Depp is a red herring from the truth

But these guys think they’re so smart eating the shit of a civil case that has never actually mattered.

The ego of two Hollywood tarts, who cares? The simping is off-putting. Literally a show trial. These people are literally actors. Amber gets mystery money and Elon changes sides like a bloody chameleon. It’s fake!

It’s a soap opera for bitter men. Tyler said you’d never be a movie star. Stop living vicariously in this e-series. They did them about Austen novels too, it was a trend years ago.

The manosphere is full of controlled ops helping the MSM, who are also in on it. This is why they never condemn immigration (helps companies), international ‘sex’ trafficking (Hollywood) nor race-mixing (the Beige People plan). They’re trying to redirect white male rage at the genocide with literal clown shows. They’re far left-wing from about ten years ago. Keeping just in the lines and noble loser cuckservatives going on about muh redpill when they’re solid blue, it’s just that blue has shifted over the years to absorb them. When the MSM is force-feeding you clips, you’re blue son. Youtube doesn’t ban it, so it’s censored or fake. They pushed these clips to 3 million views in days, all rigged! Look at the thumbnail.

Now, which is more important to our civilization?

But they encourage woman-bashing – only when it’s white, blonde, blue-eyed women. This is their Guy Fawkes. BURN THE WITCH BURN THE WITCH BURN THE WITCH, Who cares? It’s a dyke.
Even Elon’s an actor, you fucking morons. Avowed socialist, being a billionaire? Please. Banning unions?
Wolves in sheep’s clothing, pretending to be in favour of white survival, fill up your attention span. Meanwhile, true horrors get little attention, modern child sacrifice to the Satanic one, endorsed by the church. More than one white woman though so the manosphere’s attention span won’t last. They don’t even have lingerie photos. Autists are easily distracted. They’re feeding the gender war, non-Jewish white women don’t give a fuck. Even about nuns and little white missing kids being raped. I wish we did. Conservathots don’t dare discuss it, do they? Brittany won’t mention it, the Jewish one neither, nor token black girl sponsored by a corporation, the half-Asian with Botox face. All controlled. Nobody is that conveniently stupid. Instead mewling milquetoast good old days talk, forever. “Can you believe this?*” Duh.
NOISE. Simp-bait NOISE. Mark my words, pol.

The irony he’s in this meme.

I’ve broken more Hollywood gossip blinds than any manosphere manlet.

Not a whisper.

But the Depp bullshit always pops back up whenever there’s Epstein-related data expected.

And only then.

Hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm. As RDJ said.

And mostly bot views and comments. Wake up.

In England, coverage of Markle has the same role. Covering for Randy Andy. This was the Royal’s plan. How did I know they’d move to America? It was all planned.

Depp? Anti-Trump.
RDJ? Anti-Trump.
Jolie? Anti-Trump.
Heard? Anti-Trump.
Franco? Anti-Trump.

You’re watching a movie.

River (UK Youtuber re Royals)? Anti-Trump.
Markle? Anti-Trump.
The Queen? Anti-Trump.

A movie.

New evidence doesn’t magically pop up years later.

It’s filmed at a later date, as needed based on suspected drops. Why go dark other than to drag this show out? Look at his hairline slamming those cabinets*, his weight, the curious inability to focus on his face like it’s been blurred but the cabinets at the same depth are in focus. Look at the age of her face in that footage. It was filmed within the past year or so, it seems. They’ve been meeting up for dinners together. They’re not enemies, you’re chumps. Interesting star on that mug. What necklace is he wearing? Ankh?

*Appeal to incredulity should not be a whole entertainment medium. Hour long rants are dumb.

*Who wears a hat inside their own house? To better hide the 2022 hairline, my dear.


I also called the pandemic being basically over by this month. Again, crickets.

Video: Reddit degenerates and the manosphere’s diversity problem

Strap yourself in. Topics: idiots on speed, birth rate lies and the manosphere’s fatal stupidity. 3k words. This will explain the connections of several disparate topics of Issue we commonly kvetch over.

People assume that 4chan is cancer but actually, it’s reddit.
Reddit is where most of them congregate. They also blame their personal problems on made-up problems like ADD/ADHD (malingering) when that’s actually the PC speak in psychiatry for a low IQ, sparing the parent’s blushes (it was politely referred to as “dyslexia” before that, since IQ test failures are blamed on attention and focus on the words, The Spectator had an article). Everyone scores better on tests when you give them speed, that’s literally how drugs work you fucking numpties. You could give a monkey ADHD meds and they’d do better on a picture recognition task. It IQ boosts a fucking chimp, your successes are not yours, they were bought by a pill. Technically, it’s cheating. It should be banned as a performance enhancing drug, like any competition. This would happen in a patriarchal society that prizes masculine, fair competition, especially for something as life-changing as grades. It alters your whole life course, cheating is unacceptable and should lead to prison time. This is why college grad men are lower in quality this past decade compared to before, the tards on meds are taking the places instead. They’re chemically synthetically intelligent, it bumps them up to a midwit level. This is why they ‘burn out’ as an adult because they’re useless druggies (like dope heads needing it for motivation) and the brain nopes outta there eventually, resisting the drug. All drugs wane in efficacy over time, leading to the concept neurologically of a gateway drug due to habituation of the receptors. It’s molecular. They never had the genetic talent. The drugs were a fig leaf of transient performance, leading to the artificial teen prodigy phenomena seen in America, and no actual geniuses…. literally, no actualised geniuses like a Tesla or hell, a Newton, something. Nothing of that ilk seen for a century of pharmaceutical meddling, yet rising degeneracy as the r-brain seeks out stimulation after being primed for it from infancy. Reddit is a chemical side-effect of a broken society. They also got rabidly angry when I posted about nutrient deficits (K) that reduce concentration in any human, when logically, if one is suffering truly, you’d welcome news of a non-drug cure? Something to explore? Unless of course, deep down they know they need the drugs to cheat on tests and anything that threatens that, they screech like Planet of the Apes: Ritalin edition. We need to stop bailing out the low fitness with head meds and just let em fail in the real world. They are chemically sheltered, inducing those midwit delusions of superiority. It’s the fake environment of free resources (in this case, medications). No woman would marry or breed with them as they are, so they need those drugs to become sexually competitive as well, but this is a closely guarded secret. Like the bipolar girls or borderline girls who are insane off their meds, it’s the exact same thing. No sane man would stick around meeting the Real Them. This is why they reee. Thankfully since the likes of Pfizer is about to go bankrupt (tell wallstreetbets) due to mass fraud, this might actually happen and I for one, welcome the social advances of letting losers finally lose.
Mother Nature owes no man nor woman reproduction opportunities. Big Pharma is not your pimp.

Leading to this kind of situation, culturally. They are a small pocket of extreme r, kept alive as an act of false empathy from a sick society that needs some tard to feel better than. What cannot last, shall not.
The worst of posts is upvoted on reddit yet flamed on the chans (most of em).

Exhibit A through Z is just this post. You can see why more patriarchal eras only treated these men as potential cannon fodder rather than special broflake individualists. The last thing you do is feed their ego. Men are designed to be disposable in a military society and this is a feature, not a bug.

Tell me you are a net drain on society, without telling me.

