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Other YouGov pages are interesting.

  1. no funding for faith schools
  2. yes, that includes Christian
  3. no taxpayer money on anything vaguely religious.

As for the inevitable line What did the Romans ever do for us?

Enslavement and rape.

Anonymous UK for Independence Day


Anonymous hackers have thrown their weight behind Brexit in a scathing tweet blasting European elites who put wealth over people.

As millions of Brits cast their votes in yesterday’s historic EU referendum , the secretive global hacking network took to Twitter to pledge their support to the Leave campaign.

Using the hastag #VoteLeave, the Anonymous affiliated account @YourAnonNews insisted that a vote to exit the European Union would send a clear message to “neoliberals” whose trade agreements put wealth first.

I have a lot of work ahead. In the coming years, especially the coming months.

This is going to be exhausting.

Posting may be patchy. I may go missing for long periods of time again.


Queen and country come first.

It comes after Anonymous unveiled its plan to take the political system and remodel it – with the help of its own party.

Although previously targeting politics from the outside, THumP is intended to help Anonymous get into the political world and change it from within.

World stocks headed for one of the biggest slumps on record, and billions of dollars were wiped off the value of European companies.

Excuse me while I staunch my bleeding heart.

teadrinking sipping pretentious sarcastic bitch mmhmm not my problem lol

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Link: Politesse, Briton to American


When Americans insult me for rare candor, I must laugh. You beg for the truth and complain when it’s served. It would be unwise to expect your cultural forebears to have the same equitable spirit that formed your union.

We will either tell you a thing or refuse to comment. Never complain, never explain?

The middle class lie. They think they’re subtle.

Link: What would Brexit look like?

The possibilities are limitless, the freedoms available make it hard to pin down.


‘So what’s your alternative?’ demand Euro-enthusiasts. ‘D’you want Britain to be like Norway? Or like Switzerland? Making cuckoo clocks? Is that what you want? Is it? Eh?’

Could hardly be worse than how we’re doing now.

So when every non-EU territory from the Isle of Man to Montenegro has access to the European free trade area, which model should we follow? The nations arguably most comparable to Britain, being neither microstates nor ex-communist countries, are Iceland, Norway and Switzerland. All three prefer their current deal to ours: 60 per cent of Icelanders, 79 per cent of Norwegians and 82 per cent of Swiss oppose EU membership. Who can blame them? Norway and Switzerland are the wealthiest and second-wealthiest nations on Earth.

What if we’re dumb enough to vote to Stay?

Many European federalists actively campaign for Britain to be given an economics-only relationship — what Jacques Delors calls ‘privileged partnership’ and Guy Verhofstadt ‘associate membership’. It would allow them to push ahead with a European army, a common tax system and so on, while Britain led an outer tier of some 20 European states and territories, part of a common -market but not a common government.


Why would they need us so badly?



We’re the most powerful military country in Europe.

Who’s the competition, against a Federal Europe?


Yeah, America. This is your problem too.

Britain wants its guns back


A Daily Telegraph online poll has revealed that over 80 percent of Brits would rather a repeal on the hand gun ban over various other “new law” choices

Quit calling us pussies America, we’re trying here.

I’ll put a punt in for antiques. All lined up in a row.

I am awed and cowed by sublime perfection.

White Brit poor an alienated minority in their own schools


… If these trends continue, white British children will be in the minority across the whole of the country in 23 years’ time, bringing the rest of the UK in line with London, Birmingham, and some other inner cities where white British children are already in the minority. …

The figures are of concern because some claim that educational policies designed to support pupils of ethnic minority backgrounds are undermining the performance of white working class British children.

“The white working-class population is massively underperforming. We are neglecting the white working class, and do so at our peril.” Said Chris McGovern, chairman of the Campaign for Real Education.

He also told the Sunday Times that the growth in ethnic pupils was making white working class children feel “increasingly alienated and marginalised”, and called upon policymakers to stop “neglecting” working class children.

Meanwhile, a spokesman for Migration Watch UK, Alp Mehmet, said “These figures underline the way in which mass immigration is changing the whole nature of our society against the public’s wishes .”

… White working class pupils were also noted to be one of two ethnic groups who had the lowest self-confidence and the lowest aspirations.

State-enforced white guilt.

If you’re thinking: why should I care about schools, I have no children?
Think of it instead as: future voters.
What does this information mean?

Political powderkeg.

The pendulum swings slowly at first, from a stop, then rapidly, all at once.

We may see a similar effect in the real talk between MSM complaints: overcrowding and fewer school places for little Middle Class Mindy. Beyond the suicidal London Liberals, who are doomed beyond their sheltered enclaves, the normal white people are protective of their heritage and will stand up for it.

