Video: I’m not sorry

Sorry for what? It isn’t a crime to be white.

You can only be sorry for doing something wrong.
I’ve done nothing wrong, so …
Being something wrong is dehumanization. Itself, a wrong.
No guilt from this one, thanks. The Original Sin isn’t whiteness.
Anything less than healthy self-possession is emotional blackmail. Gaslighting to instill self-loathing and reduce ingroup trust and prosocial behaviours.
Nobody should feel guilty for existing.

Especially when their culture and peoples have contributed so much to an ungrateful world.

I don’t go to any other country and tell them I know what’s best for them. Infantilisation, stonewalling, derailment, plenty of common abuse techniques are used on this topic.

Either we’re better – in which case, privilege, and you should avoid us.

Or we’re worse, in which case, you shouldn’t be spitting on us, pitying it, but again, avoid us and don’t invade our homelands.

Finally, history is meant to be discussed, compared, contrasted, claims weighed and such. It isn’t a faith.

Most whites aren’t even German so this Holocaust guilt is bullshit. If London expelled the ones currently here then maybe you’d have a case, perhaps.

Traits of toxic people and PUA/’game’ gaslighting
” They focus on problems, not solutions.”
e.g. Critical theory and being ‘unhelpful’ for…?
“They use other people to accomplish whatever their goal happens to be.”
e.g. PUAs. Formal term is triangulation, they tell you what you want to hear.
“They make you prove yourself to them.” You only qualify yourself to a superior, peer must be assumed until proven and isn’t based on a demographic factor, it’s individual. In the reverse…
e.g. Everyone who says, in effect ‘I dislike your opinion, so you’re part of outgroup’, a no true scotsman.
“Beware of people who find fault with you and make you wrong. Loyalty is foreign to them.”
They’re never wrong, are they? ūüėÄ
“Toxic people often make you want to fix them and their problems. They want you to feel sorry for them, and responsible for what happens to them. Yet their problems are never really solved, for once you‚Äôve helped them with one crisis, there‚Äôs inevitably another one. What they really want is your ongoing sympathy and support, and they will create one drama after another in order to get it. ‚ÄúFixing‚ÄĚ and ‚Äúsaving‚ÄĚ them never works, especially since you probably care more about what happens to them than they do.”

It’s good I already mentioned pick-up and ‘game’ because it actually follows the stages of gaslighting abuse.

I’ll illustrate with examples, where possible.
1. Women are worthless. Counter: then why are you obsessed with them? You don’t base your life around something worthless. [They don’t want women to be happy without them and without being their hookers, hence the contradiction with the Western value of liberty and tradition of not being promiscuous and degenerate (applies to both sexes). They implicitly believe¬†‘Women should be forced to sleep with me’. Hold up there, Mohammed! They bought into the lie of porn – all women want you and they’re ‘playing hard to get’.¬†Sexual entitlement is the secret of a loser’s desperation. The women in porn are paid to act interested, even they’re not. They also conveniently forget a supposedly desirable harem is marriage, with¬†Middle Eastern duties on the man, the man is 100% financially responsible and the women don’t work. They refuse to get married once and object to that polygamy because it reduces nubile supply.]
2. Women are (various bad things, implying men are not). No proof, no comparison of data from both sexes. Long opinion pieces. Counter: Differentiate that from sexism. [Third-wave Feminists do this stuff too, but everyone’s already explaining that.] Negging doesn’t even work, just look at their ‘success rate’. The terms are so Orwell.
3. (They literally tell their followers –cult– to escalate whatever criticism comes their way after attention-whoring –peacocking-, so I don’t need to put anything here. They literally use the word escalate, even when what they’re escalating e.g. ‘kino’, code for physical contact, is illegal aka assault). Search PUA+game+”escalate”
4. Aside from continuation long after it’s socially acceptable, stalking, doxing and harassment, I’d also include dogpiles and other ways to get their internet boyfriends involved to keep punching down. Because punching down, 5 or more against 1 is so much better? ‘Amused mastery’ isn’t what it sounds like, it’s the denial and dickishness women uncannily and universally despise about just these guys, since they refuse to admit any useful point (brick wall) and deny-deny-deny while claiming women are the ones denying reality. They laugh at the frustration, like children, oblivious to how stupid they objectively look (also to other men).
5. Google “dread game” it’s literally this stage. Seriously.
6. ‘Beta game’ aka pretending to be a decent person for a little while. Narcissists do this already but male borderlines need to be told how to imitate it, to get the supply they need. Most ‘game’ is feigning K-selected characteristics that are evolutionally desirable while hiding what they really are, that’s why they burn out like the psychopaths they stupidly admire – it’s one big act. They pretend being fake men for years is a strength and sunk cost means they never admit it. That’s what all the ‘macho man’ fake masculinity spiel is, they’re trying to convince themselves of the delusion. Ask them how their mother’s doing. Better yet, ask her WTH happened.
7. Look up all the quotes and forum topics on ‘game’ sites describing all women as whores that want to be raped and choked, specifically. Sometimes beaten, with fists or a belt. They really do think this, they’ve projected all their desensitized sick porn habits on the Evil Lilith Judaism myth. Men don’t dominate women, they never have, they work with women on mutually agreed upon goals, the sexes cooperate or those examples die. They’re thinking of sexual domination because they don’t think with Upstairs Brain.