Objectifying your own daughter as a whore certainly counts.
Any man who objectifies family or random women is clearly a fake K.
Then there’s the birth rate bitchers, who slut about then complain there are no kids, as if they wouldn’t demand abortions if their own rampant fuck-a-thons resulted in such. They really sense a finite resource (nubile white women, globally) and this panics r, they don’t really care, it’s a vice signal. They can be useless fuckers in this decayed society and nobody bothers to stop them, since women are relieved their genes are not breeding and the real K men don’t know they’re closeted pedos, planning to come after their pre-teen daughters for enslavement (especially in a prepper scenario, ask them). They are decoupled mentally from the fruits of their actions, obviously reproduction as a result of sex. Delusional dicks. If a woman offered to marry them on the spot in exchange for kids, they’d backpedal so hard with excuses there’d be smoke. R hates kids, they are thinking of future sexual conquests with entitlement, from presumed objectification (see above, why would a well-raised daughter sleep around? illogical) and entitled hippy availability (they hate religion’s encouragement of chastity, their so-called principled stance against religion is based on sexual weakness). They think a stable culture of saying No is oppression* (= most opposition to MeToo, when obviously there are plenty of predators who should be held accountable, especially immigrants targeting white women for genocidal reasons). There is a duty of protection there, but their patriotism never really happens. They also claim the male gender role is protection yet women are supposed to magically grow a set of balls and DIY for the first time in human history, as if the men are redundant. As if the men are all dead. Then they bitch and whine that men are treated as redundant when white women are told (by them!) we are not owed their protection. Then what’s there to respect? Cowards used to be shot a century ago. If women don’t actually need men in this present year of postmodern dangers, then historically we never did, idiots. You’re proving the feminist point! Are men replaced? The boats aren’t full of women. are they? If women can get by minus men, which is the more valuable sex? Oh, go wank to miscegenation porn and play some vidyah, sigh. I’m sure that’ll convince them to become barefoot and preggers for the future of the white race, inspirational that. This is why the Left laugh at you but not people like me, whom they fear, profoundly. The BBC won’t speak my name, nor will the Guardian. I came for them several times. Your issue is hypocrisy. Hypocrites lack moral authority so doing the reject men with podcast thing is pure cringe. Women don’t exist to smile in the street and wipe your arse. These guys are mental midgets. They call fellow lefties cucks but wouldn’t raise a hand to stop their own sister being gang-raped. What’s the male gender role anymore? They’re gone.


clearly this is the fault of women /s

None of them dares have this conversation, they have less than no gender role now. They’d happily befriend immigrants while claiming to desire deportations, permitting the immigrant to insult their race TO THEIR FACE and their women (even true religious ones are being lumped in with the whores now) out of sexist spite, meanwhile the immigrants mock them behind their back for the racial treason. Most of the pick-up stuff is pushed by Asians to cause a gender war among whites, to weaken white women from traditional support from our men. Women need support to continue to exist, simple as that. This is a religious war, against principalities. But they side with the foreigner telling them sweet lies, which the Bible warns against. Honour thy own parents, not some fucking rando with a tan off the banana boat. They assume from Satanic pride the foreigner will never outnumber them nor culturally overpower them when it’s already happened. The whip hand is no longer white. They’re slowly figuring it out and blaming Hollywood or da wimminz when it’s them, who you befriend causes a transfer of social power. This is why countries have borders, you idjits. This is why country clubs excluded Jews (you know, when they were good??). This is why history was stable when you didn’t mingle heterosocially. The diverse mingling of the manosphere (which defends diversity, immigration and anti-natalism, despite facts and all sane reason) is killing the West, nothing else. The so-called smart ‘redpill’ males refuse to pull their finger out, instead endlessly “commenting” on the degeneration problems like a curtain twitcher old woman. Is that not blue pill? They’re too busy going to strip clubs with their ‘Muslim’ ‘friends’ bitching about white women and in turn letting them drag whites openly (hey numbnuts that also means you), being too busy being anti-white (most white people are women!) and multicultural socially to ever, ever form a family and remove kebob. They are race cucks, proudly so. Apparently immigration is fine if you’re nice to them as their bloodline dies. Smile at their suicide. As their country is openly invaded by people pretending to contribute (see census data, Asians are tax drains with huge families like rats). According to them, and their reddit intelligence, we deserve it, for hippy shit that happened generations before we were born. White women never get credit for anything good, even higher rates of virginity, savings and lower rates of teen pregnancy. It’s the Asian import brand of misogyny that says women should dress ‘feminine’ to please random creepy ‘men’ but when we get raped suddenly the skirt is a problem. Is this the West?

How many people will read the whole thing? Two?


the option has been there this whole time
nobody is stopping you
go fight for glorious globalism
no women to blame in the military tho eh? mebbe suck on your thumb then
crying as if you understand women when you don’t even understand being a man

how bout no

that isn’t a man, that is an animal
patriarchy puts wild animals down

**I saw plates pile up for months, nearly a year because they’d wait for their mothers to visit and rinse a dish. It attracted flies. That is not a man. In the army, you wash your dishes. Asians are the epitome of manchild posturing as masculine when they’re overgrown dependents. Remove kebob, manosphere. Otherwise, you’re destined to wither on the vine as a laughing stock full of inbred immigrant tards waiting for mummy to wash their brown undies… in their twenties. I am not joking, it happens.

These white males are illogical cucks and dancing to the Pied Piper of the foreigner. Feminine women are not tempting, you are a man with expected masculine self-control, throughout history predators get the rope. Ah, but their ‘traditional’ signalling doesn’t extend to punishing MEN, does it? Curious, anti-redpill considering crime data, most predators are obviously male. Especially curiously eerily opposed to patriarchally punishing non-white men targeting white girls and women. Er, how? How is that in keeping with Western traditions, ever? How awfully convenient for the totally not catfishing as white PUA guys (called white-fishing), encouraging racial hatred in whites like mini-CNNs. Heap on more victim blame like Eve Teasing and Taharrush. Sounds so white, right? Most lynchings were responses to MeToo accusations and like most stories of sexual harassment by vibrants, the majority were observably true.

Swing, bitch, swing. Rapists get the rope in a real patriarchy. Patriarchy is a racial protection racket, religion is a scaffold. The Bible tells you not to have anything in common with darkness, come now.
Also, no welfare for your three cousin brides. You wouldn’t even like white patriarchy if you got it. They cannot be held to a manly standard let alone white standard, presently nor historically. One man working all hours can’t even support one family, let alone an Asian order of magnitude, with all the child brides, kids, cousins and elderly leeches clinging on. It’s basic maths. So the white man is cucking via taxes for the whole family of his fake friends, not the (childless) white women he is told to blame as evasion, it’s truly sick, it’s so disturbing to see they’re blind to it. You are not enslaved to white people, read the census data on children. Maybe they’ll get it when the Asians won’t let him retire? They’ll outvote you to confiscate your FIRE fund and ban retirement as white reparations, mark me.


Fun fact: most single mothers in the West do NOT have white kids, stop blaming white women. The manosphere is full of con artist influencers lying to you to take your money (blogging is NOT a job) and prevent certain questions being posed. Look it up. Even then, white supporting white is literally national socialism and is the same quantity > quality thing you endorse with the birth rate talk. As if we can nor should out-number Indians and Chinks despite our much smaller countries and infrastructure. Can you follow a single idea logically to its own conclusion? Doubtful. Must be the ADDs.

