Video: The failure of Gen X parents

Are they really Gen X? Lower Gen X.

“like they’re fucking Plato”

I’m glad someone is taking Molyneux to task on the liberal assumption all children are angelic snowflakes who care about reason and truth and never bully or murder one another unless it’s a parents fault for showing them violence.

Have you seen chimps?

Do chimps have violent cartoons Stefan?

Do gorilla spank?

Do antelope butt heads?

Children are not smart. Children are not mature. Children do not have full brains yet.

That’s why they legally need a parent. They need hierarchy, they love routine and stability. Shit tests exist in children and the immature e.g. negging. If there are no boundaries practically, they know they never existed in theory – i.e. you lied to them, so not only will they keep misbehaving, but they won’t believe in moral objectivity (only relativism like the Pleasure Principle) but they’ll also hate you.

This failure to be an assertive ADULT is called permissive parenting. There are studies. Have at it, folks.

The smart Gen Y are doubting parenthood because they see this. Many Gen Y can’t even afford kids, let alone ungrateful ones. I do think Gen Y will be worse (like, abusive level worse) in places.

Weak parents, weak children. The sins of the father…. A good tree produces good fruit, a bad tree… should be sterilized. He misses one major issue here: slutty parents. This does a number on the kid’s brains. They begin to feel unwanted and this naturally fucks anyone up existentially (most edgy nihilism, parents ignored them). Should parents be allowed to re-marry if they have proven themselves incapable of the responsibility?

If the parent has no superego, how can they instill one to their spawn?
If the parent cares about the reputation of being married more than staying married, how can society allow this superficial abuse of the system to make their personal lives look more responsible?

Another one is technology. Anyone giving a smartphone to a baby or a toddler should be locked up. I’m completely serious. Apple employees wouldn’t do that. They would agree with me, it’s brain damaging. Why doesn’t Jr have impulse control when we gave him bleeping instant access to the whole world while he was still trying to figure out selfhood and not being selfish? There should be 16+ age restrictions on smartphones, especially the camera unit. With the amount of child-made child pornography (the grooming of “sexting”) it’s a rare time we need regulations because the parents are inept.

Other needs?

Revoke the marketing category of teenager. You’re adult or child.

Let older children work and earn as much money for the same labour.

Allow children to graduate early, including with MOOCs.

Encourage children to be useful to the family, they are not pets to be indulged.

Spoiling isn’t a good thing like adverts say. It’s corruption. The short track to the parental ego boost, it’s all about the parent seeing their brat ‘so happy’. The kid plays up to it over time.

You can spoil a hard-working adult – either yourself or your spouse, romancing your child is creepy. Buying gifts to make them like you – ew.

Children can’t respect power in a parent that isn’t there.

The conflict of Boomers and Gen X

Professors tend to be Boomers.

“We fully expected that following the rules and ticking the right boxes would automatically give us the exact same life our parents had enjoyed, and we didn’t even have a hint that it might not be true.”

I had a comic I cannot find for the life of me, each generation was passing on a scroll but the 20th century refused it and wrote their own.

Gen Y and Z will revolt when we realise the debt and how it pays for what we’ve lost.

Video: How Boomers robbed Gen X (lost) and Gen Y (Millennials)

Increasing the price of everything, worse over time (therefore this effect is harder on Gen Y).
Reducing their own contribution to the State machinery they endorsed.

Where did the politics of division begin? Who invented identity politics to pit a generation against itself?

Increasing the price of raising a family is the unpardonable sin. They’ve killed us. We cannot reproduce. Again, if we rolled back the Sexual Revolution, the increased demand in politics would make the economics of parenthood easier.

We have sub-replacement fertility because many honest people will not make kids they cannot afford.
If you reversed the culture, you’d fix the problem. We wouldn’t need any immigrants, but labour would be more expensive.

So you see bankers wanting to Remain in the EU.

And the Guardian plays dumb to this being fishy.

In the history books, this will be considered the largest scale intergenerational theft.

The old are leeching from the young

Households headed by older adults have made dramatic gains relative to those headed by younger adults in their economic well-being over the past quarter of a century, according to a new Pew Research Center analysis of a wide array of government data.

The graphs are great too.

Better than words.

If you prefer comic form, this expresses a similar sentiment.