In effect, these males want sex slavery without the balls to run their own life, a Mommy replacement. Remember, one of Mohammed’s ‘wives’ (captive slaves) poisoned him.

They’re not joking when they say they don’t want women to have rights because they don’t see women as human. In which case, their sexuality is dubious (bestiality? which religion is that common to again?) and they can’t expect women to do any work, including childcare. Let alone their ‘share’ of the housework.

‘Game’ proponents pretend to teach the socially inept how to find wife material.¬†They lie to other men to make shekels and seem respectable. That’s why I did the still-popular post on What does it get you? Less than the average guy, guessing. That’s without going into the brown caste of most game practitioners, desperate in their White and Blonde fetishes/Fevers. But sure, it’s the women gagging for you, huh? They don’t select for the quality or marriage, those males (not men) don’t see it, don’t value or respect it and couldn’t keep it if it managed to fall from the sky to their lap. They sexually select (DARWIN) for cheapness, easiness and sluttiness. No wonder they keep finding women to be sexually damaged, emotionally disturbed (the ones attracted to them) and disloyal. They’re signalling what they are. Birds of a feather…


The one common denominator in all your failed relationships, is you.

Video: How to get offended

Status signalling, the modern fainting couch. Pass the salts, Ruth!

It’s a tantrum, pick the most trivial thing and nag anyone around you about it because Power is evil. It’s weirdly fascist to argue who should get what from a position of equality.

PC, the never-ending euphemism treadmill and doublespeak of modern sin.

A very passive aggressive censorship.

A self-righteous indignation.

Look up the definitions of bigot and gaslighting and see if you can spot a difference.

There is no right answer to get.

You should know what you did.” [1] followed by what they hope is a stern, disapproving, matronly expression. I have experienced that. They deny Burden of Proof habitually. Any personal responsibility, really. The ‘I can’t believe you just said that’s [2] of the world.

1 The correct answer is I am not a telepath, adults talk about things, Sue. Now do you want your rattle or will you just throw it out the pram again? Also acceptable is Okay, Mom since it’s creepy and Freudian, like them.

2 The correct answer is¬†I can believe that. like they are the dumbest person you ever met (they’re certainly a candidate). Alogia works excellently on SJWs, considering most of them have thought disorders and intellectual disabilities¬†and do it themselves [3]. Two walls, talking. Have fun chiding yourself.

3 In before ‘that’s abuse’: they start it, they know what stonewalling is, they intend to humiliate you like a sociopath and it is unprompted, a coward’s mode of attack. Treat them like the emotional children they are and give them a taste of their bitter medicine. Ultimately, this is why ignoring them works, since they dearly crave attention.

I’m not a racist but-


Tumblr can be very based.
A visual demonstration of why ad hominem and poisoning the well don’t work, also see the Trump administration.

Instead these people try to gaslight us that our realpolitik concerns are bigoted/uneducated and hence, not REAL. Politics is simply returning to its historical norm, that’s why nobody can stop it, it’s becoming local again. It’s anti-globalist, the failed experiment that led to multiculturalism and mass immigration because capitalist workers are interchangeable and fuck min. wage laws in the First World. Globalism is supranational, Global Capitalism. You think they’d give a shit about third world countries if they had banned child labour? Controlled their population of future child workers? But when they’re adults, they’re more expensive and can revolt, better send them to Europe. They got no factories there. Fuck the First World poor, let’s be like China and enslave our children or cause the prole workers to commit suicide rather than put together Tracy’s iPhone so she can protest capitalism, Starbucks in hand. ‘omg your problems aren’t real u loser. sad!’


The K-shift is exposing them like a storm exposes worms.

This, after Hillary Clinton used the term in a major speech.