The manosphere is multicultural cancer, that is why it’s failing. All diversity ends in death. I repeat, all diversity ends in death. Yes, even socially. You are the average of your friends, this is the SJW fault too. If the ‘bro’ type never discover race as the true origin of fertile, healthy patriotism over empty social ‘bro’ signalling, they’re doomed. You cannot run a First World Society from a barren treehouse, manchild!

You permit jungle, you promote jungle. It’s that simple. Women cannot police a male space FOR YOU. Social entropy is a thing, note the SJW turning on one another. Manosphere does the same. Thanks diversity! Ever-reliable failure. Race is more important than sex. This was God’s design. Racial loyalty ends in fertility. Sexual loyalty ends in death. Your choice, bucko pal. It’s undeniable. FORM FAMILY OR STFU.

Who do they blame for this demographic death? DA WIMMIN. The stability of a civilization doesn’t happen in a fucking vacuum. There is no proof against this in God’s universe. And who mentions it? Precisely nobody calls it out. This is so simple I’m seriously reviewing the definition of retardation.
The manosphere is woke by its values system in every major way. It leads nothing and conserves less.


They have failed in all essential functions of patriotism, including protection of their women, on which rests the safe basis for reproduction in-race. They ragequit civilization, that was their choice, women are merely responding to those conditions. If it isn’t safe to reproduce, women won’t. If women are unmarried, they don’t want to become single mothers. This is hardly rocket science.


Back to reddit’s brand of degenerate for a round-up.

Yet predators side with other predators, they love diversity and suck its corporate cock (the multikulti Brotherhood shit in the manosphere, replacing nationalism) and hate hierarchy (since they’re natural losers). They only want female babies, they’d happily cheat by erasing all younger male competition via abortion. This is why sexual selection belongs to women, in God’s design, because these particular males are insane. They are the biggest proponents of white genocide, the greatest enemies of our race (turncoats) – they just want free pussy in the future, too. They don’t want a high birth rate among homogeneous white nations if the women are all financially stable enough at home to reject them. Ask them: do we need more female or male births in this rate and why? Ask, test the degenerate. Faking K like a paper tiger.
*Nobody is oppressing you by rejecting your useless, slutty ass. Your dick is not special. It’s feedback.
They ‘ruin’ both themselves and more women than a decadent French king did in his lifetime, yet have the sterile balls to complain society enables their useless rutting?

Above: proof I invented the NPC meme in 2018. Blow me. Dare you to post that one Vox. You could always rip it off for a ‘savage meme’, as if people like me didn’t get there first. Years earlier.

Socialist breadlines still exist, now they’re rebranded as food subscriptions. This is the future of hedonic individualism. From men who can’t remember to buy a razor. Pre-portioned food like a baby.

Subscriptions…. to FOOD. If that sounds like Marxism cum world war rationing, you’re right.
They don’t even do most of the labour, which is the point of paying for the convenience. It’s selling the illusion of independence, of being an adult with choices and the magical ability to eat food before it spoils. Wow, what a heavy responsibility! Better outsource a basic hunter gatherer function to vegetarian recipe writers?! Do they even know preservative chemicals actually cause weight gain? Spoiler, they do.

Meanwhile immigrants have caused more national debt than two world wars.

Multiculturalism: NOT EVEN ONCE.

Can smug, tradlarping waifus just go away?

Shouldn’t you be in a kitchen, not talking? Also, is nobody else able to tell just by the face? Why do you think YT pushes her videos? Elizabeth comments “I used to get ads for her channel all the time and I literally blocked her channel and they still didn’t go away” I wonder who’s behind that? They all have the same pinched snippy solid 5 look because they’re all so inbred.

Bold for a woman with a hunky manjaw, narrow eyes and a tranny double dip chin to comment on white women being unnatural?

I agree with the initial premise that they’re arguing in bad faith, but if you have to strawman SJWs, your arguments must be pretty shit.
There’s a self-righteous Pharisee vibe with those women, either some codependent disorder (they always cheat, eventually) or NPD, where a man/woman gets incredibly …. SMUG, all caps, after marriage, like /notlikeothergirls like getting married is a personal accomplishment or testament to the quality of your vagina. The Bible says none of that, Jesus never married?
Are you more Christian than Jesus? Bloody Hell.
They wear thot makeup, slutty perfumes, attention-seek in videos and show their shoulders and legs, while ‘judging’ other women for doing the same in a style they dislike. That sounds like envy to me. Proto-Karen larping as Christian. Jesus warned us about the Pharisees, fixated on self-righteous indignation and I want nothing to do with that arrogance. Most left-wingers are mild and leave me alone so I’m fine with them just existing, they’re not all Marxist bastards trying to stab me with my own crucifix nor smother me with a burqa – but I feel like Abby would, for a distinctly Talmudic interpretation of modesty and fucking through a hole in a bedsheet. These glorified CHINO sugar babies are trying to act like they’re all oppressed when they’re not.

WHO is oppressing you?

Ugly angry Jew girl problems do not reflect the attitudes of 99% of real Christians. I don’t care if you live or die.

woe is me I married a rich man – okay Ivanka?

Oh, somebody DARE to disagree with your lifestyle? So? Grow up. They’re not trying to legally block you nor impose theirs. Disagreement is not HATE. I repeat: DISAGREEMENT DOESN’T MEAN THEY HATE YOU.
Then they wonder why other women swerve them. You’re not high IQ, you’re Becky. You’re so bland you’re claiming oppression from a nice house paid for by hubby, after moving out of a nice house paid by Daddy. You are not an adult. You’re a womanchild. Married or not. Getting married doesn’t mean you ever grew up, or needed to. I know a womanchild in her seventies, it is horrifying. Everyone avoids her. She sounds like a teenager.
People are ignoring them like they do Big Red – because they’re making up bullshit to complain about.
Woe is me pity parties are sad from grown men and women. At some point as an adult you become 100% responsible for your own life.
Without Christianity, they’d have no life and no personality and that isn’t healthy.
Without being married, what would they have to talk about? Nobody forced you, don’t be a Boomer. Muh cultural norms r oppressing me! Please.

I know we like to bash lefties here but there’s a growing number of fake K-types, paper Ks with the same toxic patterns and I am not turning a blind eye to it. Such people make awful parents, we need to smoke out their entitled bullshit.
Like they’ll criticise women for ‘not making the effort’ but turn a blind eye to the fact women may not be safe walking around in a dress and heels in most multicultural areas of the West. Most white people don’t have the money to live in gated communities.They also need to leave the house sometimes! The peasants buy their own food! They are just as out of touch as Huffington Post writers. Women don’t always have men around to keep them safe like ‘Daddy’, or self-defence weapons legally, and rape or acid attacks or murders happen all the time. The victim blame is disgustingly anti-white, that’s what Marxists do! One happened the other week by a police officer so we won’t go running to them either. It’s like talking to a five year old. Meanwhile they have this pseudo-mature judgey intellectualism fallback like ‘oh I read War & Peace’. And? This isn’t school. You cannot social commentary the real world when you’ve never lived in the real world. I blame the simps, whom they attention-whore for. It’s like political onlyfans. They never say anything critical of the men (who are not their husband!) paying them; not about deadbeats, adultery or manwhores. God forbid you have Christian standards, so they are PC, just conservathot PC. They are worldly. These people represent nobody but their own ego. Christian white women aren’t a hivemind like SJWs, sorry? We don’t do cult of personality. It’s idolatry.

comment, Francois writes
“The natural way for humans to live is in nomadic hunter-gatherer tribes of around 20 to 30 people, with a life expectancy of about 35, infant mortality of around 50% and being on the menu of most large predators living alongside us. I doubt very much Abby would be ok with returning to that level of “natural”.”