UK state pensions doomed, fuck Baby Boomers

One in six MPs believes the state pension will be extinct in 30 years time, a poll found.

30? Way, waaay too long. It’s already creaking.

Currently people who reach retirement age with a full national insurance record receive £113.10 a week.

But cost of the payments is rising as Britain’s population ages, with official figures showing the bill will quadruple to £420 billion over the next six decades.

Why. Tell us why.

An online survey asked 100 MPs from different parties whether they thought the state pension would still be available to retired people in 2044.

Fifteen said the payment would have been phased out or reduced considerably within three decades.

It will crash and the Baby Boomers who voted in all those goodies at the expense of literally everyone else (esp. GenY) will starve to death. Food banks are the beginning of the end.

Morten Nilsson, chief executive of savings firm NOW: Pensions, which commissioned the research, said: “In the corridors of power there is a worrying degree of scepticism that the state pension can be maintained over the long term.

They can use a calculator?

“With the future of State provision so uncertain, it’s never been more important for young savers to take control of their own pension saving and put aside as much as they can to help protect themselves against an uncertain future.”

It doesn’t work like that. Current money pays out to currently drawn pensions. There is no pension pot, no giant repository warehouse, it’s a Ponzi scheme, in one group (those pre-retirement) and out to another (actually retired).  You’re better off with an ISA, a private bank account, a personal investment portfolio and physical gold.

From April 2016, newly retired pensioners will receive around £155 a week. The “flat-rate” payment replaces today’s complex system of earnings-related top-ups to the basic amount. Over time, the new state pension will reduce the cost of the supporting the elderly.

It is top-heavy, the system upended. There are too many parasites. The young cannot pay in even if we wanted to, because that money is paying off higher student debt, credit debt, higher rent, etc. Compacted by lower wages, higher standard of living, etc. The retired did it too early, for too long and seldom contributed at all. Look at their abysmal personal savings record. They’re actually in debt, despite living through the best times in history.

However, MPs indicated a further curtailment of old age payouts would be necessary.

In the “representative” survey of 41 Conservative, 52 Labour, six Liberal Democrat and one anonymous MP from another party, more than half said the state pension age would have to rise to 70 by 2044. It is currently scheduled to reach 68 in 2046.

Tory MPs were “more pessimistic” than Labour MPs, NOW: Pensions said, twice the proportion of Labour counterparts believing that the State Pension would be non-existent in 30 years. Of those who believed the state pension would remain, 65 per cent said the state pension age would be 70 by 2044, compared to 52 per cent of Labour MPs.

oh really am I supposed to be scared angelina jolie wanted big man uhuh

We Millennials are more like Baby Boomers than Generation X. We’re selfish, and because times are hard (understatement) that will become self-preservation rapidly. They can’t make us care or pay in. Same with overvalued stocks.

Quick Wisdom: Every man goes his own way

Men strike silently.

When a man has a problem, he acts.
If you want to know the solution to the marriage/fertility/settling decline, consider that until it sinks in that men ultimately cannot be controlled.

If men aren’t talking, they have already decided.

Video: The Baby Boomer’s Effect on the Economy

In the UK, (BoE) interest rates can only go up. They’ve been artificially held down thus far. Stagflation?

The property market is already switching to NYC. Capital flight, yay!

Noblesse oblige existed when the noble classes were accorded respect for their charity. It was a mutual acceptance and a choice. It’s been dead since the 60s.

Keyword: work ethic.

Quick Wisdom: Why aren’t young men marrying young women?

Men marry for logical reasons, they believe they need to secure a woman to keep the benefits of a relationship going (or she will leave). Women tend to marry for emotional reasons, excepting gold-diggers.

Given this, why are more men choosing to marry less?

It is illogical to do so.

Surprise! The Sisterhood lied to you to try and steal your prospects for themselves.

Surprise! The Sisterhood lied to you to try and steal your prospects for themselves.

Why? Ant and grasshopper.
If a man wanders off and makes a success of himself (attractive prospect in the marriage market) in the same time that a woman is wasting her youth (and yeah, that’s important for fertility reasons), there is no logical reason to buy in, especially when they can get a woman younger than themselves and less entitled (age does that).

What is the solution?
Women aren’t going to like it….

Become better wives.

Like a job, you need to demonstrate the skills before you get that promotion. It requires effort. Hey, just like a marriage!