That one slip of a searchable term might’ve handed Trump the White House.

Do you really think Democrats have the level of political engagement or attention to watch those whole speeches? The MSM redpilled against itself. At this point, they’re just making shit up because reporting reality is too hard.

That’s when you feign a sucker punch to the face but swiftly kick them in the nuts. Obvious!

the art of war is deception, young  shitlords sithlords

it’s based on-

it’s based

If racism is possible against the global minority of white people, it can’t be used to guilt trip because it’s no longer exclusive, like an EBT card.

Nobody else has made this connection to globalism yet, I’m the first.

Ask: Who pays the people guarding the borders?

Even the reddest Commie will listen to the economic argument therein. Globalism pits the poor of every country against one another in a war for profit for pigs.

As for me?

I set up the dominoes to watch them fall, dude.


If I can do a little good with my god-tier destruction abilities, yippy kai yay.

I’m not here for celebrity, I’m here to change history.

How can I cut them in such a way that it’ll still hurt in fifty years’ time?
Verbal shivs are legal and I find that racist. Bitchy putdowns are homosexual art.
Memes are education for the morally and verbally impaired.


ah yes toast drinking damon ian nodding

Who suspects the girl? Sexist bitches.

Every time I hear something terribly untrue about my kind, assuming I’m azure-pilled;


literally me

hide teh power level

soon baby


Abuse, rage and SJWs

Minor points. I saw a woman having a particular problem and this is an expanded version of what I told her.
Rage is a choice to hurt others because one’s feelings are hurt in a perceived slight. There is no such thing as ‘out of control’, you are not possessed.¬†We may feel an urge to jump off a cliff, but it’s just an urge.

SJWs are not offended, they are outraged. Narcissistic rage, to be precise. If Trigglypuff were a 300-pound MMA fighter, would her tantrums be harmless? Funny? This is not funny, whoever exhibits this behaviour. It is very serious. Even children are capable of crime up to murder. This should be mocked but not tolerated and never considered harmless. It’s antisocial behaviour. It’s verbal abuse and all sorts of other related things, including intimidation, an attempt to control by threats (in this case, to lose their rag).

It is entirely conscious, and in fact, planned.
They plan to do these things, and hence, when thwarted, seek revenge.
Common sense: You don’t seek revenge for accidents.

First stop: gaslighting the victim into thinking they’re abusive for reacting with boundaries. Called playing victim. It’s a version of playing dumb. It’s a bluff in poker terms. Turns into a game of Who Started It, as if that justifies any form of abusive behaviour (no, never). They are children emotionally. Do not pity them, do not help them. In fact, it’s healthier to punish them but by omission, cutting them out. Get the police involved, narcissists despise authority. Cut off supply, get justice the honest way afterward. Stop them victimizing others but do not gossip. Best done by law enforcement. This isn’t school, you need to snitch.

The violent toward those they claim to love cannot express love. They may not even feel it (psychopaths). They can feel relief from control over something external to compensate for their weakness, the power dynamic they ‘confuse’ for love, and also call their inner issues a matter of external cause (e.g. you made me hit you for misbehaving, as if they’re your parent instead of an equal). Rage is a red flag to do something. Before civilization, this meant killing the threat. We are not like other animals. We all have control, this cannot be denied. If you are an adult and have the privileges, like driving and voting, you have duties too. There is no excuse for abuse.

If they deny their agency with excuses, they belong in an asylum because obviously, they cannot take care of themselves and present a danger to themselves and others. 

Repeated provocations are common so they have a legal defense. Report these people for provocation and watch them run for the hills. I’ll bet there’s a long list of people with similar complaints, seek them out and file together.

Don’t play parent, you are not responsible for such people. They are adults. They need to stop leaning on other people and check themselves into some therapy. If they refuse therapy, it’s just another ploy to keep control.

There is no such thing as Magically Disappearing Agency. It doesn’t fluctuate, it’s there or not. Either you are responsible for ALL of what you do, or you should be in State Custody, in therapy or prison.

I thought I’d post this quick one before I go.

