Hit me with your cancer brick


Hit me


Hit me.

From my research, iPhones are worst.

This is fine.

A cull of telly-tubby mobile users would be grand.

Meanwhile, Musk baits the internet and thinks he can win.


Silly old man.

It isn’t because you’re rich, it’s because you’re a conceited, attention-seeking dickhead.

Who won’t let other people just do their job because you’re used to blowhards of the Silicon Valley blowing up your ego like a misshapen balloon.


Gay face is real because hormones are real


Somebody study cuck face.

I suggest Elon as #0.

Show me the percentages.

For lolz, an app that tells you who got Botox would be funny.
A quick way is to view from the slight side, if their brows are way too arched. Normal people see a dip as the brow curves down the bone and causes an illusory drooping effect.

Another app that tells you percentages of origin from mystery meat or predicts what a race-mixed kid would actually look like based on the parents.

“As well as sexuality, he believes this technology could be used to detect emotions, IQ and even a predisposition to commit certain crimes. Kosinski has also used algorithms to distinguish between the faces of Republicans and Democrats, in an unpublished experiment he says was successful – although he admits the results can change “depending on whether I include beards or not”.”

But who wants to tell them personality research is generally a con?

“It suddenly struck me,” he says, “introverts and extroverts have completely different faces. I was like, ‘Wow, maybe there’s something there.’”

“Thieves were notable for their “small wandering eyes”, rapists their “swollen lips and eyelids”, while murderers had a nose that was “often hawklike and always large”.”
I think women have the right to a rapist predicting app.

“Kosinski’s research dismisses physiognomy as “a mix of superstition and racism disguised as science” – but then argues it created a taboo around “studying or even discussing the links between facial features and character”.”
If you have nothing to fear…
It’s like how to spot an ugly person online, they argue beauty isn’t objective and men never are.

“There is growing evidence, he insists, that links between faces and psychology exist, even if they are invisible to the human eye; now, with advances in machine learning, such links can be perceived.”
No, you can train it.
Women with good creepdar seem to be born with it.

“There was also anger that Kosinski had conducted research on a technology that could be used to persecute gay people in countries such as Iran and Saudi Arabia, where homosexuality is punishable by death.”
It’s already legal to abort for no reason, maybe screech about that?
One day, a gay pregnancy test will exist, along with an ugly and a stupid one.

Market forces, mate.

“In a mocking critique posted online, Todorov and two AI researchers at Google argued that Kosinski’s algorithm could have been responding to patterns in people’s makeup, beards or glasses, even the angle they held the camera at. Self-posted photos on dating websites, Todorov points out, project a number of non-facial clues.”
Why the hate?
1. money loss
2. They’re scared there might be an algorithym for pedo face and their own friends could pop up.

“Thus,” he writes in his paper, “gay men are predicted to have smaller jaws and chins,”

Everyone has a chin, that’s an indicator of genetic health. Stick to jaw.

“slimmer eyebrows, longer noses and larger foreheads… The opposite should be true for lesbians.”
“This is where Kosinski’s work strays into biological determinism.”
That’s just called biology. An apple seed grows into an apple tree, not a Seville. Grow the fuck up.

“At times, what he says seems eerily reminiscent of Lombroso, who was critical of the idea that criminals had “free will”: they should be pitied rather than punished, the Italian argued, because – like monkeys, cats and cuckoos – they were “programmed to do harm”.”
Guardian doesn’t believe in evolution (or inevitable cases of organic atavism).

But when I press Kosinski for examples of how psychology-detecting AI is being used by governments, he repeatedly falls back on an obscure Israeli startup, Faception.”
“On its website, Faception lists eight such classifiers, including “White-Collar Offender”, “High IQ”, “Paedophile” and “Terrorist”.”
Personally, I want to see the high IQ trait details.

Illuminating, what they choose to flag as a threat.

“The last time I see Kosinski, we meet in London. He becomes prickly when I press him on Russia”
News journalists have no right to interrogate scientists like the truth police.

You report on fluffy animals, stay in your lane, Lois.

comment from our superiors
“If you put Rees Mogg into the system does it confirm that he’s an utter bellend?”
I’d like to see the average attractiveness of conservatives against how right-wing they are.

Personal reasons.

White Sharia so funny now?


or just when it was targeting white women?

You can tell some gay guys spread that meme, loving the idea of female pain.

We told you, they’ll target everyone. Starting with women, then children and finally the “men” who let it happen.

