The Left’s death spiral

They’ve gone back to their roots.

But this isn’t actually Labour. It would be tempting to think, but this is actually the UAF. The henchman of Labour.

Subtle distinction, but we must name the enemy of the People. They’ve already turned to the angriest, most Brownshirt faction to get what they want, as if this isn’t the 21st century, so the Left is well and truly eating itself. Those people are on par with SJWs as a destructive force, bringing them onto anything will damage you by proximity.

If they wanted better polling, they should serve the People, rather than lecture down and call the problems they caused imaginary (EU/immigration is the big one). Campaigning to leave the EU is the only thing that could save them at this point, and distinguish them from the splinter Left parties (Lib Dems and Greens).

But they won’t.

Thank G_d.

This aims to be a neat summary. Neat explanations are frequently superior.

Video: Peter Hitchens’ advice to UK Millennials Generation Y

[n.b. The sour-faced pillock in the background is liar Owen Jones, ‘son of Trotskyite union leader’, running joke, of whom someone said: “your critique is very telling, you simply see in this power network the people you don’t like”, refuses to stand for Parliament and evidently can’t stand someone he dislikes talking.]

They have been systematically betrayed and I see no end to it. There are so many issues which have been visited on this country by an elite of self-selecting, closed-minded people well-represented here this evening [typical BBC Question Time audiences] and largely incompetent as well, which have done enormous damage to our way of life. So for instance;

Who now has anything to say about the deindustrialization of this country and the destruction of manufacturing jobs under the Thatcher government? Who can reverse it? Who can do anything about it?

Who will say anything on this panel about the catastrophe of mass immigration which has changed this country irrevocably into somewhere completely different from what it was? They won’t talk about it. They won’t talk seriously about the immense problems of crime and disorder which affect millions of people in their homes and leave them utterly vulnerable to kinds of unpleasantness and violence and menace which they never used to have to undergo. And there is no sense whatsoever that there will be any reform of the criminal justice system or any attempt to put it right again.

These are just some of the subjects which this elite constantly constantly refuse to discuss. Why? Because they themselves have an ideology, they themselves have an ideology of metropolitan bourgeoisie bohemians, they despise most people outside of the –

Notice where he was going when the interruption occured? Whom do they despise? Common, working class white people.

[Professional prick Owen Jones interrupts “are you a man of the people”?] At least he is a man, Owen (who btw, has a tumblr, like a 13yo girl.)

I’m no more a man of the people than you are Mr Jones.

OJ: Well I don’t claim to be. {lie, his career is based on that dream, he IS The Establishment}

These are the things they will not do anything about, they will not talk about because they themselves benefit. [like book sales?] They themselves benefit from many of things which do immense damage, they’ve benefited from globalization, they’ve benefited from mass immigration –

Owen Jones interrupts AGAIN like a rabid bitch who cannot help himself and wait his turn: You talk about mass immigration, let’s talk about immigrants coming over here propping up our NHS treating us when we’re ill [inadvertently proving Hitchens’ point by interrupting and changing the subject].

They’re not affected, their children don’t go to bog-standard comprehensive schools, they’re not affected by it, they’re not affected by crime, yes I do know (….unclear speech) because I know what they do. All the time. They will not discuss these things, they will not do anything about them, they ignore what you say.

And do you think that at General Election time you can do something about it? No.

The people who stand before you at General Election time for the political parties are people who have been pre-selected, you have no control. If I stood for Parliament, or if he stood, from our positions which are quite popular, the party machines would erase us.

The immense amounts of money they’re capable of spending, the enormous access they have to the broadcasting organisations, which we don’t have, most of the time, would make it impossible [they try to interrupt yet again] for anyone outside the (main parties) to come in.

Host: The question was what would you say to people who feel like you clearly do …. what would you say to them about how to change things?

My advice to anyone young enough to do so is to emigrate before it’s too late.

And some bitch on the panel heckles “Oh for God’s sake.” Logical rebuttal there.