These women are making people like me look stupid and I’m pissed about it.
I had a hard life and earned everything I have and these vapid cunts swan in complaining that ‘feminists’ (they mean prettier white women) are stopping them from living in some of the best economic conditions in all of human history, in some of the richest empires/countries the world has ever seen and they DARE blame being a Christian.

Bitches, we used to get gang-raped by Vikings and burned alive by Romans! You are NOT oppressed.

YOU WOULD KNOW. Where may I file a complaint? They’re hardly selling their lifestyle since they STILL complain!

Kristen writes “Appealing to nature has to be the weakest argument to tell someone to live or not live a certain way.”

Off-putting classism aside (NOT EVERYONE IS RICH), why are they still working? Why are they putting off having kids? Married Catholics can’t use contraception, especially chemical abortifacients – and you know they are. I won’t name names.

“Abby should’ve just delete her channel because obviously she’s gaining more than her husband now. Cus no “classy woman” should do the man’s job.”
^ She’s acting like a preacher, yes. I follow no Christian channels for this reason, I just go to the Bible.
They don’t actually listen to women. They talk over us. Stop gaslighting women on what they want from life. We’re not all the same, some want kids, others don’t. You don’t own her womb. She might literally die. Jesus at no point told off the women following him for ‘wasting their fertile years’ because that’s a Darwinist argument. In theology, the world will end anyway so demographics don’t matter? What genetic survival is possible, remotely, after the End Times? How are they this stupid and still alive? Then dishonesty it must be.
Emma writes
“The economy and high cost of living is why I can’t afford to pop out three kids by age 27. Not feminism.”
Caused by globalisation, since women always worked – even in factories. There is photo and video. The problem is international hiring suppressing domestic wages since the hippies voted it all in – Immigration act in the 60s, diverse hiring etc. Nay, never discuss it!
Women always worked outside the home, long before there was a home. Did they think cavewomen were sweeping a hearth? Utter midwits, eloquent but vapid. Women worked in the fields into the Victorian era. Not ‘family values’ enough? Kids worked too but ignore the ones down the mines, they were the wrong colour to care. Replacement is caused by Third world nations over-populating, nothing we do can stop it. I have covered the basic primary school mathematics.

They seem like spoiled brats imho.
“It’s natural for women to stay home”
So Abby would clearly be ok with the free the nipple mindset right? Like bras aren’t natural and if she’s all about being natural there’s no problem! But wait, she’s not a fan of that? Then maybe this isn’t about nature….”
Exactly you can’t pick and choose cultural norms. Initially only prostitutes liked wearing underwear as a layer to show off their assets. In Jesus’ time women wore zero underwear. A cause I support. And what of male modesty? They’re so two-faced, clearly using any simp in a seventy mile radius to extract funds. Is that not prostitution?

Some people never want kids – and that’s okay. Or they can’t have them and other life purposes are fine. This is so toxic and bigoted. HBD suggests it’s better if left-wingers don’t have kids, since partisanship is genetic. The Lord works in mysterious ways and the oddly controlling nature of such women suggests they’re miserable. Just go be happy being married, surely? Sod off.

comment “I went to a high school in a wealthy neighborhood and a lot of my friends were really rich. These kids living in houses costing like 3 million would be like “But it’s not my money it’s my parents money” and I, who had grown up just above the poverty line, was like yeah, it’s your parents money, that they’re using to pay for you to go to Harvard. Your parents money that they’re paying your car insurance with. Your parents money that’s going to buy you an apartment in New York City. You can’t discount your class privilege just because you’re not getting a cut of your parents’ salary. That’s the issue that a lot of people like Abby have, they don’t see the fact that not everyone’s families can afford to take care of them or let them live at home. I honestly doubt Abby could’ve supported herself on her career alone, given the fact that she’s in an arts career and she’s probably used to a certain kind of lifestyle, so a lot of her words here feel so empty because she has the luxury of working simply because she loves her job, and not because she has to. So much ignorance had to have gone into thinking that everyone has that option.”

Anna comments on the arrogance, she is a big-nose alright:
“Can’t people literally just mind their own business?
The thought of carrying on the way she does, sticking my nose into other people’s perfectly happy lives makes me cringe so violently. It’s unthinkable to me.
Unless someone asks me to involve myself or needs my help. That would be the only exception.
It makes me so angry, the actual audacity of people like Abby. How dare they? What I do or don’t do with my uterus or my life is nobody’s business but mine.

I’m sorry, rant over 😂🤣 They just infuriate me.”
They must hate their life and regret their life choices, it does beg that question. Meddlesome people always do.
They never discuss studies or listen to anyone outside their echo chamber, like, maternal mortality in America increased? Why would sane women with a choice there have kids now? And complaining about women not having kids when men are at record low levels of proposal and marriage? Sheer hypoagency blame-shifting. This is Gender War psyops. They are inciting hatred onto real Christians by doing this. Judge not lest ye be judged? She’s trying to put off white women from starting a family by heaping on all sorts of additional non-rules based on her controlling nature. This is a spiteful mutant, folks. False dichotomies abound.

Eva writes
“I feel like conservatives are like “FEMINISM MEANS THEY WANT MEN TO BE FEMININE AND WOMEN TO BE MASCULINE” because they can’t fathom a belief system that doesn’t force anybody into categories and limitations”
Yep, strawmanning. The economic arguments are easy to check, and the marriage rates… unless they want women to be single mothers? Judgy proto-Karens.

Shall we force all MGTOW men to marry at gunpoint? is the point of liberty, then?

I feel like even the middle-class now doesn’t see how rich they are. Telling working class or under-class people to ‘just work harder’ doesn’t mathematically work, they didn’t have rich parents putting them years ahead in the race at every turn. Are women supposed to live at home, magically meet the right man and pray he marries them? When do they learn adult responsibilities like keeping a home? Paying bills? Never, according to these people. Sick.

American Christianity is insane Puritanism, no other Christians like them, we hate them. They’re not real Christians mostly, they’re weird on a global scale and weirdly pedantic.
Like I heard they tell women not to masturbate (not men though….? Onan, anyone?) when erm, women do that in their sleep? Anatomically they need to*, to keep the muscles toned for childbirth? Did they not know, how? HOW? Did they just lie and think it was only them? Likely. We all know for certain during red week, don’t lie, and you know how showers work. To keep clean down there as a pre-teen you know what it is** and it isn’t the ‘devil’s doorbell’, God put it there for a biological reason or become a Muslim and get parts of it cut off? No? Thought not. Liars and hypocrites. Minus masturbation, men get nocturnal emissions. Do they deny that biology too? Nowhere in the Bible does it speak against masturbation prior to marriage. It speaks about other things multiple times. Nowhere that. Yanks are being weird Puritans again. Do they think this sleep effect only happens to men, are you fucking serious? You should have to pass a sexual biology class before being allowed to lawfully marry, sorry. Do you also think periods are about blood, rather than clots or uterine chunks? Midwits make us all look bad. They are educated dunces who think batting their eyelashes at losers is an argument.
*Vaginal prolapse happens when you don’t, in the long run, as does vaginal atrophy in the very short-term (months). Even nuns masturbate, you dumb cunts. I read this in a Victorian gynecology textbook in a blase (yes, needs must) tone so yes our ancestors definitely knew and if you doubt that, nun’s dildos still exist in museums and such. Some were made of rubber and shot out milk. Not everyone has a dry vagina, ironically touching yourself more often would help with that and probably solve your marital woes. I’ve asked many doctors socially and they all agree, any woman who wants kids has to keep things toned down there. It is a MUSCLE. Wait, is that why so many American women are dying? Poor muscle tone > baby gets stuck > baby gets brain damage from lack of oxygen in the vagina > heart attack from strain > mother dies? I can see why ‘hysteria’ was such an issue, unique to America.
Never take female health advice from a man – unless he’s literally a gynecologist. SMH.

