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If gamergate and other groups that don’t want to tolerate SJW bullying anymore really want to get these spiteful slanderers, get their ISP addresses from their tumblr accounts and write to their parents, including a handful of crazy posts from their tumblr (self-harm for example). That’s right – tell their parents. It sounds ridiculous but literally, these people might get banned from the internet. Most SJWs are young teens taken in like a cult. Most people they target are in IT or tech-literate, they have the right of reply.

One thing in common you’ll notice – they’re the most bitter people you’ll ever meet, this is the reason for their entire belief system. Instead of taking stock and changing themselves they attack the world, and if the rest of us don’t nip the immature behaviour in the bud, they’ll grow in number thanks to tumblr enclaves, and get worse. Out them, mock them, tell their parents.

Zoe Quinn isn’t a target of misogyny, men are hiding her with an internet blackout


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As the feminists repeatedly say, gaming and the games industry is run by men. When the facts of Zoe Quinn’s cheating and whoring for promotion are suppressed, this is being done by men.

Why would anybody with any sort of social, governmental, or technological power care whether a used-up looking female game designer slept with a few guys to further her career? After all, these sorts of transactional exchanges happens every day in the corporate world, don’t they?…

n.b. And they’re probably illegal.

This precisely is why Zoe Quinn’s actions are so damaging—she would be the perfect useful idiot for anyone desiring to make legions of low-testosterone males question everything they are fed from birth about the nature of women and humanity in general. Her well-documented actions (at least prior to the gag order) show that women are no exception to the idea that all humans can be vile, opportunistic, and self-serving given the right motivations. That women are not the helpless damsels-in-distress snowflakes that need white knighting, special treatment, and “protected group” status. And that social justice warriors, for all of their self-righteous bluster, are perhaps even more full-of-shit than the rest of us when their actions go under the microscope.

RoK agreed in part with Anita, I am shocked.

The face of journalistic integrity.

Ah, you see, it’s different when they do it, because women are naturally superior. /sarc

Seductive temptress of at least one married man, wrote she would never, ever cheat because it’s wrong.

If they really wanted to get to her, they would upload dozens of torrents of Depression Quest, which has recently been re-released to profit from this ‘scandal’.

Pros for promo!

What ever happened to the guy she was meant to have assaulted at that wedding? Why doesn’t someone interview him? Like the cops?

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