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Gamer Girls

On a personal level, everyone I know that enjoys video games (male, female, the odd Pikachu) has been playing less recently. It isn’t a hipster “this got too mainstream thing.” The latest releases tend to suck. They rush and chase trends and it shows. There are now three types of gamer. 1. mobile – no. 2. console – better. 3. PC – rich or lucky.

Most people ‘in the know’ are re-playing older games, especially arcade ones. I was shocked by how hard original settings for Space Invaders are the other day, I’ve been spoiled on the modern baby settings. Alternatively, we ask that rich person we all know if a game is worth buying and wait for the Steam sale.

Any group with a cultural Zeitgeist experience those horrible scene kids (a cancer wherever they go, especially festivals) but now they’ve mostly moved onto cosplay because it involves T&A. The 5-7SMV SJW men are attention-whoring the worst thanks to the boost in status with all the girls swooning from the fandoms. Gaming is really starting to go Out now, thank God, it peaked mostly in the late 00s with that Cake is a Lie crap.

The latest one is Fallout hype. Meh.

Yes I bring you this information within the 24 hours for it to remain relevant. No, still not cool.

What does it mean to be a gamer?

Not bullshit.

Interesting question. The easiest way is to look for internet humour which is a bit risque. Not game-specific memes, common misconception among the poseurs. You can’t fake internet humour, it takes years to become a nyan-thousand tier shitlord. They aren’t PC.

  1. Anyone using it for political point-scoring a la “I consider myself to be a gamer” is not.
  2. Anyone claiming the hipster “I was a gamer before it was cool” unless explicitly asked, is not.
  3. Anyone trying to turn a hobby into a lifestyle choice with appended status, is not.

It’s all about the game. Not the players.
I don’t play online anymore for example, because other people break my focus and the fucking lag, man. Fucking lag.

Also —

Mobile games don’t count.

Except maybe Snake.

Thus concludes our super-special snowflake outing.

MIT v. Gamergate?

Lookie what I found…

what wut wtf shock surprise slow turn eh littlefinger pause got

OK hands up I was linked to it. I wouldn’t be caught dead doing Media Studies but look;

Run as a workshop, students collaborate in teams to design and prototype games for social change and civic engagement. Through readings, discussion, and presentations, we explore principles of game design and the social history of games. Guest speakers from academia, industry, the non-profit sector, and the gaming community contribute unique and diverse perspectives. Course culminates in an end of semester open house to showcase our games.

  • Serious Games Research
  • Designing Games for Social Change
  • Learning and Games
  • Purposeful Game Assessment
  • Potentials and Limits of Games for Change

“Serious games”, isn’t that an oxymoronic death knell for creativity and fun?
Since when is work meant to be play and play meant to be work? Worse, government work – propaganda.

Article: Tomb Raider was better when she had big boobs

It was. There was a focus on puzzle solving and shooting. That was it. No crying over shooting tigers.

Even her look is ruined. She has a manlier build now, including facial features with Botox pornstar lips for some reason. Her original look was ultra-feminine, and her personality.

She had a large doll-like face, small but full rosebud lips and wicked eyeliner game. She looked balanced.

AoD went in an interesting direction by having a playable male character, it’s a shame they rebooted directly afterward.

She’s so oppressed right now.

I mean, it’s not like she had this deadly allure about her.

I miss the original run.

Lara Croft is totally sexist, guys.

Again, Media Violence doesn’t cause Real Violence.

This includes books, music, games and even porn. In fact, porn access causes rape rates to plummet.
This has always been the consensus. The people who said otherwise were self-interested researchers and lying feminists. They kept lying and saying it was settled to stop scientific enquiry that would prove them wrong.

In fact, when you count all forms of interpersonal conflict, in relationships women are more aggressive than men.