**women have to clean their prepuce, just like men? I am worried you lack knowledge of basic hygiene over there. How else do you get the menses out of the area? Women have folds, you know? …Or do you? Like I’m genuinely fearful now.

Zelda writes
“Ugh. I stayed home years ago ( I’m a grandmother now). It was a mistake. Sure, I enjoyed my child, but in the long run it wasn’t the right choice for me.”
Paternal and maternal feelings vary in both sexes, why does this type push misery at home as normal, unless they are? How about preventing suffering, since the Bible advised not to wed, there’s NO Christian duty unless you ‘burn in sin’, and prevent child abuse while we’re at it? What you do to the least of these, you do to me? I hate CHINOs.
Abby Shapiro isn’t even white, are we sure this Jewess isn’t larping in Marxist disguise to make us look dumb and out of touch? Are we sure? Sus.
Lady bits aren’t a horror movie, they’re not inherently scary, the self-loathing for the way God made you is repulsive. If you have so much Jewish guilt, you shouldn’t have murdered Jesus. Talking down to the white working class people who make your brattish lifestyle possible is deviant. They always play the victim, every – single – time. We’re sick of being told we’re doing Christianity wrong by the people who murdered our messiah. F off forever. Every passing year, I understand the 30s better.

Cultural Marxism liberated whom?

A+ you observed the obvious but still. 60s psyop.

If it were a gender war, women wouldn’t be expected to do 100% of the roles in the marriage. To what, prove we can? Who can do 100% of everything? Men can’t even give birth so it’s rational they’d have some other role instead. Shirking that is silly.

Would any traditional society allow cads, deadbeats and filth purveyors to walk the streets freely?

1920s degeneracy: could be worth fact-checking.

“The institute hosted tens of thousands of visitors each year, including school class field trips. Hirschfeld was a notorious sodomite, popularly known in the Berlin gay scene by his cross-dresser name Tante Magnesia.”

Sex ‘Ed’ is grooming, people. Random ‘educated’ strangers teaching children about intimacy. Sit with that lunacy.

A few days later the entire library was famously burned in the streets, some 20,000 books and images, along with Marxist literature and other subversive material. Ever since, without background or explanation, corporate media and palace publishers have protested against the German students emptying their swamp.””

SJWs want porn legal, ………………..why? Isn’t that irrational given their ‘principles’? Why be scared men give it up? Why be hostile when white men refuse to sleep around (the over-use of incel to simply chaste normal men) or mix (rarer discernment) unless it’s the source of their influence? Same with the messed up sexuality of the circumcised, as previously covered here. Perverse practices and no satisfaction.

The plot?

Weaken white people by vice. Starting with the men. System of control via no self-control. Morally weakened, no authority to challenge it. No racial dignity, considered cheap in body by their women. A bunch of wankers and sodomites (still counts with a woman). Ridiculous men. Ridiculed and considered inferior. Gaslighted from “try it” temptation to “you don’t know, you might like it” and “fun” to “now you can’t complain about it or you’re a hypocrite”. The asses of Pleasure Island.

Cabal cleaning up I see

2020: the year of sweet, sweet irony.
I would bet good money a man did this but the cult-like following won’t self-reflect.

When Cabal cleans up, I’m not always sad.
Can’t have him testifying about (who) encouraged the Gender War psyop, can we?

“Last year, they won a major victory when a federal judge ruled the military’s men-only draft is unconstitutional—a decision under review by an appeals court.”

Anti-Darwin, the sexes are NOT biologically the same. If they allow that, it would allow all the tranny stuff, so it must be thrown out of court.
Just getting an evolutionary biologist in to explain why men were optimised by evolution to fight (setting draft requirements) would suffice.
Assuming the misogynists actually did get to draft women (and assuming their motive was spite, to kill them), they wouldn’t be on the front line by biological default so more men proportionally would die (which they’d maybe like too, MRAs seem to hate successful men more than any women).
The problem with Muh Feminists Did It is like blaming patriarchy for everything while claiming we don’t live in one.
Is this a matriarchy really? But they also claim matriarchy has never existed, and this current time is the most peaceful and prosperous EVER. You know, in reality? They have such cognitive dissonance.

The Gender War nutters always use it to be anti-white but …..SJW bull was founded by Jews, not white women! They block you for pointing out this historical fact.
And bemoaning male on male violence is not a useful thing to tell women, like, what do you expect us to do? Longer jail terms? We WANT those, it’s the men bitching about it! Death penalty? They complain about that too! They claim to be trad but are pro-abortion and against the death penalty for adultery, just barefaced liars pretending to be Christian “Good Guys”.
Re-marriage type of psychopaths, mostly. Nomadic parasites whitewashing prior anti-social behaviour.
The futile nagging reminds me of women complaining to random men about their period, they can literally do nothing about it so why whine? Using male abuse victims (inc. kids) as a weapon to cudgel the average woman is also low. I frequently see autistic MRAs cite divorce stats with hostility at unmarried women…. lol wut. So if they’re married you hate them but if they’re unmarried…. you also hate them? Wow, such incentive to please/listen to you, then.

They claim to be Social Darwinists to boot but failing men shouldn’t reproduce… according to them?

Like yeah agree but for different reasons. Sexual selection is good for the species. If you hate how women treat themselves as valuable, stop treating their attention as valuable? But they can’t, they’re obsessed. Without women to blame, they might need to get a life!
Victim mentality doesn’t work for SJWs (who claim to own/speak for all rape victims) so it doesn’t translate there either. Why is America like this? Drop the Crusaderism when it makes no sense.

Cherrypicking data about the rare female violent offenders didn’t do jack shit to stop him getting shot.
What are the odds a European-ancestry woman did this? Versus literally any background man?
Nobody asks how these guys can live doing ‘free’ work (coughs in Cabal).

Like which world do they live in not to ask HOW.

When SJWs are bankrolled by Soros-adjacent orgs they don’t argue but men mysteriously being bankrolled? Better not ask!

The general problem of Gender War Advocates (SJW or MRA) is that both feel entitled.
Men don’t wanna be men (provider role) but expect the woman to uphold her end of the bargain. …This doesn’t work. You can cry until you’re blue in the face, no worthwhile woman will become your Mommy Mark 2.
The SJWs don’t wanna be women (fertility goal of relationships) but expect the man to uphold his provider role (for what, genetically?) so both, both are dumb. Nobody gets to project their Shadow into the opposite sex and scapegoat it for feelz.

