want equal outcomes for stupidity. Where’s your nursemaid? Who will volunteer to clean it up? Lack of common sense is anti-fitness, it always dies when left to its own devices.

“Stupidity cannot be cured. Stupidity is the only universal capital crime; the sentence is death. There is no appeal, and execution is carried out automatically and without pity.”

Magical Medieval PC RPG

It’s been this bad for a long time.

It’s based on my history so I’m offended. We were way more BAMF than your obese creepy writer suggests and he’s so dark gritty reboot about it, like democracy has panned out so well… ya can’t bitch about monarchy when ya got nothing better and you don’t understand it.

He treats a monarchy like a slightly more sinister Wonka factory, with oppressed people in brown and covered in bodily fluids. Monty Python was kidding with the peasant stuff. Look up the revolt, revolutions, rebellions, strikes, damn man read more.

Basically 90% of it’s ripped off. Americans can’t write without ripping off dead Europeans.
Hemingway was a shitty Burton.

Judging you.

Edit: fine, I’ll tell you something no one else knows.

What exactly is Brisingamen?

Edit: one more for luck and to show off.

The völva says that, presumably after Gullveig’s burning, she was called Heiðr and that Heiðr was a knowledgeable völva who could perform great feats:

As the vǫlva entered the room, she was hailed with reverence by the household, and then she was led to the high seat, where she was provided with dishes prepared only for her. She had a porridge made of goat milk and a dish made of hearts from all the kinds of animals at the homestead.

In the words of Shia



It already jumped the shark last week. Well, maybe Sansa really. It’s a downslide based on Arya, who survived what only Littlefinger had previously.

It’s trash.

“The hackers who compromised HBO’s network systems in July have threatened to leak the final two episodes of Game of Thrones.

The “Mr Smith group” of hackers told tech site Mashable that it has access to “many HBO platforms” and that HBO should be “ready” for the leak of episode six, which aired on Sunday, and episode seven of its biggest hit immediately ahead of the show’s finale at the end of the week.”

Rumour is they split up the seasons 7 to 7+8 so the entire final season conclusion couldn’t be released at once.
Would be a shame if that happened.

“Analysts agree that HBO was aided by the fact that the hackers only released a few shows and that an entire season wasn’t released in one go, forcing viewers who wanted to watch it as soon as possible to subscribe to the TV network.

More potentially damaging to HBO could be the release of further sensitive information. Previous dumps listing actors’ personal details, scripts, shooting plans and a trove of emails. Up to now the damage caused to HBO by the leaks has paled in comparison to the chaos caused by the hacks on Sony Pictures in 2014.

A person familiar with the situation, speaking on condition of anonymity because they weren’t authorised to speak publicly, said HBO was proactive in communicating with the Game of Thrones actors ahead of their personal information being released to the public, which may have helped mitigate the impact of confidential data leaks.”

It makes no difference to me, I already know the end. It doesn’t make much sense given the source material. Betting on it’s fun. Making shekels never gets old.

Meanwhile, the Guardian incite destruction of cultural history, art and public property.

Told ya so.

Fun fact: you can shop any video behind a green screen.

GOT leak

Biggest ever huh?

A new report from The Hollywood Reporter claims the hackers use the name “little.finger66,” an ode to the mischievous “Game of Thrones” character. Sources confirm to THR that HBO is working with the FBI and the cybersecurity firm Mandiant to investigate the source.

I thought they were anonymous? Well, at least they have good taste.

As for the email, what makes you think they left?

It’s probably someone in the system like most hacks.

Do you know how long it takes to back up email? The time to compromise an email system is the critical window.
There’s really no such thing as an internal server. It’s like putting a padlock on a garden and the garden just disappears? No!

I wonder what the cast think.

Why one episode of Game of Thrones is worth a thousand history lessons

Why one episode of Game of Thrones is worth a thousand history lessons

How Cultural Marxism has browbeaten British history into a position where a fantasy series better portrays the viscious, gory truth.
In spite of a few scriptwritten exceptions.

Trust the rich white girl to turn into a twat