Gaslighting comics and other funnies



They have a tell. “No you’re not“, whatever the topic and they’ll try to make you feel stupid.
They try to tell you what you’re (supposedly¬†really) feeling, or that what you’re feeling is wrong. Feelings can’t be wrong, facts causing feelings can be wrong but again, there is a clear demarcation. It comes down to a 100% logical truth:¬†Another person cannot know your mind better than you can. Anyone who claims otherwise is gaslighting you.¬†

(For this reason, you will never hear a psychologist¬†deny your experience, they will simply work with what you’ve got).
However gaslighting may be claimed by people who want to lie for attention and later claim other reasons. If you’ve got proof their ‘memory’ is wrong, they’re in the wrong. Sometimes manipulative people want you to take their version of events, with varying levels of awareness about how much they’re manipulating. That’s right, many gaslighters have little awareness about what they’re doing, and deny-deny-deny if they feel the slightest gain is to be had. Narcissists may use gaslighting without a conscious awareness of what they’re doing, like a deceptive fugue, better known as a ‘selective memory’. They’ll manipulate and even with dripping knife in hand, will always play victim, sometimes claiming to be gaslight victims themselves, or justifying themselves commonly with¬†“She deserved it.” As if anyone deserves any form of abuse. That they can treat someone they ‘loved’ with such cruelty, someone intimate and personal, that they took personal revenge? You’re dealing with an omega, lowest of the low.
The two types of narcissist act differently but both play Victim to control others: the covert kind often self-diagnoses (no, don’t do that) to control the narrative of their own life and use this ‘diagnosis’ as an excuse to control others. Frequently female.
The overt narcissist Plays the Psychologist (without qualifications, obviously), diagnosing everyone who disagrees with them as some form of ‘crazy’ (as if mental illness is an insult and sign of personal weakness). This type are more often male and almost always think of themselves a superior version of Freud (who, as we know had Mother Issues), so they often go for women they believe they can break, psychologically, and put back together in their model of Perfect Woman. First they minimise your experience before completely denying it. Naturally, this never works and she leaves him eventually. They become more bitter and sadistic as time goes on. They like Freud because they mistake it for an easy way to blame with a veneer of social acceptability.
Bear in mind the key question: If this person is so crazy, why do you want them?

For couple there is a simple way to smoke the rats out.
If they are actually ‘crazy’, why don’t you want to see a psychologist together?
You see, they don’t want the psychologist to see their interactions, what they’re doing, because the psychologist has legally and socially valid opinions on what is crazy, although I have seen men try to gaslight female psychologists. Yep, scumbags. Exactly the same type to complain about how they never find the Right Woman (defined in real terms as a sex slave happy when emotionally abused, if you ask for details) and how it’s an injustice because they’re so ‘sweet’, when in the same bloody sentence they casually refer to us all as ‘whores’ (regardless of behavior). Does that sound oddly specific? Yes, yes it does. It’s a tell with 100% reliability. Berating the entire sex because you can’t get 1 (ONE) is desperate countersignalling (‘I didn’t want one anyway’… sure you didn’t).


“You’re (personal insult).” or “You’re not offended (as an order).” = dismissive, judgemental, definitive, gaslighting
I think (self-ownership) your¬†reasons¬†(distinction) for being offended (valid emotion) might (room for error) be mistaken (outcome).” = not gaslighting

gaslighting gaslight2

Translation: She doesn’t trust my version of events above her own direct experience of events. I’ve seen them deny text messages, honestly.
Of the man with ‘crazy exes’ ask yourself: what are the odds they were ALL crazy, if so, why did he pick them? Or did he make them crazy?


They tend to select introverted victims because those people naturally question themselves. If they’re too busy looking within for the problem, how can they look at the person next to them?
If you’re in this situation, you have my sympathy, ask yourself: Did these problems start when he showed up?
Gaslighters despise self-confidence, self-respect, any form of dignity (differentiates you from them) and happiness (when you’re happy, they’ll tear you down, test it by pretending to be happy for no reason and watch their reaction).
You need to establish clear personal boundaries and be willing to walk if you don’t get your needs met.


Somewhat connected to mansplaining before the concept was taken too far (dismissing a man’s opinion on a non-female-exclusive topic on the basis of being a man), really it’s where a man assumes he knows more on a topic, any topic – because he is a man, and attempts to browbeat you under the guise of teaching. This is like a subtle form of gaslighting but is light enough to be done naively, it can become true abuse with time and constitutes a red flag for this reason. The concept is amusing if only for all the mansplainers who deny it vociferously, then¬†make it personal when it wasn’t even aimed at them, which actually proves its validity as a concept. By definition, they hate it when you point out what they’re doing (like gaslighters).
Mansplaining: because a Y chromosome is not a qualification. 

Gaslighters do the opposite, it’s more advanced, they make everything about you because it’s personal.¬†Most egregious are the ones where he pretends you’re too dumb to understand his argument (why socialize at all then?) when you reject it because you happen to be an expert (gaslighters deny any form of expertise not connected with them), and/or use¬†their feelings¬†(bless) as the barometer for what yours should be (solipsism).