The MRAs are a unique case of boy who cried wolf, they’re entitled with other men too. I hear businessmen complain all the time about these guys offering to “buy them lunch” like no you don’t get it son their time is more valuable and listening to you is STRESSFUL. Why do all that emotional labour to ‘help’ a lazy leech? But they also complain about women expecting them to pay on a date they arranged because of course they do. Do not expect self-reflection from MRAs, just step aside and let them ruin their own life in little tantrums about some minor stat in a study with a shit methodology.

Selfish with no self-control…. noting a pattern here.

All those times he kvetched about male homicides… but the call was coming from inside the house!

The graph speaks the truth. If you keep working with unstable men, one of them is eventually going to attack you. Women evolved the creeps to avoid these guys.

Like India and China, low IQ men are left on the shelf and with the connection to violent crime in the low IQ, they’ll lash out at anyone dumb enough to be proximate. You can’t “help” people out of 1. their IQ band or 2. low fitness.

The concept of Brotherhood is out-group preference and anti-competition, only soyboys indulge in it. Fraternizing is against the Darwinian imperative.

This following is a real graphic that posits to be MGTOW but it’s actually MRA in nature because men with a life are too busy living it to make bitchy graphics.

I await hearing about the Karen they’ll pin this on imminently.

Imagine thinking the gender role of tribal guard is a social construct, wow.

Do you really want a gender war?

I’ve been thinking about this. It makes literally no sense.

Racial in-fighting aside, women do: the cooking, the cleaning, the dressing-up, the make-up, contraception (usually and irrationally), conceiving and giving birth, lactating, the childcare and still the actual working on top.
What more could you possibly WANT?

Do you realise how easy your forefathers would say you have it?

Things men no longer do: the little DIY like painting, the plumbing, the electric, the mechanics on the car, the draft, the child support (in fact, statistically), the town guard/family security, working in factories, building their own house (used to be normal), growing their own food, tailoring their own clothes (Tesla had the time! Tesla!*), maintaining every gadget they own as a point of male pride, including their watch etc.

Most of those traditionally male tasks are outsourced to other men so…. what do the agitators actually hope to accomplish by a blunt comparison of each sex’s ‘chores’?

Are you sure, Sirs?

Don’t you wonder why you have so much more time to play vidya than Great-Granda?

They were digging latrines, boy. They had man hands, covered in callouses. They went fishing to eat. They didn’t need a fancy high-tech piss-easy gun to kill something. Some could pull fish out of the water with their bare hands.

Muh “why don’t women respect us?”

nobody is gonna respect you for having a dick, sorry, try a tranny convention

Soft-pawed liberal types scared to get their hands grimy would get a shock if we started enforcing gender norms.

Hey, I’m on board, as is every other woman who sits down and think about this. It’s less work for us, in a traditional model! Being pregnant, for example, is a job! For the baby’s health, it’s best not to exert. Be careful what you wish for because, with women out of the tax-able workforce, taxes for men would need to double.

Look at the Bernie bros, men vote for more money from more fit men. You can’t pin that on women.

I don’t see modern Americans being pleased about being pressganged, personally.

I’ve met grown men who found changing a fuse in a plug “too hard”. I had to do it.

And do you really only want the same job as your dad? SERIOUSLY.

That’s where family names come from – the family trade.

Don’t you dare think about travelling the world – you’re needed at home. Forever.

I think those men bitching about muh gender roles would be most outraged (in the pearl-clutching sense) to be thrown in debtors’ prison for their credit cards and flipping scheme (muh accountability!) or drafted (since only men should be in the military, right?) or shotgun married (since single parents are banned). Either we hold everyone accountable as legal ADULTS – or we don’t, and they’re adjusted to a system of personal ease for them.

It’s never been this easy, historically.

I think a lot of them are just porn addicts thinking it depicts a 1950s AU dystopia and bitter that women in real life don’t feel compelled to act (lie).
But why don’t women just TELL THE TRUTH? Eh?

*Nobody’s time was/is more valuable than Tesla, I don’t care who you think you are.

Gender roles are good

I’ll bang this drum around both types of sexist controlling pig until I die.

Nobody’s gender role is to oppress anybody else, those people are either insecure and projecting (cough certain religions) or straight up predators. Men and women negotiate and if a man in a couple wants to cook, that’s literally none of my business.

I don’t get the American busybodies judging a marriage they aren’t in – it works, for them, so who cares?

In a couple, they negotiate. That’s it. Don’t like it? Leave. This isn’t hard. It’s the purpose of courtship. MGTOW, MRAs, SJWs make it sound hard because they’re all scared of “getting hurt”. Okay, don’t date. That’s okay. If you shouldn’t be dating, stop.

There is no ‘boss’. It isn’t work. It isn’t a master-slave situation (at least… outside of the bedroom).

Why don’t more Americans get this? Did sitcoms brainwash you that hard? No spouse is on top. They are ONE. Made one flesh. They are a unit. Don’t misquote the Bible at me.

Demur on the topic of other people’s personal lives. I’ve seen ostensibly mens blog after mens forum turn into a huge gossipfest. Huuuuge. Men gossip way more than women now. It’s ugly. It’s also a sin but w/e.

Anybody trying to claim (including virtue signalling of how Their Marriage would be so magically superior) that one Group is superior, by existing, is appealing to Communism. Sorry. Marxists aren’t superior. It’s false consciousness to claim otherwise. This is communistic thinking in the extreme, dissolving your identity into the group (ego death but bad – groupthink, hivemind, the mob) and thereby being proven Worthy and magically Superior, 5eva. You are born and what that is, isn’t an accomplishment. Men aren’t superior. Women aren’t superior. It’s apples and oranges. Nobody is superior. The concept doesn’t apply to human beings, we’re individuals (or organisms). The Gender War construct is Anti-Natal psyops from Cultural Marxism, they openly admitted they wanted to destroy the nuclear family. Considering a man and woman are required, willing it, they triangulated the genders and their willingness to cooperate with their own race (in every race). The entire world is not a tribe, there is no Best Ever Man and Best Ever Woman in the Whole World. Even if there were, they’re still gonna die. Stoicism explained this thousands of years ago. It’s futile, an ego trip. Say you reached this Peak. So what? Or more scary, now what? How lonely would that be? Nietzsche’s concept of Ubermensch is an abstraction, it isn’t an instruction manual. Americans misunderstand a 19th century philosophy book as 20th century, direct self-help (which is Freudian in origin). He was heavily, heavily sarcastic in his writings, a fact many 7/8th grade reading level Americans cannot perceive, due to the age and translation of the text.

At the fine-grained level, teasing and a kind of snorting sarcasm are among Nietzsche’s most common modes of expression. His writing is riddled with jokes and snarky comments. Unfortunately for readers, understanding the humor — or indeed recognizing when he’s having a laugh — often requires a pretty good familiarity with the history of philosophy, intellectual history, and arts in Europe up to his time. Nietzsche trained as a philologist, or what we would now call a “classicist,” and he assumes his reader is familiar with his classical references….

He was mocking the very guys who follow him dumbly, like Marx.

Poe’s law applies to old text too.

Context for:

‘It is not a lack of love, but a lack of friendship that makes unhappy marriages.’

‘That which does not kill us makes us stronger.’

‘There are two different types of people in the world, those who want to know, and those who want to believe.’

‘Sometimes people don’t want to hear the truth because they don’t want their illusions destroyed.’

‘I was in darkness, but I took three steps and found myself in paradise. The first step was a good thought, the second, a good word; and the third, a good deed.’

true joke joke true true, respectively

The second is very morbid because have you seen some injuries men returning from battle had back then? Lame, crippled, half their face missing.