People are calling out the obvious, where did these people come from?


The answer, naturally, is Labour policy.
The same one that dropped standards for the immigrants and increased teacher’s wages, wondering why we began to sink lower internationally.

…The 2011 British census recorded a 3.7million population increase in England and Wales over the previous decade, around two thirds of it brought about by immigration and high birth rates among migrant mothers.

Even though figures from the Office for National Statistics showed that last year, just 698,512 babies were born, down from 729,674 the year before, our primary schools are still faced with a big problem and so in turn will the secondary schools.

Labour have pointed out that the number of five to seven-year-olds in large classes of over 30 children has spiralled by 200 percent since 2010 – to nearly 100,000 infants. They omit to mention, however, that they flung open our borders and bear a heavy responsibility for the mess we are now in.

Do you think the indigenous students are going to forget this? School ingrains us for life.

Do you not think there will be a simmering resentment, of over a decade of memories where left-wing teachers ignored them or openly insulted them (verbal abuse) in favour of immigrant children given every opportunity to succeed despite lower IQ, and personal translators? Without going into the physical bullying of white males by gangs, and sexual harassment of white females?

England already HAS a Bill of Rights

The next step of control in the UK is making sure this fact stays buried.
Please, if you are in a position, share this fact, even if it does not link to me. Freedom depends on it.

The direct proof: http://www.legislation.gov.uk/aep/WillandMarSess2/1/2/introduction

Further proof: avalon.law.yale.edu/17th_century/england.asp

Why is this important?


The European model of “human rights” is dangerous. It is a model which we should be fighting tooth and nail to prevent taking hold in this country. It is based upon the premise that as a starting point, humans have no rights. The only rights that humans have at the end of the day are those written in legislation, whatever the source of that legislation might be.

To reiterate, then: the basis of human rights law is that humans have no rights except those the political elite decide to grace us with.

UK Shocks to the System

Inspired by the thought experiment from the ever-excellent: http://iamlegionnaire.wordpress.com/2014/08/15/shocks-to-the-system/
I really like this idea and am kicking myself for not having thought of it. Mine is more topical.


  • The Sierra Leone volunteer in the Hampstead Hospital spread Ebola via the air to a single NHS worker by random chance, who hopped on the Tube to get home with millions of other people, some of which are on their way to Heathrow Airport and ports unknown?
  • The reason the BBC conspired to hide evidence of paedophilic entertainers is because they recruit victims with their casting for children’s programming?
  • There was a single vaccine for every disease in existence, but it killed 10% of its users horribly? Would the Government fund its use or make it compulsory for the Public Health?
  • When the inflation rates rise, millions are made homeless and Jew-owned banks repossessing were blamed in a conspiracy?
  • A single London borough declared and enacted Sharia Law? Would it be a separate state? A declaration of civil war? What if it were voted in democratically by immigrant voters? What if it began expanding?
  • Sex education in state schools begin running more practical lessons?
  • Public sector workers destroyed the robots who replaced their jobs, including ambulance workers?
  • The NHS hospitals ground to a sudden halt in London due to decades of embezzlement?
  • The London Riots started up again, targeting native Brits for ‘racism’?
  • Tasty food was banned thanks to the Nanny State, and bland food the only option? Non-alcoholic beer/wine?
  • Food prices sharply spiked and many in urban areas were starving?
  • Negotiation failures with energy suppliers cause rolling blackouts across the country, during a cold winter?
  • The coal runs out?
  • In 10 years, there were two parties: the Islamic Party of Great Britain and some further-right version of UKIP? The former kept winning by vote-rigging?
  • Demographic changes turning London minority-majority call for permanent reparations from the rest of the country?
  • Prisons move underground to save space, or out into the sea?
  • Human Rights were completely abolished?
  • Freedom of Association were outlawed as prejudice?
  • The European Union orders euthanasia of all those above a certain age and below a certain health level, because they are a drain on the environment?
  • The private sector was taxed at 99%?
  • A new form of multiculturalism arises, where the country is divided by culture, instead of borough, each with its own customs?
  • There were no borders?
  • Our official language becomes Arabic?
  • Every second citizen is placed on benefits paid for by the other half and Labour wins every election hence?
  • Marriage is banned as a symbol of patriarchy?
  • The Monarchy is abolished and we gain a Presidency?
  • Votes are counted by computer?
  • ID cards are embedded in our hands at birth/infancy as proof of citizenship?
  • Parenting is deemed too important to leave to the natural birth parents, and The State demands to raise all children until the age of 18, released on good behaviour?
  • The next PM was a black, Muslim lesbian who listens to Dubstep and shoots puppies?

And finally,

  • We run out of tea.

Must be off, going on a tea run.

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