…The actual crazies deserve one another. Leave them be.

Sorry this turned into an advice post but I thought What If someone in that scenario found this page by accident and couldn’t help myself.

Another final test for a gaslighter is to joke they’re gaslighting you, while they’re doing it. If they fly into a rage (and know exactly what that is), that’s a positive. “How could you?” they’ll turn. If they look confused, “Why?” they may be in denial or Mr Expert may be playing dumb, something along the lines of “I think I know my own mind better than you” is appropriate, delivered cheekily. If they logically explain why they aren’t, with proof, they’re either fine or a sociopath (good at rationalization, most people can’t tell the difference between that and logic).

Link: Gaslighting Techniques

The standard misconceptions about gaslighting are twofold;

  1. it’s lying, especially compulsive, intense and frequent
  2. it’s playing Doctor and telling them they’re mentally ill because it’s harder to disprove

There is a teeny grain of truth to these but often the opposite is more truthful.

For the first, it’s far more often subtle but sustained over time e.g. “You know how you forget things sometimes? We talked about this, yes, we did.”

Compulsive lies are comparatively easy to spot, especially when you have proof of what they said (video, text). A compulsive liar will then call the recording wrong.

Gaslighters tend to escalate over time, but drip-drop over years e.g. “You forgot what drink I wanted. Why didn’t you cook dinner tonight? The appointment was yesterday. You sold the car, that was your idea. If you hate it, maybe there’s a good reason.” See how it builds up, from fairly innocuous to insidious.

The second point is grating. There are people qualified to diagnose and they are not in the wrong, you’re free to get second, third, hundredth opinions. If you are a patient or client, you are the passive party in that power dynamic, either accept it so we can work together¬†or get out of my office. You’re paying for that expertise, hence The Wall (of qualifications). It seems funny and vain to outsiders but sometimes very disturbed people need reminding who is boss. Clients having a particularly troublesome time (very high defenses, need a lot of help) can try to play the shrink, actually emotionally abuse them, at which point body language says it all (looks to Wall, looks at client).

However, if a person has no formal qualifications whatsoever, yes, that is gaslighting. Totally fair claim there. Personally, I am revolted to see laymen go around spouting off like they think they’re Freud (always men, never seen otherwise, often attacking women, often saying they were raped and/or are whores, baseless defamation attacks, it’s sick).

You wouldn’t go around telling people they have diabetes cos they’re being moody, don’t go round telling them they have depression, okay? (see footnote) No, reading wikipedia like a checklist doesn’t count, and the formal bullet lists aren’t supposed to be read as a checklist anyway, or everybody would self-diagnose and we’d never need any type of doctor ever again, just WebMD.
Assuming you have a personal relationship with that person (to notice this stuff in the wild, outside the safety of The Room), there is a system both subtle and ethical: gently verbally test how bad the possible symptoms are. Bring these to their attention, in a non-judgemental way. Encourage them to see an¬†independent¬†third party. Like a regular check-up.¬†This is not an insult, because merely having a mental illness is not insulting, and you’re already suffering, it can’t get much worse but deliberately making your social circle suffer because you feel ashamed about getting treatment is wrong and requires the client take responsibility – by seeing somebody they’ve never met (try to claim bias there).

If the professional says they’re fine, the person calling it out should shut up on the topic. A gaslighter would not.

There is a fatal flaw to the logic of the intimate gaslighter.

If they’re so crazy and awful, why do you want to be with them?

A handy way to spot if someone has qualifications (which include training on how to handle these incidents) is to see if they immediately jump to an answer when the person is currently not diagnosed with anything. That’s projection and it tends to follow trends in pop psychology e.g. anxiety and PTSD are having a moment. If, however, they tentatively venture that you might have some symptoms (which they point out and explain their reasoning) and you should get it ruled out¬†by somebody else? You’re looking at a professional.

While we’re here, someone can act crazy without being mentally ill (which is 100% their fault for being an adult brat) and be mentally ill but not act crazy (usually because their treatment plan is the real deal). Somebody calling you crazy might not be gaslighting you, unless they’re trying to change your behaviour in a negative direction (less autonomy, more stress) to their personal benefit¬†and gaslighters have a long line of victims, so note if that’s their Go-To ‘insult’ based on your demo (sex, race, whatever), which again, betrays an ignorance of whatever the fuck they claim to be talking about, cos it is certainly not¬†psychology.

Footnote: there is word of a blood test for depression on the medical horizon.