The last is the Law of Attraction, if you wanna go there. Basic stoic thought control.

‘And those who were seen dancing were thought to be insane by those who could not hear the music.’

A hopeful skeptic.

‘You have your way. I have my way. As for the right way, the correct way, and the only way, it does not exist.’

Oh but that one isn’t edgy enough, bro!

‘Enjoy life. This is not a dress rehearsal.’

Don’t die for gains in the gym.

‘To predict the behavior of ordinary people in advance, you only have to assume that they will always try to escape a disagreeable situation with the smallest possible expenditure of intelligence.’

Normies but Victorian. Cuz we’re so smart, with our internet access. Our ancestors didn’t understand shit, man. Where is our Shakespeare? We don’t have one. Carry on.

Relative to the gender role thing:

‘Nobody is more inferior than those who insist on being equal.’

‘No price is too high to pay for the privilege of owning yourself.’ Don’t be a lemming, especially chasing after something that can never be real. It seems like a secular attempt at theosis.

Then again:

I have found strength where one does not look for it: in simple, mild, and pleasant people, without the least desire to rule — and, conversely, the desire to rule has often appeared to me a sign of inward weakness: they fear their own slave soul and shroud it in a royal cloak (in the end, they still become the slaves of their followers, their fame, etc.)

Oh, the irony.

Brexit, a vote against classism

Repost, expanded for ease of search.

Men, do not oppose your own, White male or female. That’s what your enemies want, division!


“Class splits emerged, with the rich and well educated beaten Out of the 28-nation bloc by poorer, working class voters.”

It’s class war, actually.

White pill, actually.

The WWC [white working-class] want automation; harder, faster, stronger because it’s been replacing them almost two centuries and now watching faggy little Timothy who draws hentai with a degree in media studies from Portsmouth quietly tacitly complain about being replaced by Asians is gravy.

Now the crocodile is eating you, cunts!

Asian got a diversity promotion over you? Oh noes!

Your white privilege was showing!

Porous borders “Globalization” was such a strength, innit?

Maybe you should learn to code… wait, Indians got you on that one, too!

And there’s a billion of them! HA. Their cost of living is so low, if only we had a smaller state, eh? And… population?

Maths wins.

Guess you’ll have to be poor like the people you hate.

The ones who won’t hire you.

Like this but the far more common DROP in social mobility.

Nobody dares publish a social mobility study by race, huh?
Because diversity is our strength… in opposite land.

Shut down public schools, make them all multicultural. Because Equality Act.

They’re finding out the slow way, the ‘racism’ has reasons…

And UBI won’t help the middle-class, it’ll actually fuck over the huge Asian families burdening the welfare state when they actually have plenty of money for handbags, cars, holidays. You get money based on race, not class here.

Malnourished? Get sick? The medical jihad stats based on race in the NHS would be interesting.

UBI would help the WWC, that’s why the Guardian UK doesn’t seem to want it!

“Lord Ashcroft ’s research also found no difference between how men and women voted – despite eve-of-poll claims women were more likely to vote In.”

That’s called psyops.

Note, it didn’t work. This shocked them.

Like the pink bus. Shocking.

White women:

The ballot was basically “import rapists, yes or no?”

If you look at posted studies on food security, they’re skipping meals so their children can eat. No, they don’t want a family of 18 moving in and bullying or attacking those children. The exit tax on London, like CA’s, will be hilarious.

from the social mobility report, 2016: “millions of workers – particularly women – are trapped in low pay with only 1 in 10 escaping”

If only low IQ Polish whores weren’t stealing their jobs (while also claiming welfare) and sending their five kids out robbing their houses.

It’s pretty easy to tell who gets most of their info online – they think the Polish have white IQs, are patriotic and pleasant to live near. Reality points to their subhuman national IQ, tendency to move and rob in London and tendency to swarm the local culture with shitty supermarkets like a plague of locust. Pikeys aren’t our people and most of the women are fat boorish loud alcoholics or else, obscenely plain without make-up. They don’t want to live in Eastern Europe because it’s full of people like them.

Anyone claiming their IQ is between 99-108 (LOL) must wonder why Poland is so shit, then. The economy is shit, the culture produces nothing, no geniuses, that doesn’t add up. All they do is breed and thieve, like the rest of the Eastern European swamp. They have no dysgenic non-white influence tanking their GDP either.

So trad, they dump any British bloke dumb enough to fuck it as soon as she has a child for support payments, a passport and/or a replacement, also EE bloke.

Which, obviously, is deserved for fucking a foreigner and expecting it to end well. I’m 100% on the side of gold diggers only when they exploit race traitors. Pay the toll.

“The rich and middle-classes were more pro-EU.”

pro-cheap nannies

enforce minimum wage and put a 51% tax on remittance

the socialists wanted minimum wage, they can bloody pay it!

Fact: a lot of the Millennials who don’t drink can’t afford to anyway!

“The AB group backed Remain by 57% to 43%, while the poorer C2DE category was almost two-thirds in favour of quitting, voting Out by 64% to 36%, according to Lord Ashcroft .”

Seems pretty easy to explain if you know what ‘class’ is.

Who’s been fucked over the most?

But calling all poor people stupid and their politics ‘populism’ is the last acceptable gaslight and prejudice.

Can’t be they have experiences in reality that oppose Guardian rhetoric?

If only we could look at another vote in the West to double-check. Oh wait…

Populism is code for K-shift.

A term Stefan never brought up, in all his videos on it.

His Patreon’s fine, innit?

“Ethnic minorities and Muslims were Remainers, while whites and Christians were Outers.”

Stefan ignores this. For three years. He just forgot?

Minorities include the Eastern European.

White voters voted to Leave the EU by 53% to 47%.

The propaganda failed for the first time.

Most of remain are middle-class landlords who think it’s a retirement fund.

“Two thirds (67%) of those describing themselves as Asian voted to Remain, as did three quarters (73%) of black voters.
“Nearly six in ten (58%) of those describing themselves as Christian voted to Leave; seven in 10 Muslims voted to Remain.”

Not how race works. Can I identify as a Jew and be immune to criticism?

Imagine if 4chan all ‘described themselves as’ Jews for a month.

So don’t tell me low nation IQ Asians are more patriotic (fetishistic) to Anglo culture than the nice little tea lady down the road because muh dick>cooties. They’re hiding this data from you on purpose. Disinfo.

This is what is happening on the ground, don’t trust the internet. Duh.


The Left cannot force white women to vote for them so their best bet is making their own men turn against them and, they hope, push them leftward in defence. I have heard them plot this with all the ‘white male misogyny’ BS, deliberately avoiding the class elephant.

They think white women will fall for this, when it’s lefties that are being ratted out as the rapist scum they are. Even in the SWP.

I… don’t think so.


Stop the fake debates please

I can already feel the heat of hate I’m going to get for this.

There’s a broken record.

You’re being played.

What strawman?

Not all (crime) are (demographic) is an excuse to dismiss data.
Probability data. It happens to the HBD crowd all the time.
A derailing tactic intended to keep you ignorant and fixated on casting aspersions (ad hom). Bullshit rhetoric. There’s no debate. It’s the statistical equivalent of anecdote and rejects the heinousness of the crime in question. In a civilized, First World society, the acceptable number is zero.

They want you to forget this.