Women are the canary, dunces.

If you’d do it with a woman, why not a man?

Logically, there is no way to deny that. Sexual acts are based on body parts.

You can have sex with men and not be homo, somehow!

What is a bro job? And why are they so popular?  

Orientation? Based on behaviour?

They wanted your straight men. We warned you.

Straight men are the ultimate catch for gays, there are forums discussing poaching them. (1)

Porn has been used this entire time. Any unusual form of sex will be twisted as queer.

Now it’s you can give oral to a man and not be gay, despite gay men being defined by that.

Next, it’s anal or fingering or rimming. For women, it was kiss a girl and like it.

Anything bro is tainted, pun intended. It will always end up a sexual lure. That’s the male weakness. Notice how many “BRO-triarchy” alt right writers are totally homosexual and anti-family? The fellowship of the bros thing has one purpose: trap straight men into a gay orgy. No girls allowed. Call it a Viking bonding experience and drug them. A false flag “party” because rape victims saying they were drunk get no sympathy.

Suddenly, all the misogyny makes sense!

Have you counted how disproportionately “pagan” men are homo? Did this ring NO bells for you whatsoever? All the night time, strong alcohol bonding experiences in the middle of nowhere didn’t twitch your sense of rape danger?

BTW, oral sex (with anyone) unprotected is leading to the spread of STDs, more than any other kind.

“Don’t knock it until you tried it” assumes everyone is pansexual or whatever the trendy term for slut without standards is. It assumes you can’t be trusted to know your own sexuality.

Warned ya.



“Yeah. it’s quite possible to turn a str8 man gay.
Out of sheer curiosity, the right situation, and the right person can easily tunr a str8 gay man gay.”

Believe us now?

“Merely thinking about it doesn’t make you gay but when thought turns into a reality then you have yourself a whole different story. Alot of str8 guys are under the assumption that merely getting head from another guy doesn’t make them gay. It’s a nice ythought but they are wrong and usually those are the kind of guys woyu wanna be weary of because they don’t seem to unbderstand the sexual nature of what it is to be gay.”

Yeah, you want the hardest catch, the really straight ones!

Use your Google-fu, Neo!

The most common question most str8 guys ask are “Do guys do it better?”. [2]

What the F do you think they’re going to say?

It’s like asking the Big Bad Wolf what you taste like.

Do not ask a sexual predator if they’re good in bed!


No, they don’t. I asked some very, very, very, very slutty bi guys.
That’s why they tend to settle with women and prefer dating women.

In technical terms, the disease risk is high, they’re normally high and come too quickly and they’re completely selfish lovers.

Did we all learn something today? Good.

Look up the predatory questions.

Men are in as much danger as women.

Fact: Brotherhoods are totally straight and family-oriented, they are father support groups. Anything less is not a brotherhood, you cannot have a brotherhood of bachelors (a school or monastery) or gays (that’s call a sex club or a gay bar).

Musical interlude to ponder this issue.

Update: the “it’s what you’re attracted to” thing (lie) is like trying to measure the financial cost of window shopping. It isn’t shopping. For the same reason daydreaming about UFOs doesn’t mean you were abducted. Sexuality is Darwinian, objective and observable behaviour. Anything else, is something else and unscientific emotional appeal. They say that, the sexual predators, to exploit curiosity. None of the phrases about curiosity are positive (kill the cat).

Bringing alcohol into it changes nothing. It also implies consent issues. And what, do all gay men need to be off their face, that’s insulting…?

A penguin doesn’t feel “attraction” and attraction isn’t a mental process, it’s a physical one. Sexuality is an instinctive drive. You can have the hots for someone you do not like as a human being, they are separate. Lust is not love. You can’t ask a gay penguin what it’s attracted to or what it kids itself into identifying with for social desirability (lie).

If you are physically capable of performing certain acts with a type of person, that is ALL sexuality is. If you cannot muster the physical capability (psychological and physiological) then you are not that thing.

To avoid confusion and despicable lies.

A homosexual man is physically capable of performing sexual acts with men and not women.

A bisexual man is physically capable of performing sexual acts with either men or women.

A heterosexual man is only physically capable of performing sexual acts with women and not men.


Stop kidding yourselves. The fact you’re happy to watch a man fucking in porn (not repulsed, disgusted, turned off) shows a lot of these men are bi and in denial. There is no curiosity. If you’re curious, you are bi. Stop with the denial.