I’ve done my research and everywhere else is worse. Long term. Culturally doomed. Batton down the hatches.

95% of BBC viewers say multiculturalism has failed

This picture gives me strength.

– echoing the sentiment of Angela “utterly failed” Merkel, years ago.

Breitbart London’s James Delingpole was a guest on the show. During the discussion of the results, he said: “I think the thwacking great majority in that poll says it all. The multicultural experiment in Britain has failed totally and people have finally realised how much it has failed. Rotherham was just one example; we’re seeing cases all around the country. It has been a disaster. I think that this is going to be the turning point.”

Also on the show was the left-wing journalist Owen Jones, who extolled the virtues of interracial sex [no quote or implied ‘vice’ of preferring one’s own?] and claimed: “fortunately the actually scientific polling [meow] suggests that’s quite a pessimistic answer. [silly proles, vote the way we tell you to!] Yes there are always tensions [we exacerbate] which we need to work on. [never do] We need to bring our communities together. [multiculti is the opposite of that] But Britain has one of the highest levels of interracial relationships in the whole world. [so fucking what, literally]

It’s like night and day.
Owen Jones wants white people as a race to die [aka genocide] because apparently only white people can be a social problem? This, Post-Rotherham? In spite of all the data showing otherwise? Tell me, what were the crime rates before mass immigration of non-whites into London, Owen? Lower, weren’t they. Pesky white people, with their understanding of maths. No such thing as a brown utopia, look at Africa; no such thing as a utopia at all.

Some people like surgical BDSM, doesn’t mean we should teach it in schools. Doesn’t mean it should inform social policy on sex, whatever happened to feminist cries of mutual consent? Or are we to be told by the State that “everybody belongs to everybody else” and if 4 Muslims consent to gang-rape 1 poor white child, it’s for the ‘democratic’ common purpose good of multicultural community relations? Bend over for the equalist enrichment, kids! [crass, but you get my point, no? this is what they imply is not just acceptable, but desirable]
The overwhelming majority of partnered-up people are homogamous, we are attracted to those who are like us, and whatever Slate might say on the matter, fancying people of your own race is natural and forever shall be. I nominate Israel to prove otherwise first.

However, growing evidence suggests that multiculturalism itself is responsible for increasing segregation in Britain. Last year the Daily Mail reported on the phenomenon of ‘White flight’ – that is, white British people moving out of London in vast numbers. Between 2001 and 2011 some 620,000 white British people left London, tipping the ethnic makeup of London into majority non-British heritage.

Shh, white flight doesn’t exist, because there could be no possible reason white people would have a problem with being outnumbered in their own country, that generations of ancestors built and died to protect from foreign invaders.

Last year a number of videos emerged on YouTube showing Sharia patrols in East London, as non-Muslims were told that they couldn’t drink in the streets as it was a Muslim area.

Please impose Sharia on the alcoholic slutty Hampstead Liberals. Please.

Amongst ethnic minority respondents (Black Caribbean, Black African, and Asian Muslims, Hindus and Sikhs), nine out of ten thought that multiculturalism was a good thing.

In other news, let’s poll the Pope on which religion he thinks is the best!

Today the UK has been put on a high terror alert as warnings of a “Mumbai-style terror attack” reverberated around Westminster. The 2008 Mumbai attacks were a series of co-ordinated shootings and bombings that took place over four consecutive days, killing 164 people and wounding a further 308.

If they emptied the airheads of Westminster for us, we might give them medals.
“We’re helping them, they wouldn’t hurt us.” ~ sitting duck.

These events are likely to have shifted public opinion against multiculturalism, although further polling evidence is required to ascertain how widespread the shift has been.

Polls a la Lord Ashcroft are often faked to create the impression of majority acquiescence to the narrative to legitimize itself. The simplest method is polling only certain sections of London. The public is long wise to this fraud.

Only one poll matters: May 2015’s General Election.