(I also think that traumatizing a person with crime should be an aggravating offence, we already implicitly have this but it’s been forgotten in sentencing for political expedience e.g. aggravating factor for taking a child’s innocence away or raping a celibate/faithful Christian or a virgin, same principle. It could even apply to male rape of a straight man, since there is another layer to the trauma based on the individual’s beliefs and identity. “Hate” crime should be put toward those ends if anything, protecting the in-group against the out-group of the really spiteful (anti-Western) predatory targeting and life ruining. The system we have is broken because it defends the out-group like infantile damsels when they are literally criminals explicitly targeting the in-group of the society they chose to live in. That is “sexual terrorism”.)

I’ll take the one with more data as example.

Muh “not all men are rapists”

– but most rapists are male, it’s just un-PC to collect demographic data (including race) and publish it.

Seriously, try to find rape data by sex and/or sexuality, I did. Couldn’t find anything reliable. Isn’t this suspicious?

We need a data collection charter where such information in the public interest must be collected and published freely, with no distortions. Including the rate of demonstrably false accusations. It viscerally sickens me that a raped man by another man must expressly state he isn’t homosexual to be taken more seriously. Where are the libertarians on that privacy? Consent is never an assumption, property rights begin with the body.

You’re being hoodwinked. So I looked up American data since a lot of you are filthy Americans.

You won’t pay attention unless I’m talking about you.

Best I could find in a moderately long search attempt.

OT but “Attempted rape includes verbal threats of rape.”
How many men plead ignorance on that one?

All this insufficient data (even at collection stage) is intended to keep men and women at one another’s throats. To lower the fertility rate. It is dyscivic.

Sex-based triangulation. You cannot fight the system that oppresses you if you’re busy engaging in an impossible game of one-upmanship.

They also want to deny unPC but true stereotypes by hoping you won’t ask for full datasets.

Your taxes are paying for them already, you should get all the information.

They also are intellectually dishonest to report victim but not criminal.
Revised Oct 2018 data from 2016 (latest).
“The rate of violent victimization against males increased from 2015 to 2016, rising from 15.9 to 19.6 per 1,000 males age 12 or older.
From 2015 to 2016, the rate of aggravated assault against males age 12 or older rose from 2.7 to 4.2 per 1,000.
The rate of violent victimization against persons ages 25 to 34 rose from 21.8 per 1,000 persons to 28.4 per 1,000 from 2015 to 2016, and the rate for females in this age group rose from 24.6 to 33.4 per 1,000.”

>implies women are not persons but O.K.

Who attacked them? A ghost? It is a common incomplete sentence and poor grammar. It’s also scientism.

You need a Punnett square and I see none.

Male, female and male, female. Basic stats again? Otherwise an individual reading cannot know their risk.

“Not all men” really is the fake right equivalent of the fake left’s “not all immigrants”.

-but most terrorists are foreign, culturally and racially, it’s just un-PC to collect demographic data….. again.

See the pattern?

You’re chasing your tails.

Red-pill statistics can make men look really, really bad. Men have a right to know the likes of rape data, in particular, because they need to know they’re at great risk from other men as well.

Naturally it doesn’t list the latter but they take one step forward in two steps back by collecting male victim data…. only to neglect entirely listing the female. Mathematics in need of context. Society is not just one group, you collect all the data or it’s close to useless. They know this, it’s deliberate. This is intended to bait silly MRAs who won’t even notice it doesn’t mention perp details.

They do make another error in saying Male for Male Victim rape and subsuming the female in an age range.
Piss-poor data entry. I notice everything.

Collect ALL the data or no, we cannot debate it. 

It would entirely become a futile argument of ignorance. 

They know this. Mathematically, you have no data.

Conveniently, they don’t have to change and lower the crime rate (toward zero) if you don’t know how badly they’re doing their job.

5% of the latest reported US crime was rape.
That’s absurdly high for such a specific and brutal crime.
(This is what happens when you don’t keep serial offenders off the streets).
1 in 20 criminal acts was rape. You need all the data, America.

If I hadn’t screencapped this, you probably wouldn’t have believed me.

Irony! The dramatic irony!

Statistically you’re more likely to suffer domestic violence than stranger violence. That is horrifying. You were over twice as likely to get raped as burgled (1.99% in 2016). Do the libertarians care about bodily rights? Statistically they should care twice as much as about burglaries. The average citizen is twice as likely to be raped as generally assaulted, do you consider non-sexual assault a real problem?

You call yourself the First World? Greatest nation on Earth? Please, lead by example.

We’re right there with you. Bring back the standards of civil behavior, the etiquette. Update it, sure, but you do need it back again, what little data you have is starkly apparent in this. Perhaps enshrined in law, to make sure everyone is clear.

Not all- is NOT how statistics work.
Using big words doesn’t make it a debate.
You are not sounding intelligent to anyone who uses their brain.

Demand more data and think for yourselves.

Fellow Westerners are not the enemy. It is those who keep you shrouded in ignorance and wasting your time attending a digital circus of vicious fallacies. Oh but the delivery of their lies is so sweet, right?

Not all (blank) – they cant.

They don’t have to be.

It’s a false equivalence.

Rape doesn’t belong in the First World and neither do hostile foreigners.

Hopefully you can see why they won’t let me near a television camera.

You’re only watching the puppets who never raise real points. You can’t settle real issues in a soundbite or cheeky Youtube clip.

“Boys will be boys” is pathological altruism enabling the psychopathic of the male population against everyone else and sexist infantilisation.

Link: Is the Gender War driven by women or Jews?

And still, in the comments, men denying responsibility for their own actions, including omission, while women are to blame for things that happened decades or centuries ago.


But men lead, right?

Stop with the false dichotomies, dammit.

Men vs Women IS the SJW paradigm of Gender Wars. To destroy both.

To destroy both by pitting either one against the other.

So women against men.

Equally bad as men against women.

Speak the truth and shame the Devil.

They now admit this goal with ‘gender is over’ and ‘gender is dead’ and everyone as androgynous propaganda. They admit it and supposed red-pill men cover their ears because… a white woman is talking.

Do you even want women to exist?

If your first impulse to “women are harassed” is to harass them, they’re right!

Yeah, we’re not aligned at all because you’re clearly not on our side and do actually hate us. Actions > Words. It’s a modicum of basic human decency, simple respect for libertarian humanity. At least the feminists pretend to listen and pretend to care.

Les Dame Blanches, at your service. If women were devils, we wouldn’t be having this conversation because your mother would’ve aborted you. How about you equally divide the expectations and standards between parents, rather than Blame Mommy (Figures) Forever, which is no more complex than the Sexual Revolution’s counterpart.

Independent people aren’t so bloody entitled. We aren’t mummy or whore. You aren’t daddy or bank account. Welcome to adulthood. All those layers of capital – social, intellectual, emotional, erotic, financial, are signs of success and maturity, not hypocritical.

Who are you going to reproduce with? And if you don’t want to reproduce, you don’t really get an opinion. You’re as anti-natal as the Pill-pushers but I guess it’s the narcissism of small differences.

Misogyny is very simple to describe in practice: blaming women for everything bad.

That’s pagan, that’s Pandora.

(This also works reversed, duh).

Simple question: are women easily led and can we be led astray?

That’s the question about whether it’s possible.

This is being logical.

Try swallowing – your pride. You are probably at least a little bit wrong on any huge subject.