It’s like saying you tried cuckoldry at an orgy. No, you are a cuck. It is defined by practice. The Hollywood orgy types are literally all cucks. Elon sharing Amber round like a joint is a cuck, Talulah sharing round Elon is a cuck.
https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Cuckquean That is literally all it is.

The “try something before deciding you don’t like it” thing is ridiculous. If you kill a few people to see if you like it and change your mind, are you any less a serial killer? In most interviews, they admit to just trying it out, that’s their motive. If you do heroin, five times and drop it, are you less a heroin user? You cannot magically scrub yourself clean of bad behaviours by writing it up as a “mistake” like Cindy from CA, life doesn’t work like that. It’s called a delusion. It’s still a part of you and always will be.

So much for the “don’t be ashamed” or “if you disapprove you must secretly be one” group.

We are the most oppressed people sexually in all of history, because we are lied to, encouraged to put ourselves in vulnerable, easily abused positions because other people like the idea of it (we should perform it for them) and we cannot openly discuss sexual disgust and interpersonal repulsion. Yay, so free! I feel liberated, don’t you!?

Where saying No makes the targeted party feel bad.

Say No to the wrong lech and you might get arrested for a hate crime.

Everybody belongs to everybody else? No. No means no. Old people are not entitled to young ones, ugly to good-looking, fat to thin, gay to straight. No is the only word you need to master and if you can’t, you’re a slave. A slave is a person who cannot refuse.

Any wonder young people are striking? Passivity is the punishment.
Since you cannot explain, you are not allowed to say anything.

But gay penguins adopt!

Why do you think this makes homosexuals look less like predators?

If you look them up.


Young Adélie penguins which have no experience in social interaction may react to false cues when the penguins gather to breed. They may, for instance, attempt to mate with other males, with young chicks, or with dead females.

On account of the birds’ relatively human-like appearance and behavior, human observers have interpreted this behavior anthropomorphically as sexual deviance. The first to record such behavior was Dr Levick, in 1911 and 1912, but his notes were deemed too indecent for publication at the time; they were rediscovered and published in 2012.[17][n 1] “The pamphlet, declined for publication with the official Scott expedition reports, commented on the frequency of sexual activity, auto-erotic behaviour, and seemingly aberrant behaviour of young unpaired males and females, including necrophilia, sexual coercion, sexual and physical abuse of chicks and homosexual behaviour,” states the analysis written by Douglas Russell and colleagues William Sladen and David Ainley. “His observations were, however, accurate, valid and, with the benefit of hindsight, deserving of publication.”

They blame global warming.

It makes frogs gay too?

unpaired = r-selected

Reminder: compulsive masturbation is a paraphilia-related disorder.

(keyword: auto-erotic)


The subgroup of males with both PAs and lifetime PRDs (n = 123) self-reported the greatest number of lifetime SIDs, the highest incidence of physical and sexual abuse, the fewest years of completed education, and the highest likelihood of current unemployment or disability.

Oh look, a male promiscuity study – the promiscuous are losers!

no experience in social interaction” – in humans, that is abuse experience
a strangely common prevalence in homosexual adult males

Why not test IQ too?
Impulse control is tied to it.


Why is this relevant?

Well, pedophilia has already been claimed as NOT a paraphilia.

Like homosexuality before it. I guess it’s just a coincidence most pedophiles are homosexually-oriented men.

The present article examined the question instead by comparing the major correlates and other features of homosexuality and of the paraphilias, including prevalence, sex ratio, onset and course, fraternal birth order, physical height, handedness, IQ and cognitive neuropsychological profile, and neuroanatomy.

You could just study it directly.



Various ‘preferences’ and sexual interests have fallen in and out of being defined as paraphilic, for example, up until 1973 homosexuality was classified as paraphilic under the DSM (diagnostic and statistical manual of mental disorders)-II. Its subsequent removal led to some arguing that if homosexual orientation is not in itself abnormal, then the inclusion of other sexual behaviors classified as paraphilic cannot be justified as a concept and should be removed entirely from future editions

Paraphilia essentially means anti-Darwin, that was the purpose of the concept.


 Besides homosexuality, the DSM also listed sadism, masochism, exhibitionism, voyeurism, pedophilia, and fetishes as mental disorders.


Members of the activist committee believed that the law and psychiatric diagnosis were and should be independent.


Our hope was that one day the entire group of sexual disorders would be dropped from DSM, at least those currently listed as the paraphilias.

Thanks, Silverstein!

I’m resting my case gently so you can do your own research.